Pamela E Hamilton
  • 35 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 2, 1980
  • Place of birth:
    Laurel, Mississippi, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 10, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Let the memory of Pam live with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pamela Hamilton. Pam was a very generous and kind spirited person. We have so many wonderful memories of her and we are sure you do as well.  This site has been created to give her family and friends an opportunity to share memories and condolences.   

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Roxie Washington on 11th August 2017

"Rest on sweet cousin. I will always remember your kind-hearted and loving spirit. I love you."

This tribute was added by Allison Bigelow on 10th August 2017

"Thinking of you, Pam, and missing your friendship. RIP."

This tribute was added by Kaneshia Newell on 2nd February 2017

"I miss you! Happy birthday"

This tribute was added by Regina Moffett on 2nd February 2017

"Happy heavenly birthday to my niece. You've been on my mind a lot lately. Happy bday, rest on"

This tribute was added by Allison Bigelow on 2nd February 2016

"Thinking of Pam and her family on this day. RIP, Pam."

This tribute was added by amanda porter on 4th September 2015

"I miss you so much Pam. Im still lost for words. I dont know how or when I will be able to deal with you not being here, its still so surreal. I thank God every single day that I was able to spend time with you and Melissa when I moved back to Georgia. God had his plan in place, although I  was unaware of future circumstances that would take place. I looked up to you as my big sister, my friend, my advisor... Its too much for me to bare right now. I know you are looking down with that beautiful smile that you always influenced me to have, no matter how rough times may get. You taught me how to be a cheerleader, a prosperous student and a woman. I would give anything to have another minute with you. I miss you so much, I know we will meet again soon. I love you and I miss you soo much."

This tribute was added by Allison Bigelow on 19th August 2015

"Pam was a dear friend who will be dearly missed. I was always grateful for her wit and her words -- she would crack me up with one line, and then make me think about the power of faith and forgiveness with another. She was a beautiful person who wrote, spoke, and felt with purpose. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends."

This tribute was added by Ashley Reed on 19th August 2015

"Pam and I were graduate students together at UNC and she was one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I ever met. We served together as social chairs for our department, and she was a great servant-leader. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with her.

I remember making homemade lemonade the morning of our annual Pig Pickin' event. She had been up late the night before helping to cook the pig, but she was awake early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to squeeze about a hundred lemons! She insisted that only homemade lemonade would do, and we made enough for about 70 people. She went above and beyond in everything. I will miss her."

This tribute was added by Jasmine Burks-Page on 15th August 2015

"Pamela will be missed. I remember being in school and seeing her face during football season thinking she is so sweet and really enjoy cheering.  Because of Pamela, I wanted to become a cheerleader and I did. Thank you Pamela for inspiring me and being such a great role model."

This tribute was added by Kitsy Dixon on 15th August 2015

"Rest,  sweet angel. I'm thankful God thought enough of me to allow our paths to cross at Ole Miss. Although it was brief, your presence left a lifetime impression on me. Thank you, Pam. Rest, sweet angel."

This tribute was added by Andretta H on 15th August 2015

"There are no words. Pam had such a gentle and giving spirit.  She was truly a gift from heaven, and I struggle to say goodbye, even though I know she has gone to a better place.  I love you cousin."

This tribute was added by Angela Evans on 14th August 2015

"Lords knows this is really hard for me to do!! Me and Pamela was two peas in the pot growing up! I spent the weekend by her house for weeks straight because I had finally found a friend who different and unique just like me.. 1-3 grade me and Pamela met every morning at resess at school and we would read, read and read some more, til one day I said Pam this is boring reading these books it's not fun anymore I wanna go to the playground and have some fun with the other kids.... Pam replied well just go ahead come because nothing to me is more fun than reading books! And that's when my life change I ran after fun instead my books like she told me! I also have a story when we was 15Years old I was exited about getting my first car so I call Pam im coming over me, stacey, bunky, tim, cory... when we got to pam house we laughed we had so much fun! How she picked and me and said you can't drive, you gonna wreck going home! We laughed as I told her don't gynx me.. on my way home we wrecked! And she laughed til she cried!  Pamela Hamilton you were truly a good person, loving, understanding! We was just inboxing eachother back and forth a while ago, had I known God was gonna call you This soon I would've talked longer or even more! Pam I love you dear friend may You Rest In Peace!!!"

