Posted by Serri Bonwi on June 12, 2021
Rest in peace Pa. You fought a good fight and impacted many lives. Your legacy will never die.

Posted by Ama Mundi on June 11, 2021
It is often said that we should not judge a book by its cover, but politicians often get ratings by the size of their media flares. Pa Simon Achidi Achu was a very handsome, humble man, and a talented multicultural intellectual and wise man. His hardworking nature was down to earth, treating everyone with respect and dignity, even if they were only harvesting on his coffee estates in the Santa region, his hometown, that has the UNITED NATIONS pillars separating the British Southern Cameroon (West Cameroon) from the French East Cameroon (La République du Cameroon). Pa Simon Achidi Achu owned rolling beautiful savannah hills of farming land, on which he raised cattle, grew coffee, and other organic vegetables to feed Cameroonians and even supply to neighboring African Countries, especially Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. As Minister of Justice and keeper of the Seals he promoted ideas of Justice that encouraged a positive system of continuous collaboration and integration among Cameroonians of the English and French colonial experiences, to live as one country peacefully and build Cameroon together in mutually beneficial relationships. He valued African traditions and wisdom in socioeconomic problems, often including useful perspectives from English and French Law. He was well liked and loved as a Prime Minister and did a lot to promote Unity, Peaceful Development and Progress in Cameroon, the people and doing the best his office could do to facilitate needed solutions. As Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, he valued peaceful coexistence of the two unified Cameroons, encouraging unity among Cameroonians by himself modeling the acceptance of African moral traditional values, French and British legal thoughts and making the most out of Cameroon’s diversity to benefit the people on both sides of the Mungo bridge. Cameroonians took pride in the Federal Republic of Cameroon and somehow kept up their zeal in the United Republic of Cameroon. 
The Former Prime Minister of Cameroon, His Excellency Achidi Achu is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented constructive politicians in the ongoing unification challenges between the former United Nations Trust Territory called the British Southern Cameroon which obtained independence in 1961, and the former UN Trust Territory called French East Cameroon which obtained its own independence in 1960. Both entities forming the Federal Republic of Cameroon created a Union which could have been the jewel of African democracy and prosperity except for misguided practices over which he had no control. He was a young strategic politician working alongside and supporting one of the founding pillars of Cameroon unification, the Honourable Sam Mofor of Santa village, the powerful parliamentarian, together with the Honourable Solomon Tandeng Muna, Honourable Dr. John Ngu Foncha and others.

He approved the government expansion of the University system to include one in Buea and Bamenda, and his, was the signature that approved the GCE Board. He was never given credit for the many decisions he took to improve the country for everybody and every region, but historians will right his deep love for his Country, its people and its progress. He worked so hard and even woke up in pajamas sometimes to listen to burning issues and take immediate action to de-escalate brewing tensions anywhere. His dining table was so long it could accommodate 50 persons representing every age, gender, party, religion, and region of Cameroon. A smiling gentleman who has always cared and valued unity and peaceful progress for all Cameroonians. May his own real legacy and sincere great contributions to Cameroon enlighten the future of the struggling moments. He has worked well. May his Soul rest in perfect peace. May the Freedom, Independence, and Unity and Peaceful Development which Pa Simon believed in, return to all Cameroonians.
Ama Agnes Mundi
Former Director in Higher Education

Posted by Awasah Innocentia on June 9, 2021
Daddy... Father of all! Though you are a million miles away there in heaven,I vividly reminiscent your love for God through our early morning prayer devotions in the house in Yaounde. You will invite everyone for prayers and urge all to seek God's face in every situation.When Ma Dora and myself brought the priest to pray for you before your evacuation you were so grateful and welcoming to the priest.So because of God's love for you he has called you to now rest by his side.As Patron of the Chantal Biya's youth association abbreviated - CBY,you guided the institution which was created in Honour of the First lady Mrs Chantal Biya with fatherly love. You bothered so much about the well-being of everyone who came around you without discrimination as you will ask and I quote" what can I do for you?"You said I will be the daughter ,who will bring you the man through marriage, who will give you much money.Now that you are gone ,when this man comes,who will he hand the much money to? With tears I bid you farewell for is had for me to take it,but as a Christian I believe Gods will is the best for us all.Adieu Paa! Adieu Daddy! I will miss you forever.
        Innocentia tamasang A.
         President - chantal biya's youths
Posted by Janet Gwananji on June 7, 2021
The year was 1973. I was 11 years old in class seven at the Presbyterian Primary School, Azire, Mankon-Bamenda. I had just passed the Common Entrance Examination and was looking forward to begin my Secondary School years at Our Lady of Lourdes College, Mankon-Bamenda.
It was break time, and we were scattered all over the campus running wild and playing games. News was spreading fast that a black limousine had driven up to the front of the school and the headmaster had dispatched several students to look for me. One of my friends was almost out of breath as she excitedly grabbed me by the arm and urged me to keep up the pace as we headed for the Headmaster’s office. The HM took a sigh of relief when he met me outside. He even went as far as brushing off the dust on my blue school uniform and my feet. I noticed that he was very nervous and anxious. It was such an honor to him to have a distinguished guest at his school.
He led me into his office and introduced me to Mr. Asanga, who was the Private Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals.
Mr. Asanga gave me a warm embrace and told me that he was there at the request of my Godfather who would like to meet me. The HM readily granted permission and escorted us to the car. In the meantime word had spread on campus that I was going to lunch with my ‘father’, the Minister of Justice from Yaounde. I was in a daze as my friends gathered around excitedly to see me off.
The driver came out and held the door open for me, and we drove to Sky Line Hotel at the Up Station in Bamenda. I had walked past this hotel several times in my young life, but had never had the opportunity to step inside. I stood at the entrance and gaped at the red carpeted stairs as it spiraled up to the suites. Mr. Asanga sensed my nervousness, reached out for my hand and led me up the stairways. The feel of the soft carpet on my feet, and the aura and splendor of the hotel was mesmerizing. I looked around trying to remember as many details as I could, so I would later share with my friends back at school who were anxiously waiting for my return. 
Mr. Asanga led me into the living room of the suite and told me to make myself comfortable. Suddenly the bedroom door opened, and a very handsome, well polished and elegant man came out. With a very warm smile he walked over to me, called me by my name and gave me a very warm hug. He then led me to the sofa next to him and still smiling beckoned me to sit down. You can tell he was very happy to see me. I on other hand was still in a daze and enthralled by the whole experience.
This was the Minister of Justice, the man whom I had been reading about in Civics class! He was my Godfather and I was sitting right next to him! What an incredible moment for an 11 year old! He asked me questions about school, and told me he had been informed by my mom that I got admitted to Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School. He genuinely took an interest in my education. He mentioned that my late dad had been a good friend of his and recounted the story of their first encounter. Clearly, he never forgot the kindness shown to him by my late father and had kept track of my progress in primary school. I was very flattered that a man of his stature with a very very busy schedule could have the time to think about me and my progress.
This was a very special and a very significant moment of my life.
Breakfast was served and we sat down to eat together. On this day I added a new phrase to my vocabulary: Continental Breakfast! I had to share some of the delicacies with my friends, so I stuffed my school uniform pockets with the leftovers (croissants, biscuits, sweets etc) wrapped in paper napkin.
I am almost 60 years old today, and this encounter with my Godfather remains fresh in my mind. The whole experience shaped my entire outlook on life. I learned at that tender age to appreciate the finest things in life. I learned the importance of having a good education, and learned that kind deeds lifts others up.
I returned to school that day with a ten thousand francs cfa note in my pocket and beautiful stories about my dad that I had not heard since he passed away when I was very young.
My Godfather stepped into my late dad’s shoes and paid my tuition in full during my first three years in Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School.
This kind gesture came as a great relief to my mom and my entire family.
Thank you Pa Simon for the great love and kindness to me and my family. Yours and my dad’s legacy lives on. The lessons I learned from your friendship are that an act of kindness leads onto another, and most importantly we should always be humble, kind, and have compassion for one another. My thoughts and prayers are with the children and the entire family. May you find eternal rest with the Lord.
Rest In Perfect Peace Papa Simon
Posted by Aban Pamela on June 7, 2021
Daddy news of your dead stroke me like a sword fired straight to the heart
I asked myself why my dad will leave me at this age but I know he rather went ahead to prepare a place for me
We didn't get enough time to spend with you due to your busy schedule and late minute illness which kept you down
We can't for sure ask God question but we pray you rest in peace in the lord's bossom
Daddy I will forever miss you
Go well and watch over us
I love you Dad

