This tribute was added by Daerebo BROWN WEST on March 9, 2020
You are always in our thought, as your love ones continue to sing your song.
We will always miss you.
Continue to rest in the Lord!
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2020
My quintessential daddy, it is already four years and one month since you are gone. It feels like a dream and an endless moment for me.
I wake up some days, hoping you were not gone. Seriously, I still miss you.
Now and then I look up in the sky and make a wish. All that I pray for is peace and God’s guidance.
You were a man of peace full of unconditional love. Your love is a significant weapon that has carried us along since you left. Thank you for the training you gave us.
Our differences will not be a barrier for continuing to carry the mantle you left for us. So far, we are representing you well.
Rest in peace
Your daughter,
Ada Echemicable.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on August 15, 2019
Happy 90th Anniversary Papa. I am always thinking about you. I lost you but your memories are with us. Please continue to guide us as the year goes by.
Ada Echemicable.
This tribute was added by CLEMENT ENI on August 17, 2018
Death is not the end of everything; it only keeps a person absent from this present Planet Earth. The word of God is giving us assurance that after death there is still another life, i.e. for those who believe on His appearing. Therefore we take solace from God’s word. Regardless of whatever thing that happened in the past, papa was able to know God before he was finally called by His maker (God) the creator of the whole universe. Above all papa’s good life and legacy is worthy of emulation, your memory will forever remain in our heart till we meet to part no more.
Goodnight Oke Ogo and continue to rest in perfect peace with God… Amen
This tribute was added by Chita Oje on August 15, 2018
Pa Echem,
Your legacy lives on! Your daughter, Ngozi, shares and stands on your wisdoms, your stories, your principles. The seeds you planted while you were here have grown into mighty trees bearing good fruit. What a blessing! 
You are missed but never forgotten!
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on April 14, 2018
Daddy,I cannot believe it has already been two years. Two years that have created groundbreaking changes in my life since you passed away. The second year everything is done without seeing you again on this earth. You left me completely alone and honestly speaking it is in your absence that I now have the thought that I am on my own. I never had this thought before, this is because you were an anchor that held me back and was always there for me. I have seen the impact on our family that we lost you. Your death created a big vacuum and a huge loneliness in me, on a much serious note I must confess. Your death is like a wound, it hurts me so bad that everything seems too heavy, and the problems more complex for me to carry. Daddy, I am telling you the truth how it is, my heart aches, I am stuck with an incommunicable feeling of what is going on since you left. It is hard to create reality and illusion that at the point of your death I was not born alone. I draw solace running away from my loneliness because I want to be at my best for something better in my family circle. Daddy, I don’t want to fall in the sound auditorium of ‘OMG’. I am relearning to proclaim to my own psychology of finding strength from God who is my maker and who is always there to support me. I try to keep my happy hormone more reinvigorated, restful and peaceful to be able to carry the burdens. Please guide me to care as much as I can for I know that caring is in our DNA Lol. I pray to God almighty to give me the joy, enthusiasm, understanding and help me to carry the baton you gave me to perfection. Daddy, going to the village will not be the same, if I go there, I will not see you either will I see my beloved aunts, but all is well.
Echemical, Echemicable, honestly speaking it has not been easy to see that you are gone forever, I will never forget you all for the rest of my life. I miss you so much, my indefatigable dad. No one can imagine how much I love you. Farewell to my mom, my stepmom, uncles, aunties, cousins, my father-in-laws, my mother-in-laws and my brothers-Emmanuel, Ugwu and Monday, who are there with you. May your gentle soul and their souls continue to rest in perfect peace. Your most expected daughter, Beatricx Ngozi Alu Eni, Oke Ada,Nee Echemicable. In His Love and promise
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on August 16, 2017
88th Posthumous birthday
Shared by Beatricx Eni on 08/15/2017
