Posted by Alaba Ogunmokun Smith on February 23, 2021
May your soul experience total rest with the laughter and happiness you gave. Peace, blessings and mercy of the Lord Almighty will be with you. Keep resting till we meet again. It is well.
Posted by Ranti Odimayo on February 21, 2021
Prince Olufemi Odimayo was many things to many people To his Children and many others he was their dad or daddy to many others he was Uncle Femi or Uncle Femo but to us his younger siblings he was simply Bros Olu.

Most people familiar with the appellation Bros, which is short for Brother or the yoruba Broda often signifies a title used before an older brother 's name in difference to his age, but with Bros Olu, it was like a compound name, for it defined his personality and depicted what he was to us.

To all of us, he was not just a brother but a friend. Bros Olu had this unique talent to connect with the people he came across irrespective of their age. Old or young, youthful or dreary he would always find something in that person to make him feel special in a way very few people are able to do.

I have listened to and read everything that many people have said of him tto realise the special place he had in the hearts of his friends. They loved him and he loved them too.

To most unlookers, and those who had contacts with him, it didn't take them long to rrealise that Bros Olu never did things by halfs, it was either he did it in full or nothing.

As a young man playing football, I am told he was a prolific defender, who by his skills could neutralise the potency in the ability of his opposing striker and reduce him to a passenger on the field. Bros Olu played hard and partied hard too. He was the sociable live wire of most company he kept. He was a fashionista with a good dress sense. I was told he knew the best tailors, and where to buy the best fabrics for his traditional outfit. To us his siblings he was always good fun to be with, his jokes were exceptional and rib cracking and his insights on issues beyond reproach.

This was the passion he transposed to his faith when he found Christ. For in Christ Bros Olu found a subject he never grew tired of talking about.

I have heard stories of how he had for many years shared a Christian tract, bible passage or edifying Christian song with his friends and family every morning without fail. Those who got it daily often took it for granted in the expectation that they would always get another one, by the following morning and it never failed to arrive until the time it stopped never to come again when he took ill and finally died?

Now that you are no more. I can say those you shared tracts with already miss you.

I can also say that those of us who are your siblings can already feel the void you left in our hearts

Finally, your children must feel the emptiness that has been caused by your demise to like everybody else pray for your soul to be at the bosssom of the lord

Rest in peace Bros Olu

Odi arinako, Odi oju ala.

Majokun majekolo, ohun ti won je ni orun ni ko ba won je.

Omo Olofun Ogenurele, Omo Lobiken

Sun re oo.

Posted by Taiwo Adelaja on February 21, 2021
May his soul rest in peace. from Taiwo Dublin
Posted by Funmi Shitta-Bey on February 21, 2021
Life is about memories that linger on after ones demise.You left a good legacy which will continue to be memorable. May Almighty continue to uphold family members,friends and all those that supported at a trying time.Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Esther Ewetuga on February 20, 2021
The sad news of our dear brother Femi came to me as a big shock, but trusting in the word of God ( I quote from dust we are and to dust we will return ) and we bring nothing and nothing we will take with us. We thank God for Femi’s life and we take solace in His words.
Life eternal grant Femi O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May Femi dear soul rest in perfect peace and rise in glory.
May the good Lord be with the entire family.
Adieu Femi my aburo.