This tribute was added by Amanda Welch on 14th August 2015

"I remember the first time we met... We were standing in a dark room, almost a closet, with dozens of other people as we waited to surprise Clarence for his birthday. You made some silly joke, and as a freshman, I was in awe that you even spoke to me. Pledging DST together showed me even more clearly what a wonderful person you were. I haven't seen you in years, but we kept in touch via text and Facebook. You will be sorely missed, my sister!"

This tribute was added by Kaneshia Newell on 13th August 2015

"I miss you so much my beautiful cousin, friend, editor, and neighbor. Although your spirit is present, I miss your voice, hugs, and all the support you gave me! I love you, and I wish you didn't have to leave. But I pray that your spirit stays close and continue to share wisdom."

This tribute was added by Cedric W on 13th August 2015

"It's amazing that you can meet someone at 13 and they become a life long friend. Many have expressed the great person that Pam was. The most important thing I think we can all agree upon is Pam was consistent; she was consistently a great person who provided the much needed smile that served as a catalyst for brightening up your day. Never in a million years will I forget the life lessons that Pam taught us while licking salt and writing out her list so that she could make groceries. Pam, we will miss you dearly."

This tribute was added by Wayne McNeer on 13th August 2015

"I spent a restless night thinking about what I would like to express about Pam, and though I have had time to ponder how best to capture my feelings, I believe my efforts will still fall short of what I wish to communicate no matter how much time I take to make sure it is just right. In fact, the conclusion I have come to is that it really does not matter what I say. Our lives must speak for themselves, so what did Pam’s life say about her? The answer to this question can be seen in the countless comments posted on this site as well as on Facebook from people across the country whose lives she touched, and most importantly, it can be answered by our hearts which broke when we each learned the news of our friend’s passing. Though time and distance separated many of us, and impeded our ability to see each other as much as we would like, it is clear to me that Pam’s core-self never changed. She simply continued to evolve professionally and personally, all the while remaining the articulate, brilliant, beautiful, caring, humorous, and exuberant soul that we all knew her to be. I and the other members of RHS Class of 1998 are better people for having had her in our lives. She will live on in our memories and conversations. From trips to Washington, D.C. in junior high to planning the weekly pep rallies our senior year to working on different class projects and simply just sitting and talking, there are many happy memories for me to always recall. I do wish I could have seen her more after we all went our separate ways, but when we did see one another, it was like no time had passed at all. There was that gorgeous smile and big hug that always bridged time. Many tears have been shed over the past couple of days, and I am sure that Saturday will be very difficult for us all. However, it is my hope that we will be able to bring some small measure of comfort to her precious family whom she loved so dearly by gathering in celebration of her life; for her life is a life that must be measured by triumph instead of tragedy. Rest well my sweet friend, I am so thankful for the lasting mark you left upon me. May God continue to comfort your family in the days ahead."

This tribute was added by Wanda Keyes-Waters on 13th August 2015

"Pamela you will be greatly missed! U touched the lives of so many people! I remember telling u that I were gonna name my first born after u, and did just that! Rest in Peace my love! U will forever live on in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Isla Carr on 13th August 2015

"I was so saddened to learn of your death. You were such an amazing person. I will never forget your quiet, watchful demeanor, your smile and your quick wit. All of us who know you are better off for it. I will pray for peace for your family."

This tribute was added by Jacinta Hall on 13th August 2015

"I am so shocked to know you're no longer here.  We just had dinner.  Just talked and laughed and caught up.  Just discussed life's plans, like we always did.  But God had other plans, and in His infinite wisdom, He knows best.  Just know that I love you so very much, and will really miss you.  Until we meet again.  Love you sis!"

This tribute was added by Kenji Curry on 13th August 2015

"Pam you will be missed dearly by so many  people that you touched with your beautiful smile ...... May you rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Nic Lott on 13th August 2015

"Pam, Brynna Clark, and I got a lot of attention back in 2000. That was the year Smith County took over ‪#Ole Miss‬. Pam took over as editor of The Daily Mississippian and Brynna and I took the lead as prez & VP of student government. Pam was from Raleigh. Brynna and I went to Taylorsville Elementary School together.

As a teenager, I first met Pam when we traveled together one summer to Math & Science camp in Columbus, MS, but don't think for a minute that she gave me a pass when covering me while I was ASB president.

She had a wonderful kind spirit. She will be missed by many.
I'm keeping her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Pam."

