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Pa Samuel Adegboye ADEGOKE
  • 86 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 25, 1929
  • Place of birth:
    Inisha, Osun, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Feb 7, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Lagos Univ Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria
Let the memory of Great GrandPa Samuel Adegboye Adegoke be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of  Pa Samuel ADEGOKE, 86, born on March 25, 1929 and passed away on February 7, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Grieve not that he is no more; But rejoice that he was ... Ope ni f'Oluwa! 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Joyce Temisan Nuga on 25th April 2016

"'Uncle' as we fondly called this dear 'father' of the poor and needy Widows, was just a top grade philanthropist of all time. He was the first in any New year to pay his due for the purchasing of brand new Cloths for needy widows to wear following Christmas. In the Chapel, he was a Champion in the Care of needy Widows as well as the poor. He will be missed by a lot of people, especially CVNWC (Clothing Very Needy Widows at Christmas), an organization dedicated to Our God for putting new clothes on very very needy Widows to wear to celebrate The Great Birth of Him who died for us...Jesus Christ. The Children he left behind have to be some of the most caring Children ever. God bless you for the tenacious care over your father. If caring could keep men alive  Uncle would still be with us! Alas, there is a date , an hour, a minute, a second set for that last breadth! See you sometime dear Uncle S.A."

This tribute was added by Rotimi Akinbamijo on 20th April 2016

GRANDPA as we called him until he promised to fine any who will call him that as against Great grandpa. For according to him the great grandchildren have started arriving.
He was a man that greatly influenced my life in more ways that I can count. I first met this wonderful man in 1983 when I visited the family on the invitation of the first daughter with the aim of ministering to them and getting them baptised in the Holy Spirit. It was a weekend of good Fellowship and great grandpa came across to me as a man who loved the Lord and was completely sold out to Him, the family worship was lovely and on Sunday I was mildly intrigued to see him in the Church choir with other members of his household.
I remember correctly his reaction when I naively visited him and told him of my desire to marry his daughter, I could see he was bemused and said to me quietly but lovingly that was not the way to go about it but that he did exactly the same thing when he wanted to marry his beloved wife and I looked at mummy sitting quietly there and smiling.
Great grandpa was a man who loved his children deeply I remember him and mummy visiting us in Jalingo in present day Taraba state in company of his son Dapo and daughter Jumoke  to see and carry their first grandson Osaetin the Fellowship as usual was wonderful.
Great grandpa though could be said not to be and ordained minister but he understood what it means to be a priest over his household a man of prayer and intercession who constantly brought the children into the presence of God. Whenever you visit him or he visits you,  he takes charge of the prayer sessions and without let he presents his strong petition to God, yet he was simple enough to also always ask that we should pray for him especially when he desires divine intervention in his affairs.
O great grandpa loves to go down memory lane always giving God the glory about the way the Lord had taking him through life’s journey beginning from his infancy through school,  his sojourn in delta and how he met his wife. God was always the center piece of his life and career.
All the period I had associated with him I have never seen or heard him raise his voice in anger yet he was very firm with his decision. His training as an accountant came out clearly in all that he did for he was very meticulous and detailed in all his operations. He expected a proper account rendered on all issues.
Great grandpa was loving and large hearted a giver and one who was always willing to help. There is no gainsaying the fact that I will miss him greatly. Though the strongest consolation that we hold onto is that he is resting peacefully with his Lord and master Jesus Christ.
Adieu and good night GREAT GRANDPA.
Your son

