Mom's Life/First Mother's Day

May 2014 will be the first mother's day without Mom. So, I decided to share what she did through out her life.

Mom raised 5 children - Susan, Miles, Deana, George and me. We grew up in Alliance Ohio and then in Louisville Ohio. Mom went to school to get her Associates Degree in Public Accounting while she raised us kids.

We had many memorable pets. Samantha, Tiner and Bandit were dogs that we took in. I remember Bandit chewing up the floor in the kitchen. We had Sneaky the black cat who had many black kittens and one grey kitty. The grey kitty was all of the kids favorite. To this day, I remember the grey kitty. My parents were reminded often about adopting out the grey kitty and how upset we were about that. We got Chester, a 3 legged cat, when we all were kids. Chester passed not too long ago at the age of 23. Mom was really upset at the loss of Chester. She got Munchkin shortly after that. She loved Munchkin a great deal but a special place in Mom's heart was reserved for Chester.

Mom's favorite job was a public accountant with Touche Ross in Akron Ohio. She took a job with Touche Ross in NYC in 1988. The name of Touche Ross changed to Deloitte and Touche.

Mom moved back to Ohio to take a job with East Akron Community House and then, East Akron Neighborhood Development Cooporation. She had many employees at the EANDC who she adored and many who she stayed in touch with through out the years. 

She also worked at Rosenberg, Neuwirth, & Kuchner, CPA’s in NYC, Interval Brotherhood Home in Ohio, Senior Services in Maryland and was on the Board Member of MAHMA (Mid-West Affordable Housing Management Association}.

When Mom neared retirement, she dabbled in accounting with other companies in Washington DC and Hilton Head Island, SC. She officially retired in South Carolina prior to moving back to Ohio.

Mom loved animals a great deal. When she lived in Hilton Head, Munchkin and her would spend hours watching the tree frogs eat bugs on the outside of her sliding glass door. She volunteered with a animal rescue association in Hilton Head and when returning to Ohio, she volunteered with the Akron Civic Center and Loch 3.

Mom really enjoyed watching the young men of Celtic Thunder and went to their concerts as many times as she could. She also followed Phil Coulter and his wife Geraldine and listened to their music frequently. She adored the New Barleycorn and got a lot of joy listening to their music. 

Mom also loved the New York Yankees baseball games. There is a video out there somewhere wearing a NY Yankees shirt jumping up and down as the Yankees won against the Washington Nationals. It hit the local news stations in Washington DC. She got a big kick out of that.


I welcome you to my Mother's memorial page. I spent days trying to grasp anger and grief. It's hard to put these things in a bottle and contain them in some logical expressionable thought. Our mother was full of life and lived the best she could in her own way and her own time.

I think it's important that there is a place where all who knew her can come together in a positive, loving way and grieve in their own way and time. You are welcome here to share your stories of Mom.

Remember, in life it's always best to come together in love and light, joy and sadness, and be the best you can be. That is what my mother would have wanted and that is why we share this space in love and light with all of you.