  From Your Son
          Simon Mubang Achu
Posted by Lawrence Tabali on June 7, 2021
“Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon.
“Pa, As we look back over time
We find ourselves wondering…
Did we remember to thank you enough
For all you have done for us?
For all the times you were by our sides
To help and support us…
To celebrate our successes
To understand our problems
And accept our defeats?
Or for teaching us by your example,
The value of hard work, good judgment,
Courage and integrity?
We wonder if we ever thanked you
For the sacrifices you made.
To let us have the very best?
And for the simple things
Like laughter, smiles and times we shared?
If we have forgotten to show our
Gratitude enough for all the things you did,
We’re thanking you now.
And we are hoping you knew all along,
How much you meant to us.”
Rest in Perfect Peace
Posted by Abs Ateh on June 6, 2021
*The Rt Honorable Simon Achidi Achu: A Personal Tribute* by Julius Fondong.

As I write this, the Rt Hon Simon Achidi’s mortal remains are lying in a morgue in the US. I have been struck by the paucity of tributes from Anglophone Cameroonians in general and from North-Westerners in particular, in honor of someone I consider to be one of the most influential and iconic politicians in Cameroon, post 1990.

Rt Hon Achidi Achu soared into the national limelight in April 1992, when he was appointed the Prime Minister and Head of Government, pursuant to the legislative elections of March 1992 – the first after the return to multi-party politics. The first three years of Pa Achu’s tenure as PM (1992 to 1995) was very restive, marked by deep-rooted political cleavages and socio-political instability. After the acrimonious presidential elections of October 1992, the nation was thrown into virtual turmoil, especially in the opposition strongholds. In the NW, a state of emergency was in force; civil servants grouped under the Cameroon Public Servants Union (CAPSU) were on strike; the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and the federalist movement were in ascendancy; the country was going through economic difficulties marked by the devaluation of the CFA, reduction of civil service salaries and downsizing of the public workforce. In addition a coalition of students, teachers and parents association (under the leadership of the Teachers Association of Cameroon – TAC) were on the streets demanding the creation of an examinations board for the Anglophone Sub-system of education. By all accounts, Cameroon in 1992 to 1995 was a battered, divided, hopeless nation. And the task of bringing normalcy and healing to it fell on the shoulders of PM Achidi Achu.

They say “Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Man”. Pa Achidi Achu was the man of the moment. He was exactly the kind of Prime Minister needed at that time: his understanding of grassroots politics, his ability and willingness to listen patiently to a wide range interlocutors, his love for consensual politics, his strong belief in peace as the condition sine quo non for development. And above all else his affable, simple and humble personae. As a seasoned politician PM Achidi Achu mastered the politics-development double nexus. He understood, perhaps more than anyone else, the politics of development. And he explained it in very simple terms. “Politics na njangi” he would say. Or “you scratch my back, I scratch your own”. What Pa Achidi was actually saying here is that politics is a game of give and take and to gain something (like a development project) you must be able to give something in return (like political support). This give-and-take approach to politics is what American politicians have developed into an art of governance. They call it pork barrel politics. The combination of limited resources and multiple but competing demands, within the context of multi-party politics, creates a political dynamic in which it becomes imperative to trade political support in favor of development projects. That is what Pa Achidi Achu was trying to get his people, especially the North- Westerners, to understand. The political playing field had changed with the advent of multi-party politics. Henceforth they would learn to give something in order to get something.

Given the fact that the NW in general and Santa Subdivision in particularly (Pa’s home constituency) had come under the domination of the opposition SDF party, Rt Hon Achidi Achu was acutely aware of the fact that his political leverage in Yaoundé was somewhat limited. But he never gave up. A good example is his behind-the-scenes support for the creation of the GCE Board. Many people may not remember that initially the trio of Azong Wara, Joseph Fodje and Arrey Mbi ( TAC frontline leaders) had set out to create a Cameroon Examinations Board (CEB). But Pa Achidi Achu advised against it. He knew that it would be difficult for him to sell the idea of a Cameroon Examinations Board (a purely Anglophone initiative) to the President and the Francophone ruling elite in Yaoundé. So he found a compromise: Create a GCE Board for the Anglophone Sub-system of education and a Baccalaureate Board for the Francophone Sub-system of education. Yes. That was vintage Pa Achidi Achu. He knew that to get Francophone support for the GCE Board he also needed to give them something, even if the Francophones did not know what in God’s name an examination board was or what purpose it served. That was “politics na njangi” in action. Rt Hon Achidi Achu moved from there to spearhead the effective implementation of some development projects in the Anglophone regions that had stalled for decades. Under his tenure, the construction of the first phase of the Bamenda-Ekok road (part of the Trans-Africa Highway) was begun with the construction of the Bamenda-Bali-Batibo stretch of 45km. The tarring of the dangerous parts of the Bamenda Ring Road was also begun. So too was the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe road. He sought an expanded role for the National Shipping Yard Company to include the construction of the Limbe sea port (looks like that project was killed with the jailing of Zach Forjindam). Pa Achidi Achu was a strong believer in the merits of education of the youth. In that regard he approved the creation of hundreds of primary and secondary schools all over the national territory, but particularly in the NW.

