Patience Chiejina
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: May 22, 1940
  • Date of passing: Dec 11, 2015
Forever in our hearts
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patience Chiejina, 75, born on May 22, 1940 and passed away on December 11, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Patricia Ikem on 12th December 2017

"Mummy,  2 years ago you left us is like yesterday. Anytime we talk about you we feel you more. Your love and kindness will never be forgotten. All our effort and energy to keep you alive failed us. God knows the best and being with him, your creator , who loves you more is the best.  We miss you mummy , rest in peace."

This tribute was added by liz azu on 11th December 2017

"It's been 2 years you have been called to His glory. I miss you like it was yesterday as I always recall the last day we all hugged you as your grandkids and I waved you good bye when you travelled back to Nigeria. We had no clue that would be the last time we see and feel you in flesh. We thank God for keeping us. I  am especially thankful to have a mother like you. You are an irreplaceable jewel, you make me understand how true friendship and love can exceed time and space. I thank God for friends and family who have offered their support and helped us to keep going because that is what you will want us to do after all; your work, efforts and prayers were for us to live well. I thank you for raising me well and teaching me the true value of things. I thank God for the exemplary life you lived to show us how to live well. I thank you for instilling such good values into our lives and I am sure to let people know of the foundation you laid in our lives that has helped us stay strong. You showed me what being a mother is all about. I am constantly reminded of our conversations. Sleep well knowing you did an excellent job when you were here. God raised you from nothing and not only did you excel in life,  you helped others around you and gave great advice to all who listened. Sleep well in the Lord my inestimable jewel and love. My family and I miss you but understand that when and where we are born or die is truly not by choice but we can always chose to trust God, enjoy His blessings and live well for Him. Your love is always with us and has kept us going and looking forward being with you after this life."

This tribute was added by Emordi Thereza on 1st July 2017

"Auntie Patience was a mother to many, a blessing to the world at large. A woman with a heart of gold, whose love for God was inspiring.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord"

This tribute was added by Kins Azu on 22nd May 2017

"Great mother and mother-in-law:

Happy 77th...on earth, while you bask in Eternal Glory!"

This tribute was added by liz azu on 22nd May 2017

"Happy 77th birthday Mom. It is well with your soul."

This tribute was added by Gabriel NWOKOLO on 7th March 2017

"Mummy l am still finding it difficult believe that you are gone . Because you are very much alive in my memory  and my heart , remembeing your good food  we enjoyed , and how you took us to church and showed us the way of the Lord , you taught us to respect people , you also taught us to pray, l cannot forget the injection when we fall sick  l also remember how went to the saloon together to make your hair . You where very kind to everyone  . Mummy may your good works continue to speak for you in eternity before GOD , We love you  Mumm continue to rest with the Lord  till we meet again  Amen."

This tribute was added by Patricia Ikem on 12th December 2016

"How time flies. A year ago you left us to join your creator. It is just like yesterday. The pain is still in our heart. We always feel bad whenever we remember that you are gone. Tears never stop flowing from our eyes whenever we, your junior ones talk about you. 'Mummy' that is the name we called you when our mother was alive and when she had gone because of your love and care for everyone in our family and to those that  have reason to come to you. We missed you mummy and we will always miss you. We can't question God. We know that you are in his bosson . We love you but God loves you more. Rest In Peace  Mummy."

This tribute was added by Kins Azu on 11th December 2016

"In Honor of A wonderful woman of God:

It still feels like it was yesterday that you left this evil world and transitioned into eternal glory. We, the family you left behind, miss you no less today than we did exactly one year ago today when your passing threw us into deep mourning and permanently changed our world.
We remember you today as we have done since you left us; in everyday conversations; through your recorded voice, videos, and pictures; when we make your specialty meals; when we mimic your manner of speaking; in our dreams; as constant reminder by those you deeply impacted their lives during your sojourn here. We rejoice that you are now sitting in the presence of a Holy God, fully rested, and no more pain! Our God has finally wiped away your tears and imperfections. Glory be to God!
Continue to Rest in Perfect Peace, great woman of God. 

This is In Loving Memory by your Son-In-Law, on behalf of your children."