This tribute was added by gboyega olusola on 24th March 2016

"Grandpa as fondly called was a man of many parts,he was rock solid in his faith and held tenaciously to Christ Jesus whom he professed,defended,preached and did service to in his local assembly (Chapel of  Resurrection) and beyond like Gideon International etc.
He was a firm,discliplined,focused,well organized and a family man,quite a good remembrance of times we had together in those monthly nightly vigils that held regularly at Agbowo and your good,enriched,intelligent and well guided contributions to our daily Bible studies while you stayed with us,that the grandchildren all cherished.
Grandpa held on unwavering with his prayer partner Late.Mrs. Aderibigbe and together they had many shared victories about their family challenges on their knees.
He was inseparable from his Bible which he resorted to using a lens in reading in his last days and listen to his computer Bible and was well at home with his tambourine in worshiping his God.
You sacrifice your comfort and pleasure in order to have your family intact after the translation of your wife and you were never burdensome to anyone but rather bequeathed an inheritance,in all you lived to please your Lord.
We rest assured that you have joined the saints triumphant to watch us as we run the race."

This tribute was added by Victoria Adebayo on 21st March 2016

"Granpa o! You finally went to join d Angels! it was such a great privilege knowing you while u were here. i remembered how u insisted i download the Bible software on ur portable CD  and  how u wouldn't take no for an answer. You were so graceful and like i usually say "you were so handsome!" at that good old age. God bless all your legacies cos u left quite some - one of whom is ur baby-last Mrs. Thompson. May God continue to be with all you left behind while you keep resting on Abraham's bosom till we meet to part no more at Jesus' feet. RIP Handsome Granpa"

This tribute was added by Otito Olusola on 13th March 2016

"My Grandpa was a humble man; he never liked to be the center of attention. In life and now in death, he wouldn't want us to focus on him. He wouldn't want us to focus on the sadness of his death, but instead focus on the happiness in our lives. He would want us to appreciate each other and our future.
A man as humble and loving as Grandpa will always be remembered by those of us who knew him and loved him. Although we will miss him, his smile, his strictness, his love, we take consolation in the good feelings of our memories.
Rest In Peace Grandpa, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Toyin Ojo on 12th March 2016

"Daddy, we are deeply grateful to God for all you did. Now that we are parents, we can't help but wonder how you and Mum did it. Considering the fact that no child is born with a " how to train this child" maual, you did your best and we are forever grateful. You treated each one of us as if we were an only child. You denied yourselves of temporary pleasures to make us comfortable. You poured yourselves into us and determined that you will lead us into the path of righteousness. I remember those early morning made us stand up through prayers if we dozed off ...tough love (smile). Sunday morning at the Adegoke's residence in Ife brings a smile to my face. Running and bumping into each other as we get ready for church. You never liked going late to church. You extended your love to taking my husband to church not knowing that he will one day marry your daughter. We will definitely miss our telephone conversations with you but we have beautiful memories to hold on to. "Didun ni iranti Olododo". You are safe in the hands of Jesus. Love you Daddy"

This tribute was added by Evbuoma Kikelomo on 7th March 2016

"A Tribute To My Father
Dad, I could go on and on.....and write volumes, and volumes... about you! Daddy, this space does not suffice.....You are principled, forthright, unassuming..., yet loving, kind, tender hearted......; Heaven focused, earthly goal driven....faithful provider...,helper of the helpless, lover of many..., forgiven forgiver.....,large-hearted giver, sacrifice!...., assurance and re assurance...., compassionate toward fellow men...., executor of justice...,passionate mentor in scholarship..., brothers’ keeper.....,wisdom personified, wisdom unparalleled, and wisdom incomprehensible.... ; passionate comforter, ever present with a word, the right word......; ever hopeful, trusting always in his savior, Jesus.....;word addicted, lover of his heavenly father; lover of prisoners, hopeful for their future...; uncommon father, uncommon fathering, one of a kind!......
                                                                                                                             The hand that rocked my cradle.....,tendered my childhood.....,guided my youth, ....counsel in adulthood....,lover of my life.......,my mentor in scholarship...,lover of my spirit, of my soul, and carer of my body as I grew......;tender of my life..., lover and carer of our families -  children, spouse, and grandchildren.....image of my heavenly father!.                                                                            

With no exaggeration, and surprisingly, these virtues, these roles I have come to grasps with about your person, are..... the enabling prototype in clearer perception of my heavenly father’s ways.