My confidential antennae is 88 years today. Daddy, you will not be missed forever. Since you left, your blessings have been sustaining us. I am still the 'nwachinemere' you said I am and I have acquired so many names- Oke Ada, Omecheri nnia, Nwanyi ka Nwoke. On a much serious note, these names lift up to the reams of the angels and the website itself gives me joy to celebrate you. Each year it makes a difference in my heart to remember you, my late uncles and late aunts- Patrick Ugwu, Gabriel Ugwu, Johnson Oyim Ugwu, Augustine Uwa Okokpa, Esther Igu Okokpa, Comfort Eze Agboti, Onya O. Onya, Bridget Ijeoma Okoroafor and Roseline Osinachi Egwu. May their perfect souls Rest In Peace as I celebrate all of you in tears. I wish I knew the existence of this beautiful website before their departures.
Daddy, I inundate you with love and care. No disloyalty to my lovely husband, no resentment, bitterness, betrayal lounge or misunderstanding will come between my siblings and I. I am doing my best to carry everyone along. I wish you happy 88th posthumous birthday. If your spirit lives, continue to open doors of blessings for us. My regards to my mom and my stepmom.
Your ever expected daughter,
Beatricx Ngozi Alu Eni,
(Nee Echem).
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on May 21, 2017
...It were a wreak to behold, as our eyes sunk, we kept guessing around, our thoughts were deep. No fault of ours but it was clear that something have left us, something that seen epic, we kept guessing, asking questions? who may have fetches firewood infected with ants... We called home to know how far lo and behold it was you they said your dad just passed away.. i exclamatory eeeh woooh!!! the iroko has fallen... things has fall apart, my heart stood still ...immediately I started fading happiness knowing full well my Anty will be in full pains to lust a dare dad Nwokeoma Echem'sman as popularly called by his aged brackets's precious moment was tears of yesterday.. The memory of your life and your legacies shall remain fresh in our hearts...Rest on the father that begun The woman that's is stronger than man (nwanyi ka nwoke) the quintessential dad as she loved to called you, onikara Ehugbo abs grace permitted to reached may your soul continuously rest in peace till we meet part no more...✝
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on March 1, 2017
Rest In Peace Echemicable
Charles Nnanna Ologwu Onya.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2017
Daddy, today marks one year you left the Mother Earth. It is sad to remember that you are gone forever. May your gentle soul Rest In Peace. I console myself with your memories, legacies and having made your burial a history-(ihenribanmma) in Afikpo Autonomous Community. I love you my quintessential dad.
Your ever expected daughter,
Beatricx Ngozi Alu Eni,
Nee Echem.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2017
How time flies, O Death where is thy sting or power. Daddy still lives in our hearts and will forever be remembered. Adieu till we meet again..
Agboti Emmanuel
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on February 24, 2017
Rest well Papam, nwoke dinganga, your memory shall ever be in our hearts.
Nkeiruka Agoh.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on January 10, 2017
It is wrong to see papa's home call as a heart rending movie.
Nnaye Alu Echem journeyed home with fulfillment. He was both father and mother to you. Although in your childhood he was far away, in your teenage years he bore all the pains of seeing people maltreat you. Once you ask him to tell you about both of you with tears filled eyes. He tried to, but words couldn't form, marriage took you far away from him yet your heart was with him,Your father and your mother. I remember the glow in his eyes when you visited home with your children, I remember his excitement when you whispered to him that you will travel with him to America. You did take him to US, you cared for him and the incident in Lagos Airport you cared for him. You had opportunity of enjoying your father against all odds. Papa was alive to see all that he lost at home, Calabar and during the civil war recovered in you. Papa wasn't alive for many years but God gave him life through you. He died a happy man a fortified Christian. A man who apologized to people he didn't really offend, A man of peace, a man who took it upon himself to be neat even if it meant sweeping his surroundings by himself. A man whose creative ingenuity in putting pieces of clothes together translated to putting the pieces of the needy together.
Be consoled that you made him talk. You returned all he lost back to him. You made him realize that he wasn't a loser after all
Let Pa rest in the bossom of the lord.
Martina Omeri Ginger Eke and family.
This tribute was added by Christiana Uhunmwangho on December 2, 2016
My condolence to the family of Mr and Mrs Eni. May our heavenly father provide strength and comfort during this time of grief. For he is near to those with a broken heart. Psalm 34:18. May you fine comfort from the Bible "For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope" Romans 16: 4.
This tribute was added by Edward Inyanwachi on November 27, 2016
Dear Ngozi Eni,
Accept my condolence on the death of Pa Echem Onuu. May the Lord grant him eternal rest. Amen.
This tribute was added by OKONKWO VICTORIA U. on November 25, 2016
Mrs Eni Ngozi

