Let the memory of Patricia be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on February 23, 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on August 3, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patricia Warren 62 years old , born on February 23, 1950 and passed away on August 3, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 3rd August 2018
Hi Patsy! Happy 6th Angelversary! Hard to believe it has been 6 years already. Still feels like yesterday. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of you in one way or another. Too many times I have secretly called out to you for guidance and strength. I really miss you. I miss your warmth, strength and you just being there to share things and thoughts with. Our boy Nicholas is growing up. He is a year from becoming a teenager -- heaven help us! That is both literally and figuratively. He misses you too. I would love some heavenly guidance with him. Me? I am on my yearly quest for a teaching position again. I hate not having tenure. This gets tiresome year after year. School starts for Nick in two weeks on the 13th. I hope we have a better year this year than last. He almost didn't pass because of bullying and absences. I feel that my life is in crisis. Problems everywhere you look. Will it ever be normal again? This is why I need you more. I have no outlet to talk and get it out like I did with you. I wish you never left. I guess I will never really get over losing you. I try, but I know you are always there in spirit. I really wish we could have our dream meetings once again. In a small way, they helped. I wish I could see the signs that you are still around me. I am not scared, but comforted. I really miss you and I hope that you are enjoying heaven. Give big hugs and kisses to my babies, Daddy, Grandma, and Uncle Frank. Tell them I miss and love them too. I have a lot of stuff to do today...as usual. Life doesn't change down here. Ha! Ha! Hugs and kisses sent to you in the wind until I talk to you again. I LOVE YOU !!!! I will always love you!
Posted by Nicholas Beckley on 5th June 2018
Hi Patsy It`s June almost July andIt`s almost my birthday and I know I haven`t made a Tribute to you in a while but I forgot to tell you I`m in middle school now just finished 6th but don`t know if i`m going to 7th see ya when I die and talk to ya later on here.
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 4th August 2017
Hi Patsy! I can't believe it has been 5 years since you left us. Happy Angelversary! I did not stop by yesterday, I am sorry about that. Things have been so hectic around here. Life is not being kind by any means as you can see looking down on us. It has been a frustrating, sad, somewhat exciting time. When you passed, Nick was just getting ready to start Kindergarten. Now he is just 2 weeks shy of starting Middle School. He is growing up soooo fast! I wish you were here to be part of all of this. I know you can see him from where you are and I know there are times that he feels your presence around him as I do. I wish I could feel it more though. I may be a little greedy in that aspect. I know you are happy where you are but I still wish you were here with me. I really miss you! YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND- MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE FRIEND!. Look over Nick and guide him as only you can! Lord knows he doesn't listen to me...I am just the "old nag"! Ha Ha! If you have to give him that "heavenly" kick in the pants, I would not object. He always listened to you. He loved you sooo much. I could use a little heavenly help down here. We are in financial straights. Could you talk to the heavenly father and son and help get us out of this and let me teach. I am so frustrated not to have the job security I need. Doing this every year is soooo frustrating. I miss you and know that I think of you everyday, many times a day. I look to you for strength when all seems lost. Show me your love whenever you can. Come to me in a dream every once in a while. I miss that. I am stronger since the last time you visited...I can handle it. YOU ARE LOVED & MISSED! Til we talk again. I LOVE YOU & send HUGS & KISSES your way!!!!!
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 24th February 2017
Hi Patsy! Happy Birthday. I did not forget you yesterday. In fact, you were on my mind all day. I had some computer problems last night and could not get on. Ha Ha, that is nothing new in this family. I really miss you. STILL! I have been doing well here except for getting phemonia for the first and hopefully the last time. It was terrible. I will visit back to talk to you a little later. I have to get the family ready for work, and school and mom to take her pills. I love you, I miss you, and I hope you have a great heavenly birthday with Grandma, Granny, Uncle Frank and Daddy and all the other angels. XOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Donna Halstead on 2nd December 2016
Hi Mom...was just sitting here thinking of you as I so often do.Christmas is almost here and all I keep thinking is how much I would give up to have you here. I miss you so much. God I wish you were here i know you are in heaven laughing at me cause the god forsaken hot flashes have come for me and I used to laugh at you when you would get them I guess you get the last laugh. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love you and miss you just as much as ever, my heart will never be whole again.just like always I want you to know I'm ok.
