Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 19, 2021

My Daddy.
I always called you SG you were a loving father who took good care of your kids and showed them love and compassion. Never did I see a dad like you who is very optimistic in everything and that I took from you and will pass it unto my kids . I do really miss you and still not believe you are gone to the Lord. The vacuum you have left in my heart is very big but I know you are somewhere better.
My family - kids and wife - was supposed to see you in June but u decided to go to the Lord. We are all going to miss you so much. You were such a great and loving daddy who showed love and accepted everyone no matter their circumstances.
You sent me to the best schools and I became a Soban like you after spending 7 years in SJC, that adventure made me stronger and later to university . You gave us the best education, provided pocket allowances we couldn’t have ask for more from you because you have done your job on earth.
We will miss you and would have loved for you to stay forever but God has taken you to stay at his right hand. Go ahead and meet your dad, mum and sisters. Prepare the road for us so that when our time comes we will see you .
Lots of love from my family Izabela Alemanji, Gabriel, Dominic and Jacob Alemanji they all wanted to see you but nevertheless they will still meet you one day

Adios Papa
Paddy Alemanji
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 19, 2021

Azi Boy's was a mentor to many. He was clean, elegant, full of joy and self pride. He valued his roots from Azi Area of Fontem Sub Division where he started work as a Council worker. We will forever miss his gentle smiles that showed his level of happiness. We pray God to grant peace and comfort to those left behind: his lovely, our lovely sister, Joana and all his children and grandchildren.
Azi Boy, go in peace and rest well in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.

Your cousin, Prof Dominic Fontem
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 19, 2021

God garden must be beautiful, he only takes the best.we begin to remember not just that you are no more but that you lived . And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. RIP PA ALEMANJI YOUR DAUGHTER IN LAW.
Posted by Aminkeng Taku on April 19, 2021
Goodbye pa peter,you thought me so much about life...some of your famous quotes...”always give back; don’t complain; never go to bed mad with people;laughter cures everything;Above all,you always emphasized and reminded us the importance of taking good care of our Mother,your sister Ntela as you fondly called her.When you get to the land of the dead, greet, your Father and your Mother and all your siblings.Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 19, 2021

Farewell Papa Peteralias Azi boy.
Papa I didn't know it was going to be the last time we were speaking a week or so before the sad news of your transition to eternity. For the more than 30 years that I have known you, you were not only my friend Vivian's dad but you were a father to us all. I found live, happiness whenever I met you. Your jovial nature brought smiles always on my face. Papa we thank God for your life, for the family and children you were blessed with. In our last conversation you mentioned that if my friend was not that caring and loving, you would have been gone a longtime ago. Thank you for blessing my friend with those words to me . You crowned it all as you left from her house to the Lord's bossom. What a blessing? Continue to dine and enjoy with angels and intercede for us here below. We shall greatly miss You calling to check on us always but I know you are in a better place now. No more pains nor sickness. Adieu Papa nyanga Azi boy.
Canny Fontem, Colorado USA
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 17, 2021

Papa, you touched the lives of many people and especially me. To know you to me was a special gift from God. Being one of your daughters was a pride and privilege to me. The Love you showed me and the endless sacrifice despite the odds to ensure that we lived a comfortable life at Mbengwi will never be appreciated enough. While at Mbengwi, you assumed the role of my dad in taking care of me plus my sweet friend. Papa you were compassionate, friendly, and caring. Your wonderful and infectious smile always went to the root of my heart. I remembered your logo “ wona study fine eeh” still sounding in my ears.

When your moyo announced your death, it brought back vivid memories of our days at Mbengwi. We have lost a wonderful human being. A vacuum has been created that will be very difficult to fill. However, we take comfort in the words of the Lord from Ecclesiastes that says “To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven; a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to plucked up that which is planted” Only God knows why he called you this March 2021. 

There is no greater loss to me than the loss of a father like you. There is no easy answer or explanation as to what will happen now that you are no more. Your passing into glory still looks like a dream and unbelievable….how I wish one day I will knock on the door and say you are back! But the unfortunate reality is that “death is part of life” and it is absolutely inevitable. The tears in my eyes have dried up, but my heart still weeps and bleeds. You are a big loss to the family and only God can console us. 

Papa, you will forever be remembered. Continue to rest in the kingdom till we meet again!

Rest in perfect peace!!

Susan Nkengasong

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Posted by Asikolli Ewalu on April 17, 2021

Pa Peter Alemanji my dear uncle, I learned of your passing away from Olive, the News was very difficult to digest, even till today I cannot believe you are no more. A week before you passed away, I spoke to sister Vivian, who told me you were not feeling well and your eyes were bothering you. I never knew this would be the last time I was asking about you. In 2012 of December after my traditional wedding that took place in Fontem, I visited you in your residence in Kumba. you welcomed my wife and I with an open heart, we spent a few hours with you, we had a father to son conversation full of laughter. You gave me all the good advice about marriage, you Praised me, and said Mboh well done, we will miss your good spirit. A few days ago I visited my mom your sister Mama Justina she will not stop crying, she said Mboh my brother have gone and left Me.
Farewell my dear uncle, You will be truly missed by many, we will always remember the good spirit of joy and love you gave to this family and your children, Until we meet again, bye for Now.

