The Gwira Family of Elmina and Sekondi, Ashon Family of Elmina,Reverend Andrew Adu-Baah and family regret to announce the sudden death of their beloved Mrs Patricia Adu-Baah (Nee: Patricia Ashon), 58 years old , born on March 17, 1962 and passed away on April 9, 2020 at Queens Hospital, UK.

This memorial website was created  in memory of our beloved, mother, wife, sister, friend, colleague, mentor and best friend.

Please leave your fondest memories and tributes below.

We will continue with the necessary events to follow at a later date. We endeavour to keep you up to date. Please ensure that we have your contact information. 

The private burial will took place on Friday 22nd May 2020  

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Posted by Joe Dougan on May 22, 2020
Patricia is one bubbly girl. It’s been a few years now. Family friends, lived in the same area, and only a few months apart by birth but same date. She was always great company. Memories so clear , but time rolls. It’s an honour to know Pat. Her heart and kindness moulded with softness that only God gives, nurtured with family love. Her laughter was infectious, and she was equally vivacious. I recall a couple of us were idly chatting away and she said she was shy? Eh eh!. We laughed but she was honest. This is one of those difficult moments when a wish to have caught up, prayed and reminisced stares me in the face before she got taken.

PatAsh - Heavens a busy place. May your inspiration continue because memories of you will never fade amongst everyone you know and inspired.
Posted by Latoya Amoateng on May 22, 2020
Auntie Patricia, if anyone told me you would be gone so soon, I would have never believed it. Quite frankly, I still didn’t believe you were gone until today when I saw you laying down in the coffin and still looking beautiful as ever. I’m absolutely heartbroken by your demise. I will miss your beautiful smile and your happy dance. My God keep you in the palm of his hands until we meet again. Rest well auntie x. Lots of love from Latoya.
Posted by Joana Cobbina-Gyamfi on May 22, 2020
Words can not express how we feel at times like this
Sister you may be gone from our midst, but you you aren't gone from my heart and my family, s heart
REST IN Peace Dear cousin Patricia
Till we meet again
Joana Cobbina-Gyamfi
Posted by Nadia Mathieu on May 22, 2020
    She Trusted and She Obeyed
               A Tribute to
            Patricia Adu- Baah
     March 17th 1962 to April 8th 2020
       Laid today 22nd May 2020

When I received the news that auntie Pat had gone to be with the Lord, I wept. It's hard to describe the multitude of thoughts and emotions that those tears represented.

To think of auntie Pat at Home with Christ makes the thought of heaven all the more tangible and sweeter.
There is a great sense of joy that auntie Pat has finished her race and is in the presence of the Lord Whom she served faithfully for so many years. She has received that welcome from Christ that we all long to hear: "Well done, good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord" . She has been reunited with a host of other heroes of the faith who have gone before.

At the same time, I feel a real sense of loss and sadness that a soldier of the faith, should be taken from us. We know that day comes for everyone. But auntie Pat lived a short, fruitful, surrendered life.

The mark she has left on so many who have been around her or have read the daily divine nuggets, listened to her surmons, heard her speak, and been encouraged to emulate the example of Godly living over these years, is remarkable. Once Shirley said to me "even in the full swing of honouring her birthday with a smooth secular song, mum would quietly ask if a Godly song could be played instead". That was the woman auntie Pat had become over the years.

Throughout the twists and turns of her journey over the next 20 decades, auntie Pat steadfastly demonstrated what it meant to simply "trust and obey." Because she viewed God as being altogether sovereign, faithful, wise, and good, even when she could not fathom His plan or His purposes, she knew He could be trusted. The appropriate response was to obey Him. So in an era when people want God to be a dispenser of their comfort, wishes, and needs, auntie Pat kept coming back to this message: "God is worthy of our obedience our worship, and our surrender to Him as Lord.

Countless people, especially women who read auntie Pat's accounts and daily nuggets are called to reflection and responded by saying, "I want to follow these Godly principles." Only God knows how many have been called to serve whilst she directed them. People from all walks of life around her have been inspired to know and follow Christ in a better way. Even from Yesterday's viewing, testimonials suggested that some felt a strong desire to take up the baton.