Many people have spoken at length about Pa’s legendary simplicity and humility. I often say the measure of man’s humility and simplicity can be judged by his eating habits. Anyone who knew Pa Achidi Achu knew he never ate alone. He took pride in sharing his meals with people. Whether it was in his home at Bali Park or Rock Farms or in the PM’s official residence in Yaoundé or at Mami Ambahe’s house in Old Town or at his sister’s place at T-Junction, Pa would share his meal time with at least 20 people, drawn from all walks of life. I remember during an official visit to Njikwa in the mid-90s, we went to Fon Anyangwe’s Palace in Oshie for refreshments. As I was trying to work out the protocol arrangements, Pa stood up, yanked off his “toghu”, sat down in his undershirt and shorts, called for water to wash in hands, and immediately started digging into his nang tare. Sitting with him in that room and sharing the meal were the government ministers who had accompanied him, Governor Bell Luc Rene and his top security and military brass, farmers, cattle herders, students, ordinary village men and women etc. Seeing the look of surprise on my face Pa Achu turned to me, smiled and said “D.O, gorment work don finish eee. Now na moyo palava”. And with that he pulled a chunk of goat meat from his plate and passed it over to me. It was later I got to know that one of his brothers was married to an Anyangwe and so it was truly a “moyo” affair. 

I have never seen a politician as free-handed with money as the Rt. Hon Achidi Achu. Whatever financial entitlements he earned as PM he gave it all away. I know for a fact that he paid school fees for hundreds of kids and medical bills for hundreds of ordinary people. And he did so just out of his human kindness and never as a means of coercing political support. In fact most of those he helped never supported him politically but that never stopped him from helping others. If you gave Pa Achidi Achu ten million francs at 9 am you can sure it would be finished by 12 noon because he would in turn give all if it away. I remember in 2000, while I was serving as D.O Oku, Pa had come to Elak on some party business. When he was about to leave he called me aside and said he had ran out of money and he needed to top up his fuel to get back to Bamenda. I scavenged around and found 30,000 FRS gave him. As he was about to get into his car, he suddenly remembered he had not seen one of his friends. “Where is Mechas?” he asked me. I told him his friend Mr Mechas (who I think was his Vice President at the North West Cooperative Association) was sick and in bed. “Take me to him” he ordered. So we drove the 10 km to Mbam village to see Pa Mechas. The former PM was so happy to see his old friend again. And as we were about to leave he dug into the pockets of his agbada, took out the envelope containing the 30,000 frs I had just given him, and gave it to Pa Mechas’ wife! That again was vintage Pa Achidi Achu, a man to whom money meant very little; a man who always put the welfare of others above his own.

At no point in the history of this nation, since 1990, has a politician been able to do so much with so little support like the Rt Hon Achidi Achu was able to. But somehow, Anglophone Cameroonians have always focused on the man’s political choices, failing to see for that they are worth, his immense contributions to the life of this nation at a very precarious time in its history. You can say anything about Pa Achidi Achu but the one thing you can’t say is that he was a corrupt politician. He never went into politics for money or for self-aggrandizement. He never amassed any fortunes from politics. A few weeks after Pa left the Prime Minister’s Office he was dead broke because he had given away all his financial entitlements to people he believed needed them more than himself. He lived and died as a man of modest means.

That is why I believe the Rt Hon Simon Achidi Achu is one of Anglophone Cameroon’s most unappreciated and most underrated political leader. Nonetheless, history shall remember Pa Achidi Achu as a crusader for peace and a promoter of development. At a time when this nation was dangling nervously on a dangerous precipice, the Rt Hon Simon Achidi Achu stepped in to provide some much needed hope and healing. And nothing can take that from his legacy.

Adieu Pa. Rest in Peace in the Bosom of your Maker.

Written by Julius Fondong.
Posted by johana zele on June 6, 2021
my daddy, father of many ,why live us so soon, with a heavy heart, full of pain, pains that will cause unstoppable tears. where will I start or stop crying, what will I tell boy, who you love so much, with a fatherly love, you protect and provide for us, always wants to see us happy. I still remember your words of wisdom, you made me to understand that, every thing in this life is vanity, we don't take anything with us when living this earth. Also, anything good or bad we do in this world is for ourself, like you always said it in your own words, "you do good you putam for your cooow you do bad you putam for your cooow. " daddy, thanks for always being there for me and your boy. always seeing that we are happy and in good health. we will have love to have you here with us, but we are left behind, with the assurance that our all knowing God knows best and that you are resting in peace in his blossom. farewell daddy. will keep praying for you. love you, till we meet again to part no more ( Johana)
Posted by Peter Akumchi Awa on June 3, 2021
Paa, when the news of your departure got to us a few hours later, my wife and myself stared at each other for over 5 minuites without saying a word because we didn't want to believe it to be true because we took it for one of those past Jokes about him and President Biya. Before long, we received more calls of the confirmation of the story.
Paa, you have left a vacuum in the political, social, cultural and business life of our country. You were the last corner stone supporting a huge structure. Your departure May not mean the collapse of the structure because you inculcated your spirit in the hearts of many. They will continue to uphold the values you stood for.
I can not count the number of times you sent people you didn't even know of all walks of life to meet me in Douala or Yaounde so I help solve their problems. Once in Yaoundé you arrived the house at 6 am with four gardes and my garde who was so frightened to see you up at that hour of the morning instead of waking me up ran into his room to put on his uniform and get himself dressed before opening the gate and left you standing outside for over 5 minuites when I got crossed and wanted to sanction him you toldme to reward him instead because he was showing respect towards authority.
This like many others marked my style of life in one way or the other.
Paa you have left the stage after fulfilling a lot. We pray the Almighty grands you éternel life by his side till we come you.
Posted by Rosalyn MUTIA on June 3, 2021
We mourn the exit of a fine politician, a political guru and in fact the political beacon of Santa Subdivision. He was one of the political baobabs of the Mezam Division and by extension of the North West Region.His unwavering loyalty to the ideals of the Republic, political astuteness and overt geniality to grassroot militancy have been unrivaled and will remain indelible as worthwhile values in nation building in times of crises. These invaluable attributes sustained him for four years at the helm of government at the time when the North West was traversing the jeopardy of political darkness, characterised by ghost towns, emotional and social malaise and a general economic debacle. We will sorely miss his verve at political sloganeering and his ability to galvanize all and sundry to look in the same direction. May the legacy he thus bequeathes to us shine as an even brighter beacon and inspire us to leave our footprints in the sands of history.