Mboh Alemanji.
Posted by Ngenyi Nnorom on April 17, 2021
Eulogy by Ngenyi Alem Nnorom


I always call you “Papa” and you always answer with “Mamigeh” to me. 
You were a great Dad to me and all you children. You gave us from the little you had the best. You even extended your generosity to people you met on your way. You thought us to love one another and help even strangers we meet. Papa you were full of love even at the moment of your last breath.
Your second visit to Germany in my house was a time I will never forget. During your 77th birthday when some of your children and grandkids, Nephews and Nieces came all over Europe to celebrate with us here in Essen - Germany, your dancing skills, your wonderful smiles on that day will always be remembered in our minds.
   Papa even with an age of 77 years, after taking good care of you when you visited Germany, you were able to play football again with your grandkids. I was overwhelmed with joy because I knew you love playing football especially during your youth.
   My kids who love you so much will forever remember you as a wonderful Grandfather. Papa your jokes, words of wisdom and smiles will for ever be missed.

Who is going to called me “Mamigeh” again? and who will I call Papa?

My husband (Emmanuel) your Moyo and I had planned for you to visit us again this year 2021 but God Almighty had greater plans for you.

I know you are in a better place and death is not the end.
“My son!” It`s your mother,
Ngenyi Nnorom.
Posted by Nn Em on April 17, 2021
Eulogy by Emmanuel Nnorom



My wife, your daughter Ngenyi and I, knows distance was a barrier for you to be part of our lives, but I enjoyed every little moment we spent together.

      I remember when we first met in the year 2000 during the summer holiday and watched world cup football matches together at my home in Germany. I realised your strong passion for football. I can still recall how often you spontaneously stood up from your seat and swung your right leg to help score a goal while given commentary. It was a joyful moment.

      I later met with you again in 2008 at your home in Kumba - Cameroon during our marriage, and I was once again amazed with your humour.

Father-in-law, SG! you were a humble person and I knew this also when you handed your daughter (Ngenyi) to me with a wonderful smile and then you whispered very close to my ear “She’s My Mother“ we both looked at each other and laughed.

     During your visit to Germany in 2018 which you said was one of your best visits, as we celebrated your 77th birthday together, you again showed us you are a wonderful Grandfather, father and father-in-law when you connected with our kids Parris and Prince who are always asking when Grandpa will be coming again to Germany.

      We planned to meet with you again, but I didn’t know you will be gone soon. Thanks for the quality of love and life you gave to my wife. You will always be in my heart.

In your lifetime you made impossible things to be possible, you touched so many lives positively. We have lost someone who is irreplaceable. Someone who has guided and formed our lives in ways that cannot be numbered.

      Pa, your absence will be acutely felt for the rest of our lives and children’s lives. We all love you, but God loves you most.

May you enjoy your stay with God, and may your soul rest in perfect peace.