On a more personal note, I admired and observed auntie Pat from a distance for many years. Most recently found out that we share almost the same birthday just one day apart. She was always immaculately put together and carrying her smile and verve everywhere. I recognise a lot of her in me. My own life and ministry stands on the shoulders of remarkable woman of God like her, my mother as well as others, who have been diligently serving in full-time ministry.

In 2018, I met her at a Christian singles seminar she organised with her daughter my dear friend Shirley, where I felt I was at the right place at the right time. Right there, auntie Pat mentioned that Shirley talks often about me and my Christian singles ministry and this has really inspired her to also serve the singles in her church in that manner. She was so gracious in her ways. She encouraged me to press on and to continue doing whatever God lays on my heart to do. She was about to tell me how far she had come, to be the person she was now, but the seminar was about to start. Again at the end of 2018 at her home, at Shirley's baby shower, I caught a sight of how organised and a great cook auntie Pat was. I quickly gathered that she had realised the need to lay aside her past hurts and press on with the things of God.

In 2016 the Women Empowerment Ministry, and in 2019 ( correct me if I'm wrong with those dates Shirley) Auntie Pat's Daily Divine Nuggets were launched through her daily whatsapp posts that touched a generation of Christian women in a profound way. Women all accross her life are testifying of the impact that auntie Pat's witness, had in their lives, and shaped their view of womanhood, of God, and of the gospel. Readers who had not been close to auntie Pat before , but they felt like they knew her. They thought of her as their spiritual mother, mentor, and friend.

Those who followed will remember that auntie Pat highlighted in each daily nuggets posts how: "You are loved with an everlasting love. Glory be to God" .

Isn't that a great way to summarize auntie Pat's life and influence, especially to women who are struggling to get out of bed and push through life? We thought of her as our friend, and she thought of us as hers. She pointed us back to Scripture and to the love of God, which is enough to sustain us and carry us through every situation, every season, every circumstance of life.

I hope in future when the story of her life is told, people will say: "She trusted and she obeyed."

I'm deeply thankful for the example of this life lived for the glory of God.

Whilst I rejoice that auntie Pat is with her Savior, she leaves behind a great void. Just yesterday at her viewing, her photographer friend said: "As these older servants of Christ pass, the responsibility is on us to lead the next generation in the pathway of righteousness. God have found her ready. And for those of us still living, is because our work on earth is not yet finished or that we are not yet ready". Now that she is gone, I feel a stronger than ever call to proclaim the ways and heart of Christ to those who may not be familiar with auntie Pat, but who need to know and love and trust and serve Him as she did.

I will miss auntie Pat. I'm deeply thankful for the example of this life lived for the glory of God. She has left a rich legacy through her writings—I plan to reread many of her daily Divine nuggets post in the days ahead, and urge you to do the same, whether they are familiar or new to you.

May the message she has written on so many of our hearts, be one we write on the hearts of those who are coming behind us. And may God find us faithful, as was our friend auntie Pat—all the way to the finish line.

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.
Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Heb. 13:7-8)
Posted by Priscilla Canciani on May 22, 2020
Our early memories of our Cousin Patrica was when we’d spend our holidays with Uncle Kojo Amissah’s family at Windy Ridge in Sekondi.
    There were lots of Children running around the house, but Patrcia stood out. She was warm, and quickly made us feel at home. Her broad smile, drew us into her web of laughter and domestic mischief.
    Adulthood and travel has separated us, but we always held fond memories of Patrica aka Patash. Patash .......why so sudden and so soon ? God holds the answers, Rest In Peace Dear Cousin Patricia

John, Margaret-Rose, Samuel & Priscilla Priddy
Posted by Laud Ashon on May 22, 2020
Sister Pat,.....but you loved to be called Patash.