Omo-Oba Abiodun Okunromade-Ewetuga
Posted by Princess Mojisola Meduoye on February 20, 2021
Hmmmmmmmm Bros Olu, boda mi, I am still in shock, another great shock of my lifetime, boda Olu, my lovely adorable, concidrable bros, I remember you when we were young, you among our other elder brothers we the youn ones are very close with, to us you are just down to earth, what others saw as a great offence was nothing to you, bros Olu, your last post to me was on the 26th of January 2021, I sent you a message about our sister passage I put a prayer ' ojo a jina sira sir' there was no response from you, I was wandering why you didn't replied, I never knew what News was coming up to me, when I heard it was another deadly grieving News of YOU, another sword pinned down my heart, I kept asking why you bros Olu?, why you?? Why why why??? But i couldn't get no one with reasonable answer which can only be answered by my Almighty Jehovah Lord, He is the only one that took you so soon, to us it is soon to the Almighty it's your time boda mi, thank you for been there all the time, for looking after me and my children whenever I relayed my concerns, thank you for the words of encouragement, thank you for the prayer points that gives me inspiration to the words of wisdom, thank you also whenever I visited you in Ireland you always get to pay for excess luggage always there when I needed you most, you are another one in a million brother that I am going to missed omoba olofun oghe ni Irele, omo iku a pa ma ghan, omo alukan leyo, omo igi lila ona ebute ede, omo kota kora tin ngba owo ele, omo a gbo ebo ogun ma ru, omo Lobiken raja, omo Arowolo bi oyinbo SUN RE O, EGBON MI ATATA, On behalf of my husband and my children we say ADIEU sleep peacefully Pastor Prince Olufemi Odimayo omo Feyisara olofun oghe ni Irele sleep on until we meet to part no more baba Oluleke, baba Tutu, baba Samuel, baba EriOluwa ( Debbie) .
Posted by Gboyega Jackson on February 20, 2021
Our Dear Brother Femi,
We can’t believe you’ve been taken from us so soon. The news of your death was a big shock to us and we’re saddened we didn’t have a chance to have a chat with you one last time. You’ve always been a caring, thoughtful, kind, loving person and blessed to have had you in our life as an older brother.
We pray that the almighty God will continue to watch over your wife, children and family.
May your soul rest in peace, you’ll be missed and forever remain in our hearts.

Gboyega Jackson, Bukky Jackson and Family
Posted by Odimayo Olusola on February 20, 2021
Tribute to my very dear big brother. Haaaa broda Olufemi is this the way you decided to leave us? The news of your death came as a shock to me because I was still expecting the visit you promised me on the phone. My darling brother you were a loving, kind,generous, caring and thoughtful person. I cannot forget when you took me to Okitipupa to start my secondary education. You were there for me again when I was in Irele and fell ill you were the one that drove me from Irele to lagos as early as 3am to see the doctor in Lagos. You were always interested in my affairs and finally your early morning prayers with Christan videos and messages were unfailingly until you fell ill You stylishly sent gift to me during the last Christmastime to say bye bye. Broda mi o dabo I believe you are already with God may your loving soul rest in peace and may the peace of God that passeth human understanding be with all you have left behind in Jesus name. O dabo oma Feyisara iyi o je Olofun oma omo kotakora iyi e gbawo ele o ye ooooo bami 
Posted by Abbey Jackson on February 20, 2021
My daddy,my uncle, its so unfortunate how you left us all so soon. I call you the wise one, because you are always claim in everything. I wonder why death had to take you away when your fatherly attention is needed more. May your gentle soul rest in peace, You will forever be missed goodnight Uncle.
Posted by Jumoke Oluyemisi Odimayo on February 20, 2021