Professor Rosalyn MUTIA
Charge de Mission
Prime Minister's Office
Yaounde, Cameroon.
Posted by FAI IVO NGINYU on June 1, 2021
Daddy, I can't still believe you have gone for ever my small family which you have build love you so much but God loves you more, that's why he called you to join him in His Holly Kingdom for eternal rest . Your legal teaching to us, we shall continue for ever to remember everything you thought us we know you shall still be with us in spirit and in times of difficulties we shall still call on you to help us . Safe trip to the Holly Kingdom of our Heavenly Father
Posted by I P on May 31, 2021
Following the announcement of Prime Minister Simon Achidi Achu's passing into glory, I set out to reflect on what it means to live. As I reflected, my thoughts quickly drifted to his accomplishments as a Statesman; Justice Minister, Prime Minister, Parliamentarian, member of Corporate boards etc. Of all of these accomplishments, I realized that papa Achu was first and foremost a loving dad and a family man, as evidenced by how he spent the concluding years of his life.

After a few minutes into my condolence call with Gustav, his voice suddenly cracked as he lovingly spoke about his father and so I began to offer him some comforting words, but his response was so inspiring as he said, "brother, after all the public life my dad led, he chose to spend his last and very important years with me”, and I thought; what a humble young man and what a blessing in all.

Papa Achu withdrew to a place where he felt most safe and where peace and love was in abundance; his children’s home. He gave them the opportunity to be his "walking stick". He spent quality time with them, blessed them with his wisdom and sought confirmation that all was well before he departed peacefully in their presence.

What a wonderful way to exit.

To Christie, Gus, Noe et al, know that daddy is now in a better place. As you mourn his departure, remember the values he instilled in you; hard work, humility and love of family. I can recall that during most summer holidays, he required you all to go to the village and work in his farm as a condition to getting your school fees paid. Not that he wouldn't pay your fees, but he made you do some work, a calculated way of instilling in you all the grit factor. Crucial life lessons that have served you all the while and that only a very wise, thoughtful and caring dad will pass on to his children.

He passionately served our country Cameroon to the best of his ability and with ceaseless dedication over many years. May the Heavenly Angels welcome him Home and may our good Lord grant him eternal and much deserved rest.

Adieu Pa Simon

Colin Fonmedig
For the Fonmedig Family at home and abroad.
Posted by Kazong Orlando on May 31, 2021
They one is perfect but when your good deeds surpasses your faults you are termed a good person...

I didnt personally know you,but have heard lots of beautiful stories about what you've done for humanity

Go well and rest in peace

Adieu papa
Posted by Felix Tangyie on May 31, 2021
Daddy Simon, I write with deep regret because I never had the opportunity to meet you in person as a grown up, in spite of your several inquiries about me from my mom. It is customary with our tradition that children should run out to the "big figures," but you did it the other way round. Another opportunity showed up at my back yard here in Charlotte, NC. Again, I missed it and only knew about it upon your transition onto glory. I can imagine how much you had to tell me about the Achu's and the Tumassang's and especially how I should go about life in today's world. My only message for you is that, the legacy you are living behind in the Tumassang / Bongam's family will be jealously taken care of. As you journey ahead, extend our love and warm greetings to your brother Paul Nde Tangyie, your uncle Fru Mathias Bongam and aunt Mangyie Azah. Till we meet to part no more, fare thee well Daddy.         
Posted by Dee Osemeno on May 31, 2021
I lost my dad a few years back and I still find myself crying when I think of him. I can ónly imagine how Pa's family will be feeling. What has helped me stay positive is the Bible's promise of a ressurection. At John 5 vs 29 we are assured of the ressurection, it is this hope that has helped me and I hope it helps Pa's family. Please be assured that it is God 'who cannot lie' (Titus1vs 2) that has made this promise and it is sure to pass. You may also find this article helpful:
Posted by Delphine Zeeneh Achu on May 31, 2021
Daddy as we fondly call you

To the world you are just a number

To others a politician but to us you remain our father,  our unifier and our  shepherd. Your transition has left  a gap in our family that no one is able to fill.

I never knew this day will come  so soon but I know that you are in a better place  because you are truly a man after God's heart.

Daddy you have impacted and will continue to impact the lives of millions around the world.

You are gone but not forgotten. You are forever engraved in our hearts

As you continue to rest in peace having accomplished your mission on earth, continue to remind us of the importance of unity, hard work and selflessness.

Till we meet again

Delphine Zeeneh UK

Posted by Nene Achu on May 31, 2021
The special memories with you brings a smile to my face daddy.if only I could have u back for just a little while then we could chat like we used were so easy to talk to,a good listener and always ready to help in which ever way possible.Daddy thanks for all the moments we spent together I will cherish them for the rest of my life.the fact that you’re no longer here will always cause me pain but you are forever in my heart until we meet again.ADIEU DADDY
Posted by Matuh Ntumngia Awunti on May 30, 2021
A tribute to His Excellency Pa Simon Achidi Achu
Pa Simon Achidi Achu was our father Martin Suh Tangyie Ntumngia’s friend and fellow Boban. Pa also became an in-law when our sister Lum Ntumngia got married to his nephew Achu Nyindem.
My father’s story can’t be complete without mentioning Pa Simon Achidi Achu. In my late father’s autobiography titled Lifted Up our father mentions how Pa Simon came to Santa and found him teaching there in Primary School after obtaining 3 A’Levels. At that time Pa was a student at the Federal University of Yaoundé. Pa told our father to leave Santa and enroll at the University. This act shows how kind and encouraging Pa Simon was. I would like to think of Pa as a destiny changer. Papa leaving Santa and enrolling at the Federal University of Yaoundé changed his life and ours forever. RIP Pa Simon. Please say hello to your friend who recently left us on March 27th 2021.
Matuh Ntumngia Awunti on behalf of the Martin Suh Tangyie Ntumngia family
Posted by Abel Ndeh Sanjou-Tadzong on May 24, 2021
A Triute to Senior BOBAN, H.E. Simon Achidi Achu.

