Posted by Rhiann Spence on July 9, 2021
Hey girl I miss you so much life isn’t getting easy with you not around there’s a massive hole in my heart that can never ever be filled your on my mind everyday every second I’d just love to know that your okay up there and give you a massive hug I wished you could see how big aceas got its breaks me knowing that he never got the chance to fully understand who you was kartas always mentioning you saying auntie Paige I just love and miss you millions sis good night for now Paigey
Posted by Jessica Hayes on May 23, 2021
Hey beautiful 

Missing you lots, still never a day with out you in my memory we sure had some of the best times together always filled with laughter you brought so much love an Peace everytime you were around until we met again stunner ❤️
Posted by Helen Roberts on May 20, 2021
Miss you so much mommy I will never forget you love you millions and millions everytime the sky turns pink I no its you all my love hugs and kisses Rio ❤❤⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘rip x
Posted by Helen Roberts on May 3, 2021
Not a second I don't think of you my hearts broken there a massive void in my life and that's not having you with me I no your here in spirt I promise you I will look after your son my grandson for the rest of my life ..i no you will watch him grow ill make sure he never forget you I love paige and when it's my time I no you will be waiting for me so until we meet again RIP all my love from mom ❤x
Posted by Rhiann Spence on May 3, 2021
To my darling sister Paige who fell asleep on 07.03.21❤️
I love & miss you millions since you’ve been gone my life’s been so hard&dark , would do anything for you to come back n light up my world you’ve lived without me but I’ve never lived without you and it’s one of the hardest things I’m having to try conquer. You fought so hard over these past years I’ll always be proud of you for that I hope your okay up there sis I know you’d rather be down here but up there you have your health n no stresses. You was the best big sister to me&peyt you played a part in how we have turned out we just love & adore you millions ❤️ I don’t think you realised how loved you were n how empty we have all became since you’ve e left. I hope you hear me of a night when I call out for you I’d give anything to hear you say “hey girl” My life’s not complete without you Paige I have Peyton but I need you cause yano we was the “3degrees” just wished you could’ve stayed just that tiny bit longer but I know it’s not a permanent goodbye but when my time comes please come for me n we can be joined hand in hand as sisters again , I no longer fear death cause I know when my days on earth are done that means it’s time to see you again n I’ll be giving u the biggest kiss n hug n never letting you go again. So until then darling sleep tight I love you millions n I soon come ❤️   
always in my heart my Paigey ❤️❤️
Posted by Brogan Spence on May 2, 2021
Hey paigey, I miss you so much it hurts, I can’t wait to see you again I think about you everyday and always will! I loveyou so much sissy
Posted by Leah Spence on May 2, 2021
RIP paigey, I love you more than anything!❤️ I miss you more than words will never explain. Until we meet again my angel❤️
Posted by Mia Edwards on May 2, 2021
Rest in paradise, Paige. You will be remembered forever. You are in Gods heaven now.
Posted by Jessica Hayes on May 2, 2021
Miss you dearly beauty ❤️
Posted by Kirsty Hill on May 2, 2021
Rest in paradise paige

Such a beautiful young woman. Taken to soon.xx 
Posted by Helen Roberts on May 2, 2021
Will miss you for the rest of my life not a second of the day goes by without you on my mind I love and miss you so much beautiful rip I will always love you ❤

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