A king is recognized by the crown, chiefs are known by neck beads while children of God are known by the words of God in their hearts.
My husband you had a crown, you also had God's word in your heart which made you a king and a son of the King of kings
When the news of your death was broken i was completely devastated and confused i didn't know what to do its still like a dream never to come true 
Alas!!! Just a dream a golden heart stopped just a dream hard
working hands put to rest and a vibrant spirit stilled
Olufemi my husband you knew i love you .Yes! I love you and I know you loved me,love made you to slip the ring on my fingers,unfortunately i could not share much of this love with  before you embarked on this journey of no return because we were thousands of miles away from each other but thank God for technology which gave me the opportunity of video calls on your sick bed .I was able to see your face and prayed for you...Though there were some wrongs but Merciful Father helped us out of them all Hallelujah!!! Amen O daaro Olufemi oko mi ore mi oju nroo mi ojo omije nro loju mi the pain of your loss reflects deeply in my heart.
My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever Ps 73:26
The Great God will keep everyone you left behind in Jesus name
Adieu Olufemi mi owon
A o pade lese Jesu
Good night honey
Your queen Oloori Olajumoke Odimayo
Posted by Oladimeji Rabiu on February 20, 2021
Grandpa, the news of your sudden demise was a shock to us that we cried so much without eating. Surely we know that where ever you are now is a good place. We will really miss you and the various lovely gifts you always send to us every Christmas. I and my siblings will miss you grandpa. Keep resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your grandchildren
Oluwademilade, Oluwaromilola, Oluwafolawemi & Oluwasomidinla Rabiu.
Posted by Abike Lilian on February 20, 2021
Heaven has gained another Angel!
The news of your death was a rude shock to us but I bless God for a life well spent in christ.
May your soul rest in perfect peace omoba Olufemi Odimayo (Amen)
Posted by Ohunoluwa Ayobami on February 19, 2021
Despite knowing you for a very brief period of time, I still remembered how loving and caring you were. One thing I loved about Daddy was the way he smiles and there's this special way he often calls my name *Ohunoluwa* all I'd do was just laugh. You made impact while on earth. I read through people's tribute about you and I'm glad seeing what people wrote about you.. Keep resting with your Father in heaven - for a life well spent. Till we meet again Dear Father.
Posted by Iyabo Ajibola on February 19, 2021
The journey is QUITE memorable and fresh, back from 79 Ibandan street ebutemetta, while we were very young and bubbly. We call ourselves by the our first names, not minding our age. We ate from the same plates and slept on our mats, the good old days, God bless those days. Then came some years of separation .Ogun omode ko le sere fun ogun Odun
Fast forward to our reunion in College of Medicine University of Lagos Idiaraba. Then we have both recognized our status. FEMI always call me SISTER Mi GOD IS LOVE we love, respect and appreciate each other. There came the second separation.
Two years ago FEMI was in Ireland, I came on holiday in UK reunited as if there had been no separation.
Prayers every morning with PRAISES. You told me you were going to Nigeria to be back early 2021. The prayers stopped 27/1/2021.I kept on sending messages no reply. FEMI WHERE ARE YOUUUUU!!!!
WHAT HAPPENED? you didn't say it's over
You forgot to say BYE BYE. I am still to get to understand that THE LORD HAD TAKEN you to GLORY ADIEU My dear brother. Will miss you Bigtime. GOOD NIGHT A GALANT SOLDIER OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD. SLEEP ON. OMO OWA OBOKUN
Posted by Yetty So on February 19, 2021
Pastor Femi,

You were more than a pastor to me and my family! You were a friend and an adopted Dad. Our paths first crossed in Ireland whilst I was looking to buy the quarterly published 'Our Daily Manner Devotional' booklet as your were ODM key and committed Distributor. You then introduced me to the church you were attending then, which I later joined.

You served God with all your might, you had the understanding of the word and its interpretation. You spent time in and with the word of God. No wonder you were wise and you knew how to utilise wisdom, I benefited from this greatly. Your feet were beautiful and brought light to darkness. You were spiritual and physically sensitive/inclined. You were hilarious, you brought joy and peace to troubled hearts. All these qualities led me to choose you as the Chairman at my wedding, the role you played perfectly to the admiration of many. You applied your observation skill when you named my daughter at around six months 'enu dun ju obe' meaning, 'food lover and consumer'.

Uncle Femi, a Prince who lived and pursued peace! A gallant soldier! A diplomatic individual! A dedicated fellow and outstanding businessman! I salute you sir. 

I should have known something was wrong when I didn’t receive daily christian messages updates from, the last time you sent it was 27th January, I didnt know you travelled as WhatsApp has made a global world to become more local.

On your 70th birthday, you said 'it can only be God'. Uncle Femi, the news of your death blown me off before I started to get myself back gradually as we cannot mourn like the unbelievers. It reminded me again that we do not have eternity whilst on earth, we are indeed like flowers. 

To say I'll miss you is an under statement: I quickly came to you whenever I need biblical or dream interpretation, or when life challenges crawl in and hearing your word would bring peace.

Omo Oba Odimayo, I can write and write on about you. How I wish I heard your voice again and be with you to support you at that critical moment, I then quickly realise again that the help of human is limited and sometimes can be untimely.

You were a treasure and a rare gem. Sleep well and may you rise in glory uncle Femi.

From Esther Sodunke and family.

