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An Angel who once lived among humans returned home!

Shared by Yetty So on February 19, 2021
Uncle Femi,

On top of the tributes I wrote, you were gifted with Angelic voice and I enjoyed the different parts of music you included whenever spirit-filled orthodox songs were sang. You always reminded me of my Dad and the value of meaningful Christian songs. You were a multi-talented person 

I would think the angels are meeting you with those songs. 
Shared by Omobola Idowu-Agida on February 19, 2021
He promised to come and see me when he gets to Lagos and all I heard was that he has gone to Glory. Uncle Femi (Baba Leke) I know Jesus loves you more than us here on Earth so I take comfort in that we will see someday. Good night Sir.
Shared by Adeoye Christianah on February 17, 2021
For we know it's better on the other side and we know it's peaceful in paradise. May Almighty forgive you of your sins and grant you eternal rest, Rest On Sir️

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