Emmanuel Nnorom

Posted by PRINCE ANU on April 17, 2021

MOYO #2 as a father Inlaw and a father figure, your absence left a deep wound in our hearts. It is sad to feel that you are no more with us on earth,but your love and peaceful memories are still our guide. It's just like yesterday in December 2013 which I was to be introduced to you by your beautiful daughter Olivia Alemanji prior to our traditional wedding. After arriving kumba to meet your daughter, the next morning when we were still to get up, I heard that voice i will never forget saying " where is that my son ". I felt acceptance and the love of a father, from that moment you named me moyo number two. I am privileged to have witnessed your kind heart and peaceful nature as a person over the years. For you entrusting me your beautiful daughter and always advised us as your kids regardless and always pray in difficult situations. It's just like yesterday in May 2019 when you and your wife spent the most precious time with us in Toronto. I, my wife and your grand kids will for ever miss you for your smile, dancing skills and the ever happy person you were. Memories of the fun we had and places we visited will always be fresh in our minds. Writing this peace i could hear your voice telling your grand kids to leave your wife alone, the beautiful evening in Toronto they we making jokes with their grand mother. The last time you called to speak to us was in March 2021,little did we know  we will never hear your voice anymore. It is difficult to accept you are gone but I know God has called you home for you deserve a place by his side. Go well PA PETER ANU ALEMANJI THE LORD IS WAITING FOR YOU. Nlage Atembe
Posted by CHEF LA PRINCESS on April 17, 2021
My first love, my Moyos as we called ourselves. Papa you gave me all I ever needed and wanted as a child growing up. You sent me to all the best schools in Cameroon. You sent me out of the country in searched of greener pasture when I was still young. You taught me to be hardworking, kind, respectful, responsible and above all treat everyone I meet with love. Whenever all my hopes were gone, Moyos, you were there for me. I don't remember how many times you sent me money from Cameroon to pay my bills and at one point you wanted me to return home and stay around you.
Moyos, on my first visit to Cameroon in 2012, I made a promise to you and my mother that I will come to Cameroon every year to make up for the lost time. Papa we always talked and you always reassured me. My first love, you were that father I could call anytime and cry to. I can't remember how many times I invited you to visit me in Canada and you responded that Canada was too far. Moyos I remember in 2014 when I had my first child and in 2015 you fell ill and how I cried for you not to die without seeing my first child. You told me you will not die. I prayed and prayed and in 2015 when I brought your grandson to Kumba during your thanksgiving celebration, you blessed us and told me we have celebrated you and taken care of you while alive. In 2016 we all celebrated your golden anniversary in marriage in Kumba and I was so proud of you Papa. I prayed that the good Lord should keep you so you could walk me down the aisle which you did very happily and proudly as always (2017). A day I will always remember. When I told you that you people will be lodging at Macclord Hotel you were very elated. You were a very simple, understanding and stress-free person. I enjoyed all the time spent with you on earth. I will miss you so dearly Papa.
  Moyos your visit to Canada crowned it all when you finally accepted to visit us. I remember you telling me that you needed a comfortable sit and you will love to fly Air Brussels since it was a long trip and Air Brussels being your favorite airlines. I and my husband, Moyos number 2, as you called him were so happy to get a first-class flight for you and your wife. When you arrived Toronto Canada, you were very happy seeing your grandkids at the airport to welcome you and my mother with beautiful flowers. Your stay in Toronto was a joyful one Papa as you loved visiting historic places at the Lakeshore Beach. I saw how happy and refreshing you were. "What a beautiful place" you said. My lion, my Moyos, my papa, spending our birthdays together was something I cherish so much. You will be the first person to wake me early in the morning of August 9th to sing happy birthday song. Papa I miss your lovely voice. It was a great pleasure spending your 78th birthday with us in Canada. The dance move and the cutting of your cake. I was looking forward to your 80th birthday my Moyos, the pill is so big to shallow. Moyos, your grandchildren Atembe Jr, Anu your namesake, and Diamond will miss you dearly.
     My Moyos I will miss your calls, your stories, your love and your presence.
   In the early morning of January 12th 2021 when you called and said “Moyos when are you coming to Kumba to see me? You know I miss you and I want to see you”, I said “Papa I am coming”. The morning I arriced K-Town I saw the joy in your face as I was trimming your nails which was a habit that I grew up doing for you. I will miss that habit too Papa. When I called you that I will be coming again to see you before departing Cameroon you were very happy and when I arrived it was my pleasure to have had the chance again to administer your eye drop. While I was sitting at the edge of the chair and having a conversation with you, you held my left hand and all you did was rubbing it while we were talking for about 30 minutes, little did I know that you were giving me your last blessing and that I was never to feel you again. You prayed and I made a short video of us as I left Kumba with lot of tears in my eyes. One thing was certain, that we were to see you again in June at sister Vivian's wedding. I remember the day you called and was advising me that I should take it easy on my business and that I should not develop high blood pressure; that business has ups and downs. Moyos all the plans we had - you failed me.
 Papa, Moyos, on Friday the 26th of March 2021 when we spoke why did you not tell me goodbye and that I will never see or hear your voice again. I told you I will send your small thing and your last words to me was MTN money and you never said anything else six hours after we spoke, I got the worst news - that you took your last breath. Little did I know it was the last time we will talk since then my life has never been the same knowing you are no more. Believe me, I called your phone time without number - no answer. I waited for your call on Easter Sunday to no avail. I still think that you have gone for a journey and you will be back soon. I still hope and believe I will see you and feel you soon.
  Papa your grandchildren Atembe Jr, Anu Alemanji and Diamond will not stop talking about you the loin cloth you left for them. It means a lot to them as they use it to cover their bodies when having a nap, it is so sad for them to know that they will never see and touch their Grandpa again.
  MOYOS, I will continue to be a good example to you and I will take up where you left and your legacy will live forever. In my tears I have all the memories of you and me, the little secrets we shared. I am so short of words.
  It's hard to believe that you are no more with us but I know you are in a better place and you are watching over us. Always in my heart. Tears will not stop running down my cheeks. Sleep well. Olivia
Posted by Petra Lekelefac Ankhakem on April 17, 2021
I know we are all feeling sad that we’ve lost Papa,our friend,our Dad,and our Grand Dad.
Together we have cried an ocean of tears as we feel so empty .But deep within me, i know Papa would want us to know he’s in a good place,
And that he’s watching us all with a smile on his face, as we have made him so proud, as proud as he can be that he has raised such a beautiful and special family. Thinking back now, I really must say I feel lucky and privileged to have known Papa to this day.
For in my life, he played a special part just like he did in the lifes of many others.
The memories I will treasure and keep close to my heart.