This tribute was added by Patricia Ikem on 23rd May 2016

"Mummy, 22nd May, was your birthday, You will always be in our mind. R.I .P"

This tribute was added by Patricia Ikem on 21st May 2016

"My Dearest Sister, It is still a nightmare to me anytime I remember that you have left us this soon. You were everything to me Mother, Mentor  and Role model. To all of us, your sisters and brothers. You showed me personal love and care till your last day. The name i bear today I was told, was given to me by you. That i enjoy the luxury or holidaying in Lagos during my secondary school days, in spite of the fact that my parents were proud farmers, was possible cos of you. You extended that love to my children and family. When we lost our senior brother and parents, you stood like a pillar and brought us together. You thought us to be prayerful and trust God. Even at trying times.Those words kept our hopes alive, when you were hospitalised and we anxiously looked forward to the day,  you will be discharged, but the Lord had a different plan. You left us so soon, obviously against your wish if you had the opportunity to choose.
  Words,Tears can't experience the pains and agony your death caused everyone in the family. We are now left like sheep without Shephard but we can't question God. We love you so much but the Lord loves you more. Our prayer is that the Lord will give you eternal rest.  AMEN

Patricia Nwadinma Ikem"

This tribute was added by Ogo Ikem on 20th May 2016

"When I was very young, she would always buy candy or some small gifts everytime she came to visit us. I always remembered her cos off that, kids naturally gravitate towards that. She was always happy, laughing and protective over us. She never liked watching me play Mortal Kombat Cas it was bloody.lol. I really miss you Mum. I am excited cos by his grace you are with your King . The King has called you to dine forever with him as his beloved bride so I am very glad. As Spirits we never die cos we carry Dad's DNA. Now you can talk one on one with David, Joseph, Paul, the Holy Spirit and all those incredibly amazing duds in Heaven. Out of sight is never out of mind. Until we join you in Heaven, you remain in our hearts, mind and soul. We love you. Stay Happy and say hi to Everyone up there for me."

This tribute was added by Jolomi Akubuiro on 27th April 2016

"''Hmmm........where do I start from, we knew you as Mama Nurse, but later changed to Mummy, we were all neighbours, became friends with all my family members, u would frown anytime u come back from work and see us running around....laughing......shouting.....but under that frown is a gigantic smile, that won't go away in a hurry. I got to know you more, because of your Daughter. Mummy, you showed us so much love, can't explain it, even when you had little  you were still kind to everyone around you, I remember an incident that happened with my younger brother breaking some eggs, you had asked him to buy....... he was terrified, but you just shouted........eewooo!!!!!!! and u made a joke about it, everyone remembers u mummy......everyone of us had a story to tell....... we love you mummy.
Rest in peace Mummy.
we love you.
Jolomi Akubuiro & her Siblings."

This tribute was added by Donna ree Anderson on 1st April 2016

"For my sweet PAT. Her kindness and gentle spirit shall always live with me. I would see her outside when I took my babies out to play. She always smiled like the Cheshire Cat. Big and bright. She was a joy. GODS joy. She taught me to say before any plans of mine..
GOD willing. I think of her everyday many times a day."

This tribute was added by Lola Ogundana on 22nd March 2016

"Mummy! That was what I fondly called you! And you would retort, "my daughter". You were a kind, loving  and caring mother, even to us your daughter's friends. Was it the Times we came in from Church hungry and food was waiting for us that I should talk about or the words of wisdom and prayers that came from you to us, very young adults at the time. Your smiles were charming and you were very patient, just as your name is.
Mummy, I remember how I missed you so much when you relocated to the US. The joy of seeing you the few times you came home, your joy when you saw my children. You never missed out the lovely compliments..... "my daughter, you are looking slim like your friend, it is good".  You were strong-willed too ma, I was praying that you would change your mind and go back to the US but later realised you somewhat preferred it in naija.
Mummy, I am short of words. I was too shocked and saddened by your illness; even at that time, I saw strength and a determination to fight the pain you were going through. Praying with you on that beautiful Tuesday morning, I strongly believed that I would see you again after I got back from camp but was shocked on Friday when I was told you had passed. What can we say? What could we have done? The Lord, Who you confessed as Lord and Saviour, loves you much more than we do and knows the best. You are greatly missed, and I know you are resting in the bossom of our Saviour. Keep resting Ma."

