Posted by Lanre Folarin on May 12, 2021
I have vivid memories of going to 'Grandpa and Grandma's house' as kids for the holidays and loving the time we spent with them. Grandpa would always want us to show him what we had been learning at school and would sit down with us to learn stuff and correct us. He would always advise us about school, friends, decision making and generally how we behaved. He was always happy to see us whenever he came to visit us at school. We had a wonderful grandfather, one who never really grew old; he always had different stories to tell us and would give everyone a nickname. I am going to miss calling you and hearing your voice, the prayers you always had for your grandchildren.

Grandpa, I will always miss you. But I have so many wonderful memories to hang on to. You were a role model, and a friend. Your guidance and love will carry me through to the end of my days. I love you Grandpa. You went to be with the Lord, how I wish I was given the time and opportunity to say goodbye, till we meet again, grandpa.
Posted by Abiola Folarin on May 12, 2021
 My Awesome Dad fondly nicknamed Napoleon by his children was a very stern, strict and no nonsense disciplinarian of a father. We couldn’t reveal the nick name until Mum passed. He never spared the rod nor spoilt the child.
He was hard working, loving, caring, intelligent, fair in judgment and God fearing. He was a great cook, teacher and historian. He stood in gap for Mum whenever she had to spend extra hours at work. Our home work did not suffer. He was a very upright man to a fault. He was a complete gentleman who loved to dress up conservatively.
He was my hero, my friend, my first love, my confidant, my mentor and my role model. He was so well put together that I used him as my yard stick for suitors when I was due for marriage. I could never stand a man who could not help himself in the kitchen and around the house.
Agboola Olarewaju Odunsi was a man I looked up to being as a child. I have so many fond memories of him and sometimes I find myself just laughing or crying either from his addiction to listening to the local and international news at almost all stations or singing his favorite hymns, 'My hope is built on nothing else...’, ‘Sometimes a light surprises a Christian while he sings...”,or talking so passionately about his country Nigeria whom he loved till the very end. Oh! how very sad he was about the recent happenings in our land.
He encouraged you to do the best for yourself and never give up in life because his growing up was difficult. Words cannot express how much I love him for what he has done for everyone of us.
Education was of utmost importance and he believed once you are seasoned, life would be a lot easier. His children's education and wellbeing came first before all material things. He was a very great Dad who was willing to help anytime and any day. He would teach you to be a handy man around the house such as changing the bulbs, changing the fuse in the iron, checking oil in the car, washing the car and ensuring all the fenders and tires were spotless, changing deflated tires, plumbing, carpentry, etc. He never saw his first three children as girls as he made us do all manner of house chores so that we can be independent in future. It sure paid off.
Whenever Dad travelled abroad he would indulge us with our requests and only get a single item for himself. He did not have a lot but he gave us what we needed and we did not go without because he loved his family. He was a great man to say the least.
Napo loved his children and his grandchildren. In his old age, he relished their company and that kept him going ten years after Mum left us.
A great and proud Ionian. Who loved his Alma Mater and his beloved classmates till the very end.
His best food was swallow especially Amala with fresh Eja Osan and Ewedu. Food is not right unless its one of swallow.
When Olubunmi passed on to the great beyond, Dad was devastated as she was his favorite daughter. They were  both introverted and accounting auditors. Like a gallant christian, he pulled through.
Our Mum, Adebimpe followed suit after four years and we were all so scared for Napo. He lost some of his vitality and withdrew from social life.
The following year, my family and I had to relocate. i had sleepless nights taking a decision either to stay with him or go with my family. We discussed it. He prayed for me and asked that I see him as often as I can. I prayed to God for leading. God gave me the strength and wherewithal to see him every year before he passed. I give God the glory as that itself is very,very rewarding and fulfilling for me. Hallelujah !!!
I thank God for the good heritage. I appreciate you more even in death for the wonderful legacies. I love you more than you ever knew. I will miss you so much as I pray to God for strength. No one to call once a week and ask, 'Daddy se alafia le wa? Se e ti jeun? Se ko si nkan kan? Often times, he won't let me finish before he starts to ask after my family and reassure me that he is constantly praying for all of us. He was indeed very prayerful as he aged gracefully.
I was indeed very blessed to call him Dad. On Jan 13th,2021, as I bade him good bye on my knees, he gave me a peck and hugged me tightly. We had never been able to say our good byes each time I saw him as we would be teary and avoid eye contact. How I wish I had understood that hug then.
The beautiful memories we will keep in our hearts. We cannot thank you enough. Our loss is heaven's gain! I want to assume that you have met Mum, your heart throb of almost fifty years and your joy is fuller.
We would have been selfish to wish that you stayed with us forever.
I started calling you, 'Great Grace’ two years ago because you could still write your cheques and sign legibly. God loved you and showed you mercy. You came, you saw and you conquered,
Omo Arole Ikoko ti nsoro bi agbon.
Sunre o Baba Atata!!!
I want to use this medium to appreciate family and friends who stood solidly by us in the past ten years. Olorun nikan lo le ba mi dupe lowo yin.
Most especially friends like sisters who checked on him, cooked him meals and visited him to listen to his nostalgic stories about his Nigerian experience .You all know yourselves. Modupe lowo yin pupo pupo. Eyin na adagba, e dogbo, e fi erigi jobi. Omo rere a toju yin lojo ale lase Edumare, Amin. Oluwa a ran wa se ki awa na le gbeyin awon arugbo wa, Amin.