I am glad you got to meet and play with my 3 kiddos when you visited Toronto back in 2019. As we walked out the the door holding hands, you told me you will be coming back. Little did i know it was the last time ...The special and fun moments we shared will never be forgotten. We are forever thankful Papa.

You have gone but we will always be together,
And your spirit will live on in each one of us forever.
When you look to the sky, look for the brightest star, that will be Papa looking down on us from afar.
And now I would like to thank the good Lord above for blessing us with our Papa.
And to you Papa, continue to say a prayer for us every day.
Be sure to protect us and guide us all the way.
We know when God called you, you had to go,
But we want you to know, we miss you and love you. Continue to sleep well.

Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 17, 2021

Dear grand pa, I write to you this letter wishing you could one day read it. I just want to tell how grateful I am to God for haven given me one of the greatest human beings on earth as my grand dad. I wish I could hold you once more in my arms. You know grand pa, when I came back from Ghana I was really looking forward to come and see you so that you tell me wonderful stories as you always had one in every occasion. Little did I know you were going to leave before I get to see you for the last time. Grandpa you have left me in awe because you decided to leave on my 18th birthday but I’m glad because you lived a very happy and successful life, the kind I aspire to have. I will forever miss you grand pa. Fly high king

Your granddaughter Agbor Manyi
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 15, 2021

Papa you often called me my grandma and I will respond my grandson. I grew up to know you as a loving father who brought up his children with love and care. You were always prepared to sacrifice your life to give us the best. This is the reason we found ourselves going to the best school like Sasse despite your low income. Papa, you were a good administrator who brought development closer to the people. Papa your success in life took you around the world from India to Germany, Belgium, Canada, and England. Azi Boy your kindness love, fun, simplicity, humility, and way of life earned you several nicknames like Pa Kumba, SG, Cowboy, Konye Jeune-Homme. Anutechia you were so hard-working that you often said you were retired but not tired. I and your grandchildren will miss your physical presence but you will always remain spiritually present with us. Pa Kumba you fought a good fight and won a great battle as seen in the great family you are leaving behind. We love you but God loves you most. Rest in peace and extend our greetings to our ancestors who have gone ahead till we meet to part no more.

Alemanji Aminkeng Gilbert
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 15, 2021

Papa, we are so lucky to have lived with you to your ripe old age. I quite remember about fifteen years ago you held my hand at the front of the house when your sugar level was so high and you said to me that if you should die after seventy-five years we should not cry much; rather we should make a great celebration of your life and papa we did that when we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of your marriage with your wife, our mother, and I know you saw how your funeral would look like. Papa, you were my everything- my advisor, my mentor. I cannot forget when you came back from Canada after your surgery didn't take place, a few months later you called me on phone and asked me if my passport was still current. I said yes papa and you said we were to go to India for your knee surgery. In India, the surgery was successful and we came back to Cameroon after about two weeks. You told me that you will never move around in a wheelchair thanks to my children and the Indian doctors. Papa, you had a successful life on earth to have raised up all ur children to this level. But one thing I will always have in mind is that I was supposed to be in Yaounde on the 28 of March to come and take care of you for a while and I received a call from Sister Vivian at about 1:30 am that fateful Saturday morning that you are no more. I immediately felt like a very big storm was going through me and I said to myself how can my dad die on the day I was born? Papa, you have left a great vacuum in my heart that I will never forget throughout my life. Papa, I know you are resting in the Lord's bosom. My family, my wife Juliet, and my daughter Atemkeng Alemanji will forever miss you. Go well Papa till we meet again in the Lord's bosom.

Your son Ivo.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 14, 2021

My Daddy Anu!
My Moyos!
My Original Azi Boy!
My Sasse Boy!
Mr. SG, Retired But Not Tired!

