Posted by James Ezzell on June 9, 2015
well sweetie,another year gone by and i miss you even more,it really pains me each day that you are gone. The times we spent were precious and memoirs,are still in my heart.The sadness i feel makes things more unbearable,i can't forget when i asked you to talk with me and let me know what was going on in your life,makes me wonder still if there was something i could do.I always blamed myself and just feel maybe i could have changed things...."Happy Birthday baby"and always remember i love you so much.Not a day goes by that i forget you,and miss you very very much... love you honey...from dad
Posted by Jim Ezzell on October 20, 2014
Hi my baby girl, daddy misses you so much..its been awhile sweetheart since i talked to you but just know sweetie i haven't forgot you and never will...well Angi graduated and moved on, and i feel at times shes a 1,000 miles away but i know she isn't ... your mom passed away honey,but i know you already know this because you are watching down on us..Happy birthday honey,i posted it on my fb page,you might not have seen it,but it was there,Jason and Sheila also posted they love you to sweetheart, and misses you. I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL...
Posted by Jim Ezzell on June 2, 2011
Pam was born on June 9th 1974 weighing in at 8lbs10oz.Pam was a good child never giving us any problems she was always very interjetic,loved everyone,and had many friends,yes she was a daddy's girl and she would let you know.

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