Posted by Sharon Seward on 3rd August 2016
Patsy---It's been 4 years today that I had to say goodbye to you. It's been hard for me to think that you have gone to heaven. I miss our talks and bingo nights. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. I know that you are walking thru those clouds and taking walks with Mom-Frank -Granny. Give them hugs from me make them last a long time. I wish I could get you to visit me in my dreams so I can say hello and how I really miss you wishing that I could hold your hand and tell you how much I Love You. You are mentioned in our talks so much and they are good talks about you. I am now letting you know that I have been bad in not wishing you a Happy Birthday and of course the 4th anniversary since you left us. I am so happy that God made us sisters So I will talk to you later. Love you always Sharon
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 3rd August 2016
Hey Patsy! Here it is, your Angelversary, another year has come and gone. Still feels like it was yesterday. Hard to believe it has been 4 years already. Wow! I have been collecting all of those pennies you have sent from heaven...just wish you could send bills (large ones preferred), times are tight. Ha Ha! I like knowing you are around! I really miss our dream visits. Your little man is going into the 5th grade this year. His final year as an Elementary school student...then the fun will really begin when he hits Middle school...heaven help them! ha ha! He is in for a rude awakening. Taught ESE multi last year. It was a lot of work, but fun. The school district sucks though. There is NO job security down here for new teachers anymore. They are working year to year. There is no more tenure for teachers unless they were already grandfathered in. If the principals want to let you go for whatever reason THEY choose, and it does not mean that you did anything wrong, maybe it was because of numbers, or they have someone that they want to transfer in or dumb stuff like that, they do not have to renew your yearly contract and do not have to tell you why. The district voted and approved this... Stupid. There is a teacher shortage now and they are going to do this to the newbies...They are going to scare them away. But I guess that you can see that from there. So you can't win for losing. I am getting to old for this S**T! As for here, what can I say, Lewis is Lewis, Mom is Mom, & Nicholas is Nicholas...enough said. Me, I am just trying to remain sane. I think I recite the "God grant me the Serenity" prayer on a daily basis. I must remember that if I don't, I might act on the situation and go to jail...and I do not look good in an orange jumpsuit or black and white stripes...I am not Beetlejuice and Orange is my least favorite color. ha ha! Sweetie, I miss you soooo much. I miss talking to you daily and even though we may talk on here or into the air, it is not the same. I wish you were here to celebrate all of Nick and my accomplishments. He still speaks of you sometimes. I know he misses you. We just got a rabbit about 2 weeks ago. When asked what we should name it he said "Patsy" and so that is what she is called. He said she is soft and loving...just like you! Well love, gotta go for now. You know that I will be back. I may not always write, but I visit often. I miss and love you to the moon and back. You will always be in my heart and in every thought Give everyone a hug & kiss for me -- Daddy, Uncle Frank, Grandmom, and the Kids....I miss all of them too. Until next time love, keep them all in line and I will talk to you later! This one is for you --> XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 3rd August 2016
Hi Patsy! I love you xoxo to infinity. I miss you. You will always be in my heart. Love, your little man Nicholas
Posted by Kristen Halstead on 8th May 2016
Hey Mom Mom, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I wish you were here with us today, but what's new? That's everyday. Wish I could hold your hand or hug you again. You would love it here at our new house. The hardest part about leaving the old one was because it was the last place I saw you. The place we used to sit and talk at the dining room table at 4 am. The last place I saw your smile. All the little things I didn't cherish until you were already gone. You were such a big part of this family and now a big hole remains. Love you with all my heart, today, tomorrow, and forever.❤
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 23rd February 2016
Hey Patsy, Happy Birthday! I miss you more everyday! Hard to believe so many years have passed. I really miss having you to talk. I tried to keep myself busy today, but I should have known better. You were part of my every thought. I have been so busy today that I want to have my time to wish you a happy birthday. I miss you so much. It has been so hard to not to have you here. A piece of me will always be missing. I love you sooooo much and Nick does too. Thanks for being my guardian angel in heaven . Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Posted by Kristen Halstead on 22nd February 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I miss you still, always have and always will! I love you so much!