You will be greatly missed. We are however consoled by the fulfilled life you lived here on earth and your very peaceful transition to God’s Kingdom.
The broad smile on your face as you took your last breath and the very last statement that follows that smile speaks volumes about the eternal peace you are enjoying in God's Kingdom where you have reunited with your parents, brother and sisters.
God's abundant and amazing grace surrounded your life, with lots of testimonies, especially during the last decade. We are indeed thankful to God for such endless blessings He showered on you and His healing mercies always, when your health situations were complicated. On your part, you stood tall trusting in your God, and in part, your resilience and never-give-up spirit sailed you through.
PA Pe, we are not celebrating your life, because we celebrated you all through your life and the peak was in December 2016 when we celebrated your Golden Jubilee in marriage with your beautiful and supportive wife, our mother.
What we are doing now that will commemorate on the 24th of April 2021, the day when you will be put to your final resting place is thanking the Almighty for your life, a life that was peacefully spent, and that ended peacefully with a broad smile.
If there is more to thank the Lord for your life, I and my siblings and my husband will not cease saying that you were blessed with beautiful children who took you to the best-qualified doctors around the world for proper medical follow-up
In Yaounde, Germany, Canada, the UK, and India you were treated to the best medical facilities by all standards.
Never, did we ever get tired of celebrating you; by simply giving you the best. Your wealth of travel experience for the last 25 years took you to amazing places where your kids gave you quality treatment.
Your temporary base, Yaounde, celebrated your presence always with much delight. Beautiful memories of time spent with us intermittently in Yaounde have dried off the tears of mourning. We are waxing strong and thanking the Lord for the opportunities we got to spend those quality times with you.
The earlier part of our lives as we grew up was nursed and guided by your tenderness and the much love you showed us. Together with your beautiful wife, our mother, you gave us the befitting education and training to meet up with life's challenges. We trust that you will continue to cover and protect us even in the world beyond.
You were assiduous as far as your job was concerned and did not pay attention to petty things of the world. You gave out love to us, your siblings, your in-laws, your nephews, your nieces, neighbours, your community, and above all to God Almighty. Reasons why you transcended peacefully.

My Sweet Daddy,
My "Hand Bag" of late
Nothing will replace the bond we had, even in death, nothing, absolutely - nothing. You remain my one and only Sweet Daddy Anu.
Continue to enjoy Heavenly celestial peace.

Vivian Alemanji Agbor, Your daughter, Your moyos.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 14, 2021
TRIBUTE BY Folefac Asong Alemanj

Pah Peter, I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. It is a difficult time for the family.

You touched the lives of my sister and I. In the 90’s, most of our third term holidays were spent in your house in Kumba. Some of the most important life lessons I learned while living with you. Every time holidays were over, it was extremely hard for us because of the fun we had with our cousins and the fact that you took us in as your own children.

I can still remember the day you put salt in Ivo’s month when he slept off in the sitting room watching TV, this and many other memories of you we hold dear in our hearts. Uncle, you have left a void in the family that will never be filled. While we mourn today, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth was fulfilled. We thank God for your life and bid you farewell.

P.S. Greet everyone for me and encourage them to keep watching over the Family and help us to be united, until we meet again.

Folefac Asong Alemanji
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 13, 2021

Dear Mr. Pete,
Why would I not perceive the holy week apprehensively? Barely two years ago, our family was in tears following our sister’s transition to glory. Now, you have left us so unexpectedly and coincidentally in the run up to Easter, maybe at God’s appointed time.
The last time we spoke was on the phone when you informed me that thieves had broken into your house and carted away your television and other valuables. We then gave glory to God that they had spared your life.
As one of the youngest siblings in our family, I grew up in the vantage position of an observer in my quest for inspiration from elders and I must say that I learned a lot from your resilience, hard work and smiles in the face of adversity. You and your wife, sister Johana, embodied the virtues of hard work and resilience.
In your rich career as executive secretary in local governments, you always performed your duties assiduously, diligently and with fortitude wherever you were called upon to serve: Fundong, Menji, Konye and Kumba. You demonstrated great resilience especially when confronted with the whims and caprices of politicians and the toxic environment created by the latter in the murky waters of our society. These same inspiring principles also governed your private life.
I have been looking forward to discussing with you your heyday in football when the game earned you the nickname of Jean Pierre Tokoto. Alas! But I take solace in your legacy through grandchildren who are currently aspiring professionals in the beautiful game so cherished in our family.
Go well Big Bro. Greet our parents, sisters and ancestors. And rest in the peace of God until we meet again.  
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 13, 2021

