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Papa David Forba
  • 102 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 22, 1913
  • Date of passing: Sep 22, 2015
Let the memory of Papa David be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Papa David Forba, 102, born on September 22, 1913 and passed away on September 22, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Augustine Forba on 22nd September 2017

"It is indeed two years ago today that we lost our father. The memories of that departure still fill us with pain but we should remain thankful to God for his long life with us. His place in our hearts is assured always and am thankful to you all for remembering and keeping his memory alive.
Grand Pa was really a very special person to us all and may he remain so. May Pa's soul and that of our mothers, brothers and sisters that have departed continue to rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Aloysius Fontama on 22nd September 2017

"Papa,Two years after you have gone, your amazing and inspirational legacy has not been been blotted,thanks to the loving, caring and protective values of your son, our brother, and father Dr. Augustine Forba.
May the good Lord grant u eternal rest and give Daddy Augustine good Health, Long life and prosperity to hold up this candle light of love, care and protection you gave to all of us as a family in Jesus name.Amen"

This tribute was added by Victor Forba/Anye on 22nd September 2016

"Papa  I pray that God should continue to grant you perfect
peace where ever you are.We will always missed you. We thank you  for all the wisdom you instilled in us.Thanks Papa."

This tribute was added by John Nkuekue on 22nd September 2016

"Forever you are missed Grand Pa. One year is gone, but u live in our memory forever.

The great moments we shared, the love you gave us, and the wisdom you instilled in us is forever irreplaceable.

RIP Grand Pa"

This tribute was added by Aloysius Fontama on 22nd September 2016

"Papa, today makes it one year since you left us. I want to thank you for the love, care and protection you gave us all and being a blessing to us.

God bless your soul and grant you eternal rest.We were privileged to have you as our father.

Peace and Love - Your son [Aloysius]"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba on 22nd September 2016

"Papa it's been a year now without hearing your voice of love, wisdom and fun. We continue to miss you dearly every day. We thank you for looking after us all and wish you all the peace in your place of rest."

This tribute was added by Tafred Erick FORBA on 8th November 2015

"I. Tafred Erick Forba.Oh Father have a safe journey!nothing much to say,protect us,let God open his large door for you.rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Victor Forba/Anye on 7th November 2015

"Daniella Ntang Nzkwei (granddaughter ) London
I Daniella Ntang wish you a safe journey. you were a strong grand pa .At the age of 102 it is ok to die because no one can live up to 1000 years  .you lived a strong healthy life but grand pas and grand mas will soon loose their senses at an old age . All our love Daniella and Bennett ♥♥♥♥"

This tribute was added by Victor Forba/Anye on 7th November 2015

""Vitalis Ntang Ndase"(grandson) London.
I VitalIs Ntang Ndase as your grandson, wish you a safe journey, you will forever be missed in our thoughts and in our words, in our mind and most of all in our hearts. I remember when i use to chase your pigs, now those times have gone. I won't see you again but pictures are enough to remind me of such a wonderful strong grandad you were and all my love goes out to you, and i will indeed miss you and am sure everyone will too. May your soul Rest In Peace.♥♥♥"

This tribute was added by Victor Forba/Anye on 5th November 2015

""Doris Ntang Ngala, London (Daughter in law) My dearest father in law, you were such a loving and caring father in law to me. You welcome me for the very first day I ever met you and accepted me to be your daughter in law. Since then you always treated your grand children and I, with any member of my family with Love and respect. I will never forget all the good things you've done to me, and the good advice, and not to talk of the good times when I visit you in the village we dicuss and jokes together. I will for ever remember you and especially the last day, when you were the hospital laying down, I was looking at you and never knew you are going to leave us this soon. My in law we love you so much but God loves you most. Go ahead and prepare a better place for us your children. May your spirit continues to leave with us and also to guide us. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Jed -Austin Ngemoh on 4th November 2015