Patricia was that affable and kind person liked by most people who came into contact with her. She was the fun loving sister and up to date on trends especially music and dance. She taught me dance moves growing up.
She grew up to love her God and win souls for God.

Your sudden death has brought us so much pain. It is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell, but I trust that the good Lord knows best and I am hopeful that you're resting peacefully with your Lord.

Patricia, you will forever be in our hearts.
Fare thee well and may your wonderful soul rest in peace.

......your little brother Fiifi.
Posted by Alfred Klutsey on May 22, 2020
Words cannot express how we feel at times like this.
But I know you’ve gone to be with the Lord.

At my wedding you said you could see me and my wife Abi having lots of children.

Well guess what? Your prophetic words have come to pass.
And the Lord has blessed us with lots of amazing children.
And a busy household …lol

Over the years I’ve witnessed you become ever closer and engrossed in God’s word and His work. That is amazing to see and this gives hope and faith to all of us.

So thank you.

On behalf of myself Alfred, my wife Abi our Children and the rest of the Klutsey clan.

Sleep well Auntie Pat, Sleep well.
Posted by Richard Aboagye on May 22, 2020
Out of no where you came into my shop, shared the word of God with me, invited me to your church, showed me love on our first meeting therefore I saved your name as PROPHETESS. Since that day you’ve been a blessing over and over, you gave me my first Christmas present when I moved to London, you spoke Fanti with me and asked of my family back home always though you never met them, a true woman of God you was, you are and will always be, showing dedication in every little thing and taking everything World Cup because perfection was your hallmark. You’ve left us here saaaa but I believe God himself is keeping you in His bosom, y3n wr3 aho papaapa but you will forever remain in our hearts. I love you mummy, we love you grandma, Till we meet again


Posted by Mena Ocansey on May 22, 2020
Hmm Auntie Pat,
It is with such a heavy heart that this is the circumstance in which I am having to write a tribute to you.
I remember the first time I met you when I was a little older, it was when you picked Shirley and a few of us from the cinema. I will never forget the car journey home you really grilled me! :D!
It’s when time went by I began to realize that this was a way of seeing who Shirley was keeping company with and it was all out of true love.
From then on I remember whenever there’d be an event or I’d come and hang out with Shirley and see you at home, you’d always have open arms for me, asking how everything was going always checking that I was okay.
Auntie Pat.... hmmmm
Your divine daily nuggets were so inspiring and a true reflection of the intimate relationship you have with God. It just shows how spirit filled and truly ‘divine’ the words you spoke were.
You will be sorely sorely missed. The regal way you carried yourself, the smile you always had and open arms.
Rest well Auntie Pat.
I pray God strengthens the family in this difficult time.
Posted by Charlene Quaye on May 22, 2020
Prophetess Trish!! You were such a warm, fun, loving awesome woman of God. Everytime I met you, you always had words of encouragement for me. You kept spurring me on to continue the work God has placed in my hands. The last time I saw you, if I had known it would have been my last time I would have hugged you more. Heaven has gained an angel. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Anesha Ahinakwa on May 22, 2020
Gone too soon my dearest Pat!

I just can't come to terms with your demise. It's like a bad dream that one can't understand the meaning of, but I take consolation in our God's word that you have gone to your Maker.
You walked to my desk at work early March to chat with me and reprimand me for not looking for you at work, little did I know it was to say goodbye.
You have left a great legacy and it shall flourish. Your zeal for the things of God shall forever grow in your lovely children. And ooh! Your love for music, how can I forget? I can still see you standing in the middle of the CPI Choir @CCBC singing your heart out the great songs we learned together. Sing on Sister, show the Angels how it's done.
May you be rewarded greatly for touching lives and doing our Father's will.
Sleep well my dear, till we meet again!

Blessings & Love,
Anesha Grateful❤❤
Posted by William Ellis on May 21, 2020
Auntie Pat,
   To say your untimely demise crushed our hearts is an understatement. Just less than a year ago, you single handedly planned and organized your sister’s surprise birthday party in the United States and saw it to fruition even though you weren’t in the best of health. You showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed and injected the crowd with your infectious smile and gregarious spirit. This is how much you loved your sister and the special bond you shared with her was unparalleled to none . Remembering you will be easy, but missing you is a pain no medication can alleviate . So we will settle for saying good night for now , not good bye .

