Posted by Sherman Coleman on May 16, 2020
Happy Birthday Pastor Kitt,
I always feel at a loss for words during this time. However your memories and legacy always seem to get me through. You helped shape me into the man I am today and I can only say THANK YOU. I will try to carry on the torch as always a torch that you ignited.
Posted by Angela Edmonds on May 16, 2020
Happy Birthday Pastor Kitt!
I believe, you are watching us from heaven and are so proud of how your Extraordinary Women of God have remembered your teachings that prepared us for such a time as this. You are in my heart forever!
Posted by Sherman Coleman on December 6, 2019
Pastor Kitt
You continue to make us stronger every day...

Sherman Coleman
Posted by Sherman Coleman on May 16, 2019
Memories, Memories, Memories. Those lasting images that we share may they never become old or faded. Your memory and your legacy live stronger now than ever before. Rest Rest Rest forever more...
Posted by LeCora Taylor on December 9, 2018
Pastor Kitt, we thank God for the legacy you left. Thank you Pastor for sharing you. We miss you! Al, you and Pastor did a marvelous job. He is a good young man! Your influence at The V is still much alive. Pastor Brew is preaching as he says, this bamma is preaching. THANKS. Your influence is everlasting. THANKS!
Live. Forever missed.
Posted by Sherman Coleman on December 7, 2018
Pastor Kitt,
Even with the passage of time this does not get any easier. I would say however you would be very proud of your past surroundings for things have grown and changed in your image. May your foundation continue to shape us all and your loving memory will never be dim.
Posted by Jean Williams on May 27, 2017
What a powerful EXCEPTIONAL Woman!
She created an environment amongst women where I could learn to trust and grow. Until this time, I had NEVER felt safe in the environment where there were more than 2 women. 
I met her at age 50 and I was 69 when she left. All of the safety that she provided went with her and I was left to stand in what she taught me despite all of the attacks. 
Had I never met her, I would never have known that I was a phenomenal woman who was created in the image and likeness of God and I did not need another human to validate me. 
Because of her, I love and honor all women regardless of how they treat me. She taught me how to love unconditionally.
Posted by LeCora Taylor on May 17, 2017
Pastor Kitt, yesterday was your you didn't know. We celebrate you. I was just saying Hi to your picture the other day. Church is not the same. I pray for us daily and looking to God to take us where He wants us to go. Hubby and I will be resigning from Healing School on Dec 31st.r We thank you for the opportunity to serve the Lord through you and Pastor Brewington. We grew a lot and I pray we have accomplished the purpose of God. We thank God for the next person in charge to take it where you saw in your vision. Love you much....
Posted by Sherman Coleman on May 16, 2017
Another year Pastor Kitt another fitting TRIBUTE.
Posted by LeCora Taylor on May 16, 2016
Happy Birthday, Pastor Kitt!!! You truly are missed!!!!
Posted by Sherman Coleman on May 16, 2016
"Pastor Kitt"
Another year has come and gone and I still hold you very close and dear to my heart. I think of you often and I continually feel your presence with me. I just want you thank you for being there now and forever more.
Posted by Ivy Coleman on May 16, 2016
We love and miss you Pastor Kitt....
Posted by Lynnette Bosan on December 6, 2015
Hello Pastor Kitt,
I miss you so much, I still remember your smile, your warm hugs. Your love was amazing. They will always be embedded in my heart forever. Your songs are always on my heart. I love you and will miss you forever and ever. Until we meet again - Rest in Peace.
Posted by Alida Tchicamboud on December 6, 2015
Hello mommy, I have been talking about you for the past 4 days and didn't even realized that this birthday was coming up.
Your teaching is still and will remain fresh in my heart. The message you received for me 5 years ago is coming to past (someone else just confirm it again). Oh mommy, my mommy I miss you so much. Thank you for everything. Je t'AIME. Forever, your French lady.
Posted by LeCora Taylor on May 16, 2015
Happy Birthday, Pastor Kitt. Your legacy lives on. What you showed us, taught us, instilled in us lives forever....we love and miss you!!!
Posted by Michele Brown-Russell on December 7, 2014
I dreamt of you the other night & when I woke up I immediately wrote down the dream. Even after physically leaving this earth you are STILL teaching me things. I miss you so much!!!! Thank you for continually investing in me. You're still the absolute BEST Spiritual Mom!!!! Rest easy my angel. I love you for life!!!!
Posted by felicia Felicia on December 6, 2014
Happy Birthday Pastor Kitt. Your are a legend in my book. Your walk was very inspiring to me. Your smile was always so bright. Your love for God was evident. Thank you for being a role model of what an extraordinary women look like. SURELY you will forever be in my heart
Posted by Alida Tchicamboud on December 6, 2014
Just talked about you couple days ago, remembering how much you used to say that God loves me. I miss you mommy. Your French lady
Posted by ANN SMITH on May 16, 2014
Posted by Sophfronia Tucker on May 16, 2014
The song sums it up perfectly, gone too soon. Happy Birthday sister! As you celebrate in heaven, we cheris your memory on earth.
Posted by Angela Edmonds on May 16, 2014
Pastor Kitt,
I often see you in my dreams, smiling and singing, so I know all is well. I will love you always for what you deposited in me and everyone you came in contact with. I think of you everytime I see the sun shine. You are forever in my heart
Posted by Debra Carr on May 16, 2014
Pastor Kitt,

