Patricia Ann Eletto
  • 63 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 9, 1953
  • Date of passing: Apr 1, 2017
We know... That all Patricia would ever ask at this time is... “That You Remember Her Loving You”

On Saturday, April 1, 2017 Our dearest sister, Patricia Ann Eletto, was lifted and carried
to Heaven on the wings of her Guardian angels,
Our Mother Frances Eletto and Our Father John J. Eletto.

Patricia or “Pat”, as so many of you knew her, was one of the happiest, caring, loving, supportive and giving people this universe has ever seen.

We are the most fortunate people in the world because we got to share our lives with her as our sister and best friend.

We created this page as memorial for all of us to share our thoughts, memories, stories, photos, and even messages to Patricia “Pat”. 

We thought this dedication would be an appropriate tribute to her memory for the many people whose lives she has touched.

Our sister Patricia will continue to be there for everyone now more than ever and she will see this and love it!

Patricia was the happiest!  Thank you all for being part of her life and extended family!

We know… That all Patricia would ever ask at this time is..

“That You Remember Her Loving You”

 Please visit this site as often as you like to view or share more memories.

We have included a link to St. Jude Children’s Hospital if you would like to make a donation in her honor. 

To Our Dear Sister Patricia 

We know and saw Mommy and Daddy come and lift you up to make your journey peaceful.  We know you are all together now and we will join you when the time comes for us to be complete again.

The three of us had the most precious gift of all, the most wonderful parents, the most wonderful childhood and most of all each other!

Throughout our whole lives you were our Rock.

We are Sisters and Friends and have an unbreakable bond even through the afterlife.

You looked at the world through rose colored glasses and saw the positive and beauty in everything—We need those glasses now Patricia more than ever!

We know you are happy now – you always were a Happy person—but now you are comfortable and free to dance…

“Up and About”   Well… You finally are “Up and About” dancing like Ginger Rogers like you always dreamed in your leopard heels and beads!!!!

We finally made it to Our Dream despite all the obstacles in the way… We are grateful for the time we had together but it just wasn’t enough ... our dream was cut short.

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!”

You told us this every day our dear sister we will always be together. We could never be complete without you.  We know you will stand beside us to carry us to you when the time comes for us to be together again.

Forever in our hearts and souls our Guardian Angel

We will miss you more than  ………….  No word can ever describe 

Our Hearts Are Broken


Love You For Eternity, Ann Marie & Frannie 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Georgene cousin on 1st April 2018

"Dearest Patricia,
Happy Easter in Heaven. Missing you and remembering our great times together. With Much Love, All of Us"

This tribute was added by Ann Marie & Frannie Eletto on 1st April 2018

"Our Dearest Sister & Guardian Angel Patricia


One Year ago today… Saturday, April 1, 2017 you were lifted and carried to Heaven on the wings of your Guardian angels Mommy & Daddy….. We will forever be Heartbroken we have spent every day missing you terribly!  We speak to you daily and know you are with us it is what gets us through everyday without you!

We believe that we could have never made it through this difficult year if we didn’t believe you were right there beside us every step of the way!
You are now in the air that we breathe the bright sun every morning when we awake the clearest moon at night and shinning stars (you loved so much) before we go to bed!  Most of all the brilliant Rainbow that sometimes appears over our houses you are by far every glowing color in that rainbow!

We are lost without you but will continue to try and SMILE every day because we know that someday we will “ALL” be together again.
We will forever Remember You Loving Us with all your heart unconditionally as we do you ALWAYS!

Three of Us together ALWAYS


Love you for ETERNITY Our Dear Sister
Ann Marie & Frannie"

This tribute was added by Michelle Luna on 1st April 2018

"I can't believe it's been a year.  I think of you often.  I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Justina Falcone on 1st April 2018

"Remembering Pat with a sentimental love. A woman who greatly influenced the person I was to become. Thank you, Pat for all the time, energy, and creativity you sowed into my life, and for the joy and humor with which you did that. I will always remember those days. Praying for Frannie and Annemarie, too, that they may find comfort."

This tribute was added by Pete Alfano on 28th December 2017

"Rest In Peace Patricia. I love you and I miss you. Merry Christmas
- Peter (your cousin)"

This tribute was added by Georgene cousin on 25th December 2017

"Dearest Patricia,
Wishing You A Merry Christmas in Heaven.
With Much Love, From All of Us."