Always in our hearts . We love you too much .

From the Amegbey family .
Posted by Cindy Longwani on May 22, 2020
A remarkable woman with such a lovely heart. Full of wisdom and love. You always see the best in everything. No problem was without a solution for you. Great source of encouragement. Rest well. Aunty's Pat.
Posted by Eric Mensah on May 21, 2020
A gorgeous woman with a peaceful soul; rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Caroline Appiah on May 21, 2020
The loss of Patricia, our Niece, came as a shock and an unexpected event to me, my siblings and all our children, who heard of her demise.

We became closer when her Mother, our late Sister, moved with them from Accra to Sekondi. She was friendly, sociable and easily interact with all sort of people, regardless.

Her passing is a big blow to the entire Gwira family because she went too soon.

Ash to ash and dust to dust. 
Calmly now the words we say. 
Left behind, we wait in trust.
For the resurrection day, when soul and body meet again, there will be no sorrow or weeping.
Father, in thy gracious keeping
Leave we now They servant sleeping.
Sleep well, beloved PAT.

Tribute from Auntie Ewuraba Gwira, siblings and the whole Gwira family.
Posted by Claudia Martha Klutsey on May 21, 2020
Sleep on my beloved sister,sleep
well in God's arms and take thy
rest.Lay down thy head upon thy
Saviour's Bossom.we love thee
well,but Jesus loves thee best.

Patricia,my eyes are a fountain of
tears.I might weep day and night
for the death of my beloved SISTER
but of all the uncertainties in life,
one thing is certain and that is
death.For we are born to die;
however,much as death is
expected,it is always sudden,cruel
and unwelcome.

Pat,where are you going in such a
I had not seen you for quite a while
since my last visit to London some
years ago. So, when I heard you
were in Accra,I decided to come
and see you. We talked about so
many interesting issues and we're
so happy seeing each other after
such a long time. I bid you farewell,
Promised to see you next year,not
knowing that was the last time we'll
be together.

Pat did you come to say Goodbye?
Nevertheless, I take consolation
from the fact that you will forever
be remembered for your warmth
towards mankind, respect for family
values and Observance of Christian
principles. But above all, your
generosity to all those who
approached you for assistance.

Now Patricia, Pat, Patash as we all
called you, with much grief in my
heart, I salute you as you bow out.

Goodnight , Goodnight, Goodnight.

May the Lord lead you safely into

Rest well my beautiful sister.


Posted by Albert Wilson on May 21, 2020
When you answered the call of the Lord, you left us with a hole in our hearts that can never be filled.
Your love and dedication as a grandmother, mother, sister, wife, auntie and friend was a testament to your faith and the essence of true Christian living in the service of the Almighty.
You are, and will forever be, sorely missed...but we take consolation in knowing that you are sweetly reposing in the loving bossom of the Lord.
Rest peacefully, dear sister, auntie and friend!

Bert, Angie, Albert Jr. and Elise
Posted by Tracey Klutsey on May 21, 2020
Auntie Pat, I can still hear your distinct voice ringing in my ears. I can't believe I am saying goodbye to your beautiful soul. It feels as though it's a bad dream that I desperately want to be awaken from. It's rather unfortunate but the terrible truth that, this is the reality we are all faced with - our 'new normal'; no more Auntie Pat.

But you know what, I thank God for your life and I am so grateful, blessed and proud to have had you for an auntie. I smile when I think of the fond memories I have of you; always encouraging me with the word of God whenever we spoke about challenges of life. I spent a lot of my weekends at yours many years ago and they were lovely, the memories of which I now hold dear.

Your absence has created a void in our lives. I will surely miss you as I presently do. Why now, I ask? I have a lot of questions that need answering but there's no one to turn to. I can't question God as He owes me no explanations. All I can do is to trust Him as that is what He requires of us, as Christians. As difficult as it is to fathom your untimely demise, I have to leave it to God.

