This tribute was added by Rasheda Ali on August 30, 2020
Happy Heavenly birthday mom still can't believe its been a couple of years since you've been gone. Although i know you're looking down on us ❤ and miss you. I just remember when you first met me and Malikah you welcomed us like i was your daughter and i always felt i was. Keep resting in paradise.
This tribute was added by Valerie Addison on August 30, 2020
Happy Birthday Beautiful Queen ❤️ miss our little talks. I know you are so proud of Tammee & Justin of the new chapter in their lives and the kids. They are all growing so fast. I pray that GOD WILL KEEP HIS DIVINE PROTECTION OVER ALL OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES, GIVE THEM WISDOM, GUIDANCE, AND UNDERSTANDING, DIRECT THEIR FOOTSTEPS ACCORDING TO HIS WILL. AMEN , I LOVE YOU MUCH ❣️ VAL
This tribute was added by James Hawthorne on August 29, 2020
Happy Birthday to my mother in law, but more importantly my friend. Not a day goes by without thinking of you. I know you watch over us everyday and hopefully we are making you proud. I love you and miss you more than words can ever say.
This tribute was added by Chatelle Bodden on August 29, 2020
Happy Birthday Mom! I can't believe 2 birthdays have come without you. I miss you beyond explanation. As the tears still roll down my face, I smile at all the good memories you created for us. Thank you for being the best mom ever! There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or hold you close to my heart. I miss those priceless moments...our talks, our laughs, kisses, and hugs; I just miss you. Continue to fly high little lady and watch over us the way you do. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever more.
This tribute was added by Chatelle Bodden on January 25, 2020
I can't believe you have been gone for a year now. We miss you little lady! My tomorrows will never be the same. Continue to rest in peace, beautiful. Your work here on Earth was done. I know you have your wings now and you deserve all the freedom and happiness that goes with being by your Father's side.
I love you Mommy!
This tribute was added by Rasheda Ali on August 29, 2019
Happy Heavenly birthday mom continue to watch over your children. Still can't believe you're not here on earth with us but I know you're with us in spirit love and miss you Rasheda Rest Easy in Paradise
This tribute was added by Chatelle Bodden on August 29, 2019
Happy Birthday Little Lady! I miss you beyond explanation. I love you mommy. Rest easy and continue to watch over us.
This tribute was added by Sheila Singleton Green on January 17, 2019
I am grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting you in Key West where we celebrated Chatelle's wedding and your birthday. As my sister Collette said, "We had a blast!" You immediately captured our hearts with your warm, loving spirit and that infectious smile. So much so, that anytime I spoke with Chatelle and asked how you were doing, it was never how's "your" mom doing, it was always how's "Mom" doing.....what an impression you left on my heart....such a beautiful soul! You truly will be missed but never forgotten. Until we meet again, rest easy Mom!
This tribute was added by Tammy Black on January 15, 2019
To the Family of Pat McCray,
I extend to you my deepest sympathy. It's hard to lose a loved one. Even though we are glad they are in no more pain, it hurts at the thought of never seeing them again here on earth. Precious memories are good, but even that can hurt at first--reminding you she's not here. The good news is that it does get better as time goes on. The precious memories will make you smile instead of cry. May God give all of you a peace that passeth all understanding. God bless all of you in such a way that you will stop and say "I'm feeling blessed!" GOD'S STILL IN CONTROL!
This tribute was added by Collette Singleton on January 11, 2019
Good Morning Ms. Pat. I say that because where you are, there is no more night - just long, beautiful days of well deserved rest. I'm going to miss your beautiful face, electric smile and warm disposition. I consider it a privilege to have gotten to know and love you. We first met in Key West during hurricane Henrietta Jones - gale force winds and rain, warm and tropical. The weather didn't slow us down though - we had a Blast. My sister and I were immediately drawn to your kindness and sincerity. We celebrated Chatelle's wedding and your birthday that weekend - what a great time. One of my favorite memories is the last one we shared in Atlanta when we got into a hilarious discussion about loud colored, silk 2-piece suits - I still laugh about that sometimes. You will be missed, but you left a legacy of love and fond memories that will sustain all of us who knew you, and for that, I am forever grateful.
This tribute was added by James Hawthorne on January 11, 2019
Words cannot say how much this woman meant to me. I will definitely miss all the late night talks and words of inspiration regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for being the best mother, aunt, grandmother, and friend. Your kindness and loving spirit has blessed so many. Can I get you that last Pepsi or Sierra Mist? My love for you is eternal.
This tribute was added by Rasheda Ali on January 10, 2019
I love and will miss you Mom Pat McCray I know you will always be watching over us. From the first time I met you with my best friend Chatelle from CSU you treated me like your Daughter and I loved you for that .May you Rest easy now no more worries or pain you are at peace. You will always be in my thoughts. Gone but never forgotten. Love and miss you Mom♥️♥️
This tribute was added by Valerie Addison on January 10, 2019
I can once again say and testify I had the honor to know a true living Angel...Pat McCRAY...GOD BLESSED US BY UNITING OUR CHILDREN AS HUSBAND AND WIFE,(Justin & Tammee) AND GAVE US PRECIOUS JEWELS (our grandchildren) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...I Look forward to having our Saturday afternoon talks with a glass of wine, as we promised...You always had your Angel Wings, only a few of us could truly see them...and now YOU HAVE YOUR CROWN,WELL DONE , JEHOVAH's GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT...LOVE YOU MUCH...I 'll talk with you Saturday afternoon...My Beautiful Friend /QUEEN
This tribute was added by Aleasha Stevens on January 10, 2019
I am grateful for the life and legacy of Ms Pat that will continue to shine through life of my best friend, Chatelle. To the family, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you celebrate her life and heal from this loss.
This tribute was added by Cassandra Brumfield on January 10, 2019
Pat yöu know i loved yöu i will never forget yöu yöu were beautiful inside an out even though i didnt see yöu often i often thought about yöu how yöu were doing where yöu were yöu were my big sister so fly high butterfly p is for precious a is for the awsome person that yöu were and t is for the teaching that yöu gave us i member when i was a little girl i found a big black po id le i thought it was a horse we drove where i seen it and yöu put it in the car yöu told me it was a dog and yöu laughed and laughed i love yöu my parents adored yöu so rest now my beautiful angel
This tribute was added by Roland McGhee on January 10, 2019
I have always known Pat (Nana) as a supporter and I have known her for at least 30 years. I have never seen her turn anyone away who needed help and I have never seen her judge. Great since of humor, kind and wonderful woman and a lover of Pepsi. She did a wonderful job in helping raise not only my son but her own children as well. She'll be missed.
This tribute was added by Jonathan Swann on January 10, 2019
Even though I didn't get to meet you in person I know your daughter Chatelle and that to me says all I need to know about how wonderful you were and how great of a mother and woman you were. I am praying for each one affected by this loss and I pray God give you all comfort in this time.
This tribute was added by Chatelle Bodden on January 10, 2019
Mommy, you have truly been our hero. Sounds cliche', but you really are the wind beneath our wings. You sacrificed and stayed grounded so your girls and any other child that crossed your path could fly. Well mom, we have done more than fly, we have soared. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice and consistent life lessons. You have been our backbone, our hearts, and our soul. You have worn the hat of mom, dad, sister girl, best friend, and secret keeper. Now it's time to rest your hat and wear your wings. We love you beyond measure. You taught us to lean on God even when we don't understand. So now it's time to live our lessons. We won't say goodbye because we know you are forever with us. We will see you on the other side of the rainbow - we love you today, tomorrow, and forever more! There is no doubt that you were received and the only comments were Job Well Done! Fly high beautiful!

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