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Kate's speech 09/07/2019

Shared by Kim McLaughlin on September 8, 2019
How do you explain how someone has enriched your life so much that every one of your decisions is rooted from everything she has ever said. Between always pointing out the positive knowing exactly how to make us laugh, Nana always knew what to say, even though sometimes she didn't know what she was saying. She knew in her heart how important we were too her.

We all have specials memories with grandma. For Sophia, it's her great sense of humor and her legendary hugs. For Maria, it was her hair and beautiful voice. Ace recalls Nana through her way of raising her mother Aunt Kathy, into the wonderful mom who she thanks for her life and soul today. Also, the wonderfully wild Davis family Christmas's we've had, the eat whatever you want just don't get sick rule, and countless amounts of Aunt Lynn's famous cookies. There was her napping races, her very clever way to get the kids to sleep. And her many stories about reading in math class. And learning to play basketball with the boy across the street.

I remember once when Sam and I were going to visit her about a year ago, she was having a pretty bad day. We began to go through the motions of what's new and more of what's new. When she asked what's wrong, we told her she had Alzheimer's and that she'd had it for a couple years now. She replied "peachy, " and said that she was sorry and that she didn't want this to happen to us and that it was her fault. That's when I started to cry. We told her we loved her and it wasn't her fault. Then, she told us she wanted to be the first one cured. And although she wasn't the first, she is cured now and knows what's new.

She watches down on all of us with her whole heart. Nana was selfless like that. She made sure that we knew she loved us, with endless amounts of Law and Order Special Victims Unit to the even more endless amounts of ice cream. We love you Grandma. Thank you for touching us and many others, we can't explain how much. You will always be with us, we love you.

Kate McLaughlin
Shared by Kevin Mickey on September 7, 2019
I was asked to share my comments from yesterday:

While this woman was Pat to some and Mom to many, she was Nana to 23 of us grandchildren. She was no ordinary Mom and certainly no ordinary Nana. She was a strong woman and an extraordinary person.

As a representative of the grandsons, I realized that we also account for all six great grandchildren. My wife Anne and my baby Charlotte, who was born just two weeks ago, are back home in Virginia. I wish they could be here with us, and they send all their love. Even with such a short time as a new father, I've gained so much appreciation for the sacrifice and portion of yourself that a parent gives to a child, happily given with lots of love. I felt that from my mom, and know that she felt that from her mom.

Nana emphasized education for us all, both in school and in life. She also encouraged us to try new things, take leaps and embark on adventures. Several of us have moved across the country, and she wouldnt be afraid to give her opinion. Jeff and I both had opportunities in our college choices and later opportunities in California, where she rooted us on.  She made her own bold move from Jersey to Bowling Green, and jumping into PT school later in life. Before moving to Oklahoma, Nana encouraged Patrick from her own time in Oklahoma but told him to prepare for the heat.

Nana was a strong woman, both in spirit and at times physically. Patrick remembers her giving piggyback rides to Avery and Hannah in Saugatuck at 80 year old. Later, after Rosemary was born, Daniel and Emma brought her to meet Nana and were trying to position and add pillows for support. Nana who had a broken arm, just said, I know how to hold a baby, just give me her. And she held her with love. Nana was rooting for my baby, the newest branch on the Davis family tree, to come on her birthday. Charlotte came a few days early, but I'm very grateful because we had time for Nana to see Charlotte via facetime.

Finally, at times like this, we can turn to each other for support and turn to God in prayer. So, for our extraordinary mother, grandmother and great grandmother, please pray with me as we ask Mary, another extraordinary mother, for her intercession:
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

My Nana

Shared by Kathy McGinn on September 5, 2019
My grandmother, or Nana as we affectionately called her, was an absolute gem to this world. I have dozens, more like hundreds of individual unique memories where she made me smile, laugh, or groan at a terrible pun, but to me her greatest impact has been in the wonderfully wild Davis family as a whole.  Of course my Mom goes without saying, Nana raised her, and she's 100% the loveliest person I know and I am not just saying that. She's only ever shown me completely unconditional love, given me a home and a faith and I truly have her to thank for my life and soul. 

But what most encompasses the legacy Nana had in a single experience for me has to be hands down the Davis Family Christmas. Ever since I was a baby it's been a yearly tradition for our family to make the trip from Michigan, every year leaving with a more ridiculous tale than the year past.  Growing up, we had this rule from my Mom, that we could eat as many sweets and as much junk food as we wanted as long as we didn't get sick. It's funny looking back as an adult now who can eat cake and ice cream for breakfast every day if I so chose, yet I know every year without fail when I go back I'll eat Aunt Lynn's famous chocolate chip cookies until I explode.

My family is forever darkened by Nana's passing, yet her legacy will always shine on.

Love forever,
Shared by Jeff Mickey on September 2, 2019
My Nana is gone, Alzheimer's is the worst.

She's the one from Jersey. She's the one that raised my Mom, and 8 more. She's the one that joined marching band when it wasn't cool. She's the one that told me to go to school out of state. She's the one that told me to never settle, and find a great job, partner, and life. She's the one that told me to jump. To leap. To run.

She was always the least confused, of anyone, that I moved so much: to Blacksburg wait Raleigh wait Durham wait San Franciscio wait Seattle wait San Francisco. Of course - be happy.

She's a complex human, and I only know the "Nana" parts of her, but she always pushed me to be happy. She told me I was getting too fat, drinking too much, or not calling my mom enough.

Because happy is hard work, and she knew the work.

I wish you could read this Nana, because you know what I'm talking about. I promise to get in trouble, and I promise to stay moving.

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