Your Excellency,
     Your exit to the world beyond is a huge loss and a heay blow to the State of Cameroon, you have rendered invaluable services as a civil servant, Minister, other positions and crowned  it all as Prime Minister, Head of Government.
   Your grain of sand in the great task of Nation Building is well appreciated and inscribed in the Annals of the History of this Nation.
   Pray God Almighty to be merciful and gracious to you and grant you eternal peaceful rest.
Mr. P.M. ,fare ye well-R.I.P.
Sanjou-Tadzong Abel Ndeh.
Government Delegate Emeritus, Bamenda City Council.
Posted by Fri Bime on May 23, 2021

When we (Ni Bob Achu, Ako Kisob and i) decided to write Pa's story, we took an appointment with him and met him at his Santa residence.
We met Pa at about lunch time and he invited us to join him to eat. After lunch he pulled up a chair and said. "Many people have approached me about writing my story, but I turned all of them down. Why is my story important?"
I responded "Pa, for all the time I have known you, you have been up, you have been down, yet you remain the same. I believe that your resilience and ability to bounce back every time can help some people and motivate others"
He replied, "Put that way, I think we should write it. I have thought about writing my autobiography but just never got round to it"
We made plans on what to do, how we were going to do it. I left Pa with a tape recorder and extra cassettes. But when I returned two weeks later. Pa had not taped anything and the tape recorder was missing. We started interviews, talked about his birth, how he went to school by standing outside the classroom until the teacher invited him into the classroom, met a couple more times but it was impossible to get Pa to talk without distractions even for 30 minutes. It became clear that we needed a Male shadow to follow Pa for as long as possible to get the story, but it was never done because we couldn't find someone at the price we could afford.
We never discussed the title of the biography but I had thought "The cat with Nine lives" for the simple reason that Pa had, had accidents, from which he walked off unscathed. He had been sick to the point of death but somehow he always bounced back. 
Pa had been rich, he had been poor. But each time he was able to bounce back.
Pa could dine at Buckingham palace with the Queen one day, and the next be comfortable eating Achu on a leaf at the farm with some villagers. Pa could be drinking champagne at Etoudi palace with the head of state one day and the next be sharing palm wine with people in a 'Mbu' house. Pa hated eating alone, so his table was always full and his doors always open.
Pa took life easy but was an astute politician. He spoke a lot of most North West vernacular and some of the rest of the country, so he could address them in their vernacular. He was smart to know that politics was discussed at night not during the day. He would go to where he had to go the night before and negotiated with the stakeholders and the next morning they would shake hands over decisions that had been taken the night before.
Pa was an empathetic administrator but a dangerous enemy to have. He held strongly to his beliefs and practiced what he believed.
Pa was a man with a big heart with his weakness being women. He loved them, hurt some and his heart also got broken or disillusioned a couple of times. He often said "one has to have at least one vice and God knows mine is women" Had the book been written and had we had time to get an in depth interview, I most probably would have found out what his attitude towards women was.
Pa goes to meet his maker, with a lot of knowledge, stories and issues we could have learned from him. But since we never did, I guess his story will be written but it would no longer be the same.
Pa journey in perfect peace. I believe it was your time, because you had missed a lot of times. But this time, God said, "You have accomplished your task, so come wear your crown.

Beatrice Fri Bime.
Posted by Joy Atchu yudom on May 23, 2021
Dear Pa Achidi

The first time I met you was when you showed up at our wedding, to one of your Sons as I will later learn. Later I will see you on other occasions and you will be this loving Dad. You will remind of how my Dad was a friend and very smart person.

When l was about to take one of the most difficult decisions in my life again you were the one that gave the advice that made the greatest sense to me as my late father would have and that shaped the path I eventually took and I am grateful for your audience as we had woken you up that morning.

I was privileged again to see you in NC not so long ago. You will hold my hand and even dropped tears when I prayed with you. I will be forever grateful for all the impactful fatherly advices you’ve always provided and thank you for participating in raising a man full of knowledge in so many areas of life, my Husband.

We love and will greatly miss you and I know you will be resting in a better place

Sleep well Papa Achidi

Posted by Pierrette Neh Ntsang on May 22, 2021
Dear Pa,
I only called you Pa or Papa although you were my grand-uncle. You cared about my well-being as if you were my father. You had such a close relationship with my mom that I never did question at a young age how were related. Because of you my single mother was able to provide the best opportunities not just for her children but her brothers and sisters as well. Every encounter with you was personal. You didn't just ask if I was getting good grades at cared if I had gotten my latest eye glasses or if I was coping well with missing my brother who was studying overseas. Summer vacations at you house still hold special memories in my heart. It was indistinguishable which children where biologically yours and which ones where your friends children or extended relatives. You showed me at a very young age that having power and the respect of a nation did not preclude you from being a compassionate, nurturing but firm father. Thank you for all the doors you opened for me. Thank you for always remembering me even after I was gone. Thank you for seeing my late mother in me every time we've seen each other these last couple of years. You may now go rest with your sister Elie...she is waiting for you. I can only imagine the enjoyment you both are having in heaven right now. Rest in peace my dear father. Que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit léger Papa.
Posted by shupefo’o shupong Michael on May 22, 2021
Pa Achidi Achu SIMON, a candle lighter
 You were a political guru, a lover of humanity irrespective of social status. God’s Kingdom financier, an epitome of humility, generosity, selflessness and a destiny helper of many especially the down trodden.
  Your death oh Pa, will for ever creat a vacuum in the lives of many especially myself you considered as one of yours. You taught us a lot that words cannot express especially forgiveness and love for humanity no matter the degree of hurt.
  I am very convinced that you have come to the end of a well accomplished mission here on earth. I can imagine the number of people you lit a candle in the darkest moments of their lives.The number of church projects you spear headed.I can vividly remember how you visited me one Sunday morning and insisted we go to Awing and support the roofing of PC Mbeme which you did with a heavy sum of money. Your host congregation will equally live to remember you for a thanksgiving you organized and millions were raised to carry out priority projects in God’s vineyard.
  We mourn your departure because of who you were to many of us but then we are consoled by the word of God that says “happy are those who from now on die in the service of the lord for their good works shall follow them” Rev.14:13
     ADIEU father of all
     ADIEU destiny helper
     ADIEU Servant of the Lord

          Natural Son.
Posted by David NSOH Ngang on May 22, 2021
A Public Figure who imparted lives.
Eventhough death is inevitable as we pass through this world, it is difficult to believe that Pa is no more. We are lamenting because your lifetime was characterised by doing good to mankind, thereby practically practising one your ideologies "you do good you do for yourself". Your selfless service to mankind went beyond family circles or class and the testimonies are abound.
As a statesman, your vision about politics was to better the lives of Cameroonians by being a peace crusader. Only somebody of your calibre could have handled the crisis of the early 1990s emanating from the introduction of multiparty politics in Cameroon.
It is my fervent wish and prayer that all your good works will count in your favour on resurrection day just as the good works of Docas (Acts 9: 36-42) caused Peter to raise her to live again. May your good works also attract God's unending mercy on the Family and Friends you have left behind.
I deeply regret your departure, but however console myself with the following lessons got from you.
1) There is power in humility which was one of your greatest virtues.
2) By assisting some one in need makes your day a happy one.
3) Live is not all about money.
PA rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute on May 21, 2021
Tribute to a great man, His Excellency, Mr. Simon Achidi Achu!

Mr. Simon Achidi Achu was our Dad’s friend, who later became a father-in-law to the family! Our cousin, Sis. Blanche Njiwam Anyangwe married Uncle Simon Achidi Achu’s younger brother, Ni Bob Achu, and as in the African tradition, we became family.