You are most likely smiling down on us, relishing in His glory with all the saints because you fought a good fight and ran an excellent race. Your job is done! You have bowed out young but gracefully.

Fare thee well Auntie Pat! God be with you.
Posted by Gwendoline SAM-APPIAH on May 21, 2020
Dearest Patash (as I fondly called her) was a beautiful person inside and out.
She was kind- hearted and willing to assist whoever required assistance. I have benefited from her largesse many times.
I remembered, when I visited her years ago, we would go shopping, get lost in it and it will only take a reminder from the shop assistant that it was time to close before we would ran out in laughter. I would then come to the realization that, Pat had bought nothing for herself but lots for me.
Fearless, confident and an awesome personality, Patash, loved company and would not hesitate to exchange pleasantries with anybody she met.
On her recent trip to Ghana she asked when I would visit. "Tuntum Broni (the name I used in reference to her beautiful, dark, spotless complexion) "I am busy with work. I will find time." I did not realize then, that it was my last interaction with her in person.
For the past years, Patash had become a born-again Christian and her daily words of encouragement under the title " Auntie Pat's Daily Nuggets" were adequate to calm a troubled soul.
She has ran the race, fought a good fight and gone to be with the Lord. I am torn and beside myself with grief, but I will not complain. God is his own interpreter.
Adieu, Patash.
Fare the well.
Posted by Frank Ashon on May 21, 2020
19th May 2020
*To the Ashon and Allied Families:*
May you find comfort in the truth that there is hope for eternal life for those who die in the Lord Jesus Christ - the Resurrection Himself!

Although Mrs. Patricia Adu-Baah, has gone earlier than desired, remember that to her Maker, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day. Our dear Sister has served her Lord and Master to His satisfaction. As a lady Pastor, her exemplary ministry will certainly live on.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace

By Dr. Adelaide Kastner
Posted by Flore Ferreira on May 21, 2020
"He giveth and He taketh"
I had the opportunity to know a kind and loving woman, always oozing joy and happiness! Aunty Pat!
Gone but not forgotten!
You will be forever missed!
May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen!
Posted by Onyameba Cee on May 20, 2020
My sister my friend my co oordinator and my extraordinary woman of Beautiful Heart. Death may have taken you away from me but it could not take away the memories and our stories we share. You will always be in my heart in your own special place. Today seeing you lying still looking as usual beautiful and peaceful Prophetess .Your loving smile and your gentle face no one can wipe away or can fill your vacant place. Your life have touched many hearts and I am very proud of you. you shared love peace just as our father in heaven commission us. Well done sister. Rest my sister. Rest in perfect Peace untill me meet in heaven ❤⚘⚘⚘
Posted by Mrs. Afua Sampeney on May 20, 2020
Mrs Patricia Adu-Baah a woman full of energy always willing to run around for her little sister, the ministry and her family. You will be forever missed. May you rest peacefully with the Lord
Posted by Golda Ashon on May 20, 2020
Patash, Patash, that was the name my sister loved to respond to. Sister Pat was a fun loving person. In fact her life was an expression of 'fun'. She knew and loved all the latest dance moves and music, and would always come first during all the dancing sessions.
It is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell at this early stage of your life but I trust you are resting peacefully in God's presence. You have run the race, you have fought a good fight, now is the time to receive your crown of glory. You will forever be in our hearts. Rest my sister, in perfect peace.
From your little sister, Golda.
Posted by Napoleon Andrews on May 20, 2020
You maybe gone from my sight but you are never gone from my heart REST IN PEACE Trish .
Posted by Frank Ashon on May 20, 2020
I remember you this day with a lot of fond memories. There are so many things we shared together as siblings including the love for each other, love for our families and most of all love for the almighty God which gives me the assurance that you have gone to be with HIM.