This tribute was added by kathy young on 1st March 2016

"Your mum was super cute, adorable and so sweet.  I enjoyed when she lived with you and saw so much love from her to your kids.  She was always so friendly, and we were glad she could join us for some of Kara's parties.  Keep sweet memories of her alive in your heart.  May time bring you peace.   Kathy, Scott and Kara Young"

This tribute was added by liz azu on 10th January 2016

"I can only imagine what it feels like
When you walk by His side
I can only imagine what your eyes sees
When His face is before you
I can only imagine

Surrounded by His glory
What does your heart feel
Do you dance for Jesus
Or in awe of Him be still
When you stand in His presence
Or to your knees do you fall
Do you sing hallelujah
Are you able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine the very first time
When you find yourself standing in the Son
I can only imagine when all you will do
Is forever, forever worship Him
I can only imagine

Surrounded by His glory
What does your heart feel
Do you dance for Jesus
Or in awe of Him be still
When you stand in His presence
Or to your knees do you fall
Do you sing hallelujah
Are you able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine
When all you will do
Is forever, forever worship Him

I can only imagine"

This tribute was added by Chris Ugbor on 7th January 2016

"I wanted to thank God for the life of mama known in my family as Auntie Pat Sr. I recall my last moments with you, whereupon you were praying for me and my household for God's favor. Your humility and love will continue to remind us of the selfless life you lived. thanks for empowering us and we dearly missed you, but God loves you more and will keep you in His bossom until we meet in the resurrection morning. RIP mama."

This tribute was added by christian chiejina on 26th December 2015

"A Life Transforming Experience: From the perspective of a six-year old
In 1984, towards the middle of the year my twin brother and I had an important visit from our dad whom we have not seen for 4year due to some circumstances that surrounded our conception and birth. We were only 6years old but we felt the weight of divorce and the after effect of a broken home.  We were forced to live and grow under the tutelage of an uneducated maternal grandmother who had neither the resources nor the technical know-how of breeding educated people, we were at the bottom three of each of our classes for two consecutive years but as fate would have it just like Einstein’s miracle year we had a shot at life. Our other mother Mrs. Patience Chiejina requested to be acquainted with these twins born outside wedlock, this resulted in our one glorious year of immeasurable transformation.  First she accepted us as God’s gifts and treated us with love and care coupled with equal amount of discipline.  From zero amount of mental capital, she skillfully helped in restructuring our orientation and realigned it in the positive direction. By the end of that year we both move from the bottom three in class to first or second in our respective classes.
The skills acquired in just one year of staying with her (Patience Chiejina) has lived with both my brother and I till today, he became a graduate of parasitology University of Benin Abraka while I am a graduate of electrical electronics University of Lagos and presently an undergraduate student of mathematics Rutgers university New Jersey.  My argument is that if one year of stay with her can result in a productive life for someone in a hopeless situation as my brother and I, you can imagine how blessed the people surrounding her are during her lifetime.  Although I was only six when I first met her but the memories I have of her are the sweetest I ever had (this is not an exaggeration), her kind nature, her way with kids, her cooking (especially the fried okra soup), the unique smell of her kitchen, her taking my brother and I to the hospital to work with her, taking us to serve the living God (Anthony village), Teaching us how to pray for the first time in my life (family devotions in the morning and at night before bed time), long hours of reading sessions (academics),  visiting her family members in Festac Lagos, Aunty B’s wedding, instilling a sense of discipline into us (Dr. Do good) and a sense of responsibility (division of labor). I can proudly say she molded our lives in a way that balanced me socially, mentally and spiritually, if not for that one year intervention in our lives, we may have turned out to become a menace to the society, illiterates or possibly stopped schooling at an early age but I bless God that we knew her and she played a key role in our lives. Looking back now, down memory lane, I can say with pride and no doubt in my mind that she (Patience Chiejina) was a prototype of an “ideal mother”. You will be forever missed.
Christian Chiejina.