I am honored to write this eulogy about my uncle, Papa Peter Alemanji Anu (whom I considered as my second Dad) which includes my personal experience from childhood to adulthood. I spent an amazing time with Papa Peter from the age of 5 years when he requested that I should move to Fundong and live with him because my late Dad (may he continue to rest in peace) was retiring from active military service due to illness to move to the village. I can still remember the happiness I felt when my mum gave me the news and that I was going to start primary school with my cousin Edwin. I still have memories of the good old days of Fundong when Papa will take us out for shopping at Chaforquin shopping center in preparation for school. My very first uniform was bought by my uncle and I remember how he took me and my cousin Edwin to our first day to school… those childhood memories can hardly fade away. After a few years in Fundong Papa was transferred to Fontem where I reunited with my family.
Papa Peter’s house was open to everyone. I have completely lost count of the number of people who passed through my uncle’s house. Upon writing these words I asked my siblings if any of them had the same experience as I did through Papa and my elder sister Mrs. Atembeh Marie Andade told me her first holidays was spent at Papa Peter’s residence in Fundong. Papa’s house was a refuge for me and my junior sibling in those dark days of my dad illness. We would run to my uncle’s house when things were hard. I can never forget this. Papa Peter showed me love from childhood till my adulthood growing up in the house, there was never a day I felt different from his own biological children. He treated everyone in the house as his own. One of the biggest lessons I learned from my uncle was - the value of hard work. He woke up every day, put on his shoes, and went to work to provide, not only for his family but for those who passed through his house. Besides his eight to five job papa enjoyed life to the fullest.
My uncle loved me as his own born son, I recall when I was travelling to Holland in 2001 to further my education. The financial support he gave me despite being on pension then is something I hold so dear to my heart. I can only thank God I was able to show some little appreciation whilst he was alive. I feel so grateful to have had as much time with my uncle as I did. I recall the nice time we had in Dortmund (Germany) in 2018 where we celebrated his 77 birthday and papa was able to see my son (his grandson Darren Alongamoh).
Papa you did well in life. You left no stone unturned. It was your time to leave us, we are celebrating you instead papa. It was barely 3 days after I spoke to you in Yaoundé at Sister Vivian’s resident that you left us. Painfully enough it was the same week before Easter that your junior sister Mami Mary Foretia (continue to rest in peace auntie) left my resident in Switzerland and passed on to glory in London UK. I am blessed to have been able to hear your voice papa that day. I’ am missing you already and I will forever remember having the most incredible uncle. I don't know how long it will take us to grieve this tremendous loss.
Your son Valentine Taku, on behalf of the Nteleh’s children (Papa Peter’s junior sister).
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 13, 2021

Papa you where not only a great father, but you were indeed a hero and a role model to many of us. And equally important, you were our happy warrior. We will greatly miss you humor.
You are in a better place with the Lord. We will see again. Anda Atabong.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 13, 2021

Pa Peter, Uncle Peter, it is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute on behalf of Ma Mary Foretia nee’ Alemanji’s children. We feel truly saddened that you are no more. You have left a void in the family that will never be filled.

Less than 2 years ago, you were paying tribute to your baby sister, Ma Mary, who also died suddenly and unexpectedly. Unbelievable that we are now doing same for you! You were a loving brother to your sister. The love between you and your siblings is the example us cousins emulate in our lives today. The benefits of your hard work are seen in the success of your children. Thank you for that living testimony.

Your death came as a shock to us and as you sit in the arms of the Lord, your family and friends mourn your death. While we mourn today, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth has been fulfilled and you will meet your sister in the heavenly Kingdom. We thank the Lord for your life and bid you farewell until we meet again.

Menyi Foretia for Mary Akawung's children.
Posted by Senge Ekanem on April 12, 2021
Meeting you was quite brief but memorable. You were such a kind and responsible father in law. May your precious soul rest in peace. Adieu Pa.
S.F.Ekanem (Mrs), Nigeria
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 11, 2021

Daddy, it was shocking to hear that you passed away. After all the discussions we had that we shall meet in Buea. Little did I know that your candle was burning very fast. DAD I will live to remember all that you taught me - to be kind, trustworthy, respectful, calm, and make only good friends. DAD your passing away has left a vacuum in my life. But I know I will fill it with time. You have fought a good fight and finished ur mission on earth. That is why God called you to rest. We are proud of you. Go in peace DAD until we meet again.
Alemanji khumbah Anu (son)
Posted by evelyn fotabong on April 10, 2021
Pa you were such a loving person. You lightened every room you entered. Yes because you put a smile on everyone’s face because of your jokes. Even though you are gone ,your spirit will stay with your love ones forever. My friend Vivian and the rest of her siblings are hurt. But I know you are looking down on them and telling them that that all is well. Adieu Azi Boy.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on April 7, 2021
A Tribute written by Nchumbonga George Lekelefac, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany, Good Friday, April 2, 2021

Pa Peter Alemanji re-locates to heaven (Goes Home) to be with the Lord forever (25.08.1941-27.03.2021),

1. Introduction
Ever since I was informed by Patience Awungacha on March 27, 2021 of the death of Pa Peter Alemanji, I have been struggling to put my feelings and emotions into writing to express the tremendous vacuum that his absence will cause, not only to the Alemanji family, but to the entire Lebang.
One week after his death, I have been able to use the right words to write a tribute on this great man who has gone to meet the Lord to rest and rejoice with him forever.
In the shadow of the celebrated residence of Pa Peter Alemanji at Kumba, there lies a man whose promotion to Glory should claim, from every conscious Cameroonian, the tribute of a thought. For if the Wind of Change sweeping through Cameroon today goes down as the revolution which more than anything else put a mark on the nineteenth century, Pa Peter Alemanji, Cameroonian citizen from Lebang, celebrated Soban and exemplary family man.
His passing is the passing of a great Africanist, man of culture, energetic Catholic lay Christian in society to the marrow.
I feel pulled between the poles of honour, humility and trepidation to write this tribute. For a man to have stood firm by his moral principles, to have fought for them from youth to the extreme of age, is proof enough of a back-bone of granite. But power of emotion and a will of iron would be but blind and passionate obstinacy, or even destructive wrongheadedness, if they were not enlightened.
2. Christmas Holidays with Pa Peter Alemanji (1997)

