Shared by Bertie Gunter on April 13, 2012

mom you were the sweetest person i have ever known,you had the sweetest smile,you always glowed like the sunshine,sometimes we never get to say goodbye or that i love you,life is so precious and short,and we always take it forgranted,i hope you knew that all your family really loved you with all their hearts,you know sometimes what we care about the mostgets all used up or goes away never to return.we never get a chance to saygoodbye or that we love you. but mom i hope and pray that you knew how much you meant to me,and how much i really loved you,you were just taken way to soon mom,you will always be missed,and you will always be loved,jesus need another beautiful angelhe saw you struggling so hard,he said that your worries was over so he said my beautiful angel it is time to come i miss you so much. until we meet again, i will love and miss you. l    love you always, your daughter bertie.

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