This tribute was added by Sarah Gilmor on 13th August 2015

"I only knew Pam a little while studying together at UNC, but she made such a big impression on me. I wasn't very happy at UNC and Pam was one of the few people around whom I always felt comfortable - she had such a presence of good cheer and Christian kindness. I was struck by her beautiful smile and friendliness every time I saw her. My sincere condolences to her family - what a very special soul she was!"

This tribute was added by Lena Irish on 13th August 2015

"I would like to express my sincere condolences and prayers to the Hamilton family. Having known both Melissa and Pamela through our membership at Elizabeth Baptist Church, Melissa and I had more time together in our small group Bible study. In serving in a new ministry, I got to know Pamela. She had a sweet spirit and a beautiful smile. I was always happy to see her because I knew then that she was becoming more involved. My heart is heavy for my friend, Melissa, as she lost her sister and roommate and closest friend. I love you, Melissa and I will be here for you as long as you need me. xoxo"

This tribute was added by TaRhonda Hullaby on 13th August 2015

"I had the pleasure of meeting Pam and a few opportunities to spend time with her due to my friendship with Mel. She was always quiet and a true sweetheart. She always had a smile for you. She and Mel were a such a reflection of true sisterly love, and it always warned my heart to see them together. I pray the family's strength and comfort. ...Sincerely"

This tribute was added by Kelli Jones on 13th August 2015

"It was an honor to know such a sweet person. Heaven has received a beautiful angel."

This tribute was added by Chris Murphy on 13th August 2015

"As feelings of sorrow came over me, I still could not help but smile thinking about the wonderful young lady I had the opportunity to teach at Raleigh High School. Pamela was an outstanding student, but even better person. Her smile and personality would light up a room.  My thoughts and prayers are with her parents, sister and family."

This tribute was added by Felicia Currie on 13th August 2015

"As a family friend, I met Pam several years ago. She had a warm spirit and a smile that lit up the room. I am thankful to have known her.  Heaven has truly gained another angel. May she rest and continue to be in peace! To Melissa and the family: My deepest sympathy goes out to you all. I know how close your bond was. Just remember, although she is not her physically, she will always be with you in spirit. The Lord will not bring you to it and not bring you through it!  My prayers are with you!"

This tribute was added by Jeremy Gavin on 13th August 2015

"So many memories of us : riding to school together in your purple car : you and Mellisa coming over to play card or the game my dad made : this is so hard : I love you and Mellisa forever"

This tribute was added by Mary Purviance on 13th August 2015

"As one of Pam's former high school English teachers, I need her help right now putting my thoughts together so as to better express the tremendous impact she has had on, and the inspiration she has added to, my life.  Incredible.  Despite the distance in years and miles since high school, Pam has traveled with me in my heart and memories everywhere I've been.  As her former French teacher, Pam was my "Little Prince" and has remained so all these years. She always will be. I pray God grants me the courage to accept her passing as graciously and beautifully as Pam accepted her own.  Yes, gone too soon.  My sincerest and deep condolences to her family.  God bless you, and thank you for the years I had with your daughter and sister . . . an amazing woman."

This tribute was added by Rose Canterbury on 13th August 2015

"I cannot begin to say how shocked and heartbroken I am to hear of Pamela's passing.  I have so many fond memories of her as a student in my class and as a friend of Whitney's. She was so smart and so personable and she truly cared about her classmates and friends. I was always so proud of her and her accomplishments.  Heaven is a happier place today."

This tribute was added by Meghan Bright on 13th August 2015

"I worked with Pamela. I can still remember our last conversation about up-and-down diets and plumbers $$$. She was always honest, never too proud and certainly never judgmental. She was a colleague that I could rely on and a woman of integrity. Work isn't the same without her! I will never forget her."