These have shaped my life, my ways, and walk!

I love you, daddy.....,You live on!.....,just that..... on the other side of the divide!

Thank you for ALL the sacrifice you made up into my life for all times!....daddy!

Memories about you....,I cherish!  Your love, and mum’s linger ever so near, so dear!                                                      

I hate to say ‘goodbye’!. It’s not ‘goodbye!’, daddy,......Just goodnight!                      

We’ll all meet as family, up above, in the morning, the glorious morning!. (Thank you Lord, for resurrection morning, which we dare not miss!...we gather, rejoicing, that we made it to heaven!. Thank you Lord!)    
See you then, dad!
So long!                                                                                                                                                                 Your Treasured daughter, Evbuoma, Idowu Kikelomo"

This tribute was added by Oluwadolapo Ozomaro on 6th March 2016


Counting down to my trip to Nigeria, in 11 days I would see my beloved grandpa again. I could hardly wait.

February 7th 2016, driving to brunch on the quiet streets of DC, my phone buzzed, Text message…. “HI Dolapo, grandpa passed on this Afternoon.”

My heart stopped, tears streaming down my face, it can’t be………
It was only 11 days more…. Why couldn’t you hold on.
So Many more thing to say to you, more kisses to give, more laughter to share

But alas it was not to be.

“Erin lakatabu subu, kole dide mo”… (The mighty elephant has fallen, never to rise again) in the words of the Yoruba people

In my words, the Eagle has spread his vast wings, looked up at the sun and has taken its last and glorious flight to his final destination

So many reasons to have wanted you to stay on, but I am indeed glad that your weakened limbs have gained strength, you failing sight is as clear as the morning sun, your gait is restored and steady.

No more tears to shed…… joy knows no bounds that I was able to introduce your first great grand-child to you……… oh how I will cherish the memory forever.

I will continue to remind her of who Pa Samuel Adegoke was, and let her know that on February 7th 2016 when tears were being shed on earth, in heaven the Golden gates were flung wide, the angels gathered on either side of the streets of gold, a mighty applause and the sound of rejoicing went up as THE LORD'S GENERAL was welcomed into eternal rest………..the voice of the father is heard saying……… well done thou good and faithful servant.

Sun Re Grandpa…. I will continue to love you through eternity

Your Grand-daughter,
Oluwadolapo Omoyemi Ozomaro"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Evbuoma on 6th March 2016

"Tumba! Emman Boy! These were names Grandpa always called me in his sweet and ever so loving voice. The sounds got sweeter as he aged gracefully.

Living in Abgowo is one experience that has made me what I am today. It shaped me and moulded me, and I’m sure my siblings and cousins will be ever grateful. The early mornings of fetching water or sweeping the compound or doing one chore or the other, which of course Grandpa supervised personally—however upsetting they were at the time —were not in vain. These things were the fire that brought out and is still bringing me out as gold.

Grandpa knew the right definition of discipline, he was young at heart and ready to chastise and misdemeanour with the rod or the mouth. He wouldn’t sweep any wrongdoing under the carpet in the name of childish foolishness. He wouldn’t say “e fi si le, omode l’on se”. Chai grandpa beat me o. His disciplinary methods were the best.

Grandpa always had amazing stories to tell. His Sapele expedition, his experience in Ghana, but the funniest and most interesting of all was the story of how he met Grandma. He’d always start saying, “Come Emman, let me tell you the story of how I met your Grand mama. Back in 1954…” He told that story to me more than once and I enjoyed it each time. I could tell that he really loved to tell it. It was always a blessing being around him.

He remained faithful to his end, he finished the race strong and he kept the faith. I can’t count how many times he finished the bible cover to cover, both reading and listening. He spent hours on his knees praying for his children and grandchildren and I’m proud to say that those prayers paid off.

