Let the memory of Patricia be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on October 8, 1950 .
  • Passed away on February 10, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patricia Grubb, 60, born on October 8, 1950 and passed away on February 10, 2011. We will remember her forever. plz read aboout her life story

Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 9th April 2018
Hey sissy, sorry its been alittle while but i havent forgot you, i could never forget you. My life hasnt been the same since you left me sissy. I have been saving pop tabs for you and i will donate them in honor of you k sis? Sissy i know you're in Heaven bit ask God to help Ralph hes so depressed, i feel so bad for him. Mommy is doing ok shes being moved out of that nursing home cause they burned her, 2nd degree burn, i cant believe they hurt mom like that. Sissy i wish you were here with me, i get so lonely all the time, with you not here to fill my days now. Sissy i love you so so much, ill try my best to talk to you more often k. But im sending you lots of. Hugs and kisses till next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 18th March 2018
Hey pattycakes, i miss you so much. Sissy. My days and nights arent the same withoutt you in it. Imm so bored, you always had a way to keep me busy. Now theres that void i. Have i cant fill. No one will ever take your place or could ever take your place. You have been my big sis and always will be.hugs and kisses until next time. I iss you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 28th February 2018
Hey my beautiful sissy, you are the world to me, its been a hard month to get through with you and Earl both passing in this much, God has helped me so much. Ponch moms doggie is sick after 21 years he has leaky valves from his heart. We are going to just keep him comfortable until God calls him home too.. Perry is doing about the same, which is a good thing cause at least he's not got worse. I miss you so much, things aren't the same anymore. Hugs and kisses til next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 10th February 2018
Sissy got you on my mind a lot today, tomorrow makes 7 years since God took you with him, and I still think it was just yesterday. I miss you so bad. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you that day but you know I couldn't get here, it's so clear in my mind that day. I just never thought I'd hear those words that God had takin you. But I know where you are and that you are very happy in Heaven, I wouldn't let my greed of wanting you with me to bring you back if I could and put you through it all over again. I love you always sissy. And yes mommy had you first. Hugs and kisses until next time.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 4th February 2018
Hey sissy in a week it will be 7 years since you left us and I miss you more and more each day. My days are still lonely without you making me laugh. I miss brother Earl too. I totaled my car out on the 25 of January and I thought I was gonna die right there, but sissy God doesn't want me yet, I guess I have more to do here. Just wanted to say I love and miss you so much. Hugs and kisses til next time.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 14th January 2018
It's just me again sis missing you so much. Mom is now on oxygen I guess you'll be seeing her before long, I'm just glad she's right with God. Sis I miss all of you that's left me and if you are with dad and Earl they know I'm loving and missing them too. I lost it yesterday thinking of you all, sometimes things get overwhelming and I let it out. It's hard to try to be the strong one cause deep down I'm not. I'm so grateful to get to write you on here makes me feel like I'm really getting to talk to you but I know you hear me even without this but it's how I deal with it.just wanted to say I miss you. Hugs and kisses til next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 31st December 2017
hey sissy its new years eve and I wish you were here nut I'm sure you are having more fun in Heaven where you are than here, I just miss you so so much. Heather and I have been saving poptabs in honor of you and we will donate them just like you did sis, that's my way of saying I love you everyday and appreciate the heart you had to help people all the time with kidney dialalises, hope I spelled that right but probly not, that's me cant spell.happy new year sissy, it might not even be a new year there but anyways I'm thinking of you and miss you even more.earl and you and daddy must be having a great time. mom is slowly fading away from us sis , she will be with you when God says so but I will miss her too and then Perry has stage 4 emphasema next step is cancer, we cant find a lung donor or a doctor that will except his medical cover and his age 58 they don't seem like they want to help him, so he will be there with you all too id say. I love and miss you, hugs and kisses til next time.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 26th December 2017
Ok sissy this I'd Christmas and I'm so sure you are having a wonderful time with Earl and daddy but I still miss you opening up your gifts and seeing the excitement you got out of your Christmas cards more than anything, you always knew that there was dollars in them.i miss and love you so much. Enjoy your day sis. Hugs and kisses til next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 25th November 2017
Hi sissy, it's been a couple weeks now and I'm sorry. I miss you do much I'm only going to leave my Facebook open do I can talk to you and Earl, it's getting to be to much drama for me. People always said you were the different one but you had more sense than any of us has ever had, you knew how to enjoy life to it'd fullest. I fit right in with you cause we are the same. My life is incomplete without you. I love you more and more and miss you more and more everyday that goes past. You will always be my life. Hugs and kisses til next time. I love you always