This tribute was added by Ella Brayman on 25th December 2015

"Rest in peace mama Patience. Thank you  for all the love, cares and prayers  that you shared with me and my family. You always asked for me and especially  Joshua.  You are greatly  missed. You gave the best always. Your heart and love for the Lord is a beautiful  memory, i will cherish. Thank you so much for your  love and compassion. Watch over Liz, Kins and your precious  grandchildren ♡♡♡
Rest in peace and we love you.
Ella & Joshua"

This tribute was added by Kins Azu on 25th December 2015

"I have known my mother-in-law for almost 14 years since she graciously entrusted her beautiful daughter to me in marriage. I never forgot the very first time I met this very soft spoken woman at her humble abode in Lagos. I found a woman of great simplicity, humility and selflessness.  I first wondered what made her that way until I found out how deeply committed to God she was.  This woman belonged to the famed Deeper Life Ministry of God, and for her, God and her redemption was everything.  Every other thing in life paled in comparison. She reminded me a lot about my own mother who had already transitioned many years back to be with her God.
And so it was a very easy decision to invite my great mother-in-law to join my wife and I (we were yet to have any children) to the United States. It was not because my wife is an only child; it was because I needed her strong spiritual influence on my yet unborn children.  This great woman joined my family in the United States at a period when we needed every support we could ever get since we were not only starting a brand new family, my wife was also going through the very rigorous process of establishing her medical career in the United States. My mother-in-law went to work as soon as my first child, a baby boy, was born.  With her motherly wisdom she coached my wife, with her selflessness she cooked and cleaned while nurturing the new child to the point of almost spoiling him…to a fault. Always the last to go to bed and the first to be up and running in the morning; she was so tireless I have no idea how she did it. How impressed was I to observe her retreat to her room to read the bible at every opportunity she had.  This woman was literally “married” to her God and she truly exhibited the fruits of the Spirit.
And so for years to come she continued to provide her support and became an integral part of my family, traveling and moving with us everywhere we lived.  She was not just a mother-in-law to me; she was a mother, and to the chagrin of most men that make fun of their mother-in-laws, I was always proud of this woman of godly integrity.  For many years, she was there to share all our laughter, joy and sadness, successes and failures. In every situation she was the prayer warrior who prayed for us.  She was literally “the wind beneath our wings”, and with her gentle smiles she was always urging my wife and I to go onward in unity and build up our family.
My mother-in-law’s selflessness was simply legendary! This woman would give away, to her less fortunate extended family members in Nigeria, every financial resource we made available to her.  She would bypass every opportunity to acquire personal fancy clothes or jewelry, and rather preferring that the money be given to her in cash so that she could wire to her relatives in Nigeria. She basically lived in the PRESENT trusting God to continue to provide for her future. As much as these unique qualities “frustrated” my wife and me, we quietly admired this woman that lived every bit of Mathew 6:25-34: a shining example that was very difficult to emulate in our present materialistic world.
As her responsibility to our young family began to wind down with our children growing older and more independent, it was time for her to transition to her own independence. Even as she lived alone in an apartment we provided for her, five minutes away from our home, she continued to support us by regularly watching her grandchildren after school. After living with us for many years, she struggled with her transition to personal independence, but she was still graceful about it. She needed a new purpose in life as a natural care-giver, and she found it when she relocated to Nigeria to take care of her very aging mother- a task she performed so well until her mother passed on at a very ripe age of about 100 years! From the moment my mother-in-law relocated to Nigeria our relationship with her gradually became “long-distance” but her legacy continued to be present in my household. She called us from Nigeria like a clock-work; and this included every occasion in our lives.  She would call and sing “Happy Birthdays” to each of her grandchildren; she never missed a birthday even up to a few days before she took her last breath.  Needless to say that we have preserved some of her voicemail birthday songs for posterity.  
We were hoping against hope that she would decide to return to the United States and visit with her grandchildren from time to time; but it was not meant to be.  Oh what fond memories her grandchildren have of her peculiar ways, of her unique accent and mannerisms!   Who can forget her singing abilities! She praised God in songs, often filling the air in her room with her stylish vocal prowess, singing and praising God through the midnight hours!
Now that she has transitioned to be with her God, I cannot but be very grateful that this gentle soul once crossed my path in life.  My family and I rejoice in the fact that she did not only leave an undying legacy in our hearts, she is now singing Hallelujahs in the presence of a Holy God, her Master, and her All!  My family and I celebrate you, a woman of God.
Adios…gentle lady. Adios till the final reunion of all the redeemed children of God!
The Son-In-Law"

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