I promise you will never find another person like Pa Samuel Adegboye Adegoke. Thank you for being my grandfather. I love you granpa and your memory will forever remain evergreen in my heart. Sleep well Sir, we’ll see you again when the Lord pleases."

This tribute was added by Emmanuela Evbuoma on 6th March 2016

"Hmmmm I remember grandpa asking me to write 1 to 1000 because I just refused to sit still. It was more of a punishment to me that an assignment but believe you me I did it and grandpa marked it, it's not like I had a choice anyway. Grandpa, who I at that time thought was tough, turned out to be my loving grandad. He wanted the best for us.

The days in Agbowo were one of the best days of my childhood period.
I remember grandpa sitting in the balcony every afternoon reading his Bible. I remember those times he'll leave us in his bus and go and preach to prisoners. Oh how can anyone ever forget the bell and sound of his tambourine he used to wake us up every morning or the endless hours we had to wait behind after church because he was meeting with new converts. Grandpa all these amazing acts of love and passion for God thought us what it means the offer a reasonable and acceptable service to God. Through your life, I have learnt to love God more for it pays to serve Jesus.

Words will fail me grandpa to talk about the times we sat just to talk, you told us about your exploits in Sapele and how you met the love of your life. And the time you gave me ugu water to taste and how you assured me it was sweeter after you added salt. I love you grandpa and I'll miss you but my joy is that you are with Jesus now. Rest in perfect peace grandpa."

This tribute was added by Kasopefoluwa Akinbamijo on 5th March 2016

"Pa Adegoke, my favorite octogenarian
I cast my mind back to well over two
decades, and see the feet of a little girl
as they traverse the stone floors of the
hallways of the old homestead. The
curtains between the hallway and the living
room part, and there you are standing at the
door of your bedroom. “Abike”, you say as
you acknowledge and lift her into your arms.
I see the girl, now an adolescent, come in at
the small red side gate, and as she walks past
the well, she lifts her head and sees you seated
at your favorite spot on the balcony. “Abike” you
say, “get into a skirt” even before the pleasantries
are over. You were rock steady, a man of prayer,
open hearted, and quite opinionated.
Gramps, the goodbye was sudden, and unexpected
not quite how you and I planned it. Yet I can hear
your voice, and see your face as you smile and say
“Kashbobo It was time to go home.” You stood as a
pillar, my comfort and encouragement at all times,
never was a man as proud of me as you were. 5am
in Agbowo ceases to be the same as the clang of the
bell that was you calling us to prayer is forever silent.
You raised an army, created a legacy, and now you leave
a vacuum. I salute you, Omo Adegoke, your features are
forever etched into my memory. The wool white hair,
the strong clear voice, the words “it shall be well with
you” that echoed from you at the parting of every meeting
and call. I fly the flag at half mast, in recognition that your
dusk arrived, and we carry on the torch from where you
left off. I love and miss you, but I carry you in my heart.
Suun Re!"

This tribute was added by Osaetin Evbuoma on 28th February 2016

"Many years ago you sat me down on several occasions to pass down valued words of wisdom to me. I cannot forget the words you have said to me over the years because they have shaped (and are still shaping) who I am today.

I thank God for your impact in my life and although it hurts that you have gone, I know you are back home. Thank you for who you were to me and who you will continue to be. I pray I can be the sought of grandfather and patriarch you were to me.

See you one day in heaven, Grandpa."

This tribute was added by Olajumoke Akinbamijo on 25th February 2016

"Tribute to My Father, Friend & Benefactor.

At the appropriate time, Dad walked into my small world by Divine predestination but unbeknown to me;
Daddy, You met every demand for a father a daughter could ever elicit!
Daddy, you became a sacrifice in every sense to make me great and you gave me a place among princes.
Indeed, you gave me a head start in life for which I am forever indebted to you.

Yours was a life of devotion and continued to give till you drew your last breath and then dropped.
I am grateful to God that you knew him in the real sense of it and then I came to know you – My Father, Friend and Benefactor.