Posted by Omobola Idowu-Agida on February 19, 2021
Uncle Femi, you will forever be remembered by me and my siblings, you have been a loving Uncle to us, you're a lover of Peace and you've always loved everybody equally. You don't believe in divide and rule and you've always stood for the Truth, Good night Uncle, till we see at Jesus Feet.
Posted by ADENIYI FATUGA on February 18, 2021
I was blessed many years ago as a young boy making my way, looking for role models and guides to light the path for me that you were around. You were a familiar, dependable and reassuring presence during those times-smiling, stoic and serene. I thank you for the time you gave me, the gifts you shared with me and the kindness you showed me. There are so many memories that your passing cannot dim-To borrow Alexander The Great, In the end, when it is over, all that matters is what you've done.
I thank God for the life you lived, Rest in peace Uncle
Posted by Irene Jackson on February 18, 2021
It's very sad to hear about Femi's death but his life radiate beauty and was full of peace. You are an original pioneer and kind hearted father and brother. Femi rest in peace. May the Almighty God rest your gentle soul, grant you eternal life. May He watch over your children, wife and the family left behind. God night Femi. From Irene Bamgbola Jackson
Posted by Olumide ADEYEMI on February 18, 2021
It was shocking and sad to hear about your untimely passing on to glory. You were such a charming ,happy,humble and friendly man with great sense of humour. You were blessed with good stature that didn't show your age. Yet you were still humble. No one would know that you've accumulated 70 years of life experience ! You were a good man and a great servant in God's vineyard. We trust in God that you are in a better place and we hope to see you again on the right side of God. We pray that God in his infinite mercies will continue to protect and provide for your family. Rest on Sir.
Posted by Deborah Adeleke on February 18, 2021
If epistles could bring you back, I would have taken no time to compose it! You're loved dad and you will forever be remembered for all your great works and positive impact! Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord... Adieu papa ❤
Posted by Dr Akinrujomu Kayode on February 18, 2021
Very sad to hear about the sudden death of Brother Femi. Ever smiling and full of energy. Loved everyone, always there to attend and listen and help people. We shall all miss you. Continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by Grca Care on February 18, 2021
Femi, I got the news of your passing because I didn’t get the daily spiritual messages you always send to me. I called your phone, I got no answer, so I left you a text message. I later got a call from your son who told me you went to Nigeria got sick and passed. Words cannot describe the vacuum left by this your yet to believe passage. This seems unreal, I have known you for over four decades though your cousin at the college of medicine, Idi-Araba. We all miss you but have consolation that you are in better place. Rest on dear friend in the bosom of your maker until we will meet to part no more.
Masun olufe ko si ma sinmi. Gbori lokan Olugbala re, a fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju. Sunre Femi sunre.
Gbemisola Adams USA
Posted by Temitayo Ayeni on February 18, 2021
We were shocked and so sad to hear you passed. Pastor Femi was such a kind hearted and caring man. We pray for his family and hope they find peace. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Abigail Atoyebi on February 18, 2021
We are all still in shock. But we thank God for a life well spent and influencing everybody around you positively. Thank you daddy for being a daddy to all. Nobody to wonder if I’m still a talkative. Rest well sir.
Posted by Dorcas Kehinde Ajayi on February 17, 2021
My Friend Debby is still in shock, she told me the little I know about you. It's still a shock but I know you are one great daddy to a good friend. Rest in peace to a great adviser.
Posted by ashiru kayode on February 17, 2021
You gave us a gift worth more than being called a friend. Thank you so much for a life well spent. Eyin yin o ni baje. Rest on Daddy.
Posted by Oye Alaja-Browne on February 17, 2021
My recollection of uncle Femi was of a youthful man inflamed, burning with desire and bold ambition. The kind the spring and summer season that one's life brings. Nonetheless uncle always found time to pass on nuggets of wisdom to me, so I could be better for it. You also found time to make me laugh. Thank you for all this. The stories I've since heard over subsequent years shows that hot ambitious flame remained undiminished into the autumn season of his life and no doubt would have continued right into his winter years. Perhaps it was too narrow but such tends to be the tunnel vision of the ambitious, the fault lies not in them but in their stars. His race is run and he now rests with the Lord our God. Rest in peace uncle Femi
Posted by adeola abodunrin on February 17, 2021