This tribute was added by Beneka LeCounte on 12th August 2015

"It is with a sincere heart and love that I write on a dear friend/cheer buddy's memorial page. I will hold dear the many memories and times that I was blessed to have with you throughout high school...from cheerleading to other school activities. You were such a beautiful person inside and out with an amazing smile! Might I add, you were extremely intelligent! May your soul rest in peace! My prayers are with Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, Melissa, and the entire Hamilton family! God knows best! R.I.H Pam! With love, Beneka"

This tribute was added by Janice Best on 12th August 2015

"I remember pam and her sister as little girls running around their grandmother Hattie house. Pam and her sister are such sweet girls....such happy girls .  Pam will surely be miss!!!!!!! It was so nice seeing her last year at the reunion. .....I will miss you cousin Pam!!!!
Love you"

This tribute was added by Renee Waites on 12th August 2015

"I remember the moment I realized what an extraordinarily talented young lady I had in my class. Pam had written a poem about an elderly lady playing the piano in church. It was achingly beautiful. Pam was the kind of student every teacher wants, but few are ever lucky enough to have. No one who has ever met her could fail to recognize how very special Pamela Hamilton was."

This tribute was added by Von Gordon on 12th August 2015

"Pam, Porsha and I are beyond heartbroken that your spirit has left your earthly body.  In the time that we knew you you exemplified the best of traits one could expect from a friend.  You were generous, brilliant, honest, kind, and patient.  For your family and friends, we share in your sadness but we invite you to rejoice with us in the fact that for 35 years God thought enough of us to bless us with Pam and all that she was.  Even in poor health, struggle, and heartache her spirit was consistently loving.

Rest in Peace Friend"

This tribute was added by Jamesha Black on 12th August 2015

"Pamela you always a loving person with a big beautiful smile and I will always remember you by that. R.I.P beautiful Angel love you!!"

This tribute was added by Rhonda Reed on 12th August 2015

"Soror Pam,

I'm so fortunate I had the opportunity to get to know you, while serving as your Advisor for the Lambda Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. You were truly an amazing young woman. You were very gifted and talented in so many ways. Heaven has gained a Phenomenal Angel in you! ~Love Always"

This tribute was added by daphne banks on 12th August 2015

"EspI remember you singing, when my sheep hear my voice they come running to me. You, Andy and Sondra were the older females  in the sunbeam choir and I also remember the fun we had on the usher trips. It was cool to be an usher, those were the 90s or the good ole days. Rest in peace...heaven is rejoicing. God bless. To Melissa you are in our prayers."

This tribute was added by Rosalyn Ducksworth on 12th August 2015

"Hey Pamela we are in Mrs.Shoemakers class you got an A I gotta B. I go home and study harder. As i type these wrds it has been you that taught me through our younger years to adulthood to always strive at achieving the best being the best and making it fun..You are why i wrk hard today....tell my daughter hello til we meet again....."

This tribute was added by Shawanna Graves on 12th August 2015

"Heaven gained an angel! R.I.H Pam"

This tribute was added by Rodney Walker on 12th August 2015

My dear sweet friend, God only knows the pain that loosing you has left on so many of us that knew you and loved you. I have so many memories of you ranging from us going to prom together to being in homecoming court together and just many many many school activities together. That smile that could light up a dark room. I know God makes no mistakes and now you have found your wings my angel and may you fly high above the clouds with the other angels. My prayers for strength for Mrs. Cora, Mr. Albert and Melissa and all of the family, friends and loved ones. May the peace of God comfort you. Sending my love to you.
-Rodney Walker"

This tribute was added by Brantley Smith on 12th August 2015

"Pam even though I haven't seen you since we graduated I will always remember what a sweet spirit you had. Heaven gained a cheering lion. Rest in peace - class of 98"

This tribute was added by Frances Nixon Shaw on 12th August 2015

"Pam you will be miss you was a very sweet and nice person love you"

This tribute was added by Roxie Washington on 12th August 2015

"Rest in peace. Your beautiful smile and heart will be remembered"

This tribute was added by Terrica Ross-Miller on 12th August 2015

"My dear friend Pam you'll be missed greatly..you had such a beautiful spirit.. Fly high my friend"

This tribute was added by Annette Washington on 12th August 2015

"Pamela Hamilton, a beautiful person, now a beautiful angel. Sweet rest. Prayers up for every life you touched."

This tribute was added by Keyana Washington on 12th August 2015

"I love you, Pam, and I will miss you.  Thank you for everything you taught me about life, love and friendship, simply by how you lived your life."

This tribute was added by Anitra Walker Keyes on 12th August 2015

"Pam you will be truly missed. You were so sweet in school and I was just looking at a picture of you and my brother Rodney Walker at mama house the day I received the news of your passing. Heaven has truly received a blessed and highly spirited angel. RIP Pam"

This tribute was added by amanda porter on 12th August 2015

"I love you Pam, you will be truly missed."

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