The burning desire to bring the best out of all around you, defined your purpose in life. Your ability to organize people for every noble cause cannot be overemphasized. Your beaming smile coupled with your ability to tell laughable little stories that tended to disarm everyone you met and served as an uncanny way of always getting out of trouble is fondly remembered. I remember how you always got out of trouble with Daddy when it was obvious that he was going to skin you alive.

All these attributes informed your desire to serve the Almighty God with passion, dedication and diligence . This is evidenced by your work as a pastor and the regular production of beautiful writings from the Bible you named “Aunty Pat’s Daily Nuggets” that touched so many lives including mine.

I have lost a sister I dearly loved and I will always remember you in my life. Thank God for using your life to bless so many. Fare thee well Sister Pat. Good bye Patash, Good bye Parasho !!!!
Posted by Christina Adams on May 20, 2020
Sister Pat was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. She was someone with a natural nobility. Sister Pat proved to be a real child of God.
Today is our chance to say thank you for the way you brightened our lives, we truly appreciate the daily Nuggets of hope and inspiration you brought to us. May you rest in perfect peace in the boosom of our Lord Christ Jesus . Amen

Posted by Ednah Makoni on May 20, 2020
What a beautiful Soul inside out. Mrs Adu-baar your child-like innocence and take on life was so refreshing for me. You loved God & enjoyed being part of the Body of Christ that gave me lots of hope. I am blessed to be one of those Children of God who can boldily say that I met someone who had a chance to go to Heaven and then come back physically to this Earth to give us a Testimony. I count myself blessed to have been there on that day you gave the Testimony at Church. Thank you for the dreams shared. Earth and the World has lost big time but God's Heaven has gained an Angel.
Posted by Naa Barnor on May 20, 2020
I only met you once .
You were full of life and enjoying yourself and it was very sad to hear your had passed on.
My only conclusion can be the Lord needed you more but for us, you have gone too soon.
Rest in Peace in the Almighty's bosom .
Posted by Judith Ashon on May 19, 2020
My dear sister Pat, you were a beautiful soul. You were kind, loving and caring. I remember when you first joined me in the UK, we ate together and slept in the same room together. We always had lovely chats about growing up at home, followed by laughters and giggles all the time. We became strong pillars for each other.

Suddenly, death came like a rush of a wind to lay its icy hands on you and snatched you away from us so soon. We keep asking ourselves why? why? why? There are more questions than there are answers in your untimely passing however, God knows best.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord, until we meet again.

You will be sorely missed.

Lots of love from Sister Naana (Judith Ashon)
Posted by Josie Degraft-Johnson on May 19, 2020


My sister, my friend! What can I say? I cannot believe you are no more! You were with me a few weeks ago, little did I know that we were saying our final goodbyes! I am glad we spent quality time together, and that I was able to hug you for the last time at the airport on the day of your departure back to the UK.

There are so many thoughts and emotions going through my heart and mind, but at the moment the main feeling is one of numbing grief. I miss you already, Pat!

You were a generous and kind-hearted person! Always ready to assist with the little that you had.

You were warm and bubbly, the life of every party, our dancing queen, Patash!

You loved and doted on me as a younger sister, treating me like a "queen", and serving me breakfast in bed, anytime I visited London.

You took great care of me when I came to London to deliver my first child, taking time off your busy schedule, and attending every ante-natal and post-natal appointment with me without fail!

Dearest sister, although we were several miles apart, we stayed in touch, teaching me the real meaning of hope, compassion for others and acceptance of difficult days!

I wish we were still together having fun, but I can understand why God would want such a beautiful angel on his side from now till eternity!

I miss your warm smile, your daily words of encouragement through your " Daily Nuggets", and your sensible advice. Pat, Patash! Parasho, you are already sorely missed!

Dearest sister, rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord, whom you loved and served, till we meet again!

"For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands."