Daddy Odimayo
Shared by adeola abodunrin on February 17, 2021
Hmm, daddy mi even though you did not birth me you still took me as your daughter, you loved me just as you loved Adetutu and Adeleke, you did not treat me less. I remember we talked a lot in the past 4 months, we had father daughter conversations, you revealed somethings to me, and was looking forward to seeing you little did I know you would leave us soon. Daddy please send my regards to Modupe and let her know how much I miss her. Your death is a loss to us but it's heaven's gain and am so sure the angels are singing to welcome you. Rest in the bosom of Abraham Prince Olufemi Odimayo.
Posted by Nike Fatuga on February 17, 2021
I was a young girl when I last saw uncle Femi, however his loss will be deeply felt by the family. That's an indiication of the impact he had on people.
Rest in peace Uncle.
Posted by Ife Ayimoro on February 17, 2021
Your memories will forever remain fresh in our mind daddy, the good life you spent reflect in your children. Though I never met you in person but I met you in your darling daughter Sis Adetutu. You came, you saw and you conquered.

Continue to rest in the Lord's bossom till we meet to part no more.

Adieu Father.
Posted by Oladimeji Rabiu on February 17, 2021
I met you some years after I got married to your darling daughter, Adetutu after several phone calls on advices and well being. Will miss you is definitely an understatement. Your smile and advises will be missed because you wear it and give them always. My father in love.......words have failed me. Your memories and legacy of love will forever remain in our hearts. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord.

Oladimeji Rabiu - Son in Love
Posted by Adeyeye Tunde on February 17, 2021

What a beautiful life he lived. May baba continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
Posted by ODIMAYO Adetutu Adewunmi on February 17, 2021

My father was the happiest man I ever knew. One of the reasons for this was his singing faith. To feel the significance of this, you need to understand that he was a fundamentalist. That's not a bad word in my vocabulary. And he's the reason.

Fundamentals are worth dying for and fighting for. Bit that fight has killed the Song in the hearts of many people. But not in you my father ,Olufemi Odimayo

What a God' You came, you saw, you fought, and swallowed death in VICTORY. Despite the fact that you weren't opportune to see my husband, your darling son-in-law Oladimeji Rabiu and your grandchildren (Oluwademilade, Oluwaromilola, Oluwafolawemi & Oluwateniola) for the last time.

Baami Adura, I love you so much & I will miss you greatly, my love to my sweet mother Modupeola Adeeko.

If it happens to be reunion in heaven, reunite yourselves in love.

Omooba Olufemi Odimayo God's General, we will miss you greatly.

Your loving daughter,
Princess Odimayo Adetutu-Rabiu
Posted by Funke Browne on February 17, 2021
Heartfelt condolences to the family - you will be sorely missed.  May your soul be at peace.
Posted by Odimayo deborah on February 17, 2021
Hmm i don't even know what i want to write but i thank God for the life of my father,your death is still a shock to me that am yet to recover,your early morning messages,your prayers i won't be able to receive them anymore,I won't hear you call me Princess debby as you fondly do,i won't hear your voice any more hmm it is well.... Prince Olufemi Odimayo suun re baami,you will forever remain in my heart,we love you but God loves you best..... Continue to sleep on beloved.

Posted by Akinbode Alaja-Browne on February 17, 2021
Femi's sudden demise was a rude shock to the whole family. A hard working man with so much ambition, and much to look forward to but God's will be done. He walked closely with God and served in His vineyard he has now found rest in Him. Peace, Perfect Peace my in-law, rest thy head on your Saviour's bosom until the resurrection day. We love you but Jesus loves you more. Eternal Rest grant him O Lord.
Posted by Adenike Adeyemi on February 17, 2021
I was saddened to hear of your passing. My prayers are with the family. May your Soul be at Peace in Jesus name I pray.

Nike Adeyemi Haastrups
Posted by ABIMBOLA IGE on February 17, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. My sincere condolences to your family and siblings.

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