Posted by brandy lorraine on December 23, 2011
"Pator Kitt,
thank you for teaching me how to stand on Gods word and believe that all thing are possible through christ jesus , I will truley miss you and I am so Thankfull that we got to spend some time together at Turf Valley , I will never forget you singing "Happy Birthday " to me I see you in time love you "Brandy"
Posted by Kathy Settles on December 22, 2011
I am just learning of this today and I truly am sorry for the family's loss. Pastor Kitt was amazing as the leader of The Vessel's of Praise way back in the day when they visited Refuge Church. I know she is so happy now although we are saddened. May The Lord bless her son and husband as well as all of her family in the church etc. Refuge Church/Lamont & Kathy Settles (Olney, MD)
Posted by Debra Carr on December 20, 2011
Pastor Kitt
Blessed my life so much! The thing I loved most about Pastor Kitt is that she loved and treated everyone with the love of Christ.
I love you Pastor Kitt!
Debra Carr
Posted by Vilma Simon Bond on December 19, 2011
I wish you had not left so soon, I wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. You will always be in my memory. I remember the times of rehearsals on the praise team how you would let us do the songs over and over. I find peace in knowing you are having a great time with Big Daddy. forever love
Posted by Brenda Douglas on December 18, 2011
"Pastor Kitt,Wow!I just could not believe you left to be with the Lord, I will always have the Joy of the Lord in my heart and it is because you showed me how to Love the Lord with Prayer and most important praise. Yes every day I sing the very songs you taught me and now my children sing them. When they hear your voice the go, Pastor Kit Pastor Kit. We will miss you and always love you
Posted by Sierra Carter on December 16, 2011
Pastor Kitt, I only knew you for 1 year as my spiritual mother. But in that time you have inspired me to never give up on God, and that no matter what your present situation looks like, you have known better times, and you will see greater times ahead! I know you are in heaven getting the praise team together! = ) I love you, will miss you ALWAYS!
Posted by Lucy Johnson on December 16, 2011
Pastor Kitt.... All I can say is "thank you for your life" because your life changed mine. You were my role model, you walked in love, you had great faith and you always reminded me that nothing is impossible with God. You will always be in my heart. I love you and I will miss you tremendously! Untill I see you again...
Posted by ROSA BADU-BAIDOO on December 15, 2011
Pastor Brewington & Family My prayers are with you ,family & ministry.I had the opportunity to meet Pastor Kitt @ VCMI Women's Conference. She was a woman of the word. May he give you and family oil of joy for mourning, beauty for ashes, and comfort you in this hour we know she is with our Heavenly Father..This transition is for those that remain..Do THEY know THE JESUS SHE PREACHED?
Posted by Carolyn Young on December 14, 2011
My heart is heavy as I bid farewell to a strong and faithful woman of God. He graced you with wisdom, kindness and the strength to lead. I have been blessed by your words and the example you set for us as virtuous women. As you take your place with Our Father, know that you will be missed, but we will gather again and rejoice again. We love you.
Posted by Jeannette Jones on December 14, 2011
Our family experience Pastor Kitt's meek & humble spirit during a very tragic time in our lives when we lost our beloved nephew Rageim Wade. She & the VCCI family really demonstrated the love of Christ during our time bereavement. Pastor Kitt continued to follow/support my sister Linda. Pastor Kitt you have left a legacy of the Good Shepard that loved and cared for your flock. Thank You
Posted by Vilma Simon Bond on December 14, 2011
I am still trying to process your timing for leaving.
Each time I saw you it was a joy to hug you.
Am still trying to process.

love always
Posted by DeBorah Smith on December 14, 2011
I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to know one of his awesome Angels. Pastor Kitt Brewington has been my spiritual mom for over 16 years and her presence will be truly missed. All that I have learned from the "V" has changed me to who I am and what I continue to learn will change me to who God see me to be. Thank you Pastor Kitt you are truly loved and will never be forgotten!
Posted by Michelle Waiters on December 14, 2011
You will be missed. I appreciate you. Thank you.