"Grand Pa, I was hoping we could finally meet in December but the cold hands of death took you to be with the Angels. I know that is where you belong, because despite the fact that I have not met with you physically, could only see you on pictures, hear your voice, as a child, I was so much connected to you. I always have that strong connection with you. You were the only grand pa I had and I will always tell my friends in school about my grandpa in Baligham, I was even learning the dialect so when I come home I could talk with you and you teach me more. While you were sick and fighting to live, I always prayed for you and I am still praying. It hurts me because if I come home I will not meet you in Baligham, but memories. I love and miss you grandpa, thanks for all the traditional attire you send to me. I will always keep it closed to me. Your grandson Jed-Austin Ngemoh"

This tribute was added by Victor Forba/Anye on 4th November 2015

"Papa i am not sure you knew the emptiness you would leave in my heart and every one of your children and great great grandchildren.If you knew you would have waited a bit.How ever,I know how much you fought it but to no avail.It was God`s will.Papa ,I thank you so much for the way you brought us up.Hard work,unity,peace and love.I pray that God will open his doors of Angels for you so that you can carry on to guide us as always.Your spirit will for ever live in me.Papa may your soul rest in perfect peace.Yours Son,Victor Forba Ntang.........London."

This tribute was added by Nazarius Lamango on 2nd November 2015

"There is this old African saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” It doesn’t mean that the whole village is there instructing the child at every turn, although no child in his or her right senses will dare to misbehave in the presence of a senior responsible person in the village. I say responsible person because the authority a person exudes, perceived or exercised, is never equally apportioned. We as children growing up knew who had such authority in abundance and Pa Nda stood way out there. Pa’s perceived authority was enormous and had a tremendous effect on those of us who grew up knowing him, interacting with him and being educated by that perceived authority, directly or indirectly through his sons’ respect and fear of what they must do or not do. Pa’s exercised authority is aptly demonstrated by his towering stature in Baligham. This is not because of wealth, of which few could compete with him, but most importantly by the legacy he leaves behind. I remember the days when we were students in Bamenda in the late 70s/early 80s and how we (Augustine, Peter and myself) would trek from Santa to Baligham in the dark because we had run out of our food supply. At that time, Pa had at least three sons (Augustine or should I say Dr. Ngemoh Forba, Lucas and Peter) in “college” at the time. I say this with no disrespect to anyone, but not many parents in our village could achieve that at the time. His decision to strive as much as he could to ensure his children obtain as much education as they could was, and still is exemplary to many parents to follow.  By this he helped to educate many. Pa’s many sons and daughters, grand children and great grand children are a gift to the world that alone should keep Pa forever smiling at what a great life he has lived. He surely has impacted the lives of many who may not even know he has."

This tribute was added by Cletus Forba on 30th October 2015

"Paa when we lastly spoke when you were in the hospital, I fell how strong you was battling with the sickness and that gave me motivation that I will come back home and share the usual  good moment with you. The will of God has prevail and we can only praise and glorify him for giving us such a wonderful father, grand father, great grand father and great great grand father like you. You left behind a legacy that will not only benefit us your relatives but the community at large.
You saved my life from sickness when I was young, carrying me and my mother behind your motor cycle from Baligham to Bagham hospital. You showed the same concern to my mother and my siblings in each and every moment that we were helpless. I can not count how many time you have contributed toward financing my studies. I will never forget those memories Paa.
May your Soul rest in Peace. You have done excellently well your assignment on hearth.
Your grand Son Cletus Forba in Johannesburg"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Margaret Galabe, USA
May the Angels lead you into paradise;
May the martyrs greet you at your arrival and lead you into the holy city, Jerusalem.  
May the choir of  Angels greet you .
Rest in Peace.

May Papa David’s Loving Memories enriched with so much joy, love , and friendship, comfort you , ease your sadness and strengthen you on this special October 10, 2015 as you all lay Papa David to rest.

Our farewell express our affection for him, and I truly cherish meeting him , his loving fatherly affection , and emotional kind words will always be with me.

A person who would happily get out of bed to welcome us,
A great sense of humor and wisdom. The Joy, laughter , fun and sweet memories.

I truly cherish meeting you Papa David , your loving fatherly affection , and emotional kind words will always be with me.

My thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Pius Nchinda, Bamenda (Son)
Papa, How I wish I were standing here today with you? The
great moments we shared together makes me wonder how
the rest of my days in this world without you would look like.
For the first time, I came home without hearing your voice
asking me how are the children, How is bro Augustine,
What has he said? How is the family oversea? I have
waited tirelessly for bro Augustine to call me or send a text
message with instructions for me to take some words to
you. I have waited tirelessly for my brothers and sisters in
the village to ring me to come and take you to the hospital
as was the case of recent. Papa, I have waited endlessly to
hear nurses and doctors telling me the tests or medications
I need to buy for my father. Papa, I have waited tirelessly to
drive you in the car and laugh because of the great fun
every minute of your live was characterized with. Papa the
list of the things I miss because of your passing away continuous,
my entire life knows only the love, care and protection
you have showered us with.
Papa, I had wished to spend the rest of my life in your physical presence, but this moment declares that God loves
you too. As your physical body departs from us, your spirit
and legacy remains with forever. I personally am very grateful
for having you in my life. You were an exemplary father;
you showed us love & value for fellow mankind, you trained
us in the spirit of hard work and unity. Forever we will miss
you and will endure to spread your legacy from generation
to generation. Rest in Peace Papa"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Forba Eric Tawagang
Papa was a great man and an amazing father, the was someone
that I could always go to and someone I always depended on. He
was also my dear friend . I am so thankful for the time I had with
him on this earth and many memories that I will always cherish.
The examples he left us with was to live a life full of charity , to
love you all and he always lived that way. May your bosom soul
rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Eric Wovingwo, (Bsc. Hons )  Buea (Son)
Grand Pa, we love you but God loves you most. You were so kind to us; you made me feel the love of a Grandfather each time I come home. You fought and protected the interest
of the family during the first and Second World War without losing any of ours to the war. If not of that fighting spirit I won ’ t have been in this world because you protected my Mum and some of my aunts and uncles during the war. You have given us a highly remarkable footprint in and out of Baligham. May your spirit as a hero live with us as it is often said “ a son of a lion is a lion ” so that we shall always stand for each other as I believe you are only dead in flesh and not in spirit. Today we regret in tears but it is God ’ s will so, may your soul rest in peace grand pa."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Mariel Ngemoh, Granddaughter, London
My grandpa to me and my sibling's was very special even though we only met him a few times. I remember the last we met him he was making jokes. Even though he has departed his memory will live with us forever."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Clarice Forpa Ngemoh, Granddaughter, London
My favourite times whilst visiting Cameroon were always those spent in the village. The spirit of family and togetherness were always evident, and the man behind all of this was Grandpa. I loved Grandpa so much, he always smiled and brought laughter and joy to every occasion. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Grandpa, but I am grateful to God, who kept him strong for all these years. I am also comforted by the fact that Grandpa had accomplished many extraordinary things in his lifetime, and that he is now able to rest with Grandma Martina and other family lost members in heaven. May their souls continue to rest in peace forever?"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"John Nkuekue, Douala (Grand Son)
In about 1913 the sun rose in the Fosokeng Family, to some; a son was born, to others, a father, a Grandfather, a Great Grandfather and a Great Great-Grandfather was born. To the community, a developer, a record breaker and a selfless man was born. To the country, a great contributor to economic and manpower growth of the nation was born. To the world at large, a man with a kind, generous and God fearing heart was born. To me, a father, grandfather, leader and mentor was born.
Grand Pah, thanks for sharing all that nature offered you with us. The sun might have settled but your legacy will last with us forever. We couldn’t be more thankful to nature for the great moments we shared with you. Your sense of discipline, love, care, guidance and nurturing nature is unforgettable. 
We pray your soul Rest in Peace and your spirit of love and unity live with us.
Papah, we all love you and will miss you forever from Generation to Generation"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Formekong Emmanuel Alias Morroco, Baligham Village (Adopted Son)

Papa, what have you done like this to me? Daddy, you have left me at the cross road (s).  I have never believed you will carryaway the wisdom you have so soon. Is this how rich the grave is? Daddy, it was neither financial constraint nor material problems that could have caused your sudden departure. We your children believe your own time has come. Papa, have a nice journey, have a good rest and spiritual blessings till we meet again. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Cletus Nkenyi, Bali
I wish you a safe journey to your new home Daddy. Great all those who were ahead of you like your parents, my mothers Ma Matina & Ma Suzana Nzepu and Pa Gashu. I will never forget you for the caring love you gave me. May God be with You.