This tribute was added by Ann Marie & Frannie Eletto on 24th December 2017

"Our Dearest Sister and Guardian Angel Patricia


We will miss your physical presence here with us and your Christmas Light Necklace and Matching Christmas Shoes… but we are sure you are the BRIGHTEST LIGHT in HEAVEN this year!!!

We know that your Spiritual presence is with us ALWAYS and your Bright Light and Happiness Shines on us always from Above!

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!”

No Matter where we are…Our Eternal Bond will never be broken the Three of Us together ALWAYS!

We Love and miss you EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY!!

Love you for ETERNITY Our Dear Sister
Ann Marie & Frannie"

This tribute was added by Georgene cousin on 24th November 2017

"Dearest Patricia,
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven. We are so very thankful for YOU and our times together and your Love. We Love You.
All of Us"

This tribute was added by Ann Marie & Frannie Eletto on 21st November 2017

"To Our Dearest Sister and Guardian Angel


We will be "Forever Thankful" for the times we had together, for the Happy Memories, Laughter and Smiles that will last in our Hearts Forever!  

This Thanksgiving you are with Mommy & Daddy!
We Miss You.... but know that someday we will "ALL" be together again!

We love you and miss you EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY!!

Love you for ETERNITY Our Dear Sister
Ann Marie & Frannie"

This tribute was added by Georgene cousin on 9th October 2017

"Dearest Patricia,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven. Our loving Thoughts and Prayers for you every single day. We Love You.
Love, All of Us"

This tribute was added by Marianne Contompasis on 9th October 2017

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday... unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.

Happy Birthday my friend. It has been one year, today, since I last hugged you. I will never, ever forget you and the unconditional love you have shown me.  For your birthday, I am sending you another big hug. I know you will feel it.  I miss you."

This tribute was added by joann graziano on 9th October 2017

"i want to wish you a Happy Birthday, i know you are resting now and with your mom and dad. i remember the times we had growning up and all the fun we had. Ann Marie and Frances i know its hard but remember she is with you everyday. thinking of you today"

This tribute was added by Ann Marie & Frannie Eletto on 9th October 2017

"To Our Dearest Sister and Guardian Angel


We know it is Happy for you because you are with Mommy and Daddy!  

We will be celebrating “YOU” today…the Great Memories and not the heartbreaking loss because we know that is what you would want us to do.

You love Your Birthday so much and now you will be celebrating with ALL of US…on Earth and in Heaven..the BEST anyone could ask for!!

Every heartbreaking tear we shed waters your beautiful garden of colorful flowers you loved so much but today they will be Happy tears that you are at peace! You will forever be surrounded by LOVE and HAPPINESS we hope you are Dancing on Your Birthday!

We love you and miss you soooo much!

Be Happy….It’s Your Birthday… It’s Your Birthday!!

Love you for ETERNITY Our Dear Sister
Ann Marie & Frannie"

This tribute was added by Diane Pannone-Ferguson on 9th October 2017

"Thinking of you today on your 64th Birthday.  I pray that you are at peace and reunited with your parents for a wonderful celebration.  Gone, but not forgotten, rest in peace Patty."

This tribute was added by Phil Valachi on 9th October 2017

"Happy Birthday in heaven Pat.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and all of our wonderful talks.  I feel truly blessed that we crossed paths in this short journey called life but cherish the years of friendship we had.  You will always be a part of my heart and know we have an angel looking over us.  Love you Pat"

This tribute was added by Sandy Larocca on 9th October 2017

"Happy birthday in heaven thinking of you"

This tribute was added by Elaine Nicoletti- Scavone. on 9th October 2017


This tribute was added by Elaine Nicoletti- Scavone. on 14th August 2017

"Patti, You were a force of nature who was always good natured, a leader and a good friend. you remain in my heart and mind. My deepest condolences to you and your loved ones. Rest in peace. Elaine Nicoletti Scavone."

This tribute was added by Sandy Larocca on 23rd May 2017

"Fran and Annmarie ,

Patricia was a wonderful, caring person  and always smiling. Even though we became estranged I still think of all of
You often. I remember the night we came over and had pizza and laughed and we made some fun memories. Patricia will be greatly missed but always around. She is a beautiful soul. Heaven gained an amazing angel and is with your mom and dad. Always here for you! ❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Theresa Nigro on 3rd May 2017

"Patricia,  How do I say goodbye to someone I have shared half my life.  The happiest, the hardest and the saddest?  For a month, I have woken at 4 am and began to compose my thoughts but they never seem right.  The snapshots keep running through my mind and I cannot pick any single one.  So I will simply say thank you for your friendship and the love you showed to me and Louie and of course Louis. I can see it so clearly .. Louis waking you .. "funny."  I will forever look back and remember all of us sitting around the dining room table and laughing so hard we cried.  A family when we had none to call our own.  Those were some of the happiest times of my life and I will carry them always.  So rest well my friend until we meet again.  My love always."