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 12th November 2017
hey my beautiful sister i'm so sorry I haven't got on here in a few but you know how busy ive been staying with mommy and perry, my left ankle is broke and my right ankle is sprung, but i'm hanging in there, it takes more than that to put me in the bed for bed rest, mom is counting on me and I wont let her down, its like having a baby, if I had one this couldn't stop me now could it.lol sissy I miss you so so much. I miss doing things with you, i'm feeling so lost right now, its the holidays coming up and I really don't want to have a dinner but the grandbabies are expecting one, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't even have one. sissy I love you more than you will ever know.hugs and kisses until next time my sweet sister
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 19th October 2017
Hey sissy I figured it was time to write you its been a little while but I fell and broke my foot, hurts to walk with a cast on it. Sis I miss you so badly, each day that goes by I wonder if this is gonna be the day i get to go be with you and brother Earl..the way this world is I'm sure it won't be long. Its starting to be cold at night and early mornings, I've got to try to get these beds fixed up for the dogs and cats, i have everything its just hard getting on that hill. Sis i cant even pay anyone to help me but i know my God will pull me through this, he's always here for me. Just wanted to say i love you and miss you with all of my heart and soul. Moms hanging in there still. Hugs and kisses until next time.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 8th October 2017
Its your birthday in Heaven I bet its wonderful. I miss throwing you your birthday parties with Heather and uncle Denny's. We had some fun times. I hope you are so happy sissy and I'm sure you are. I love and miss you deeply.hugs and kisses til next time.enjoy your day
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 5th October 2017
Hey sissy been thinking about you a lot. You've been on it Strong lately. Sissy I miss you I feel so alone without you. My days are long and I don't know how to fill the void. Nothing is the same any more. Sometimes I lay with my eyes closed and think I hear you talking but I haven't seen you much in my dreams lately. Last week was a bad dream of you. When I see you in my dreams I feel you are still here with me. I need to see you as often as God will permit you to visit me or however that works just know I need to see you in them. Hugs and kisses til next time. Miss you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 24th September 2017
Hey sis I so miss you on days like this. Its been do boring all day. This I'd when you and I would always find something to do.it was 90 out today they say it's suppose to be that hot again tomorrow. I dread this. Going to go see mom tomorrow she is feeling better. Well did its late and I need to write to Earl too yet so hugs and kisses til next time. I love you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 4th September 2017
hey sissy just wanted to say how much i miss you. i got a bigger fish tank i know you would have loved it.perrys not feeling to well today, but he has his days though. sissy i wish i could have more time with you, it doesnt feel like you should have left me already, i sure wasnt ready to let you go.i need you in my life sis, i stay alone most of the time and dont socialize, i know i need to get out and you would be saying lets go for a ride sissy, and we would jump into the car turn the music up and head out, singing as loud as we could. we sure did have fun together. i thank God every day that he gave me such an awesome sister, you always have been special to me and filled my life to its fullest, i dont know what to do without you. but im gonna try and live my life the best i can so that some day i can see you again. hugs and kisses until next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 4th September 2017
hey sissy, sorry its took me awhile, but mom hasnt been doing to good. i really miss getting to do things with you, i feel so lost without dad, you and Earl, i love the memories i have with you thats something no one can take from me. the elephant ride, camden park, dancing and singing, taking off in the car with the music playing and no one knew where we went, saving poptabs, i could keep naming things but it would take all night.sissy i love and miiss youuu so much, theres n be said to tell youuu how happy you made me in my life, hard to believe God gave you to use for 60 years and then took you but i dont question why he took you he had his reasons, hugs and kisses til i see you again
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 24th August 2017
hey sissy so sorry i havent wrote in awhile but ive been really busy making my drivers liscense, im the only one left down here everyone else moved back to ohio and i need a way to go see mom more but anyways im sorry. i havent been back to camden park since you went last with me, Jake passed away im sure you know, but do you remember the day him and perry got real sick? only you and me never, we stayed on that gravity ride half the day didnt we?bub misses you too. sissy i know you would get jealous of bub with me but i loved you both, but you were my special one, the one i always had all the fun with.i got me a new kitty cat, and i can hear you say me dont care, but i knew you would enjoy watching them play. theres no one that can ever take your place in my life, i love and miss you for ever till we meet again, and i only hope im one of the very few that enters the gates of Heaven, but i know you are there. hugs and kisses until next time sis, i promise to write you again soon. i love you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 8th June 2017