Uncle Simon Achidi Achu was a true friend, brother and in-law to my dad! One striking memory we all have about him was that he was the one designated to inform our mom, Mrs. Helen Anyangwe, of the passing away of her beloved husband, our dad, late Justice Scott Anyangwe, on that fateful March 5th 1988 Saturday morning at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. Our dad had been sick in London and living with Uncle Dr. Paul Achu, a younger brother to Uncle Simon Achidi Achu. Our mom was scheduled to travel to London that evening of March 5th 1988 to see her husband. If my memory does not fail me, I think one of Pa’s sons, Mokom, was supposed to drive our mom to Douala that day, for her to fly out in the evening. Unfortunately, our dad passed away at 5:00 am London time, and Uncle Simon had the arduous task to be the bearer of such bad news to our mom. But being the skillful politician that he was, he was able to deliver such sad news with such tact that the shock was lessened. According to our mom, when uncle Simon came to the house that morning, he was following her everywhere in the house, but she couldn’t understand why. He kept saying to her “Helen, you know our brother Scott has been very sick, and you are going there to see him, so whatever the situation when you get to London, just accept it.” Then, finally, he said to her “but the die is cast”. He skillfully prepared her to receive the sad news, as only he knew how best to do it!

Uncle Simon Achidi Achu was a generous man. After our dad passed away, he came home one day and handed over a hefty package to our mom to help her pay school fees for her children. My brother Akoh shared that he was a beneficiary of Uncle Simon’s generosity.

Thank you Uncle Simon for being a true friend, brother and in-law to our dad!
Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

To the entire Achu Family, our deepest condolences! Papa has gone but he lives behind wonderful memories and a great legacy! Those beautiful memories we will treasure forever! May God Comfort you all!

“As a day well-spent brings happy sleep, so a life well-spent brings happy death.” Leonardo Da Vinci!

Pa Simon Achidi Achu’s was a happy life!
Rest well Great Man!

Dr. Njwen Anyangwe-Ngute
On behalf of the Family of Late Justice Scott Anyangwe!
Posted by Muna Acha on May 21, 2021
Pa, Jango, our father, we the children of late Festus Taju Acha and late mama Helen Lum Boma-Acha will always and never forget the good times we spent running up from our house as pioneer Bali park family to yours our neighbor and how you never forgot to say ‘una go backside make them give una chop’. I remember when I Muna back in 2008 came to see you at 10 PM at night at your ranch in Santa with my late mom, you held moms hand and told everyone there that this is my big sister, the one who used to hold my hand to school and always gave me food. The stories that night were so exiting of course meeting pa anywhere anytime called for laughter.
Oh Jango, our hero, all the assistance you gave my family when we lost our dad at an early age and all the recommendation letters you gave us while as adults will forever be in our hearts.
Pa, you were a good father to all and your spirit will live behind and forever be remembered, travel well to your final resting place and greet papa and mama for us till we shall meet again. RIPP Pa
Muna Acha
On behalf of late Festus Taju Acha’s family
Posted by Estella Atanga on May 21, 2021
Daddy You will be missed in a way that words can not express. Your kindness and generosity to all you came across was very much appreciated. You were a river through which blessings flowed and we are thankful for that. We will hold on to the wonderful memories that we shared with you. May you rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Simon A Achu on May 21, 2021
The source of my names and ID. Will be forever grateful for living with you made me to become a man. Your njangi of being helpful, humble, kindness, open handedness, love, hardwork, peace, unity, love for Fatherland, servitude, accepting everyone, etc... will always count as your blessings. I will remain your njangi man and stay permanent until the day we meet again. Great our ancestors, and may The Almighty God grant you eternal rest.
Your permanent and namesake
Simon A Achu.
Posted by B Achu on May 20, 2021
No, my father was not perfect, but who in this world is? What I can say is my father was perfectly himself; The politician, the statesman, the teacher, and a leader. For that, I am ever grateful for being his son. Dad’s life was instructive in many ways and his influences are felt across communities. He loved his people so much; I think too a fault because he had more love than there was time in the day to share with all. Rest in peace dad.
Posted by Sally Achu on May 20, 2021
Dear Grandpa Achu,
Thank you for everything you helped me achieve. Thank you for all the advice and encouragement. Sadly you have passed away but I will always remember you. Rest In Peace grandpa.
Your granddaughter,
Mengwei Fointama.
Posted by Felix Anoma on May 20, 2021
It is hard to know where to start talking about Pa Achu. 
He is called many names: Rt. Honorable; Mr. Prime Minster, Senator, Ni Simon, or just---Pa. To the Bali Park surrounding families and neighbors, he was to us, just Pa, or Pa Simon. 
And to the surrounding families, we saw in him many admirable qualities: humility; generosity; love for family and friends and a quintessential shrewd politician. Most people who ever had the pleasure of meeting Pa Achu would agree that he made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. His humility had no bounds. Pa Simon, as the late Statesman was fondly called, was exceptional in most of the things he did. 
In his native Santa or Bali Park where he lived, he visited all his neighbors in good and bad times, never failing to bring laughter through his witty jokes. He knew the names of all the children in the neighborhood and never waited to be greeted. He related to the old and the young with equal respect and all visitors to his house were always amazed that he invited  everyone to his table; servants, buyam sellams, ministers and all.
Pa Simon was a very generous man sponsoring so many children through school and others in business.  A pragmatic and practical individual, he summarized this philosophy in simple terms "Who know tomorrow?" and "Politics na njangi".
I know for sure that he enjoyed the simple things in life like his palm wine and 'akob' and would not hesitate to share. A man filled with such humility.
Pa Simon will be missed by many of us who had the privilege of knowing him well but we live with the wisdom of his words and the good that he imparted in his lifetime. Graciously, he welcomed my family at Bali Park and had the joy to later become our family through marriage. We have lost a father. 
Pa, go in peace and may God reserve a table set with achu, mungwin, ngoh, cutting grass and a cold calabash of palm wine. You’ll be sorely missed.
Felix Anoma on behalf of the Anoma family
Posted by Ignatius Dingha on May 20, 2021