This tribute was added by Justina Falcone on 1st May 2017

"Too many thoughts on seeing this right now. It will be difficult for me to compose what I want to say. I'm posting this for now ... A nod to our Girl Scout days.

I'm not really very tech savvy. I hope it works. It's the song called BARGES."

This tribute was added by Diane Pannone-Ferguson on 26th April 2017

"Ann Marie & Frannie,

I am so sorry for your loss.  When I found out tonight about Patty's death I was devastated. My heart is broken.  I know it has been awhile since we were in touch, but tonight I have been recalling all the great memories of our childhood together.  So even though you will not be able to see her, she will always be with you.  I will continue to remember all the great times we had together.  Know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.  May God continue to give you the strength that you both will need."

This tribute was added by joann graziano on 26th April 2017

"it is with a heavy heart that pat is gone. i can't believe it, all the good times we had growing up Ann Marie and Frances she was a great woman friend i remember all the good times we had you both are in my prayers, sending love your way joann, diane, antoinette and marinann pannone"

This tribute was added by Terri Streat on 26th April 2017

"To one of the most AMAZING human beings I have ever met!  There are few that can walk in your shoes Pat Eletto!  You were the definition of what we ALL should strive to be!  Your genuine love and sincerity in everything you did and everyone you helped (so many of us) left me always wanting to be a better person and it did!  Thank you for being a mentor and a friend... I am grateful to have met you in this life!  Love and miss you always!"

This tribute was added by Darlene Shuman on 26th April 2017

"Pat Eletto, You are my best friend and one of the best people I will ever know.  I will miss all the  fun times and all the  aughter we shared. Rest in peace my dear, dear friend."

This tribute was added by Doug Robinson on 26th April 2017

"I will sincerely miss my friend and former Citigroup manager, Pat.  She was the best manager by far that I ever had in my 40+ years of working.  Pat had amazing people skills that were truly a gift.  Everyone who she touched felt as though they were special.  I use to tease her when she would get mad at someone at work...I would say "Oh the Brooklyn girl is coming out.  Look out and run for your life! ".  To Pat's family, you were truly blessed with an extraordinary family member.  Thank you for letting me have a little of Pat's endearing sunshine.... doug"

This tribute was added by Anthony Delacruz on 26th April 2017

"Through a series of contacts I just heard the news of Pat's passing. We go a long way back.....Back to Brooklyn and worked together for many years in the banking industry. When I decided to leave and pursue a career as a nurse, she was always my biggest supporter and always told me I'd be the 'perfect' nurse. Many years have gone, however Pat always remained in contact and always reminded me of how proud she was that I chose a new career path. I'll miss our emails and I'll miss not being able to visit you in your new home, a place I know you and your sisters planned, enjoyed and loved...It was bold leaving Brooklyn, but then again you always were! Ron and I always enjoyed your company and will miss you! PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS in HEAVEN!  Anthony and Ron"

This tribute was added by Josette Brandow on 20th April 2017

"Patre, this is up there with one of the hardest things to write... where to begin is the hard part... from car pools, to holidays to dinners and parties and to everything in between... you were always a "constant". you laughed with us when we drove you crazy, you were calm when we were going nuts and you LOVED us all the time.  I say us because I add AnnMarie and Frannie to this...  I don't know what to say.. there are no words,  but I can tell you this... I love you, I always have and always will and I got yours girls  I promise you that.... but you keep watching over us ok??...I will take it from this end but you take it from your end and we will be ok... and when Dancing Queen comes on,  well I'm going to know that is you saying it's all ok..I love you sister.. Rest in Peace xooxox"

This tribute was added by Conrad Almase on 14th April 2017

"I only got to know Pat through work these past 6 months but am glad I had the opportunity.  She was such a kind, sweet, easy-going, and hard-working person.  The mass at Our Lady of Las Vegas was a fitting tribute to her--she will be missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones at this time."

