Pat will live on in our hearts forever
  • 71 years old
  • Born on February 4, 1943 .
  • Passed away on August 13, 2014 .

A website in memory of our beloved Priscilla Rottmayer, 71, born on February 4, 1943 and passed away on August 13, 2014. Please stay a while and feel free to add a story, a picture, or other remembrance.

Posted by Robert Rottmayer on 27th November 2016
I have just purchased a gravesite for Pat and myself. It is in Calvary Cemetery, just pass the town of Bodega on the Bodega Highway. The gravesite is at the top of the cemetery overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The family will intern Pat's ashes in the near future.
Posted by Robert Rottmayer on 18th August 2015
On Sunday Mike, Julie, Paul, Amelia, Julian and I had dinner at Café Citti, one of Pat's favorites, to remember her.
Posted by Robert Rottmayer on 15th August 2015
Thursday, Julie, Paul, Amelia, Julian, Paul's mother and I were camping by Fort Bragg, California. We missed Pat and wish she could've been with us. She would've enjoyed it. Amelia drew a heart in the sand for Grandma.
Posted by Brian Kehoe on 13th August 2015
My family will remember Pat today. I am married to Pat's niece and my mother in law was great friends with Pat. She is missed. Brian Kehoe
Posted by Adelia Canterbury on 4th February 2015
Thinking about Aunt Patty today. We miss her very much!
Posted by Robert Rottmayer on 4th February 2015
I am going over to dinner with Julie to remember Pat and celebrate her birthday. We all miss her. The grandkids ask about "granma" continuously. I am reminded of her daily as I go about our house. I am so sorry she had to leave us...but glad she is no longer suffering. She has left a great legacy in the hearts and minds of those she knew and loved.
Posted by Jessica Shreeve on 13th October 2014
I had only met Pat a few times, but the stories of Pat and Buzz have been part of my life for over 35 years. When I first met Sue Able, Buzz's sister, there were not as many stories, may-be everyone was busy raising kids, dealing with all of life's ups and downs. But at some point, when life was calmer, the three of them started spending much more time together, and I know, from Sue, that those times were very, very special. I'm so glad that they all had that time together, I have no doubt it enriched all of their lives.
Posted by Robert Rottmayer on 22nd September 2014
Pat was my wife of almost 50 years. We fell in love shortly after meeting and married six months later. Our love never wavered. We had a great marriage which produced two wonderful children and a lot of happiness. Pat cared deeply about the people around her. She was always ready to help with advice or whatever else was needed. She was very honest with people. When I meet her she was caring for her ailing mother. And while she never complained and never looked back, I know she had a hard time leaving her mother. She died regretting that she didn’t have more time to see her grandchildren, whom she adored, grow up. She did a lot of good, nothing bad, touched and helped a lot of people, was honorable and virtuous, and was extraordinary in her ability to love and care about those around her. She leaves a deep empty place in my heart and I, know, in all the hearts she touched
Posted by Phillip And Jim Saperia A... on 11th September 2014
We did not see Pat often, but we thought of her as family; especially since she was so close to our dearest friend, her sister-in-law, Sue. We always enjoyed visiting with her when she came to Brooklyn. She filled our hearts with joy every Christmas and Chanukah with her special cards, hand made just for us. We will miss her. We know that her memory will be a blessing for all whom she loved and touched. Special hugs to Buzz and family.
Posted by Jim Canterbury on 9th September 2014
My Aunt Patty was my mothers little sister and I know in my heart that the love they felt for one another was powerful and a great example of a love that can be sustained through all of life's highs and lows.While I know that I am made of much of the same material that Aunt Patty was made of, I cannot say that I would ever be able to find or match the strength, courage and bravery she possessed during her struggle. I was inspired by her sincere, selfless, matter of fact manner and consistent sense of humor she had through our last visit. I will especially miss her phone calls on Sunday afternoons each time the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns. She never gloated and was truly compassionate even when I exhibit none of those qualities...I really missed that call last Sunday.
Posted by Brian Kehoe on 8th September 2014
Pat was my wife Jessie's aunt. I met Pat several times over the last ten years and remember her very, very fondly. She was direct, funny, and laughed a lot. She and Buzz showed great interest in my son and in the development and progress of our family. Pat was also a great friend to my mother-in-law I am grateful that both of my children and Jessie were able to visit with Pat quite recently. It meant a lot for my children to get to know their great-aunt. Rest in peace Pat. You will be remembered and missed. My heart goes out to the entire family.
Posted by Adelia Canterbury on 7th September 2014
Early in November of 2008, Jim, Gus and I visited Aunt Patty and Uncle Bob at their home in Pennsylvania. We arrived on election night, having driven in from the (partially) Republican strong-hold of Jim's family in Ohio. I felt such relief and joy to be with Pat and Bob on that historic night. Patty was an incredibly warm, welcoming host. She made us a beautiful, simple dinner of pasta and salad and wine. We put 3 year old Gus to bed and settled in to watch the election results come in. I will never forget how much fun Aunt Patty and I had. We were riveted and giddy; sitting on the couch together in our pajamas, enjoying and sharing the historic moment. I am so grateful for the relationship I had with Patty. She was insightful and straight-forward. She was thoughtful and creative and loving and warm. I will miss her so much.
Posted by Jessie Able on 6th September 2014
Pat was the mom of moms. She taught me a lot about the importance of that. I send all my love to the beautiful family she has left behind and I thank her dearly for all she gave to the people she loved.
Posted by Sue Able on 6th September 2014
Pat was my sister in law, but more than that she was my dear friend. I will miss forever all her support, small gifts that would arrive unexpectedly in the mail that made an ordinary day so special, and our thousands of phone conversations that would often last more than an hour - discussing family, crafting, politics and just about a million other things that were a part of our lives together. We knew each other so well and for a long time. Nothing can replace such a dear friendship and so much love.
Posted by Frank Doljack on 26th August 2014
Sharon and I will always remember the good times we had with Pat and Bob during grad school. We are so sorry to learn the final outcome of her long battle.

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