Shared by Martin Whelan on May 10, 2021
Kevin, Mark, Tom, Felicity, your mom was a major piece of my life from the years 2000 to 2005 and she left a huge mark on my life as we spent our hours and days together, Rachel and myself would have her to ourselves as we lived our busy workdays and laughed so hard with our biscuit adventures, her car issues from time to time, her voice, her spirit her everything is so much more than a whisper even all these years later, she called me a little pup and we always had time for each other. I wish I had seen her in between those years passed but as we spoke from time to time here it would allow me to replay my memories, all such fond ones. I will miss her dearly and my heart is very heavy right now but I can feel the love she had in her life warm me even from here and that gives me some comfort in her great life well lived. Rest in peace Patricia, I will forever carry you in my heart

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