This tribute was added by Janice Barth on 12th April 2017

"Pat - your smile will continue to light the way for others to follow."

This tribute was added by Colleen Donnery on 11th April 2017

"A beautiful person, inside and out. May you rest in peace with your Mom and Dad.  Our deepest condolences to Annmarie and Frannie. xoxo Love Colleen, Robert, & Brianna Donnery"

This tribute was added by sheryl cohen on 11th April 2017


This tribute was added by Teresa Zwosta on 10th April 2017

"Dear Ann Marie and Frannie,
Please accept our sincerest condolences upon Patricia's passing. May she rest in the sweetest peace in God's kingdom. I'll always remember her smile and how much she loved her family.
With love from Teresa, Mike and the extended Brandow family"

This tribute was added by Dianne Wallace on 10th April 2017

"Pat,  You were such a wonderful and caring woman. Thank you for always lending me your ear. Even though you had you own challenges you were always smiling and always offering advice. I will miss you! God has another Angel!"

This tribute was added by Jilly Ruel on 9th April 2017

"Side by side or miles apart sisters are always connected by ❤️!!!
Thank you for allowing me the privledge in sharing this beautiful memorial. We are sending hugs and kisses your way."

This tribute was added by Georgene cousin on 9th April 2017

"Dearest Patricia,
We are so Grateful and Blessed for having you in our Family and in our Lives. Love , All Of Us"

This tribute was added by Virginia Lake on 9th April 2017

"Pat, all of us at 2265 are shocked and saddened by your sudden death.  We were so happy that you had retired and were living out your dream of moving to Las Vegas and spending the years with your sisters and their families.  You are enjoying your reward and we will keep your sisters in our prayers.  God bless - Virginia and Liz (6N)"

This tribute was added by Tony Raguso on 8th April 2017

"I met Pat on her first day at DealerTrack.  She was hired to be my boss.  After the introductory one-on-one meeting I knew this was a special person.  Sure we talked about business experiences and the DT environment but we also talked about our personal backgrounds -- the "where you from" stuff.  And because of the similarity of ages (I am 6 years older than Pat) we discovered that a girl from Brooklyn and a guy from the Bronx had many similar experiences in a New York that was long gone.  Whether it was after a business discussion or just me strolling into her office the talk focused on our lives, past & present, and not on business.  We did a lot of sharing of "hey you remember this or that" and we always parted company with a smile on our faces.  We were friends.  I retired a few years ago and we stayed in touch even over a lunch or two.  I was thrilled that she finally retired from DT and moved to Las Vegas area with her 2 great sisters.  She was so happy.  That's the main reason for the shock to hear about her passing on to heaven so suddenly.  Naturally I assumed that the name I was told was wrong.  It couldn't be that Pat.  It had to be someone else named Pat.  But no, God needed another pure soul and it was her turn.  I will miss her and I will remember her and when I get up there I will look her up and I suspect she will be at a Sunday dinner with her family and I know she'll invite me to sit down and grab a plate."

This tribute was added by Andrew Quattropani on 8th April 2017

"Pat - you will truly be missed. Probably the nicest person I ever worked with, at both Chase and Dealertrack. You gave everyone around you a pleasant smile, nice words & an overall positive vibe to everything you did. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Rosalyn Wilson on 7th April 2017

"Pat such a loving kind spirit. Always had a smile, a kind word and so very helpful in whatever way she could be. She was just very genuine and a joy to be around and work with. You will be forever missed.....

This tribute was added by Marianna Giamundo on 7th April 2017

"It's been almost one week and I wake up every day hoping I had a bad dream.  Your life was a gift to all of us.  The most kind, generous, loving person I have ever met.  We started as coworkers and ended up close friends.  You were there for all of my life's biggest moments, and I am glad that we shared them together.  I will cherish all our lunches, dinners, talks, and laughter together.  You had this special way of making everyone feel they had a special bond with you that no one else had.  I know many of us feel that way and I am forever grateful for that.  Rest now, my friend, and we'll give each other great big hugs again some day."

This tribute was added by sarah goolsby on 7th April 2017

"I wish I had known you before this year, you were so happy, chipper and a wonderful smile to see everyday. You will be missed and thought of regularly. You are up in heaven smiling down on us all. Giving them a run for their money up there New York Style. It was my pleasure to have met you. Soar high with the angels. Rest well. We love you."

