In memory of the life of Patricia Jean Kramer
  • 66 years old
  • Born on December 26, 1951 in Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on December 21, 2018 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.

Patricia Kramer passed away December 21st, 2018.  Pat lead a long and passionate life bringing new humans and joy into this world. She touched countless families along her journey and will be remembered first and foremost for her work and life as a midwife.  She is survived by her brother David Kramer, her sisters Jane Kramer and Mary DeSilva, her sons Adam Zang and Martin Zang, and her grandchildren Cristopher Correll, Samantha Zang, and Arlo Borkan-Zang.

A memorial will be held in Pat's honor on June 21st, 2019. It will be at the North Shelter at Delhi Metropark from 3PM to 6PM, rain or shine. Please come and help celebrate Pat Kramer with us.

Please feel free to share stories, memories and pictures of Patricia Kramer to celebrate her life.  

Posted by Janet Cook on June 18, 2019
This poem is dedicated to Pat Kramer, written in the fall of 1992 by my mother Montana, marking the birth of my first daughter, Erica Montana.
  A new soul arrived early in the morn
  guided by experienced loving hands
  into a warm and waiting family
  Oh how happy is Erica to be received just this way
  helped by a spirit in tune with the melody of life
  and lifted up and into the day with a song of caring
Pat was my midwife in 1995 also with the birth of my second daughter Callie.
I am very grateful for Pat's guidance, confidence, caring and honoring of the sacred. My homebirth experiences shaped me as a woman. I will always consider her an important person in my life, even all of these years later.
Peace to her family.
Posted by Mary Scott on June 15, 2019
Pat was my midwife she helped me deliver my third baby Emmy while nursing her beloved Aaja. Love and light
Posted by Linda Sacks on June 10, 2019
I fondly remember Pat in January, 1984 coming to my home on a wintry winter day on a dirt road to help with the birth of my youngest son. She was incredibly calm, confident and caring which she transmitted to me. She has done so much over many years to promote and support home birth and women's health in general. Her total belief in the birth process and lack of fear was so comforting. Over the years, I spent many a Sunday afternoon in her sauna in Manchester. She was always interesting and a wide range of topics were kicked around. Her fierce independence and keen mind were always apparent. May her memory be about all the families and babies that she assisted and her belief that yes, you can birth this baby.
Posted by Denice Watts on April 8, 2019
Pat was my midwife. From the moment we met, 1984.. she became one of the most influential women of my life. I have spoken her name, referred to her ever since. Told many how she started me on living a healthier lifestyle. She saved my children and my "GRANDS", from being poisoned with vaccines. Huge influence, my midwife Pat. I stayed in contact with her all these years. It broke my heart to hear about her transition. I am lucky to have had her in my energy. I loved her, always and forever.

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