Posted by Kristen Halstead on 30th September 2015
Hey Mom Mom, Just got off of work and I just had to come and say a few words since this is dedicated to you. Someone who refused to learn how to use the internet lol! My birthday just passed a few weeks ago. Thought about you of course. Wish you could've been there to celebrate with me. Love you and miss you so so much. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 6th August 2015
Hi Patsy, I stopped past here on your anniversary but didn't write anything. It was not because I forgot about you, never would that happen. It was because I missed you so and tried to keep busy. Mom moved down with us...Isn't that amazing, never thought that would happen. Nick is having a hard time adjusting...Reality hit, Mom-mom don't play. She is "whipping him into shape", just like you did. Ha Ha :> I miss you everyday. EVERYDAY!!!! I am glad you are there to watch over me, Lewis and Nick. Til next time, I will write you later! XOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Myra Ryan on 3rd August 2015
Pat, it has been a while since your passing. I think of you often and think how happy you must be walking those streets of gold. I miss our fellowship, game playing and bingo with you. I think of the Saturday we went yard saling and bought oh so much, for the girls mostly. I could see George cringe as we walked in the door with all our treasures. Know you are still loved and missed.
Posted by George Halstead on 3rd August 2015
Mom Its been 3 years since i had to say goodbye to you and i feel the pain as if it was yesterday. I just want to see your face and hear you say "Good morning hon how was your night" when i came home from work. I feel you with me all the time and even find myself talking to you as if you were there. I remember that talk we had the night before your surgery and all you wanted to know was that i would be ok. Im ok Mom. I remember playing the song "I wont give up" by Rascall Flatts for you and i swear i never gave up and would have fought with every fiber of my being if it could of kept you here but God had other plans and i trust him. Give Grandmom and my Dad a big hug and kiss for me. I will see you when my work here is done and until then i say "Im ok Mom" I Love You Donna
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 23rd February 2015
Hello Patsy, Here it is another birthday without you. I miss you so much. I thought of you today --as I do, everyday. I miss seeing and talking to you. So much has happened since you have been gone. Some good, and some, not so good. I find myself, even now reaching out to talk with you and sharing what has been happening in my life. I am finally working as a teacher. Not a sub, but a real teacher. You would be sooooo proud. I am teaching Pre-K Ese students and I love it. It is challenging at times, but overall, I am very pleased. Nick has been a trip in itself, as you probably seen from heaven. What are we to do with that boy. He really needs his Aunt Patsy to set him straight and make him walk the narrow path . Nick says he misses you too a whole lot. I wish that you could visit him in a dream like you did me. He always listened to you. ha ha! I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I wish I could talk longer, but I have to get to bed. 5am comes awful early. So with hugs and kisses and a wink I must say goodnight. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Posted by David Booze on 5th August 2014
Ms.Patricia I'm start off by saying it was a wonderful pleasure to have the chance to meet and spend time with you I know it was a challenged trying to remember my name but that's ok i didn't mind it's sad that you left this world with so many loved ones left behind but god had other plans for you he needed his angel home being there at the hospital at the time of your surgery I really had a chance to see how much you really meant to your family to watch Kristen cry it broke my heart knowing that all your family wanted was for you to get healthy and be back to your normal self I know my time with you wasn't long but I felt like being there at that critical time in your life I witnessed enough love between you and your family I just wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude for you and your family but even though it's a struggle to deal with a loss I believe the family will be stronger each day that goes by Sincerely, Frizzell
Posted by Kristen Halstead on 5th August 2014
Hey Mom Mom, I didn't know this even existed until sunday. If I wouldve known I would've wrote a long time ago. I miss you so much. We all miss you here at home. Kelli cries sometimes, well every time, we bring you up or speak your name. Home will never be the same. This is one if the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. Even though it's been two years I'm still not done grieving. I feel like your in Florida for a few months and you'll come walking in the front door any day now. I wish I could just see you one more time. I would trade any and everything. I love you so much! I'll be back to visit. A hug and kiss from each one of us to you.