Thank You Daddy.
Adieu, Ashola, Oba Omo…  till we meet to part no more.

Your grateful and loving daughter,
Olajumoke Aduke Akinbamijo."

This tribute was added by Rotimi Akinbamijo on 24th February 2016

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on...

Peace, my heart, let the time for the parting be sweet.
Let it not be a death but completeness.
Let love melt into memory and pain into songs.

Sleep on Great Grand Pa"

This tribute was added by Toyin Ojo on 23rd February 2016

"Daddy, thank you for the wonderful legacy and precious memories. We know you are excited to reunite with Mum. We really miss you."

This tribute was added by Rotimi Akinbamijo on 23rd February 2016

"Ultimatum – Eulogy of the departed (When Time took a break)

I have had many defining moments in this ‘time case’
My face, my race, my place, my plays, my days, my daze, my gaze, my crave and yes my craze
As though in a mirage, all is now in alteration
Nothing compared to the present case-in-question
My gait is now firm, Jerusalem my song, my city, my destination
My life’s experience - now left on your lips to tell
Non sibi sed allis – not for us but for others – I thee compel
As I have no mortal lips and tongues again
Only a crown of gold to gain
My time came calling
Please let me go.
True, I had no time to bid farewell.
I understand It must have been for you all a hard sell
But because I now know better
My path is smooth, my face is set, and my gait is steady
I was always ready
Now I need no walker, Thanks to Emmanuel (God is with me) I need no carnal helper and stalker
I am straight as ever in my heart – no helter-skelter
Sorry if there was no farewell - there is really none!
I have entered the timeless zone
For now, please lay me down gently, let me be gone
It is only a ‘see you later’ and not ‘Bye-bye for good’.
Time decayed, mortality was reined in on the Lord’s day
(Give it a thought – Ojo AIKU – Gloriously admitted into immortality I was!)
Let these thoughts therefore, comfort you all the way

After years of feeling exasperated
I was now liberated!
It was my day to withdraw from the Masters field
I have entered into His own rest – My flesh is killed
It was another day to mark a birthday – I saw all that
Alas! Not any more will I have any of that
I heard the grinding movements of the day’s cooking
I saw you all being busy – you were not looking
Yams, meat cuts, veggies, oils all converging for a good cause
But my gaze was not the earthly table but Zion’s shores
In a split moment – I took a power nap
Free from an earthy trap
My journey will be long
My soul need be strong
Heading home to a new song
Let this thoughts keep you strong
For all the time you will miss my tongue
I have overcome, I remain by faith and by death unstung
Rejoice with me I have gone home
Time has taken a break on me – No more ultimatum
Mo ti r’Oluwa..
Mo ti d’ero Orun…..
Laalaa alagbase tan; Ojo ogun ti pari
A f’Ope f’Olorun, L’Okan ati l’Ohun wa"

This tribute was added by Rotimi Akinbamijo on 17th February 2016

"Notice of Decease

On behalf of the ADEGOKE Clan of Inisha, Osun State of Nigeria, it is with thankful heart that we announce the home-calling  on the Lord's Day- 7th of February 2016 and on his third daughter's birthday, Pa Samuel Adegboye  Adegoke took one last deep breath and thereafter took leave eternally of this material presence.

Though his beginnings were small, true to His name, his last earthly chapters were exceedingly great. He persevered to the end.

Please join us as we celebrate the life and times of our Great Patriarch who is now with the Saints Triumphant.

Christian Wake will be kept with a Service of Songs as we celebrate Papa Adegoke's memory at the Chapel of The Resurrection, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria  on the 21st of April 2016 at 6.30 pm.

Thereafter, his mortal remains will be committed to earth on the 22nd of April 2016 at the Chapel of the Resurrection, University of ibadan at 10.00am.

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on...(Irving Berlin )

Kindly watch this space for further communications on the funeral rites.

Prayerful wishes to you all
Adedapo Adegoke
On behalf of the ADEGOKE Clan"

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