This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pa Echem Onuu, 86
, born on August 15, 1929 and passed away on February 24, 2016. We will remember


A Celebration of Everlasting Love.

Echem Onuu

86years old

Date of birth: August 15, 1929

Place of Birth: Ngodo village, Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

Date of Passing: Febuary 24, 2016

Place of Passing: Ngodo Village Afikpo, Ebonyi State.

Daddy, You Lived a life that matters. You lived and gave before you died.

You lived and was there for your children till the time of death. Your loyalty, tressured legacy and memory be with us forever

Event in Los Angeles:

Service of Songs, Prayers and wake keep.

August 19, 2016 @ 7pm

Venue: Family Faith Center, 

 Assemblies of God Church, 

120 W. Whittier Blvd

Montebello California 90640, United States.

Funeral Arrangements in Nigeria:

Wake Keep December 22, 2016 @ 7pm-10pm

Commendations Service in Afikpo:

December 23, 2016 @ 10Am

Ngodo Amachi Primary School, Afikpo, Ebonyi State


Interment after the Funeral Mass:

At The Echem Family Premises, Ezi Idam-Ugo, Compound, Ngodo Village

Afikpo, Ebonyi State. 

Reception follows immediately after the Interment: At Ngodo Amachi Primary School Afikpo, Ebionyi State. 

Thanksgiving Service:

December 25, 2016 @ 8am

Assemblies of God Church, Federal Housing Estate, Low Cost, Ngodo

Village Afikpo, Ebonyi State.


Posted by Theresa Nwaogbe on June 8, 2016

You are going to be greatly missed. I can remember when I was in school in Mater Misericordiae Hospital Afikpo, any time we had a ceremony, you were the person that would break the kola nut. I respected your powerful and honorable presence as you spoke to us before the opening ceremony. My friend inherited that aspect of your personality.

We love you. Rest in peace.
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016
Dear Grandpa my mouth is full with words that I don’t know were to start. I remember when I was a little girl how you use to advice me on what to do and blessings you used to give me and my younger ones always bring success to us. Papa you are so kind to me that I can’t never forget you. The life you lived on earth was so loved that everybody admired you. You lived a very good life and worthy of emulation. You tried to organize us your children and make sure that we are educated. You attitude, conduct, personality and the aura you possess is unquantifiable. Your attitude towards humanity is what keeps us acceptable. We love you, I love you but God loves you most. May you rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Adieu Papa
Adieu Echemicable
Adieu Grandpa
Your grand daughter
Henrietta Olachi Ekuma
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016
Inne Trader Union
                                  No. 24 Eke Market Road
                                  Afikpo North
                                  Ebonyi State

Mr. Benjamin Oti Echem
Ezi Idam-Ugo-Ngodo Villa

                 CONDOLENCE MESSAGE

I, Chairman and the entire members of Inne Traders Union and the entire good people of Afikpo environs, write to commiserate with you and the entire family on the demise of your father, Late Horri Echem Onuu. He lived a very upright life and he was a pioneer member of this union and remained firm on the policy of Inne Traders Union Afikpo on till his death on the 24th of February 2016 (Afor).
At this period of sorrow be assured that we share your grief, since death is the lots of all mortals about which none of us can question God.
May the Almighty God grant his soul eternal rest and give you and those affected by his death the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.
Accept our sympathy.

Elechi Uche       Anthony Ibe Uro
Chairman      General Secretary
Inne Traders Union           Inne Traders Union
Afikpo – Ebonyi State       Afikpo – Ebonyi State
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016

Papa, it was like a joke when I heard that you are gone. Papa, you made me comfortable when you were alive. I wanted to give you lots of gift in the near future, but death did not allow it. Papa, you were a blessing to your grand children, you proved that you are a father, we, your grand children loved you, we demonstrated it when you came visiting at our house, I do bring food for you to enjoy. I miss you so much grandpapa. May your gentle soul rest in his bosom in perfect peace. Amen.
Goodnight Grandpa.
Adieu Horri
Adieu Grandpa
Adieu Nwoke Obioma
Adieu Efike man
Grand Daughter
Miss Ebere Enya
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016
Papa, I was groaning in pains when I heard about your death, devil where is your strength? Death you have done as the scripture says there is time for everything, death why do you snatch a way papa that always buy things for me when ever his coming back from market papa now that you are gone who will buy for me those things and advise me but one thing I know is that you live a Christianity life, sleep to that glorious day, but every remember you sleep till we meet to part no more, may your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Adieu Papa
Adieu Echemicable
Adieu Oke Nna
Adieu Nwokeoma
Adieu Efike man
Your Grandson
Enya Godwin Obinna
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016