Your sister
Posted by Pastor Amelia Quansah on May 19, 2020
Rev Patricia was a kind hearted prayerful Woman of God. She always sent me words of encouragement and would check up on me regularly. She always looked elegantly stunning when attending church, which I admired. I will always cherish the time we shared. Rest Well Beautiful Sister in Christ, Rest Well.
Posted by Ivy Esantsi on May 19, 2020
As some people journey through life, they leave footprints wherever they go, footprints of kindness and love, courage and compassion, humor and inspiration, joy and faith.
Even when they are gone, we can still look back and clearly see the trail they left behind, a trail bright with hope that invites us to follow.
Sister Pat may your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

From the Esantsi’s
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
It was a shock to hear about the sudden passing of Patricia. We grew up in the same community and were good family friends as teenagers.

Fondly remembered with her great smile and sense of humour.

Forever in our hearts.

From the Dougan family
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
Kofi Opoku Baah- There will never be a time you are not thought of
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
Patience Kokwabea- you shall be missed and remembered every day
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
Deborah Opoku Baah - May you rest in peace with the Lord
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
Daniel Opoku Baah - one more star shall rise in the sky
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
Elizabeth Afosaa - Heaven has gained another angel
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
K Jesse - The lord shall open the gates of heaven for you
Posted by Lulu Stephens on May 19, 2020
Patash as I affectionately called her was like a big sister as she was the big sister of my best friend Josie and also my senior in Secondary school, Archbishop Porter Girl's Takoradi. In February 2020 we were all together at both my niece's and my goddaughter's weddings in Ghana and I can't believe she's gone. Patash thanks for all your work for humanity, your daily inspiring Auntie Pat's Nuggets. You will be sorely missed. Rest peacefully in God's bossom till we meet. 
Posted by Sylvia Mintah on May 19, 2020
'Only one life, ’twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ will last.
And when I am dying, how happy I’ll be,
If the lamp of my life has been burned out for Thee' (CT Studd).

Sister Pat I know you are happy because your lamp burnt for Christ and set ablaze many a hearts and lives. Sleep well in your Master's arms. Heaven has gained a beautiful soul!
Posted by Shirley Aboagye (Debrah) on May 19, 2020
I’ve known Mrs Adu Baah as a remarkable woman dedicated to serve God with all her abilities.
She was really a founding member of Resurrection. Power Ministries International, London and played a notable role at its North Branch . Her time as Choir Leader was one of the best seasons .
She had such resilience and resolve not to let anyone or anything get in her way in serving God and now, we celebrate her life knowing all the hurt and sacrifices were not in vain .
Last year she shared with me her sense of urgency in doing whatever God has put in her heart to do and in her rapid flow of words and passion made me question
my own sense of purpose as a believer.
Auntie Pat , there was so much you wanted to do and gifted to do but I believe you have set the trail for your children, PRM Women Empowerment Ministry and a lot more others you touched spiritually to take on the mantle and live out your vision of fruitfulness for the Lord .
May you be able to say to your Maker on that day of accountability , “those that you gave me , none is lost” Sleep well Beautiful Lady till we meet again.

Mrs Esther Brobbey 
Posted by Naa Adoley Plange on May 18, 2020
From Naa Adoley Plange (Jocelyn)My dear friend your demise was a blow to me.Anytime i think about you or read something about you i tear up.I question myself why? But the Lord knows best.You were such a nice person, your smiles, your laughs.You were born a leader.You were my source of inspiration when we were in school.You will ever be missed dear friend, rest peacefully in the Lord.
Posted by Angela Agyei on May 18, 2020
Sister Patricia was such a beautiful, kind, considerate and encouraging person, always seeing the best in people. A true light that shined so bright. A real woman of GOD. Me and my family will never forget all the support you gave us when our dear "Mummy" went to sleep in Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am devastated at your passing, but delighted to know you are present with Our LORD Jesus Christ: 2nd Corinthians 5:8. Thank you so much Sister Patricia for everything. You will never be forgotten. ❤
Posted by Alice Edem Orok on May 18, 2020
My beautiful and loving Aunty pat, i just can't believe it that you are gone, i never thought that i will be writing this. My heart is so heavy as I'm writing, i am so lost of words. You were so nice and warm towards people. You made me feel so welcome while attending a church with you, you were so humble beautiful inside and out, your kind words and encouraging words and prayers is something that i will never forget. Thank you for everything, i will also like to thank God almighty for your life while you were here with us, it was a great pleasure knowing you Aunty Pat love you always ❤❤

May your soul rest in perfect peace Amen 
Posted by Sue Jackson on May 18, 2020
Words seems inadequate to express the sadness I feel. I pray in the mist of my sadness, I will find comfort knowing you are safely in Father God, arms.