The year is 1997, the month is December. The day is on the 19th, when I spent my very holidays with Pa Peter Alemanji. He received me as if I was one of his sons. My cherished aunt, Mami Kumba took me to the farm. We went by train. That was how I enjoyed my very first holidays at Kumba with the Alemanji’s. I was formed there to be brave. I still remember vividly as if it was yesterday. I was far from home, but not far from love and care. I did not miss my home at all, because Pa Kumba’s home was totally hospitable.
I consider Pa Peter Alemanji a father because I spent most of my holidays in Kumba at his residence, and he treated me like one of his children with no discrimination whatsoever.
I enjoyed polishing his “British shoes” every morning and I loved to hear the “diplomatic sound” his shoes made whenever you walked into the house due to the iron which was under it. He always dressed like a gentleman with a British hat whenever he was going to the office.

3. Pa Peter Alemanji: Man with profound Faith in God
During my holidays with him in 1997, Pa Peter always went for Mass on Sundays. We went together as a family for worship. He loved the Church and practiced his faith. He believed in God and always insisted that all his children take their spiritual life seriously, and all of them did understand him and emulated his example.
Recently, during my stay at Yaounde at the residence of my cousin, Vivian Agbor, I was thrilled when she took me for Mass at Mount Febe on Sunday, October 4, 2020, where I was pleased to meet Fr. Jervis Kebei. That moment brought unforgettable memories of my first holiday at Kumba, and made me remember how Pa Peter Alemanji used to say with that his sweet voice: “Let us go to Church”. His children did not forget that example of the need to have a profound relationship with the Lord.

4. Pa Peter Alemanji: Man of Unity
As a young boy growing up, I still remember that when my brothers were travelling abroad, Pa Peter Alemanji always travelled all the way from Kumba to come to Mbalmayo to attend the send-off party. This example depicted his love for extended family members and his interest in family unity. Unfortunately, this family unity which existed no longer does and it is my fervent wish as a neutral person in the matter, that both families take this moment of Pa Peter Alemanji’s death, to seriously contemplate and reflect profoundly for a solution to this family problem which has continuously divided the family and made the younger ones not to enjoy the family unity which we enjoyed. The time is now for a radical u-turn and conflict resolution to be done. We must use this occasion as Christians and as a family to make lasting peace by saying no to the devil’s evil plans of materialistic possessions which do not take us to anywhere but instead deviates us from Jesus Christ, who is the way, truth and life. This is therefore an urgent and serious question to be examined thoroughly after Pa Peter Alemanji's burial, without ruffled emotions, without anguish, but with total and complete coolness of head and heart.
As I spoke with him during his 77th birthday at Essen, he revealed to me his dying need for peace and reconciliation in the family. Unfortunately, he did not live to see that unity. However, we must take the bull by the horn to fulfill his dying need for peace and reconciliation, for it is our duty to watch the world with scrutiny in order to see, not only situations that have arrived, but also those in the offing, those whose time has not yet come; to collect facts and data, to examine them intensively, extensively, coldly, dispassionately, and with intellectual honesty, without taking sides; it is our duty to scrutinize them with our minds shorn of foregone conclusions, to analyze them without mindless mirth or needless bitterness, and draw, from them, the conclusions that follow with sillogistic rigor. It is my wish, that this dying need for peace and reconciliation among the families which Pa Peter Alemanji dyingly wanted to see be realized after his burial. We must make him happy by fulfilling the peace and reconciliation he wanted to see before his death. I believe, that the intellectuals in the family will see to it that this peace and reconciliation is attained through intellectual honesty.

5. Pa Alemanji’s 77th Birthday Celebration at Essen, Germany (August 25, 2018)
I met Pa Peter for the very last time physically on August 25, 2018, at Essen on the celebration of his 77th Birthday. He left us to join Our heavenly Father on March 27, 2021 at the ripe age of 79. During his 77th birthday celebration, we danced together and we sang with him. He was excited and thrilled.

6. Pa Peter Carried the Cross in Sickness
Pa Peter suffered with Christ. He travelled all the way to India for medication which reduced his pains. He suffered like Christ and with faith and fortitude, he trusted in the Lord Jesus. His life teaches us carry our daily crosses and follows him daily in our sickness, in our troubles.