It’s hard to believe you are no more. Death is an inevitable prince we must all pay. You have fought the good fight and won the battle with your salvation in the last hour of your breath. You are a conqueror. You were a father and not just an in-law to me. It was always a wonderful pleasure and great delight coming to Ngodo to see you. But now you are no more and no one can fill that vacuum. You always created time for me and the moment we spent together ever in the late nights of some days talking, will never be forgotten. Though, the pain and sorrow from your departure is still fresh in my mind, I thank God for a life well spent. You made life possible for everyone around even with the little you have and a source of strength to everyone that listen to your words of wisdom.

Thanks you dear in-low as you rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Adieu English man
Adieu echemicable
Adieu gentle man

Son in-law
Elder Martin O. Enya
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016
Papa! We all know that a day like this will come, because the Bible tells us that there is a time to born and a time to die, but not so soon! Well, death is inevitable to all mankind. I recalled that Friday I called you to hear your voice just like other days, you said to Nne, I want to see you, and you are far but answered I want to see you very soon papa and I started calling him pet name but little did I know that his days are numbered. When I move down to see him a few days later, he was seriously sown in health. When I called him by his pet names he answered me but he was not happy unlike other days. My darling father change and I said God please let your will be done. I told myself so the end is like this, his face was looking at me and he said I want to cross. I said papa cross where! He reply Onwu (death), he brings my hand and check me. There know that the hour has come. It is true that death is a debt we all owe, for mankind. According to Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 that says “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven, a time to e born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest”. Indeed, you death is a painful thing to me especially when I remember your love and care you showed to me. I cannot question God for taking you home to rest, but I pray that the God Almighty will grant you eternal peace in His bosom.
My Hero Farewell
My Mentor
My Loving Father
Dorathy Chimezie Enya
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016

Death is inevitable if not I would have fought the war, you left me when I needed you most to tell me the beautiful stories you always tell my sisters & brothers when death snatch you from me. Oh death you are so wicked who will buy orange, groundnut, popcorn & moi-moi for me.

Caring & loving grand pa, I & my sisters & brothers are saying bye-bye papa, we miss you bye until we meet again in heaven.
Rest in peace my loving grandpa
Rest in peace Echemicable
Rest in peace Nwoke Obioma
Rest in Peace Oke-pa
Rest in peace Efike man
Your grand daughter
Enya Joyce
Posted by Clement Eni on June 7, 2016

Oh! Grand pa, you left without saying a word of goodbye to me, I stood beside you when death snatch you away from us. It was a war I can not fight if not I would have fought earnestly with all my strength up till now I can not forget all the sweet and funny things you do tell me, I am happy to be privilege to stay with you for while before death snatch you away from us. Grand pa, Echemicable, I love you so much my hero.

May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more – Amen.

Adieu Echemicable
Adieu Grandpa
Adieu Horri
Adieu Nwoke Obioma
Your Grand Daughter
Miss Sali Ijeoma – Enya
Posted by Nkechinyere Onya on June 7, 2016

Papa you were such a quiet and peaceful man, people like you never die totally, but leaves behind traces of their virtues which death cannot rub us as it only rubbed us of your person.

With all the good moments shared together, we thank God for your life.
  May the good lord accept your gentle soul that you may rest in him forever and ever AMEN. 
Your niece
Onya Nkechinyere Etu
Posted by Clement Eni on June 1, 2016
Tribute to My Lovely Daddy

How do I find the words to pen a tribute of farewell to my lovely father?
Papa, with a trembling hand, I’m doodling on a piece of paper and muttering this tribute. 24th of March will always remain a sad day to me in my life. It’s particularly difficult because you were someone of many parts to me, all of which I love dearly, you were not only a father but a friend to me. You were my defendable favour, my partner, loyalty and selflessness personified.