I write to express my heartfelt sympathy over the demise of your beloved father Pa Echem Onuu.
Every form of death evokes enormous grief, my thinking is that when the deceased is a dear one the pain assumes a broader dimension.
As you painfully mourn the exit of your father, I implore you to take solace in the fact that your dad lived a fulfilled live worthy of emulation during his sojourn on earth.
He will be remembered by all and sundry for his meekness, humility. Kindness and unrestricted magnanimity which makes him outstanding and also a Christian.
My prayer for you is that the almighty God will give you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Remain courageous and receive your strength from the lord.
May is gentle soul rest in the bosom of the lord. Amen
From Okpara Mary E.
(Nee Eluu)
This tribute was added by Clement Eni on November 22, 2016
21st November, 2016

Mrs. Beatrice Ngozi Eni,

                A CONDOLENCE MESSAGE

I, Chief T. C. Akpelu and family write to commiserate with you on the death of your beloved father, LATE ONIKARA ECHEM ONUU whose sad event occurred on 24th February, 2016.

With his death, the family has been robbed of a worthy counselor, devout Christian, role model who contributed his quota towards the upliftment of his people and family. He will be indeed be missed by all who knew him.

As you mourn the transition of this great and humble man, I urge you to be consoled by the fact that he lived a worthy life and left many legacies of honour of which he will eternally be remembered.

We pray the good Lord to console all that is touched by his death and grant him eternal rest in his kingdom.

Please accept my very sincere condolence.

                              Chief T. C. Akpelu
                              (Deputy Director Nursing Services)
This tribute was added by Perpetua Abagha on November 10, 2016

I received the news of your father’s demise with great chock. Ngo! I knew your Dad since 1990. Since then he has been a very peaceful man. Each time you see him, he always gives his fatherly advice. You cared for Papa as a good daughter should care for her father. You so much loved Papa, when he was sick you took him to oversea to take Proper care of him irrespective of the fact that the sickness could be treated in Nigeria.

How I wished that Papa could have stayed longer then this for us to continue benefitting from his father advice. All the same I thank God that Papa embraced Christ early enough and lived a good Christian life, Ngo! You should take solace that Papa is now resting in the bosom of Lord. Amen

Remain blessed Ngo!
Rest in peace Papa till we meet to part no more.

Okpani Eunice U
On behalf of my family
Hon and Mrs. Patrick Abagha Okpani
This tribute was added by Perpetua Abagha on November 9, 2016
RIP Papa
This tribute was added by Aluu Okooti on November 3, 2016
Dear Beatricx,

The entire Okooti family is deeply saddened by the news of the death of your father (Pa Echem Onuu). We are so very sorry. His death must be a tough time for you. We have many wonderful memories of him during those early years of our lives and treasure the times we all spent together. Your grief is shared by all of us who knew him. Please remember that you are in our thoughts and our prayers.

We had seen how much you had cared for your father especially when you brought him here (USA) to receive the best healthcare. We also know how much you will miss him, but you can take comfort and strength from the greatest influences he had in your life. We want you to stay strong, for yourself, for your husband, and for your children.

As you plan to travel to Nigeria and give him a befitting burial, we may not be physically present to witness it, but we will surely be with you in spirit and ready to help with anything you may need. Above all, we wish you journey mercies and a successful ceremony. May God bless you and your family during this time and always. Your father’s memory will live on forever in our heart.