                        Section President

Your Excellency, Prime Minister Emeritus, Senator Simon Achidi Achu, a patriot of exceptional dimension, an indisputable icon, a statesman of great repute and very traditionally a towering Baobab, a great father and a great friend, where do I begin ? It is hard to talk of you in the past, Pah, as I fondly called you. You have quit the scene and practically left the stage and the darkest clouds seem to cover the sky.
I received news of your demise with shock and bewilderment especially as I had continued to nurse hopes that you wouldn’t depart this sinful world so soon, God having been so generous to you as to grant you a bonus life beyond the three score and ten years. But despite your advanced age, you remaind so vibrant and lifely for one to imagine you could be recalled home this soon.
I can still very vividly recall that our paths crossed each other’s when providentially duty called me to our Region of origin as Paymaster General. You practically not only fell in love with my manner of service to our people but very readily adopted me as your son. Together with my late brother and father Hon Doh Gahgwanyin III you ushered me into politics and stood solidly by me at all times. You graced vitually all my Section Conferences and most important political events presided over by me with your distinguished presence all in a bid to encourage and support me. You entreated me to take politics as a way of life as it avails us of the opportunity to service.
In the wake of the first ever Senatorial Elections and from your sick bed in Paris you urged me not to include my name in any list but to wait on you for us to form a list. It turned out that I virtually built up our winning list on your directions. You took me into your confidence on varied and wide range of issues to the point that our immediale environment considered me your private secretary. It has always been needless to argue to the contrary as I effectively and readily played that role both in politics and at the Senate. My numerous visits to your « Roc farm » imbued me with a tremendous sense of duty and community life and further strengthened the bond of love and affection between us. You were an endearing father that I never knew with a conscious mind. Thank you dear father, dear friend for being there and believing in me ; inculcateing the virtues of generosity, the fear of God, humility, hardwork and love. You were so kind-hearted, soft-talking, level-headed and with a high sense of of humour in all your public outings. In fact you were friendly to all and loved by all.
It is extremely hard to come to terms with your sudden departure. Your graceful and elegant strides, and your contagious smile will linger on for long. In short your memories as an accomplished politician, and an examplary statesman will never ever fade away. A true lover of tradition you were ; a man of the people, a man of integrity and wisdom. There is no doubt therefore that a crown of beauty awaits you in the heavenly Kingdom from your maker. Fare thee well dear father and friend till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Christine Achu on May 20, 2021

By Oswald Tebit

Adieu Achirimbi.

*"You scratch my back I scratch your back."*

One of Prime Minister Pa Achidi Achu's famous quotes on the campaign trail.

He also told the people of Bafut that his original name was Achirimbi but the Whiteman shortened it to Achidi. What a politician.

RIP Pa Achu. You gave your utmost for the people of Southern Cameroons.

All those who enrolled in secondary school in 1986 & 1988 and wrote the GCE O & A Levels in 1993 respectively should: *#Adieu Prime Minister Pa Achidi Achu#*

We do not seem to really understand or grasp what he did in 1993 which had a direct impact on all of us batches of 1986 & 1988 with GCE A & O Levels respectively.

Had Prime Minister Pa Achidi Achu blinked in 1993 to Joseph Owona & Mbella Mbappe, all batches of 1986 & 1988 (that is everyone who enrolled in secondary school form 1 in 1986 & 1988 and wrote A & O Levels in 1986 & 1993 respectively) across Southern Cameroons & LRC today will be *Boyses & Girlses in the bushes*

In 1993 (when our batches wrote the GCE A & O Levels), that was the second year in a row TAC (Teachers Association of Cameroon) led by Azong Wara & Arrey Mbi, went on strike not to mark the GCE until the Ministry of National Education with Minister Robert Mbella Mbappe grants a GCE Board.
The current Ambazonian Armed Conflict did not start today. It's magma had been boiling since the 1990's.

That year we did not have our GCE Results till about November/December 1993.
We started Lower Sixth in January 1994 (3 months behind schedule). While A Level graduates missed enrollment in respective Universities across the world.

At the height of the 1993 TAC vs Ministry of National Education GCE Board Battle, the then Secretary General at the Presidency Joseph Owona refused to approve the decree creating the GCE Board.

Achidi Achu as Prime Minister signed the decree creating the GCE Board.
Joseph Owona complained. The President of the Republic who was on his usual long holidays in Switzerland, upon arrival in Yaounde, approved Achidi Achu's decision to the dismay of Joseph Owona. 

Southern Cameroons let's show some respect for Prime Minister Pa Achidi Achu.
He did his utmost for the people of Southern Cameroons.

*#Adieu Prime Minister Pa Achidi Achu#*
Posted by Ndinjo Stanley on May 20, 2021
What an energetic political and humanitarian bulldozer... gone like a candle in the wind. U served God and your nation with honor, truth and valour. If i were your creator, i would make you a knight in that most cherished kingdom void of Politics and stress. To many, u were a Husband, daddy, a grand and great grand pa... yet u were a National Hero.
You ran the race well daddy, u deserve to rest well.
Posted by Mengue Corina on May 19, 2021
grandpa you too you leave me! My heart is bleeding, I am in pain. You have been a great father and father to me. You opened your heart and your arms to me and you gave me the love, the affection I need. The advice and values ​​that you taught me, I will apply them even to your absence. grandpa, who will force me to eat bananas again? I retain from you humility, attention, a sense of truth! You are and will remain for me a man with a big heart.May God welcome you to his humble abode

Rest in perfect peace grandpa️❤️❤️

Posted by jerescocity achu on May 19, 2021
Duty,dignity,honor and the respect of traditional rules and values are the qualities that Daddy stood for.
  A senior statesman with conscience whose only reason for living was to put a smile on each soul which he came across.
  A great and noble man that did everything special from his religious life to his political doctrines.
  Rest on Daddy because writing alone can't illustrate who you really were cause you lived a practical life and i will strive in my own little conner to uphold to your doings,while thanking you for the man i have become, i give to you my ceaseless prayers while you sleep because you have worked and work is done when man works no more.
    Your Rest is assured and let perpetual light shine on you.
      ACHU .M. AKAM (Jeres)
   Superintendent of Prisons
Posted by Ayodele Haman-Achu on May 18, 2021
Grandpa was a great man of honor, and today we celebrate him as brave, loving, and loyal. May he rest in peace as we will remember him as the greatest father and grandfather as he rests in peace, amen,

Will always love you grandpa, Abu, your granddaughter

Posted by Ayodele Haman-Achu on May 18, 2021
Dear Grandpa, this is to all the times you have helped the poor, those days when you were not in a good mood, but had a smile on your face. Your legacy, courage, and loyalty will forever live on as you be remembered as the best, father, brother, cousin, and grandfather to ever walk the earth.

I love and miss you grandpa, Maseh, your granddaughter
Posted by Ayodele Haman-Achu on May 18, 2021
Pa Simon was an incredible man. Grandpa lived his life, not by asking from others, but by giving. Grandpa served not just his nation, but his family and community. Grandpa treated everyone equally, with love, understanding, and kindness, from the poorest beggar to the richest king. Like the sun, grandpa attracted attention just from being in the room, but never demanded it, always a modest and demure person. I am blessed to have known him, even just briefly, as are all the people whose lives grandpa has touched. Though I deeply mourn grandpa’s departure from this world, I celebrate his life, and take comfort in the fact that grandpa may now rest.