You were an integral part of my life. Papa, you mean a lot to me. Death, you are so cruel by taken away my father from me. Papa, what I cherished most in your life was that you lived a life worthy of emulation by all and sundry habitants of the earth. You don’t joke with the things of God. Infact, I am overwhelmed to have you as a father.

Even though I grieves in my heart on a day like this, you are no where to be found. It is a great loss on my part but I have no doubt you are already resting in the bosom of our Lord, your maker.

Papa, may your gentle soul rest in peace - Amen.

Adieu Oke nna m
Adieu Nwokeoma
Adieu Ezinna m

Ifeanyichukwu Echem
Posted by Clement Eni on June 1, 2016

It is very painful and hearten-breaking when one looks around to discover that a beloved is no more in existence. No wonder the biblical allusion that “there is time for everything, a time to be born and a time to die”.

Papa, it is true you are gone but your legendary attributes of hard working, eloquent, fearless and honesty can never be forgotten so soon by many who came in contact with you while alive. 

To me, you lived a fulfilled life notwithstanding all odds of life and the plans of enemies. Their master (satan) came to steal, kill and destroy. No wonder they tried to made away with your life which off course, they failed because God was always by your side. 

Now, I believe is your appointed time with God to have eternal rest till we meet to part no more.
May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen. 

Adieu Papa
Adieu great man

Eucharia Ifeanyichukwu
Daughter in-law
Posted by Clement Eni on June 1, 2016

Grand pa, your death has left a great vacuum in our lives. Your care for us has gone. Who then shall we play with when we visit home?, who shall we eat and dine with?, who will give us money? who will be singing sweet song for us like.
Nkita anugu Oyibo
Kanno gide na ime Jesus

And so many other humorous moments with you.
Death you are so wicked to have deprived us of grand papa’s jokes, love and care. Grand pa, we miss you dearly. Just that we cannot question God. 
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Adieu Papa
Adieu grandpa
Grand Daughters

Ifeanyichukwu’s Children
Posted by Michael Egwu on June 1, 2016
You lived a noble life. You came, you saw and you conquered. I have no doubt that these good traits were ingrained in your children. Its my honor to know you and to be counted as one of your in-laws.

I pray that God reward us all with the longevity He gave you.

Rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Emmanuel Item on May 31, 2016