The Okooti’s Family
(Michael Sr., Patricia, Michael Jr., Augustine, and Bernardine)
This tribute was added by OKONKWO VICTORIA U. on October 31, 2016

It is with great sadness that I have received the news of your beloved fathers’ death Onikara Echem Onuu and wish to condole with you and your entire family on his demise.
I also encourage you to take solace in God who can comfort you in this moment of grief.

Your father was a diligent and peace loving who lined a life of service, he contributed immensely for your development and will be remembered for his kindness. Even through his death has created a vacuum in your life; I am certain your will sustain his legacies of good will and friendliness. It is my prayer that God will grant him eternal rest and your family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Accept my condolences and best wishes

Okankwo Victoria
Chief Nursing Officer 
In-charge A/E Unit
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on October 29, 2016
A tribute to a caring in law.
Papa Ngozi, your death came as a surprise. Just visited you before I travelled. Next news was that you'd gone to meet your Creator.Well, it's a necessary end. All I remember that makes me happy was that Ngozi pampered and showed you love while you lived. As a caring in-law, you"d never passed our house without making a brief stop to exchange pleasantries with your in law, madam hoha.
Adieu papa Ngozi
Adieu Ogo Eni
Adieu o ji eka eme nka
Eze Beatrice Ude.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on October 17, 2016
The earth is not our home we must all go to where we began our journey into the world, but just in your case, I wish you didn't go back now Papa.
I will miss you Papa Echemicable.
Nnam, I love you so much. Your love and care will forever remain in my heart. Papa, you left a hole in my heart because right now no Papa, no Mama, no husband, most painfully are the fact that you are not alive to guide and see me realize your dream for me.
Papa your death was shocking to me, but my prayer is that God should give me the heart to bear the unexpected. Papa your worries were how do I cope? Nnam, do not worry I will be okay and please say me hello to my mom and my husband. I will honor your memories.
Finally, Papa Let your departure bring blessings to our families, your grandsons, and daughters.
Rest in perfect peace, my beloved dad till we meet to part no more.
Nkeiruka B. Agoh
(NNE Akpu Ugo)
Beloved daughter.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on October 17, 2016
Tribute to my beloved grandpa.
It is hard to believe that my grandpa is dead, I cannot imagine how I can move on from the catastrophic situation we are this moment.
Grandpa, you were so dear to me and my junior brother, grandpa you have left a hole in my heart.
Grandpa in death I will still love you, and I will never forget how you always call us together and tell us stories. Grandpa, if death were a spirit that hears and have respect for someone he couldn't have taken you away.
Rest in perfect peace grandpa till we meet again
Chidera. Destiny Agoh.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on October 13, 2016
Papa, You lived an exemplary life and what extraordinary work you did as a husband, father, grandfather and an uncle. Not only have you lived all these years you have done so with grace, hard work and an excellent sense of humor. You were like that grandfather we never had. You were accommodating and loved the family. I learned the dignity of labor from you. You always laughed and lived life to the fullest while keeping your hard working values and that I am proud of.
The footprint of hard work and love you left will remain a strong legacy for us and generation unborn. I will surely miss your sense of humor. I believe you will have a place in the bosom of the Lord.
Rest in peace papa till we meet to path no more.
Egwu Uchechukwu.
This tribute was added by Chinyere Eziuloh on October 12, 2016
Condolence Message
Pa Echem Onu
   I received the news of the demise of your beloved patriarch, Ohori Pa Echem Onuu, with shock and sadness. Although he made his departure at a ripe age when he had the grace of God to witness recorded by his daughter and lovely son in law and to see his grandchildren. As you have join Ngozi's mother tell her how she and your grand children are missing you. We sincerely feel and share your grief in the face of this loss and we will continue to share in the love and relationship you left behind. May God grant the entire family strength to carry the family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.   From Engr. Joshua Eziuloh and family
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on October 4, 2016
The family of
Late Pa Echem Onuu
Ngodo, Ohaisi Autonomous Community
Afikpo North L.G.A.
Ebonyi State

  We, the entire members of Assemblies of God, Federal Low cost. Assembly, Ngodo. Afikpo, Afikpo Urban II Section, write to commiserate with you on the passing onto the glory of our brother/member; your beloved father, grandfather, Uncle and Brother, Late Pa Echem Onuu whose sad event occurred on February 24, 2016.