Love, Ayodele, your granddaughter
Posted by Christine Achu on May 18, 2021
A Triute to Senior BOBAN, H.E. Simon Achidi Achu.
  Your Excellency,
     Your exit to the world beyond is a huge loss and a heay blow to the State of Cameroon, you have rendered invaluable services as a civil servant, Minister, other positions and crowned  it all as Prime Minister, Head of Government.
   Your grain of sand in the great task of Nation Building is well appreciated and inscribed in the Annals of the History of this Nation.
   Pray God Almighty to be merciful and gracious to you and grant you eternal peaceful rest.

   Mr. P.M. ,fare ye well-R.I.P.
   Sanjou-Tadzong Abel Ndeh.
  Government Delegate Emeritus, Bamenda City Council.
Posted by Nyindem Family on May 17, 2021
When I first met the Ret. Hon. Achidi Achu, who was already in Basel Mission College (CPC) Bali, in 1954 little did anyone know God had mighty plans ahead of us.

It was only in 1971, when I met Esther, that God's hidden plans came to light. Hon. Achidi Achu was very instrumental to where my family stands today. The Nyindem family will miss a great in-law.

To God be the Glory!
Peter Nyindem
Posted by Ngam Raïssa on May 16, 2021
May the Lord grant him eternal rest in Heaven and comfort the family he has left behind. Rest in Peace.
Posted by QUINTA RITA YAYA EDANG on May 16, 2021
Dear Daddy,

You were a very rare human being as you did everything to put food on the table of all needy persons you came across.
If we are who we are today, it is because you groomed us and placed us in the society.

You radiated the joy of parenthood as you served as the father of the fatherless.

You were ready to crack jokes when the going was okay and did not hesitate to scold when it was necessary.

As PM, you embodied very distinctly the vision to build a peaceful and united Cameroon.

Death is inevitable and the pain of losing such a dear Uncle is acute.

Go Daddy Si.
God is waiting for you.

Posted by Azu'u Fonkam on May 16, 2021
His Excellency Simon Achidi Achu lived a long and eventful life!Few people in contemporary Cameroon can boast of a more distinguished career!
In his civil service career he held the most senior positions that are any public servant's envy:Permanent Secretary or Secretary General, Inspector General!
His political career saw him as an accomplished grassroots politician holding inter alia the strategic position of CPDM Section President for the erstwhile lone Greater Mezam Section after serving as Sub Section President for Santa, taking over from the iconic Honourable Sam Mofor of "the Man you are ya of" fame!
If there is a politician who did his political stewardship in the noblest sense, it was the Right Honourable Simon Achidi Achu!He dutifully served our first generation of politicians (John Ngu Foncha, Solomon Tandeng Muna, Sam Mofor etc).He indeed went through the political mill assiduously!He knew the rough and tumble of competitive multiparty politics by effectively being on the hustings in a supportive role with the political heavy weights of the day!
It was consequently with ease that he assumed the mantle of power in some of the coveted positions in our land:Cabinet Minister, Member of the National Assembly, Senator and Prime Minister, Head of Government.
Coming from the same political constituency, l can modestly claim I saw him operate first hand on the slippery political terrain of Santa, greater Mezam and the North West Region in particular, and at the national level in general.
One does not need to like Pa Achu as he was fondly called, to admit that he was a consummate political animal!He knew how to burn the political midnight oil in order to achieve his set political goals!He knew how to stoop to conquer!
Pa Achu will be remembered above all for the pivotal role he played in restoring the authority of the State at the height of the ghost towns and civil disobedience!His humility, accessibility, common touch and high sense of the public good were qualities in high demand as our country experienced some of its darkest days as a nation!
We have lost in him therefore a true servant of our country, a man of rare political courage, vision and conviction!We have lost a man of calm and unassuming dignity!We have lost a true philanthropist, "the father of all children"!We have lost a pragmatic and charismatic Elder Statesman!Yes Cameroon has lost one of its emblematic Statesmen but Santa Sub Division mourns the passing of a brother, father, grandfather and great grandfather, one of its ablest politicians!He certainly was no angel, but he brought into our rather contentious political arena his intrinsic qualities of humility, kindness and generosity!
Fare thee well the Akamentso of the Pinyin Clan!Travel light and easy the builder of church houses and mosques!Rest from your earthly labours the man who put a smile on the faces of many orphans!You ran the good race, you fought the good fight!May your Creator have mercy on your gentle soul and award you a place in his Kingdom.
Posted by Simon Anoma on May 14, 2021
Very rarely does a person have the opportunity to learn the truth of unconditional love. To do something for someone and never expect anything back, and to express your love for that person through doing that action everyday without fail. I learned the difference between duty and devotion, and I have you to thank. Thank you, Grandpa, for every moment.
Posted by Roland Ngam on May 14, 2021
Hon. Simon Achidi Achu was a very clever civil servant, farmer and politician who played a pivotal role in holding Cameroon together during the last decade of the 20th century.

As a civil servant, he was a man of integrity who retired with his head held high - no money stashed in faraway tax havens.

As a farmer, he sagaciously led the North West Co-operative movement through a very difficult time, after West Cameroon coffee producers had lost their Board and were still finding their feet within the NPMB. He would later go on to found one of the biggest privately-owned plantations in the North West. I met him on his farm on several occasions where we discussed agricultural economics and its potential to emancipate the people of the NWP.

As a politician, he helped restore calm in our body politic when Cameroon was on the brink. Anecdotes about his negotiation skills have become the stuff of legends. Francophones in the remotest villages will fondly quote you the line "Porotik na njangi" if you bring up the name Achidi Achi.

I know that friends and family miss him dearly, but let's take solace in the fact that he is in a better place now, where he watched over us and guides our steps. Vaya con Dios, Honourable!    

Dr. Roland Nkwain Ngam.  
Posted by Honore Ngam on May 14, 2021
Eternal rest, great leader and patriarch. May you rest in total peace after a fruitful life of selfless service to your country and people.
My prayers also go out for divine consolation on Gustav and the entire Achu family.
Posted by Ngam Ne on May 13, 2021
Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I know this must be a very difficult and demanding time for you all. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. May Pa's soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Beri Kari on May 12, 2021
Dear Pa Gustav

You will forever be remembered for your good deeds, like my dad always said great things about you; you both were my role models, your friendship meant a lot and we shall uplift your legacies forever, RIP as you join the heavenly family.....till we meet again
Posted by Benardine Nsom on May 11, 2021
Pa, you were a generous, simple, humble and kind person which only those who came close to you could experience. And your generosity was not base on 'man-know man' but towards anyone who needed your assistance. These qualities made you to celebrate your life wherever you found yourself; by so doing, brought joy to many. Rest in peace and may the Good Lord forgive your little failings and take you to his eternal kingdom.
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