Papa, It is hard to believe you are no more. If death is something that has to do with physical strength and strong mind, it would not have succeeded in separating you from us.
Your demise has really created an irreparable vacuum in our lives. Well, since God your creator has decided to call you home now that we needed you most, we have no option than to say safe journey.
Papa, you were loving, compassionate, peaceful, gentle, kind, generous, tolerant and courageous. A father to all.
I just want to say thank you for accommodating my sister-in-law, late Mrs. Bridget I. Okoroafor and allowing your children to take good care of her while her ill-health lasted.
I am consoled by the fact that you live a fulfilled life and died in the Lord. Till we meet on that resurrection day.
From: Mrs. Maria E. Item
Posted by Emmanuel Agboti on May 27, 2016
Pa Echem onuu was a great community leader. He was industrious , peace loving ,kind hearted, caring,and very accommodating. His exit has created a huge vaccum in the family and the Afikpo community at large.Oh death where is thy string. May the good lord grant papa eternal rest in his bossom. Amen
Posted by Fidelis Aja on May 27, 2016
Who will ever challenge death? Nobody,except the creator of life and death:The Almighty God.If it were love and affection,you got them while alive from your family and extensions,children,and grand kids.Your recent visit to Beatrice, your loving daughter and the son-In-law,Mr Eni,were testimonies of the bonds of love from you to them and them to you.Your love are living memories to those left behind especially the grand kids.May the Almighty God grant your soul eternity in JESUS NAME, AMEN.
Posted by Obianuju Onya on May 24, 2016
Papa,the shoking news of your departure really sent a goose pimple all over me,it was not that i considered you immortal but i was not expecting it now cos you were always strong even the last time i visited with mum.I still cannot believe that you are gone that we cannot see you again.
   Papa i have always admired your calmness and humility,you never worry anyone.I will miss you,your sense of humour and your most soothing dictum of "oga adi mma" a sermon which you never fail to hum every now and then.And most of all i will miss screaming papa!papa!!papa jokwa and watch you innocently ask "Onye"?.Its hard to think that we cannot hear some of your funny statements again.Papa i find it extremely difficult to write about you in past tense because i always look forward to seeing you anytime i visit home.Death has snatched you away from us physically but your memory will make up for your sudden death.
   Papa you've gone but not forgotten.Continue resting in the bossom of the Lord.
Your niece
Obianuju Onya.
Posted by Godspower Azoke on May 22, 2016
Death is an inevitable end that every human being is sure to experience.We all know this fact.papa the news of your death came to my family shocking.It is with heavy heart and pains I write this tribute in your honour.You were a hardworking,diligent and caring father.It is true that God has called you to your internal resting place in heaven,while we mourn your passing,we also celebrate and cherish the time we spent with you.You lived a very happy and peaceful life and passed onto glory peacefully.Adieu papa rest in the bosom of the Lord.GODSPOWER INYA AZOKE and family.
Posted by Angela Okike on May 22, 2016
Papa Nebor m, what a ray of light you were to my dear friend, Beatricx and her children/family!! You were also very lucky to have known such a generous, loving, smart and hardworking daughter. It is safe to say that she received all impressive attributes from you. You were the wing she flew with. I cannot begin to imagine the sadness and sense of loss your passing created in the hearts of your loved ones. I am consoled by the fact that she now has another advocate in heaven to plead her earthly cause. May your generous spirit rest with the lord, Amen. Adieu gentle papa, till we meet again
Posted by Smart Egwu Otu on May 22, 2016
Yes, Late Pa Echem was truly a man of peace, a community leader and a devoted Christian. No doubt his departure has left a vacuum both in the Echem's family, ngodo community and indeed Afikpo in general. Our prayer is that God in his infinite mercies may grant him eternal rest and give all he left behind the fortitude to bear the irrepairable loss. La nudo papaa!
Posted by Obianuju Onya on May 18, 2016
I am reminded of the year 1959,precisely december 1959,it was on your account that i travelled to calabar for the first time.When you invited me to calabar,you were still a struggling young man but you took very good care of me.Then you were learning tailoring which was your means of livelihood those days.It was then i saw you as a kind,generous,simple and hardworking man.I dont know where to start from because i have so many good things to say about you.Do i talk about your diplomatic nature,your fearlessness,your wisdom,courage and straight forwardness?those who had an opportunity to come close to you can attest to these.You are just too good to be forgotten.
     I always look forward to seeing you anytime i visit home,though the last time i visited,you barely recognized me due to your poor sight and difficulty in hearing but i still said a short prayer thanking God for the gift of life.
    I have no power to ask God why because he knows it all,i am thanking him for giving me such a wonderful man as a cousin.I will take solace in the memories i have of you and wish you safe journey to the world beyond till we meet to part no more.
    Adieu Papa
    Adieu Nna Ngozi
 Mrs Justina Ubollo Onya
Posted by Beatricx Eni on May 15, 2016
   Dad, it took me time to write this tribute because it is hard for me to embrace that I will not see you again. I know the inevitability of death, and I knew it would happen sooner or later when Ogbo Echem called to tell me your latest condition. I heard you gasping and struggling for air; it occurred to me that the hour has come for your transition to glory. You graduated from the school of life and finally decided to meet your maker. My greatest concern is that death could not give me a break nor show mercy other than turning my life upside down and setting me back with life achievements. Each time I try to recuperate here comes another death. Daddy, I know that there are hidden things we do not see in challenges of life, and I will not forget what you told me during your visit to the United States. " Owogu nke nkporo di ejegie" It will all come to pass. If it pleases God, it is well with my soul.