  Our Pa was a committed member cum a child of God till death irrespective of age or ill-health.
  We can imagine how painful this death is to the entire family. However, that he physically departed but passed on to higher glory was enough solace.
  We enjoin you to take heart and relish, the fact that Papa was a true child of God. And as you celebrate his transition, we urge you to be consoled in-as-much as the children; grandchildren, etc. left behind are some of the everlasting testaments of his legacies worthy of emulation.
  In this moment of grief, be strong! We also share your grief. May the Almighty God wipe your tears and that of the entire church.

Bro. Gabriel E. Ohia
Church Secretary.
This tribute was added by Oyewole Tayo on September 30, 2016
A Letter of Condolence to Pa Echem Onuu's Family

I, Dan Egwu and my children, Nnenna, Chinyere, Ikenna, Anozie and Akachi heartily commiserate with your family over the demise of your patriarch, Pa Echem Onuu. Your dad was an easy going gentleman who commanded a lot of respect by all. He lived a good Christian life. Although you will have the sense of loss, be consoled that he left behind people like yourselves for continuity of that dynasty and remember that death is not the end of life but the beginning of another life. Death is frustration and destruction for those who do not have faith but for those who trust in the Lord and do His will, it is an entrance into a modern city filled with everlasting happiness which cannot be compared to anything in life.

We join you in wishing him farewell and may his soul rest in the bossom of the Lord.

This tribute was added by Clement Eni on September 2, 2016

It is with deep sense of loss and gratitude to God for a life well spent that the entire family of Mr/Mrs. Peter Ulu-Chukwu Nkama commiserate with you and your entire family on the death of your father Mr. Echem Onuu which sad event place on...

May I say that the passing on of your father is timely. Reason, Ng, you took your father to USA to stay with you, to receive some treatments and also to have rest, but after some months, papa started disturbing you to take him home that an elderly man should not be away like that. That he want to return home and stay in his house. Maybe Papa knew his time was getting close. Yes the right time for him to go home and rest. This is because a labourer must rest. According the Bible, it is emphatically recorded that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Nne Eni, your father is not death, is a change of body with Christ Jesus and as a devoted Christian he is there having rest with God.

May God accept his gentle soul and grant him an everlasting response in his bossom.

Once again, accept our sympathy.

Ulu-Chukwu Nkama's family
This tribute was added by Kenneth Ekuma on August 21, 2016
TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED GRANDPA. I still remember the times i visit you every december in the village, how you cared for me you told me some stories. How you thought my dad to become a great man in life. you remain still important father in this family, because you brouth many good memories to everyone.This memories will stay even thorugh you are gone. you have fought a good fight and won the battle for you children. i love you but God loves you most. may your soul rest in peace Amen. grand son. Oti prince pascal echem obinna
This tribute was added by Kenneth Ekuma on August 19, 2016
TRIBUTE TO MY LOVING GRANDPA.   Grandpa when the news of your death came to me,it was unbelievable to me.Who will call me orienjo,death is so wicked!!!.May your soul rest in peace.           Oti orieoma regina. Grand dauhter.
This tribute was added by Chita Oje on August 15, 2016
Papa Echem. We celebrate your life and the way you lived it. We celebrate the fruit of your life and the friends you gave us like Sister Ngozi Eni. Papa, you created fruit that is a blessing to the world. This your fruit is creative,generous, thoughtful and kind. Papa you lived a noble and productive life. Enjoy your rewards in heaven!!!
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on August 15, 2016
Daddy,today marks your 87th birthday, it breaks my heart to see that you are no more with us. You will always be remembered. I use this opportunity to say happy birthday to you.
Beatricx Ngozi Alu Echem,
"Ada Echem Onuu.
This tribute was added by Daerebo Brownwest on August 15, 2016
I got an alert that today is a special day for you, that worth celebrating;
My first thought is how do we celebrate you then, with all these ongoing lamentations;
Indeed, Celebration comes in different ways;
And this is one of such;
Even as you have departed mother earth;
Your day of entry mother earth is still remembered, and will continue to ring loud to all;
Imagine how loud it would have been to celebrate your Birthday with you, today;
Today, the family and friends jointly say Happy Birthday to You, as you celebrate 2016 Birthday with your Creator, the Lord Jesus;
Your family and friends will continue to celebrate you, Happy Birthday.
Dein Na Sime (Rest In Peace).
This tribute was added by Kenneth Ekuma on August 11, 2016
may you soul R.I.P.PAPA
This tribute was added by Clement Eni on July 26, 2016