Hey sissy i bet you are having all kinds of fun in Heaven. I know you are normal there. But sis i miss you so much.i was looking at pictures of you at the circus and couldnt help but laugh thinking about you on that elephant and it taking two national guards to get you off it. Sis you have brought me so much joy in my life. I think of you dancing and you really could dance too. God gave you to our family because he knew how much you would be loved and the joy you would bring us all. I miss you sissy. Hugs and kisses til next time. I love you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 31st May 2017
Oh my pat pat God sissy how i miss you. Theres no words that can explain how im feeling over you. I miss you being here, i miss foing things together every day. We would always find something to get into it didnt matter to you as long as i took you with me. I thank you sissy for all the memories. Mom will join you soon and when that happens im not sure how im going to servive without you mom and Earl and daddy. I love and miss you so much. Hugs and kisses until next time.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 19th May 2017
Hi sissy I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a little while loosing brother Earl and you to and granny is more than I can handle I miss you so much. What of give yo have you to hold yell you how much I love you again would be the greatest time in my life. I need you sis. Hugs and kisses until next time
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 15th April 2017
We'll sissy tomorrow is Easter and the holidays aren't the same. I'm so lonely for my family. I know you all are with me in spirit but it's not the same. Sissy enjoy your Easter in Heaven. I will be thinking of you all day. Hugs and kisses until next time. I really miss you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 9th April 2017
Well sissy I don't think I have to tell you that Fanny lost her battle to cancer. She's with you now.theres so many of our loved ones passing lately, it's crazy sis.im feeling lonely for you and Earl.i miss doing things with you. Sissy you are always on my mind even if I don't get on here and talk to you, I have you close to my heart
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 28th March 2017
It's me again sis Fanny Ann is still in bad shape she's still on life support her cancer has come back full force. Sis everyone is leaving me.when you left me it took a big tole on me. I miss and love you so much. I miss things that we would do together. Hugs and kisses until we talk again
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 26th March 2017
Hey sissy, I'm finally back on. Sister Dee came in and saw mom yesterday. I spent some quality time with her, we've needed this since brother Earl died. We enjoyed ourselves, sit around the camp fire and talked about how much you favored mom. We miss you sis. I know you were with us last night I could just feel you there. Grandma Ann quit breathing last night and Is on life support. I don't know how long she can hang on her cancer is full force and you might be seeing her in the next day or two. God is the only one that knows. But sissy I miss and love you so much. Hugs and kisses until next time my sweet Angel.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 11th March 2017
to my beautiful sister, my heart is so broken, i cant get over you not being here...i miss you so much...theres a new ride at cedar point that i know you would love to ride with me...i think of you and me getting on those scary rides with me...i havent been on one since you left me...i know you are in Heaven cause God has a place for all special people...you was always special to me...i only wish i could have seen you before you died, but we did get to talk on the phone, but you were crying wanting me to be with you, sissy i was coming but i just never made it to you in time, i'm so sorry for that...you are my rock sissy...i know you are my angel watching over me now...i feel safe knowing you are here with me...i'm ready for bed and i pray you come visit me in my dreams again...love and miss you...hugs and kisses for you my beautiful angel....
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 9th March 2017
hey sissy, i cant get you off my mind today, i guess its because its starting to get nice out and we use to sit on the porch swinging and singing, your swing iss still up, there has been so many people wanting me to let them have your swing and you know i wont let no one take it, it was made for you...i miss you sis so very much...i made a big step by letting someone stay in your room the last time but i cant be that way... sissy i havent seen you in my dreams lately and i sure do miss that, wont you come see me please i look so forward in it... but anyways i send you love and big hugs and kisses til next time....
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 5th March 2017
hey sissy, here i am finding myself still crying over you, its been 6 years and i still cant cope with it.i get so bored with my life any more sis, this is the times when we would find us something to get into, but you are not here wiith me so i just stay at home anymore...life is not the same sissy...i'm going to so visit mommy tomorrow she is getting in bad shape, i'm going to loose her soon i have a feeling of that...i don't know how i'm going to handle that, i'm loosing all of you...my cat had her kittens 2 days ago, and i thought of how you always loved to hold the baby kittens...well sis i will write you again soon just know that i love you with all of my heart and soul...hugs and kisses
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 4th March 2017
hey sis, i cant get you off my mind, i miss doing all the fun things that we use to do. you have always been my rock sis, our family are all passing away and im being left alone here, i guess its cause im needed for mommy...plz come see me in my dreams again cause id love to see you again...love you to the Heavens and back...hugs and kisses for you sister...hope to see you soon...i love you...
