I Remember

Shared by Olwen Candish on September 2, 2010

I remember those woolly work pants you always wore.

I remember going with you to clean out drain ditches on the farm and how sometimes there'd be hollow cabbage trees that I'd hide in and make you come find me.

I remember watching soccer on TV with you.You'd brush my hair sometimes.Other times you'd rub the back of my hand with your thumb.Your hands were rough and it hurt after a while so I'd have to swap hands.

I remember how your thumbs would always move on the steering wheel when you drove.

I remember you sitting in the kitchen having breakfast before work.You'd only have the light on by the stove so it was quite dark by the table.I'd get up early some mornings just to sit with you.

I remember not being able to sleep properly on stormy nights until you came home from work.I'd keep getting up to check if the car was there, except at christmas.Then I'd only have to look at the christmas tree lights.If they were off, you were home.

I remember going in the milk tanker with you and thinking how cool it was that my dad could drive something like that.

I remember going to town with you and all the people you'd stop and talk to or wave hello to, and I remember the hat you wore when you went out.

Even though you're gone Dad, I will treasure every one of the memories I have of you.The memory I will treasure the most is of the time I spent with you during your last hours.

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