     I got the news of your solemn departure with fear and trepidation. It aroused a lot of questions in my psychology. However, I do know that life is an enigma, that is, it is always lost at the point of celebrating our wishes and dreams. I am complacent that someday cosmology will give way to eschatology because nature must submit to supernatural even as death will submit to resurrection. On that glorious day, “amazing grace” will be our song in unism.
     Note worthy is the fact that we brought nothing to this world, in the same fate, we will go with nothing. Owing to the fact that 90% of us here today live is total psychological illusion is the reason for our insatiable quest to garner the stupendous immensities of life which ultimately define variety in whole and in parts.
     Papa, your lying in state is the best message for mortals who deferred their schedule to bear witness of your eternal commission to the fate of humans not withstanding their class in the society. Papa, I love and miss you but you are answerable to your maker who caused your existence via His possibilities. I am consoled by the blessed hope in Christ Jesus as documented in Paul’s epistle to the Thessalonians.
Go in peace, goodnight! 

Eni Clement Egwu
This tribute was added by Ogbo Aluu on July 21, 2016
A Tribute to the Peace Maker!

Pa Echem was a Peace loving father, though he was on the quiet side.
Throughout the period he lived, I never heard of a dispute involving him of any kind. He was a perfect gentleman. R I P THE PEACE MAKER!.
This tribute was added by Fred Agboti on July 10, 2016

Every blade in the field, every leaf in the forest lays down its life in its season,
My family and I were shocked at the death of Pa Echem Onuu on the 24th of February, 2016; haven met with him in october 2015, when we visited home for the burial of my uncle´s wífe, ¨MRS COMFORT AGBOTI¨.
Pa Echem Onuu was a man of honour that embraced Christ in his life. He had a good christian attribute which I believe, he inculcated into the children and other members of the family especially, the first daughter, Mrs Beatricx Ngozi Eni.
He loved the family with a special love. He shared everything he had with the children; the dreams, the laughter and tears. His life entirely was full of loving deeds, forever thoughtful of the children´s special needs that endeared him so much to the children who loved and cherished him.
I hereby urge everyone of us to seek the road that makes death a fulfillment as it is in the life of Papa who after witnessing everything in this life chose to follow Christ. sure, he made the right choice.
To all survivor of Pa Echem Onuu, I say, cry no more, for ¨if tears could build a stair way and memories a lane, one could walk right up to heaven and bring Papa home again.¨
Papa is no more, but let us live in thankfulness that he was. And to those of us that share the same hope and faith with him, our greatest consolation should be that we shall meet with him again on that resurrection morning at the feet of our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ to part no more.