   The stings of death nevertheless are felt no matter when and how it happens. The distance from you pained me most. I felt that I was not close to seeing your last breath and worst when my daughter Destiny cried out loud she would like to see you at the time of your brief illness. Her sense of thought and crying for you broke my heart. I was as sick as a dog, did not go to work for several days because I lost my strength and dispiritedly thinking about you. I was lifted up in spirit when Pastor Dale Aguas told me that your grandson Daniel made a prayer request for you. It came to my mind that you were in Gods' hands. I also recalled all your conversations recorded on my cell phone. Your thoughts will remain unassailable wisdom, treasure, and legacy to my children and me. I thank God, our bedrock who gave you the chance to see America and your grandchildren. Daddy, You were so important to me, as well as your grandchildren. I shared your homework and stories to my children. Your presence brought closure and made you more valuable to us. I believe that was the most powerful good thing that I did for you. I tried to do everything a daughter could do for a father, and I drew satisfaction that I took good care of you, and I am alive to bury you instead of you burying me.
   Daddy, I chose to celebrate you for what you molded me to be and for the world to know what a wonderful man you were. You did set a high bar for me. Oh, what a sweet dad you were? On a much serious note, more words could not do justice to the doubtful man I grew to love. You made it clear that where there is love, there is a miracle. You treated and respected me as a woman and always said thank you to every single thing that I did for you. My first favorite toy from you as a child was a xylophone. You taught me how to sing and play, and I enjoyed every bit of your sing-song voices. I still recall how you played with me when I was a child. You were my mom and dad all in one. I cherished your sense of humor, integrity, generosity and infectious smile. You lived memorable moments and fulfilled your dreams of giving back to those in need. I appreciate your gentle and peaceful demeanor and commitment to my well-being. Speculating how you walked the distance of Mater Misericordiae hospital now and then when I was in School of Nursing to bring food to me showed your greatest love. Daddy, your beautiful web of love surrounded and bound us together. In a more classical mode, you quitted alcoholism, embraced God to the fullest and deposited the best gifts of faith in the bank for me. You separated none of us; you showed love and responsibility to each and every one of your children till the time of death. You were such a prominent figure in my up bring. I appreciate your kind gestures. Thanks for all that you did for me. Thanks to my able and great aunt, my sacred encounter, Justina Ubolo Onya Ogbu. Aunty, I love you to the fullest. Thanks to "Ugoeze" Mrs Agnes Ewa Elechi Who is always there for my aunt. Thanks to my babysitter Mrs. Theresa Elum Azoke. Thanks also to my late aunts and uncles- Mrs. Comfort Eze Agboti, Mrs Esther Igu Okokpa(Oke Nma) late Mrs. Rose Osinachi Egwu, Mrs. Bridget Ijeoma Okoroafor, Mr. Augustine Uwa Okokpa, and Mr. Onya O. Onya who collaborated with you to make me the best woman I am today. You all made life easier for me growing up without a mother's love. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace Amen.
   Daddy as you reunite with your wives, Regina Orieoma Echem and Joyce Ogeri Echem, my regards to them. Tell my mom that I love her, and her grandchildren who she never lived to see are missing her.
Pa Echem, Echemical, Echemicable, I cannot replace first your handsome face, smile and special things you did for your children, grandchildren and others around you. Not only did your sons inherit your name, but they also inherited your lands. Benjamin, your first son, also inherited the membership benefits from Inne trade union. That's how good you were. The Bible declared that "a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children,-proverb. 13:22. Your epitome of love had no limits.
   The family was paramount to you. You taught me so many values realizing that family comes first no matter what. You made it clear that family is the solid rock for my high points. You made family your priority and found the silver lining in every difficult situations. You stated that it is not important where I am going or how I get there, but it is much important where I came from and whose daughter I am. You made me realize that resilience and perseverance are the keys to triumph. When I left Nigeria for the first time, you had no much words for me. You told me that I am "OHAISU CHILD" ; "that I will ever remain eating raw yam with my eyes." Daddy, you made a difference, you touched many lives in the family. You accommodated, and have made enduring impressions to everyone who transversed your path.
Even if water made cocoyam like it was not food, You were able to cope with the difficulties of life and remained the beacon of light to us. You never put any of us in trouble and so did your children. The little things you did made you great to the best of my knowledge.
   To end up my tribute, I don't want you to think you were a perfect man; only Jesus lived a perfect life. I love you for the respect you shared among us, and you cared for your children beyond the extraordinary. You are gone but not yet forgotten; we are apart, but your spirit lives within me forever. God bless you as you rest in the bosom of our God Almighty. Daddy, until we meet again by the precious grace of God, may He hold you in the palm of His hands.
Adieu Nnaa Alu Echem onuu,
Papam nkweri ihem nko oma, larue n'udo- my father that loved me so much, go in perfect peace.
Your beloved and ever expected daughter,
Beatricx Ngozi Alu Eni,
-Nee Echem-
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on March 9, 2020
You are always in our thought, as your love ones continue to sing your song.
We will always miss you.
Continue to rest in the Lord!
Posted by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2020
My quintessential daddy, it is already four years and one month since you are gone. It feels like a dream and an endless moment for me.
I wake up some days, hoping you were not gone. Seriously, I still miss you.
Now and then I look up in the sky and make a wish. All that I pray for is peace and God’s guidance.
You were a man of peace full of unconditional love. Your love is a significant weapon that has carried us along since you left. Thank you for the training you gave us.
Our differences will not be a barrier for continuing to carry the mantle you left for us. So far, we are representing you well.
Rest in peace
Your daughter,
Ada Echemicable.
Posted by Beatricx Eni on August 15, 2019
Happy 90th Anniversary Papa. I am always thinking about you. I lost you but your memories are with us. Please continue to guide us as the year goes by.
Ada Echemicable.
Recent stories
Shared by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2018