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Bridget Nzepuh, Baligham
Let your journey to eternity be a safe one. You loved us and the kindness with which you treated us will never finish from my heart and memory. I pray that your successor will be as kind and a forever teacher as you were. May Your Soul Rest in Peace
Your Daughter"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Ndumchop Joseph, Baligham (Son)

Father, when you were in your sick bed, we did not know that you were like that on your journey to eternity. The knowledge you gave us as a teacher teaches children is with us , and it is to live with us forever. The memories of your craftwork that you showed as like the making of raffia bags will never get out of memory. You are gone but memories of what you taght us remain. Journey happily for you have left an army of strong soldiers behind. May God give you a place at his right hand side, so wherever you are, remember us. Rest in Peace Father."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Fombu Peter – Business Magnate, Baligham (son)

Daddy, what have you done like this? I have never believed you will leave for home this soon. You were a father, teacher to me and a business friend. Daddy you have fought the fight and won the race. Farewell. Rest in Peace and have a nice rest."

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Dr. Forba Lucas (TD)
The journey was so long, but you did it in three legs. At last, the last step was taken to the Regional Hospital of Bamenda. Yes you were always guided by God. The advice you use to give us is guiding me through my life. Papah when I think of that day when I was to set for college, what you told me has been keeping up to date despite some of the falls and ups that as a human I make at times. I can say I am successful today thanks to your guiding.
When I think of you, father I see you sitting on you chair and advising me. I am hardworking today thanks to the training you gave us in our coffee farm. Your disappearance into the other world has created a big gap in my life. But I am happy that you are now resting on the right hand side of God. You opted to have children and not money. Your choice of liking humans to money has made you a king. We are today celebrating the passing away of a king.
Papa, I could keep on writing for years, but I will never forget the jokes you made with us as we were around you in the hospital. I would like that you continue in the next world to joke with us and protect us. Give us long live as you have done. Bless us father. Say hello to those who entered the car of eternity before you.
Adieu father, you have successfully come to the end of your journey after a successful mission on earth. Stay fine till we meet again

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Papa the pain of your departure overwhelms my every emotion. Your absence fills me with so much emptiness that I don’t understand how I can ever recover from it. We miss you so much and will for ever miss you. I am comforted that you have lived a long and fulfilled life and I hope you are truly at peace in your new home. You fought so hard to guide and protect us, you always motivated and enabled us to achieve our highest potentials, thought us all the values of humanity, and to cherish one another. Papa I thank you for the love and support and understanding you showed to all of us. The efforts you made to travel alone from the village to find me in CCAST in 1986 remains a proud memory I will cherish for ever. That simple gesture gave me the confidence to achieve the best results that earned me a scholarship to UK. I remember with pride the good moments we shared in London and at every opportunity we had to be together. Your wisdom intellectual and social abilities remain well above anyone that I have ever come across. The older I got, the more realised just how special you were. In fact you are a true legend in very way imaginable. I beg that you continue to guide and protect us from your new resting place. Thank you Papa for all the wisdom, humour and good family manager that you have been.
Dr Augustine Ngemoh,  (son)"

This tribute was added by Augustine Forba Ngemoh on 29th October 2015

"Andrew Zacha, Baligham (Eldest Son & Friend)
I, Andrew Zacha, wish you a safe journey. I know that you were the Benjamine of your family and you died last in your mother’s house. You and me buried your elders and today I stand to say bye-bye to you. I wish you a safe journey to your everlasting home. I know that you have obeyed God’s call as it was with your elders. I know that you loved human beings and before your passing away, all your children visited you at the hospital. I am very sorry because we used to look after the family together. As you are no longer present here physically, I know that you are spiritually with us and never will one of us your children fall sick because of you. I have been a witness to all your actions in Baligham and for your benefit is the chosen place God has reserved for you in heaven. I haven’t got much to say for I know that it is God taking you away to rest. I know that you have left behind a family, so have a safe journey. Greet all your elders and stay fine with them. May your soul Rest in Peace"

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