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 3rd August 2014
Hi Patsy! Happy 2nd Angelversary! Hard to believe it has been two years now without you. I miss you so much! So many things have happened in my life that I wish you were a part of. I know you were there, I felt your presence. I feel you sometimes when I am feeling down and disappointed. I can hear you talk in my ear and say things will be okay. I loved it when you visited me in my dream the last time. I understand now that it was your way of telling me that you are OKAY! I think of you often and wish you were still here, but I know now, in my head and in my heart --even though it still aches for you -- that you are with family and Jesus and with that, I feel comfort. Know that as you go along up there in Heaven, that there are people down here that love and miss you dearly --especially me! Stay by me and guide me and know that I will always carry you with me wherever I go and in whatever I do...I love you Patsy!!!! YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!! Until we visit again...XOXOXOXOXO!!!!
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 23rd February 2014
Happy Birthday Patsy! I miss you and wish you were still here! Hugs and kisses. I love you a bushel and a peck...and a hug around the neck. --love your "Lil Man" Nicholas
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 23rd February 2014
Hi Patsy, Happy Birthday! Here it is the 2nd birthday without you. I wish you were here so that I could celebrate it with you in our own little way. I have so many great things going on right now that I wish you were a part of and that you could be here to see. I know you are. You are looking down from heaven and sharing in our joy. Louie and I are buying a new house. I really think that if you were still here on earth, this is the one that you would share with us. I know that you would be so happy for me. I finally got a job in the schools. 7 years in the making! Whooo Hoooo! I know you had a hand in it as well as God and Jesus! I miss you so much. Lewis tried to keep me busy packing today so that I did not miss you and would be so sad. He misses you too. We found some of your stuff today as we were cleaning out and packing "Patsy's" room. Funny, it is not the guest room but everyone still calls it your room. I realize that when you visited me in those two dreams, you were trying to tell me something. The first one was when in the dream you were going to jail. We were having dinner and some cop friends of our's were there too. When you went to go to the bathroom, one of them came and told me that "they did all that they could do" and that when you returned from the bathroom, they were going to have to arrest you. I told them that they needed to let me get Nicholas out of there when they did it. He loved you so much that I did not want to see him hurt again. But, then I had second thoughts and let him say "Good-bye". You were sitting in a chair in another room and had your hands handcuffed behind you but where he could not see the cuffs and you told him that you had to go away for awhile and was not sure for how long and that you loved him. I was up at mom's when I had this dream and it coincided with the time I was there --Christmastime. I remember in the dream asking if we would be able to visit you at Christmas. I remember waking up with tears in my eyes and running down my face. I was so overwhelmed with sadness. I remember looking to heaven and telling you " I don't mind you coming and visiting me but the way it was done in this dream was as if I was losing you all over again. A little time passed and you came to me in another dream. I was confused over the dream but would you believe that it was Matt, that actually interpreted for me. I felt as if you were speaking through him. In this dream, you and I were sitting in two chairs talking and for some reason, I kept staring at you puzzled. You finally asked me, "Kim, why do you look so confused?" I remember telling you --"You are not supposed to be here...you are dead." I said that I did not mind you coming to visit but was confused on how to act and react. The rest is a little fuzzy now but when I told Matt about the dream, he told me that on this visit, you were trying to tell me that I can always sit down and talk to you and that you were always around me. He also told me that you were telling me that you are okay and it was time to remember you and the closeness we felt and let myself heal from the grief of losing you and help to move on. I have not been the same since you died. You were my everything and I do miss you so. But, Patsy, you are always in my heart, and even though you were my aunt, I loved you like a mom. Don't get me wrong, I love mom but you were that close. So, with that being said, I want to say, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS! And Have a Great Heavenly Birthday! Hugs and Kisses!
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 8th September 2013
Hi Patsy! I was thinking about of you today. I just visited Derek's Memorial and had to stop by and see yours. Hard to believe that Derek would have been 20 yesterday. I know you were with him helping him celebrate his special day. I still miss you very much. I so wish you were still here. I guess I am being greedy. I miss having you to talk to. Will stop back later. Until then - I love U!
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 3rd August 2013
Hi Patsy! Happy 1st Angelversary. Hard to believe that it has been a year already, God it feel like it was only yesterday. Time has passed but the aching in my heart has not. I still mourn you deeply. I miss you so much.
Posted by Kimberly Beckley on 24th February 2013
Happy Belated Birthday Patsy. I had a hard time getting through yesterday without you. I woke yesterday with thoughts of you and wished you a very happy birthday, I miss you

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