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 2nd March 2017
hey sissy, boy the weather has been really bad today, we are just getting our power back on at 3 today, sissy i miss you more and more as time goes on, they say it will get easier but it doesnt, i just find myself finding ways to get through another day with a smile on my face and sadness deep down...walking through life like im happy but im not, i cant stand it without you, sissy i miss getting to do all the little things we always did...its like i have put my life on stand still, stuck from before you passed and thinking im going to get to see you any day now, but it doesnt happen, i dont see you except in my memories... im going to go to bed now in hopes that i see you in my dreams, come see me tonight sis. i love and miss you...hugs and kisses
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 26th February 2017
hey sissy im so sorry i havent talked with you for awhile but its been crazy, brother Earl died, and perry has been in the hospital on life supporrt, hes ok now praise God..sissy i miss you so much, i talk to people about you all the time, our fun times atcamdon park and the circus, and how we use to play music and dance, i miss all those times with you sis. you havent been in my dreams lately please come visit me i need to see you again. hugs and kisses sissy, good night. i promise to visit you more often, but you are never off my mind. love you so much
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 14th February 2017
sissy we decided to not tell mommy about Earl passing she couldnt handle it.i love and miss you so much i just wanted to say happy valentines day, hugs and kisses. be back soon to talk to you. i love you bunches
Posted by Heather Entrikin on 13th February 2017
Patty Grubb I miss u every day that goes by I remember growing up sharing a room sharing stories and her chasing my ass down when I made her mad ....she was there when I have birth to my first child she said header me never having no babies .....God how I miss you hunts
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 12th February 2017
sis today makes 6 years since you left us, and i still think of you every day...bet you are happy having brother Earl with you now, i miss you both but i'm so glad hes with you and daddy... if things goes the way it did with daddy, you, and Earl all dying at the age of 60 with a heart attack it looks like i have about 2 and 1/2 yers and i will be with all of you. cant hardly wait...sissy i love and miss you so much...enjoy brother eARL, I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE WATCHING OVER US. THANK YOU SISSY...GOTTA GO, KISSES AND HUGSSS
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 7th February 2017
Hey sis, its been a rough two days we layer brother Earl to rest. I know he's with you, my heart is backing with you and him not with us. I just wanted to say I love and miss you so much. I haven't told no. Cause Earl wouldn't want her to know and she would just lay there and grieve so much we would be burying her too she's so sick she couldn't handle it but I love you and will get back to you soon as I can hugs and kisses
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 4th February 2017
morning sissy just thinking of you this morning, i love you very much and miss you greatly. trying to make plan to get to ohio. i will be back to talk to you soon, you know what i need to get done.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 3rd February 2017
sissy i know its been awhile since ive been on her the age of 60 you passed at the age of 60 and Earl passed at the age of 60 all from heart attacks, sissy if the flow goes on ill be with you soon i'm 57 now. i love you so much and miss you more and more. take care of brother ok sis. and daddy, i know well sissy perry is back in the hospital too he stays sick. im worried about him too and mommy. God do we tell her, if we do it would kill her shes to sick to know this yet but i just wanted to drop in...be back again when i can...love and miss you..kisses and hugs e but you have been on my mind, you know brother Earl passed yesterday hes with you know. daddy passed at
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 22nd January 2017
hey sissy i havent forgotten you, as you already know that Arizons died of sids and we have been so confused, i dony understand why God would take her back so soon. you have her sissy please watch over her. mommy is hanging in there, was in a good moode today.kathy came in and saw her it made her feel better, you know kathy was at your grave site today, she said she cleaned it and it and it looks good. sissy i dont like going there, i dont feel you are there. here i can at least talk to you. just wanted to drop in and say i love and miss you so much. i will talk to you again soon.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 15th January 2017
Hello sissy, sorry I missed a few days just haven't been feeling well. I love and miss you so much. I'm going to go see mom in the morning other than that nothing else planned, maybe a few groceries. Its really late 3:38 am and I just can't get t9 sleep, I haven't seen you there much, and I really want to so I'm going to lay Down and hope to see you there. Love and miss you deeply.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 9th January 2017
hello sissy,sure miss you, you are my world. i know we cam communicate through our dreams, i love it when you come visit me...perry and i have been trying to quit smoking, its kinda hard but i think i can do it...perry has patches to help him i'm doing it cold turkey...sissy the day God took you from me i knew it was best for you but i know it was the worst day of my life...i know God hasbeen taking care of you really good, you are not suffering any more...well sis i'm going to go for now but just know i love you with all of my heart and soul.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 8th January 2017
