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Happy Heavenly Birthday.

Shared by Judy Hall on September 16, 2021
Today you would be 87 year's old. I wish you knew how much I miss and love you. It doesn't seem like almost 14 year's. 
   Your Granddaughter is beautiful. I believe you knew her before I did.
Give mom a kiss for me. Until, it's my time to take my Heavenly flight, I'll think of you everyday..
    Love your daughter. .
Shared by Judy Hall on October 18, 2020
I wish you would have got to meet your only granddaughter. She would have made you as happy as YOU did me.

Thank you for installing love and passion in my life.
I miss you everyday, and every moment.
I'll see you again someday.

Love your baby girl

Graduation day.

Shared by Judy Hall on December 25, 2019

I remember him telling me when I graduated from college how PROUD of me he was. Not knowing 3 months later, he would be taken from me.

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