We love you and your songs are still ringing in our hearts!
Posted by ANN SMITH on December 6, 2013
Hello my Beautiful Angel in heaven, I did not think it would
Be two years now does not even seem like it. I know
In my heart u are forever missed and a lot has changed
Since u been gone but I know u are in a better
Place in Paradise. Love u Pastor KITT forever in my heart
Til I see u again
Posted by Vilma Simon Bond on December 6, 2013
Mom you are forever in my heart. I still remember your smile.
I know I will see you again.
Love Vilma
Posted by Sophfronia Tucker on December 6, 2013
An amazing woman of God. She will forever be loved and missed!
Posted by Carmenlita Williams on December 6, 2013
2 years ago our lives were changed forever. Pastor Kitt you are truely missed. We love you.
Posted by Wendall Brown on October 22, 2013
What a beautiful spirit! I love and miss you, but will see you again in celebration!
Posted by ANN SMITH on September 13, 2013
Hey Pastor Kitt I was just thinking about you how you are just being missed. A Beautiful Spirit you always have we seen it and knew it, I just wanna thank you for being that beautiful Lady Pastor in my life. I love u so much everyday and know you are in a better place. Heaven I am sure it is where you are loving. Well I will go RIP til I see u again
Posted by Ivy Coleman on May 17, 2013
Pastor Kitt,
You taught me the value of always having faith in the promises of God, being a woman of virtue and strength. I love you and your memory is never far from my heart.

Thank you....
Posted by judith clark on May 17, 2013
Pastor Kitt: Praising God for your life and your legacy - I listen to your CD constantly and it continues to renew me and soothe me. "Glory", track 12 is my favorite...Rest in peace
Posted by LeCora Taylor on May 17, 2013
Happy Birthday, Pastor Kitt! Still living out what you taught - faith!
Posted by Angela Edmonds on May 16, 2013
Pastor Kitt,
I will always remember your smile and how you would greet me as if I were your BEST friend. I truly miss you, but you are always close to me in my heart. Thank you for being a true woman of God and an example to strive towards." Love you much!
Posted by Sherman Coleman on December 26, 2012
Pastor Kitt,
From our early days on you have and will continue to help me strive to get the best out of life. Your loving support of me and my family was always met with the utmost anticipation and respect and may your legacy continue to move those you touched.
Posted by Kathy Settles on December 10, 2012
I remember those VESSELS OF PRAISE singers WAY Back in the day. God truly used you as a vessel of honor and we are honored to have known you. Enjoy Jesus, Kitt. Love from Refuge Church, Olney, MD
Posted by LeCora Taylor on December 7, 2012
Miss you, Pastor Kitt.
Posted by Kathy B on December 6, 2012
Pastor Kitt. I can't believe it has been a year since you graduated to heaven. You are missed on earth. I just thank God for allowing our paths to cross and for the blessing that you have been to me. My life is better because of you. I will see you when I get there. Much love.
Posted by charlotte richardson on December 6, 2012
Pastor Kit; I miss you too much! Your gift is truly missed in the body........will always and forever love you much.
Posted by DeBorah Smith on December 6, 2012
This is truly one anniversary I would have rathered not had. For Pastor Kitt is still a great part of my life and is missed beyond what words can explain. I thank God for my Spiritual Father, Pastor Dwayne Brewington who continually keep Pastor Kitt apart of his messages, it definitely softens the pain in knowing she is no longer with us! Praise God!
Posted by Carolyn Stukes on May 16, 2012
Happy Birthday Pastor Kitt you are loved and truly missed . Thank for being a great example of a woman living for God . My prayer is that I follow your example . I love you .
Posted by LeCora Taylor on May 16, 2012
Happy Birthday, Pastor Kitt. We love you and oh so much miss you! Tell Big Brother Jesus hello! and Patsy....
Posted by Carmenlita Williams on May 16, 2012
Happy Birthday to my spiritual mother!!! Enjoy life in Heaven... Miss you much.
Posted by Vilma Simon Bond on May 16, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom;
You are missed. Is Big Daddy wearing you out with lots and lots, and lots of singing.
love always.
Vilma Simon Bond
Posted by Alida Tchicamboud on May 16, 2012
Leaving work last night I was thinking about you, so I decided to listen to your music I put the CD on and worshipped. I miss you all the time mommy. Happy BD, Joyeux Anniversaire. Love, yuor French lady
Posted by Kathy Settles on May 16, 2012
Pastor Kitt - I wish I knew you more intimately. We met when you led The Vessels of Praise way back in the day but I never forgot your music as it causes us to want to worship God even more. It was melodic and beautiful. We ran across each other in the mall and other places and you were always loving and cordial. When I saw above that someone called you "PK" I thought wow that's me 2!
Posted by Michele Brown-Russell on May 16, 2012
Happy Birthday to an incredible woman of God!! I miss you everyday Momma!!
Posted by Robin Felder on January 5, 2012
Pastor Kitt,
You've taught me so many things. I am a strong woman of faith because of you! I am going to miss your smile, your laughter, your music, and you! 

I love you!
Posted by Lakisha Wade on January 1, 2012
You taught me how to study the Word and discover myself.
You taught me how to be a wife. You taught me how to be a mother.
You taught me how to be a friend.
You taught me how to love God.
You taught me...more (I love you)
Posted by Carmenlita Williams on December 30, 2011
Pastor Kitt,
My family and I love and miss you soo much! You were the BEST spiritual mother a daughter could ask for. I want to thank you for helping me to be a better daughter, mother and wife! I will always miss you and will keep your teachings close to my heart. Love always.
Posted by Tammie Grice on December 27, 2011
Thanks for teaching us how to stand on His word! I will miss you tremendously!

Elder Tammie
Posted by ANN SMITH on December 24, 2011
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