This memorial website was created to celebrate the  life of  Patience Anweih Gana Tebid. To many, Patience was a beloved beloved wife, daughter, mother, sister, cousin, aunt, teacher, friend, and pastor.  She  was born on February 10 1970 to Mr Abraham Gana and Mrs Esther Gana. She  has  been married to Mr Samuel Tebid for 25 years and is mother to four sons, Godson, Manneseh, Samuel and Ephraim.  At her death she was a lecturer at the University of Buea, Cameroon.

Patience  made her transition in a hospital in Banglore, India, on May 01 2019 after a very brave battle against cancer. Patience had an unshakeable faith in our God for full recovery. However, our good Lord had other plans.  

To learn more about  Dr Patience Tebid, please visit her Life page which chronicles her time on earth. While we will miss our beloved Patience, we know that she is forever etched in our hearts. 

 Funeral Arrangements

The Family is making arrangements to transport her mortal remains  to Cameroon for burial. 

Additional Funeral arrangements will be posted as they get finalized.

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her Life

Biography of Early years of Late Prof./Rev./Mrs Tebid Patience Anweih nee’ Gana by Mother Esther Acho Gana

In 1969, I (mama Esther Acho Gana) got pregnant for the fourth time after already giving birth to three children. The womb became very large and my C.W. F members were always asking what is in this large tommy. I answered “a large stone”, not knowing what was actually inside.  In the night of the 9th of February in 1970 I could not sleep because of excruciating pain. The next day was my clinic day; I managed to walk down to the hospital with my little puppy. On reaching the maternity the mid-wife wanted to examine me but I refused for her to touch my womb because of the pain. I managed to walk back home. When I got home I went straight to labour which was complicated because the umbilical cord prolapsed before delivery. I was rushed back to the hospital. It was at the hottest part of the day.  I felt warm and fainting. I asked for cold water to drink. I needed a cooling of the body with cold compress. The hospital authorities raised my legs up and used forceps to force the umbilical cord back in. This action nearly made me to suffocate which means the children would have also passed away. But thanks to the almighty God who survived me and the babies. The mid-wife said if I feel like to push I should go ahead. I replied that I had no strength. She encouraged me and said “mama try and help yourself and the babies, I cannot help you, you are the one to help yourself”. Upon hearing this I was encouraged and when I felt a little contraction, I pushed. The first dark-face twin came out and screamed harshly. When the mid-wife touched the womb she said that one is coming out also with feet. Patience Anweih Tebid nee’ Gana was born (by Abraham Njong Gana and Esther Acho Gana) at 2:00 PM on the 10th of February 1970 at Ndian Pamol Estate Hospital. At birth Patience weighed 2.8 kg. Patience came out light as Esau while the twin sister was dark as Jacob in the Bible. Patience screamed a little compared to her twin sister. After a difficult delivery I was unable to stand or walk. The after pains took effect immediately. I was in the hospital for over a week not able to walk or carry or suckle the babies. 

Observing the twins behaviours we named the first twin Joan of arc and the second twin Patience. At their birth their father said they should not think they are different from other children. (This is because twins are believed to have magical powers in the tradition and the twins father did not share in this believe system). He treated the twins the same as the other children. Patience was always very calm while her twin was always screaming whenever she wanted meals. Patience needed more pampering and was always naughty. Reverend Pefok Richard and family were very instrumental in Patience upbringing during her early childhood which was showing what she was going to become – pastor.

Patience attended government Primary School Ndian Estate from classes 1 to 3, then St. Peter Primary School Mudemba Camp for class 4. She attended Government Primary School in Ekondo Titi for classes 5, 6, and 7. For Secondary School, Patience attended Presbyterian High School (PHS) Kumba from form one to upper sixth. She spent one year at the University of Yaounde, before graduating from Amadou Bello University with an undergraduate degree in Microbiology. Later during her marriage years, Patience completed masters’ and PhD degrees in clinical Microbiology. She also became a pastor. She was employed as a Lecturer at the University of Buea. We give thanks to her short and impact filled life. 

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