Abiola Olufunmilayo Folarin(Mrs)
Posted by Sinmi Folarin on May 12, 2021
For Grandpa,

It hurts to know I would never hear the rhythm of you calling me “Chu chu” as I walk up the stairs at JR. You loved your grandchildren and we all knew that with every unique nickname given. My memories of you are laced with morning devotions, Yoruba church hymnals, and making sure you get a church bulletin. You loved Christ as you loved every single one of us. You would call and before I get to answer the first question, you would ask about family and friends because you were intentional about hearing details to pray for and on.
Going to James Robertson always meant I would see you from the balcony before I get to see the gate but that’s not the case anymore. Your presence filled rooms with passion, knowledge and conversation and even though a good life lived has to end, love doesn’t.

I will undeniably miss you Grandpa and most importantly, thank you for all the memories! Send my love to Grandma and Aunty Bunmi.
Posted by Adewole Ogunade on May 12, 2021
Grandpa Odunsi was a unique personality with a distictive character. His enthusiasm was contagious and his witty nature evident in several engaging discussions I had with him when chanced.

He will be hugely missed, but we find comfort in the strong legacy he has left behind to bless this world with.

It is time to rest, may his spirit sleep eternally in the peace of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

ADIEU, Sir !!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Seyi-ayo Ifaturoti on April 25, 2021
May Papa ‘s beautiful soul Rest In Peace. We had planned to make a glorious 90th birthday celebration but God prefers you send it in Eternity. We love ❤️ you but Jesus loves you more. We thank God for the life you lived and legacies left behind as evidenced in the glorious Children and grandchildren you left behind.
Sleep well in the Lord’s Bosom.

Seyi Ifaturoti
Past President of PILA and Funmi’s Sister
Posted by Sakinah Adepeju Quadri on April 22, 2021
Daddy was daddy. He was caring, very jovial and kind hearted though strict on some issue which is alright and expected. I had a lot of encounters and beautiful memories of daddy because I used to visit him and spend time with him occasionally I will however only share my last encounter with him which was a day before he passed and the memory is still very fresh. It was clear he was very uncomfortable and tired but in his usual attitude asked after all my children one after the other and prayed for them. That really touched me. I pray the Almighty grants him eternal rest and console the entire family.
Posted by Bisi Ogunkanmi on April 19, 2021

What a joy it would have been if people we love don't die; even at an advanced age but every journey will surely have an end. The wicked hands of death has snatched you away from us.

Your relationship with us had matured from a landlord to a father. You were a straightforward person, you don't pretend or hide your feelings. Thank you for the extension of love even to our children. You were a real mentor. We will miss a man full of humanity.

Sleep on beloved Papa, till we meet on the resurrection morning to part no more.

Bisi and Dolapo Ogunkanmi.
Posted by Babatunde Gbadamosi on April 7, 2021
Adieu great one! We will surely miss you.
Continue to rest in Christ's bosom.
Posted by Kazeem Shabar Reaves-Odun... on April 3, 2021
***** Otunba Agboola Olanrewaju Odunsi (25/05/1931 - 16/02/2021) *****

Uncle, I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but if this is the last time I get to say goodbye then I know I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your nephew.
You touched so many lives by your selfless and countless acts of kindness, always giving and never expecting any favours in return. Your dedication to a cause was what set you apart. For every institution you worked for, you laid the path for others to succeed.
The benefits of your hard work is a living testimony for so many young men and women you took under your wings at a personal and professional level.
Uncle, you were and will always be an inspiration to myself, the entire family and anyone who worked with you. You have left a void in the family that will never be filled.
While we mourn today, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth have been fulfilled. We thank the Lord for your life and bid you farewell until we meet again

Ps: Still in disbelieve. I remember asking Sister Funmi to pass on the dream I had about you visiting me in the UK for a Medical Check-Up ( about 2-3 weeks before you went to be with the Lord ) and the result of all the test came out positive and you were able to get back on your feet... little did I know it’s was a way of you saying goodbye ( in my dreams )

***** Otunba Agboola Olanrewaju Odunsi (25/05/1931 - 16/02/2021) *****
Your Nephew
Odunsi Kazeem
Posted by Adeseye Odunsi on March 21, 2021
Vicisti Vidistis Accessistis
Posted by Olubunmi Aina on March 18, 2021
May your soul Rest In perfect peace Amen heaven gained a general In the Lord
Posted by Funmi Ishola- Martins on March 17, 2021
Daddy you came you saw you conquered, may your gentle and kind soul rest peacefully in the Lord.. Goodnight!
Posted by Abiola Folarin on March 17, 2021
My Dad, my hero, my mentor, my confidant, my first love, my friend,Otunba Agboola Olarewaju Odunsi- 25/05/31-16/02/21.
May your sleep be sweet. You came, you saw and you conquered, Hallelujah
We thank God for the privilege of having you as our Dad and Grandpa. We thank you for the good legacies imbibed in us. You were a very good Dad who nurtured and cared for us. We love you Dad. The beautiful memories we will keep in our hearts. We cannot thank you enough.
Our loss is Heaven’s gain! Say us well to Mum who left us almost ten years ago. We were planning your 90th birthday. God’s will upon your life prevailed. “Omo oni le ka ya ka yo, omo arole Ikoko ti nsoro bi agbon, omo onile nla ti nbole leru..”
Funmi Odunsi Folarin

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