Posted by Cocoa Ofori on December 14, 2011
Pastor Kitt!
I am grateful to have met you and be in your presence. You are truly a gracious and strong women of God. I admire your strength and your love for the Lord. I will always remember your smile. You will truly be missed.
The Ofori's
Posted by Hedwig Deh on December 14, 2011
Pastor Kitt, watching you, your love for all, your faith, strength and hope in the lord, gave me a new life for ever in Christ. I remember your smile that always gave me strength and hope. I remember your words always to me , "how are the kids,no, God has your back, don't worry, God is able to do. Your are an extraordinary virtious queen of the most high God indeed. Thank God for you.
Posted by Tanya Ware on December 14, 2011
Pastor Kitt
I thank you for your teaching of the word of God.
Posted by charlotte richardson on December 13, 2011
When I first came to MD I needed a home church and Pastor Kit was my first contact with VCCI. We had a wonderful conversation via telephone. Pastor Kit became my mom. teacher and friend. She loved me unconditionally and I know our Lord has said to her; "Well Done Faithful Daughter." You will "Surely" be missed. DC Loves you.
Posted by Melvin Russell on December 13, 2011
WOW - There's so much to say about this dynamic woman and what she's done for me and what she meant to me. When I first came to the church she laid hands on me after the doctor told me I'd need to have shots once a week for the rest of my life - I was healed, our electric was cut off with a 1700 bill she just paid it, my kids wanted a PS2 for christmas so bought it for us. A true giver.
Posted by Alida Tchicamboud on December 13, 2011
Mommy it's your French lady Alida, thankful and grateful for having you in my life.Everytime I go throught things I remember your exact words when holding my hands" Alida I feel so much of God's love in your life, don't worry you will be ok. Go to sleep at night he got you and the boys, you cannot make it on your own, he is waiting for you let him handle. You were an amazing mommy JE TAIME
Posted by Michele Brown-Russell on December 13, 2011
"Momma" you taught me how strong I can be no matter what I am facing. You also showed me things about myself that I didn't see and most of all you taught me what unconditional love is. No thank you would be sufficient. Loving you forever!!
Posted by Carolyn Stukes on December 13, 2011
Pastor Kitt I am so encouraged by your strength , your faith , and your love . Pastor Kitt because of you I will know who God say's I am and my family will call me blessed . Pastor Kitt you are blessed wow what a Proverbs 31 women you were . I Love You Pastor Kitt and I do know that you are at peace and you are Restored . Praise God
Posted by felicia Felicia on December 13, 2011
I was with Victory for 12 years and I always admired Pastor Kitts faith. She was truly a virtuous women of GOD who will truly be missed. She's in a much better place, although she will be missed by a lot of people. Her life was such an inspiration to a number of people. We shall meet again in heaven. Love Felicia
Posted by Deborah Cobey-Wallace on December 12, 2011
Pastor Kitt, Wow! is all I can say. When I heard of the news I was in shock and still am. I was telling my co-workers how much of a woman of God that you were. Never spoke a negative word towards anyone. That is abnormal in these last days. That smile! A true woman of virtue, A true Prov. 31 woman. Take your well deserved rest. You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race.
Posted by Carleen Anderson on December 12, 2011
Pastor Kitt
Thank you for receiving me always with your wonderful smile and bright penetrating eyes. Your eyes spoke love to everyone around you. Thank you for laying hands on me and consecrating me and my work to the Lord Most High.
Until I see you again, thank you, I love you!
Posted by Walter Lamar on December 12, 2011
Pastor Kitt
The first time I visited VCCI back in 2001 I was captivated by the praise and worship. Unfortunately my family and I had to leave the area but VCCI has always been our home. Now that our spiritual mother has crossed over she can once again perform in fullness and glory. Blessings from the Lamar’s.
Posted by LeCora Taylor on December 11, 2011
Pastor Kitt,
You taught me faith, to stand on God's Word no matter what.

Thank you.
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