This tribute was added by Anthony Battuello on 7th April 2017

"I am lucky to say that I was able to work with Pat for close to ten years; but feel privileged to be able to call her my friend during that same time.  Pat was always so supportive of me and I think it gave her great pride to see me grow both personally and professionally right before her eyes.  She had this rare quality that whenever you were talking to her she made you feel as if that was the most important thing going on at that very moment.  Seeing and hearing the heartfelt tributes for Pat, which span across the country, just shows what a profound impact she had wherever she went.  I am a better person for having known her and will forever be grateful for the positive impact she had on my life.  You will be greatly missed my dear friend."

This tribute was added by denise larosa on 7th April 2017

"Our Dearest Patricia -

Our hearts are broken.  We will never forget your smile that lit up a room...we will never forget the love and kindness that you showed our entire family.  Heaven has a new angel...You...God has reunited you with your Mom and Dad and all three of you now will always be with your beautiful sisters Fannie and Ann Marie.  I always referred to the three of you as "The Three Musketeers".  The love and support the three of you had for each other was immeasurable.  I know Patricia that you will always be with them...and I know they will keep your memory alive as all of us who knew you and loved you dearly.  Rest in eternal peace our dear friend...we love you.  Denise, Vinny and Vincent"

This tribute was added by Grace Odal on 6th April 2017

"Dearest P-,

I overheard Green Day's Good Riddance and I smiled and cried at the same time as it reminded me of your 50th birthday celebration. Thank you for being my mentor and my friend. I miss you already.

'It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.'"

This tribute was added by Francine Carstensen on 6th April 2017

"My dearest Pat-

I always enjoyed cracking up and having dinner with you when I came to New York.  You were a true gift, and just visiting with you always made me feel like a treasured friend.  I will miss you forever, but am glad I have another angel watching over me.  Be free my dear friend!"

This tribute was added by Michelle Luna on 6th April 2017

"Dear Pat,

I haven't stopped thinking about you since I heard the news Saturday night.  I just want to tell you that you had such an impact in my life.  I will forever be grateful for all the years I had the privilege to call you my friend.  You were always there for me during the good, the bad and the ugly.  You always had words of encouragement and guidance.  Always offering to help in any which way you could.  "God has a plan" is what I used to tell you.  Now more than ever I need to trust him even though I may not understand why.  You never got to meetup with DD in Vegas but now you are both in God's presence.  I take comfort in knowing you  passed away peacefully in your sleep.  I will miss you and know that this is not a "goodbye", this is an "I'll see you later.  Fly"

This tribute was added by Ali Brooks on 6th April 2017


I love you! I wish I had met you sooner in life. I wanted to thank you. I went through some tumultuous times this past year . . . You were always checking on me and were more worried about me than yourself. Such a beautiful soul, always smiling, laughing and joking, with nothing but the kindest and most positive things to say . . . truly an angel on Earth. With your own challenges, you realized the power of love in every form and how that's the ONLY thing that can heal. I was absolutely blessed that you were brought to NCC. Peoples'  lives are often used as a positive example to guide others and you have touched an unfathomable amount of hearts, ultimately making the world a better place, leaving a legacy. Your impact has shaken me to my core and helped drag me out of the darkest of days. I vow to be more like you every day, center myself and continue to count the blessings that I do have. Your sweet words, thoughtful demeanor, and compliments to me on my hardest days always strengthened me and provided the light I needed. You helped me find my way back home, to my true self, leading, setting examples and always striving to be a gracious human being. Thanks for the reminder and I can't wait to see you again! I plan on taking a trip to Prague in the future, in honor of you, and picking up one of those beautiful necklaces, as a physical reminder of true strength and gratitude, just two of the many stunning lessons you exemplified. You are one of my greatest teachers and inspirations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sending all the love and light, and keeping you in my heart always,

This tribute was added by Catherine McDermott on 5th April 2017

"I have so many thoughts and memories going through my head right now, I remember my first friend, Patricia playing on the swings in your yard on West 6th Street, the arts & crafts fun we had with glue and glitter getting all over us and laughing so hard!!  I remember watching tv in your house and laying on our stomachs on pillows on the floor in your living room and sharing our dreams with each other.  Life took us in different directions but I will always remember and cherish our times together.  Patricia you were my first friend and I will never forget your beautiful smile and gentle spirit.   I love you my dear friend and will never forget you, you are an angel now and I know you are watching over your dear sisters Ann Marie and Frannie who  loved you so dearly.  Rest well my friend❤"

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