Agboti Fred & Family.
This tribute was added by Destiny Eni on July 5, 2016
  Grandpa, distance did not give me the opportunity to get really to know you, but your visit to us in 2014 was one of the best experiences I have ever had to spend most of the time with you. I know what bothered you most was the language barrier which you laid emphasis to my mom. It did not give you room to share many stories with us. I am trying to learn our language, but unfortunately, I will not see you again to talk to you in "Ehugbo dialect."
I remember my second trip to Nigeria, I woke up one early morning and saw you at the age of 85, sweeping your compound. In a surprise, I ran to my mom to come and observe what you were doing. I was amazed you had such strength to carry on with life.
I was so devastated when I heard the news of your death. I wish I had the chance to see you again before your death. 
Grandpa, I will always miss you, but I will hang on to your memories. I did not witness your abundant memories, but the little I have is enough for me. My mom shared many stories about you. You faced ups and downs of life, but you survived and was able to raise your children as much as you could. You lived a long and a healthy life.
I thank God I was able to meet you. Thank you for whom you made my mom be and thank you for having stood in the gap for the family.
Grandpa, jisie ike.
Your granddaughter,
Destiny Ijeoma Elum Eni.
This tribute was added by Daniel Eni on July 5, 2016
Tribute to a grandpa that cared so much for his family

The majority of you know that my grandpa, Echem Onuu, passed away on February 24, 2016. It took me a while to think of specific occurrences when he impacted my life. I am grateful that he was able to visit us in the United States. I had the privilege to spend time with my grandpa. We went to Church together; he spent most of his time in my room. That was an excellent relationship, experience, and the first time I bonded with him.
Grandpa, It was fun with the little time you spent with us. You became part of my daily life. My siblings and I appreciate you. It is very devastating that you could not live any longer. I hope one day I will meet you again in Heaven. I love you so much, and I still remember the memories of having been with you. You showed us whom you were and my mom shared your stories with us. You were as fearless as an Eagle. You are my hero, you fought for our country during the Nigerian-Biafran war. I delight and give thanks to the Lord for your safe progress to Heaven.
I thank God for remembrance and sacrifice of the Family Faith Center, Assemblies of God Church, Montebello California for their prayer and efforts they shared with us at the time of our grief.
Grandpa, I miss you so dearly, but I will treasure your memories forever
Good bye great warrior,
Your Grandson,
Daniel Chibuike Ogbonnia Eni.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on July 5, 2016
Tribute to my beloved Grandpa
Grandpa, you were a wonderful man. There are more than hundred words I could use to describe you. To mention but a few, you were kind, caring and generous. I could go on and on talking about you for the little moment, you spent with us in America. Even though you are gone, you have not been forgotten. Your memories are forever in our hearts. I know you are in a better place. Safe Journey Oke dim.
Your granddaughter,
Deziree Chizubem Ogeri Eni.
This tribute was added by Nnenna Jennifer Egwu-Oji on July 5, 2016
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on June 23, 2016
Tribute to my father In-law
I will miss you.
When we loose someone we love(no matter how old they are) it feels like time stands still, but we find succor in the loving memories we shared.
When I heard the news of your demise, my heart sank in deep sorrow. I expected you to live a little longer, but God knows the best.
You were an epitome of wisdom, peace, love and kindness. I admire that a lot about you. The last time I was with you, you prayed for me and my wife and you told us to take care of our family.
Papa, I miss you.
Fare well Papa,
Adieu, may your soul rest in peace Amen.
Son In-law,
Okechukwu Chiekeziem
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on June 23, 2016
My loving father, Echemicable was a God-fearing father, peaceful and gentle, and jovial.
Echemicable, you were one of the strongest men that I have ever known. Though you encountered many trials and tribulation as you sojourned through life, you never allowed them to overcome.
Papa, you were a true, despite the hard times, with God's help you had to carry on.
If roses grow in heaven, please Lord pick and put them in my Dad's arms and tell him they are from me. Tell him that I love and miss him.
Sleep on Papa, Adieu, and may you continue to rest in the Lord's bosom.
This tribute was added by Beatricx Eni on June 23, 2016
Grandpa, we came to Afikpo to stay with you during Christmas period. We played with you, my mum served food and was happy we had you around.
Grandpa, we are sad that you left us without a message .
May God the Almighty grant you peaceful rest in Jesus name (Amen)
Grand daughter,
Chimamanda Chiekeziem.
This tribute was added by Justina Onya on June 22, 2016
NAWAH for death. Just like dat. When I heard about your death,it was a shock to me. Because you were very strong when you came back from America. You have been a very strong and hardworking man. You don't allow people to do things for you. You are father for all. You care about every one around you.
When ever I come to village I always prefer to stay in your house and come with the cloths you will amend for me. Alot of memories about u. Is it when u traveling to America at airport you called me ogbonnie I answered you. You said to me ejijem America. I smile to u. I still ve picture I took you at the airport or is it when you came back.Alot of memories about you.
Pa you have gone but always on mind.
May Almighty God grant you eternal rest in his bossom
Adieu papa
Adieu pa Ngozi Echem
Adieu great tailor
Adieu nwaoke oma
This tribute was added by Justina Onya on June 22, 2016
Papa if the choice of life and death were solely mine,papa I would have live on. When life takes a downward trail and raging winds creep in all is cost, looking well we see something still remains a memory so sweet and so comforting.
Papa will not forget your kindness. You have left a legacy that must be passed on from generation to generation. You are a hero live on.
Oke papa live in a place where peace and joy knows no end. Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Daerebo Brownwest on June 19, 2016
Today being 2016 Father's Day, the Brown-West do remember you as a Great Dad, who left mother earth to join the Heavenly host.
Today, is hard on your children, as others celebrate with their dad;
To my sister and friend, Beatricx, there is no better way to appreciate today's celebration of father's day than to embrace the Will of God and be thankful for the Greatness in your Dad and the sweet relationship you once shared with your dad.
To the family, be comforted;
To friends, stay strong and continue to be source of support to the family.