7. Pa Peter Alemanji: Man endowed with keeness of mind
There can be no genuine radical or progressive who is not at the same time endowned with keenness of mind. For, if indignation is to be a constructive force, it must be led by deep insight; problem must be clearly understood before appropriate remedies for them can be proposed. And yet, merely natural intelligence will not do, it must be intelligence deepened profoundly by study and fed with fact and principle. For if a person is able to get at the truth, right from the start, there is little danger – other qualities being present – that he will abandon the cause before it is won. That is why it is a grave error for a policy or a programme for the welfare of men to be based on airy assumptions. Thanks to Pa Peter Alemanji’s keenness of mind, thanks to his early research and seasoned scholarship at Sasse College, Pa Peter Alemanji got so clear a grasp of the need to be disciplined, the need to work hard, that he never had cause to abandon his course, at least in so far as far as fundamentals were concerned. He educated his eleven children with discipline.

8. A Monument to his Name
Remembering Pa Peter Alemanji therefore, is an opportunity to recall his contributions to laying the foundation for the production of the quality and caliber of men and women of yesterday whose legendary moral fiber still resonates in Cameroon today.
The real challenge for us now is, what really is Pa Peter Alemanji’s legacy? How should we remember him? Who was he for Cameroonians as a community? My relationship with Pa Peter Alemanji would be the stuff of a large book. But there can be no better way of hallowing the name of Pa Peter Alemanji, no monument to his memory more lasting than to take up the fight where he left it and to remain faithful to the principles to the end.
The only genuine way whereby the Alemanji’s family and other families and friends of Pa Peter Alemanji can honour their departed father and hero is to dedicate themselves anew to their task; to resolve that there shall be no compromise with reaction; that they shall strive further an ever closer union and unity with members of other families in true love and openness.
His death reminds us of his love for family unity and should prick the consciences of all for a lasting peace in the family.
His death reminds us of the need to have a profound relationship with God in our daily lives.
The challenge for us now is to review the future and think about how to immortalize this great legend of a man, a man – Pa Peter Alemanji who fought and won many wars of terrible sicknesses and pathetic situations without lifting his finger.
He leaves behind 9 children, a lovely-hardworking wife – my aunt, and so many grandchildren and countless friends to emulate his exemplary life.

9. Conclusion

My prayers for Pa Peter Anu Alemanji are similar to that which was said by Cardinal Ratzinger at the funeral of the late Pope John Paul II in 2004 when he said: ‘Yes, bless us, Holy Father. We entrust your dear soul to the Mother of God, your Mother, who guided you each day and who will guide you now to the eternal glory of her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Like Stephen, may the gates of heaven stand erect till Pa Peter Alemanji has passed through.
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

This Tribute was respectfully, devotedly, affectionately, and prayerfully written and submitted today, Good Friday, April 2, 2021 for publication.

Written by Nchumbonga George Lekelefac, B. Phil. (Mexico), STB. (Roma), JCL/MCL. (Ottawa); Diploma in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Dutch; [Degrees earned in order to serve mankind better and not otherwise]; Doctorate Candidate at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Katholisch Theologische Fakultät, Ökumenisches Institut, Münster, Deutschland, Europe, Good Friday, April 2, 2021, as a sincere and profound sign of appreciation to Pa Peter Alemanji.

Posted by Victor Nanje on April 6, 2021
Papa you completed your project on this earth. Go and rest in peace with your friends. We will never forget about you and we know you will continue to pray and bless us while you are resting in peace. Until we meet again. Our way to God.
Posted by Nicole Aminkeng on April 1, 2021
Go well uncle Peter A. Anu. The Alemanj family will miss you.
Posted by JOSEPH NKONGHO AGBOR on March 30, 2021
Monsieur le SG, from the first day I was introduced to you by your beautiful and smart daughter, Vivian, you adopted me like your son. I remember her telling me before we left for Mamfe that you termed me a nice person. That qualification made me resolve to keep up to that reputation.

Azi Boy, even though you termed me nice, I don't remember engaging with a nicer person than you. I will always have lingering memories of your sojourns in Yaoundé, especially the one during the 2020 COVID19 lock downs. I know you will also remember our bouts during our games of draft. Your slangs hit across like a real game man.

Moyos, I am still at a loss as to your whereabouts. When we came back from Buea, I instinctively went into your room to greet you but you were not there. All I could see was a stockpile of packs of medications, an unkempt bed and some sort of orderly disorder. It then dawned on me that you are resting in the bosom of your Creator.

Azi Boy, we will miss your laughter, your jokes and most especially your tantalizing moves on the dance floor. We had wished to have you demonstrate your dancing skills at our upcoming wedding but God decided otherwise.

Pa Alem, you were a good man. Proud but simple and humble. You showered me, and in fact everyone who crossed your path, with love. All your in-laws will miss you. Go well Papa as I trust that you are in a better place now.

Adieu my Moyos, Pa Alemanji the real Azi Boy.

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