This tribute was added by Tammy Black on January 15, 2019
To the Family of Pat McCray,
I extend to you my deepest sympathy. It's hard to lose a loved one. Even though we are glad they are in no more pain, it hurts at the thought of never seeing them again here on earth. Precious memories are good, but even that can hurt at first--reminding you she's not here. The good news is that it does get better as time goes on. The precious memories will make you smile instead of cry. May God give all of you a peace that passeth all understanding. God bless all of you in such a way that you will stop and say "I'm feeling blessed!" GOD'S STILL IN CONTROL!
This tribute was added by Chatelle Bodden on January 10, 2019
Patricia Ann McCray, Mom! You have truly been our hero. Sounds very cliche', but you are the wind beneath our wings. You sacrificed and stayed grounded so that your girls and any other child you took under your wings could fly. Well, I must tell you, job well done, we have done more than fly, we have soared. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice and consistent life lessons. You have been and will always be our backbone, our hearts, and our souls. You have worn the hat of mom, dad, best friend, sister girl, doctor, best friend, and secret keeper. Now it's time to rest. We love you beyond explanation and that will live on forever. You taught us that beautiful on the outside means nothing if you have no beauty within. You taught us to lean on God, even when we don't understand. So today, we will lean on God as we don't quite understand how to do this thing called life without you, but know that we are alright because where you are there is no pain. So as your girls have said many times before, it is not goodbye, we will see you on the other side of the rainbow! We love you mom - to the moon and back again!

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