im sitting here talking to sissy kathy and she says you have been visiting her, thats awesome sis, but don't leave my dreams cause i need you there. i love and miss you so much. kathy is going to visit here and talk to you too. so im going to send her an invite so look for it. going to run for now they are letting perry out of the hospital today so i have to get ready for them to deliver the oxygen. love you sissy
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 6th January 2017
hey sissy, its me, sorry i missed last night but im here now, i think sissy kathy is going to write you, she asked me for the site info to check it out. i love and miss you so much. Perry is back in the hospital, his lungs again, but he will be ok as soon as he quits smoking, see i told you smoking wasnt good for you. i still havent got to go see mom cause i have the flu still. the roads are bad here and its real cold. i will go see the doctor tomorrow so i can get better. come visit me sissy in my dreams tonight ok. love you bunches. i deleted the other two accounts i had of you cause it was getting to hard for me to remember to go into the same account to talk to you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 3rd January 2017
Sissy I had three accounts opened for you on here and I deleted two cause I only need the one and the sites should be available for people who need them, so this is the account I'm keeping, I'm hoping to upgrade it soon so I can add more pics of you. Love you to the Heavens and back
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 3rd January 2017
Hello sissy it's me again. The new years has come and gone with no change in my life yet. I've had the flu pretty bad and still am sick but I do feel some better. I write this down in here because for some reason it helps me get through another day without you. I love and miss you so much. Sally and Sam are still big as bears, they need to loose some weight but they eat everything around the house, here food and mine. Lol . It's been raining slot suppose to turn into snow, the winter just reminds me of you not being here as you passed in February. I never did like the cold.sissy if I'm not here every day it's not because I don't want to be it's just sometimes I get talking to you out loud and forget to write something down, I will never forget you ever. Gonna hop off here and get a shower and go to bed, hoping to see you in my dreams again. Love and miss you forever and ever
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 31st December 2016
hey sissy, another day without you and i cant staand my life anymore, i miss you so much. sissy can you believe Jeff Gordon dont race anymore, just fills in once in awhile for Dale Jr. and yes kasey kahne is still racing, i kknow how much you loved him, i do to now that Jeff don't race all the time. going to see mom in the morning. come vivit me in my dreams again tonight ok, i look forward to that. gonna hit the bed earlier than usual, hoping to see you there. love and miss you so much.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 28th December 2016
i love you sissy, i will always miss you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 28th December 2016
here i am its been alittle while but that don't mean i haven't had you on my mind, Perry has been in the hospital but he is ok for now, he needs to quit smoking, his lungs are gone. i bet Christmas was wonderful in Heaven, mine was the same, depressing without you here with me, please come visit me in my dreams, i look so forward to that. mom is the same, shes hanging in there, shes tough. ponch is still living, i don't believe that od dog will ever go to doggie Heaven. sissy i love and miss you more and more every day.just know that. hugs and kisses until i talk with you again.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 7th December 2016
Hi sissy, its almost Christmas
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 2nd December 2016
Here I am sissy, been a few days but you have still been on my mind everyday. Moms is still hanging in there with us.i love you sissy do much. Thanksgiving was very lonely, my girls never even showed up, but I guess its because I bring them down. But I did spend it with mommy. She enjoyed the visit. I go see her often. I put a wreath on your grave for Christmas, hope you enjoy it.wish you were here, I haven't seen you in my dreams lately, I figure you're busy now. Nut I do enjoy the visits from you. Always thinking of you.love you forever and ever.
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 22nd November 2016
Hello sis, well Thanksgiving is a couple days away and I'm not looking forward to it. I miss you very much. I'm gonna go to sleep in hopes that I see you in my dreams tonight. I hope I do. Just wanted to say I love you
Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 19th November 2016
Well here it is another day with you sissy, ladt night Bruce died from an overdose, everyone tried to get him help but you can't help someone that doesn't want help. My concern is always about you, I know you know I was at your grave the other day, I knew you weren't there, just your body,but I put some pretty flowers on it for you. I miss you sis very much, they say life goes on , it does but its not the same life as when you were here. Come see me in my dreams, you know I enjoy seeing you. Thanks for visiting me dis, I wish it was every night but I understand you are busy there and I'll take any visit I get, even if it is 4 times a week. Sissy gotta go, I need yo paint the bathroom. Love you bunches.

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