Daddy, so hard to believe that we your children have spent a hole two years without you on this earth papa. We your children are saying farewell papa, you will forever be in our mind daddy, my God that sees in secret is the only one that sees this tears that is dropping from my eyes right now, honestly papa you're indefatigable dad indeed. Nnam nwoke oma larueee na udo and grant love to your family you left behind, we miss you papa. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Shared by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2018

Daddy,I cannot believe it has already been two years. Two years that have created groundbreaking changes in my life since you passed away. The second year everything is done without seeing you again on this earth. You left me completely alone and honestly speaking it is in your absence that I now have the thought that I am on my own. I never had this thought before, this is because you were an anchor that held me back and was always there for me. I have seen the impact on our family that we lost you. Your death created a big vacuum and a huge loneliness in me, on a much serious note I must confess. Your death is like a wound, it hurts me so bad that everything seems too heavy, and the problems more complex for me to carry. Daddy, I am telling you the truth how it is, my heart aches, I am stuck with an incommunicable feeling of what is going on since you left. It is hard to create reality and illusion that at the point of your death I was not born alone. I draw solace running away from my loneliness because I want to be at my best for something better in my family circle. Daddy, I don’t want to fall in the sound auditorium of ‘OMG’. I am relearning to proclaim to my own psychology of finding strength from God who is my maker and who is always there to support me. I try to keep my happy hormone more reinvigorated, restful and peaceful to be able to carry the burdens. Please guide me to care as much as I can for I know that caring is in our DNA Lol. I pray to God almighty to give me the joy, enthusiasm, understanding and help me to carry the baton you gave me to perfection. Daddy, going to the village will not be the same, if I go there, I will not see you either will I see my beloved aunts, but all is well.

 Echemical, Echemicable, honestly speaking it has not been easy to see that you are gone forever, I will never forget you all for the rest of my life. I miss you so much, my indefatigable dad. No one can imagine how much I love you. Farewell to my mom, my stepmom, uncles, aunties, cousins, my father-in-laws, my mother-in-laws and my brothers-Emmanuel, Ugwu and Monday, who are there with you. May your gentle soul and their souls continue to rest in perfect peace. Your most expected daughter, Beatricx Ngozi Alu Eni, Oke Ada,Nee Echemicable. In His Love and promise 

Shared by Beatricx Eni on August 30, 2017

My cousin, Iheanachor Oyim’s tribute to my dad...

It was a wreak to behold, as our eyes sunk, we kept guessing around, our thoughts were deep. No fault of ours but it was clear that something have left us, something that seen epic, we kept guessing, asking questions? who may have fetched firewood infected with ants... We called home to know how far lo and behold it was you they said your dad just passed away.. I exclamatory eeeh woooh!!! the iroko has fallen... things has fallen apart, my heart stood still ...immediately I started fading happiness knowing fully well my Anty will be in full pains to lust a dear dad Nwokeoma Echem’s man as popularly called by his aged brackets's precious moment was tears of yesterday.. The memory of your life and your legacies shall remain fresh in our hearts...Rest on the father that begun The woman that's is stronger than man (nwanyi ka nwoke) the quintessential dad as she loved to called you, onikara Ehugbo abs grace permitted to reached may your soul continuously rest in peace till we meet to part no more...✝