I miss you daily, I miss your daily nuggets, I miss your positivity, your encouragement your smile which sometimes says “why are you worrying about the situation and you will then quote a bible verse and pray with me. Thank you so much that God, created a beautiful soul and heart.

I will always cherish the beautiful memories of you.

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to ever forget.
I will not say goodbye, I will say until we meet again Trish.

Posted by Catherine Akpan on May 18, 2020
My daughter, may God receive your soul and comfort you. All the good you have done for me.
Rest In Peace, in Jesus Name.
Posted by Letitia Davidson on May 18, 2020
Patricia, Rest in Perfect Peace, Amen. Fond memories, Letitia xx
Posted by Ali Karolia on May 18, 2020
Trish, as I knew her, always had very warm and loving presence. I don't think I ever saw her upset or grumpy about anything and was always helpful when I asked for any support. Amazing woman. Rest In Peace
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Posted by Joe Dougan on May 22, 2020
Patricia is one bubbly girl. It’s been a few years now. Family friends, lived in the same area, and only a few months apart by birth but same date. She was always great company. Memories so clear , but time rolls. It’s an honour to know Pat. Her heart and kindness moulded with softness that only God gives, nurtured with family love. Her laughter was infectious, and she was equally vivacious. I recall a couple of us were idly chatting away and she said she was shy? Eh eh!. We laughed but she was honest. This is one of those difficult moments when a wish to have caught up, prayed and reminisced stares me in the face before she got taken.

PatAsh - Heavens a busy place. May your inspiration continue because memories of you will never fade amongst everyone you know and inspired.
Posted by Latoya Amoateng on May 22, 2020
Auntie Patricia, if anyone told me you would be gone so soon, I would have never believed it. Quite frankly, I still didn’t believe you were gone until today when I saw you laying down in the coffin and still looking beautiful as ever. I’m absolutely heartbroken by your demise. I will miss your beautiful smile and your happy dance. My God keep you in the palm of his hands until we meet again. Rest well auntie x. Lots of love from Latoya.
Posted by Joana Cobbina-Gyamfi on May 22, 2020
Words can not express how we feel at times like this
Sister you may be gone from our midst, but you you aren't gone from my heart and my family, s heart
REST IN Peace Dear cousin Patricia
Till we meet again
Joana Cobbina-Gyamfi
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Shared by EMMA TSAGLI on May 22, 2020
This place is not ours, we are just passing through, rest well big sis,till we meet again.Forever loved.Emma.

You made me feel very safe and happy. Thank you.

Shared by Catherine Akpan on May 20, 2020
My name is Catherine Akpan. I will always remember you. You helped me when I was in need. You always came to my rescue and helped me through my times of need in London. Thank you. thank you. I will always remember you.
Rest in Peace, my very good friend.
Rest In Peace.

Inspirational speaker:

Shared by Rose Asoluka on May 19, 2020
Sister Pat, you may be gone from our midst, but you aren’t gone from my heart and the hearts of my fellow sisters in the Women Empowerment, Prophetic Resurrection Ministry.

You have left behind a legacy and we will always remember your leadership in the church. You were unique in your own way. You lived your life the best way you could. You ran the race God set before you, I will always remember you sending: ‘Aunty Pat, Divine Daily Nuggets’. We are sad that you are no longer here. You showed courage even in difficult situations and always stood for what you believed in, which I admired about you. You were full of life and had so much compassion for others.
Rest in Perfect Peace Sister Pat

From: Elder Rose Asoluka (PRM).