Dad, we all do miss you!
Rest in the blossom of the Lord Jesus!
Dein Na Mu!

From Daere and family
This tribute was added by Clement Eni on June 15, 2016

Oh papa, you stood for strength, hardwork and love. Your love for your children, cousins, nephews, nieces and other relations was overwhelming as you would accept and accommodate any of them that came to you for assistance and help. i will not forget how grieved you were when you were informed of your sister's death (Late Mrs. Okoroafor Bridget). I wondered at how a strong and old man like you could still cry because of your sister's death.

Your stories and practical examples of hardwork is worth emulating. You are such a strong man that could do almost everything on his own. You were full of life and strength until your last days. I wouldn't have believed that you could go now. You even fought death until you realized its inevitability and so you threw in the towel. Thank God that you acknowledged Him even during your last days on earth. That's how I know that in heaven, you are. Adieu Echemicable. Rest in the bosom of the Lord till the last day.

Your Grandson
Ifenayichukwu Okoro
This tribute was added by John Eni on June 9, 2016
   I thank God for my father in-law, Mr. Echem Onuu. He is now home in heaven with God. If I am ever single and have the chance of marrying again, I will definitely go back to my father in-law and get married. Honestly speaking, I thank God almighty, who gave me my heart desires in marriage.
I also thank God that my father in-law lived his faith and loved the church. I am highly impressed and encouraged by the way he led his family. He loved, disciplined, provided and was there for them till the time of death. I am mostly thankful to God because of my wife, whom he raised. She is in many ways a replica of her father. I have witnessed his attributes in my wife. she learned, hard-working, honesty, homely, generosity, gentleness, accommodating, caring, importance of family, and the need to live life worthy of emulation. Though sometimes she does not listen, but I am benefiting every day his contributions as a father.
  My father in-law, distance did not let me obtain much from you. When you visited us in America, it pained me most that the time I had opportunity to reap your wisdom you can hardly hear me. My wife and I did all we could to restore your sight and sense of hearing.  I appreciate my wife whom you entrusted to my care. I promise I will continue to love and care for her all the days of my life. Thanks for your legacy that will ever live with us and thanks for the unbreakable cord you created in my family.
Goodbye my dearest father in-law.
John Ogbonnia Eni
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