He was always there for answers.

Shared by Phillip Latifundist on 9th November 2018

I emailed Dr Owen many times and he always promptly replied with useful advice. His legacy will live through my future earth bag house. 

Owen and Our Dogs

Shared by Zana Hart on 8th November 2018

Soon after we got to know Owen, in 2003 when we were all living in Crestone, Colorado, my husband Kelly and I decided to make a trip. Kelly had a presentation to do on earthbag building in Texas and then we wanted to take our little motorhome into Mexico for a few weeks. Who could live in our house and take care of our dogs? Owen! He could also fill orders that came in by mail. 

He was great with the dogs. When our little Basenji, Sunbeam, had advanced cancer before any of us knew it, he communicated with us and took care of having her euthanized at our request. That left LarryDog alone with Owen, and he gave the dog more baths than we ever did and lots of great walks. Larry became devoted to him.

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