Remembering Pat...
  • 87 years old
  • Born on February 5, 1927 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on February 9, 2014 in Denver, Colorado, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patricia Baird 87 years old , born on February 5, 1927 and passed away on February 9, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Ann Pidgeon on 10th February 2019
Where has the time gone? It's now 42 years since Darrell and I moved to Mexico and settled on Calle Palo Alto across the street from the Bairds. Have such wonderful memories of the great fun times we shared. What a bonus and blessing that Pat moved to Colorado and our friendship continued. I think of her so often and miss her so much. If only we could have one more happy hour! But then we'd probably want to have "just one more." Love you all. Ann
Posted by David Baird on 9th February 2018
The anniversary of my mom passing. Thinking of you, mom. Thank you Ann P. for your continued regard and affection. Love to you and your family.
Posted by Ann Pidgeon on 6th February 2018
Lorna, Tom, Peter & David, Thinking of your mother as I do so often and especially today on her birthday. I know you all miss her terribly --- I sure do. Marla bought a house in West Denver near Federal and Florida. My route to Marla's house takes me down Evans past the "Pink Palace." Even though it isn't pink anymore, I still think of it that way, and I always wish I could stop in for "happy hour" and a visit with your mom. Mucho carino to you all.
Posted by David Baird on 6th February 2015
Thinking of my mom as well, Ann. Thanks for your kind words. I also have that familiar sensation when I get to the intersection of Colorado and I-25. I am glad my mom got to spend some time with Micah and get to witness his little light. Hope you enjoyed your birthday in the astral, mother. I'll see you when I see you.
Posted by Ann Pidgeon on 5th February 2015
Thinking of Pat on her birthday. On her last birthday Rachel and I shared a glass of wine with her and Peter in her room. Every time I go near Evans & Colorado, I think I should stop to see her. Stumbled on this memorial page quite be accident. It's beautiful. Thank you for making this available to her friends.
Posted by S. Han on 22nd April 2014
Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute!
Posted by Kelly McBride on 15th March 2014
Beautiful tribute! Thank you for sharing with me. Lots of love. -Kelly
Posted by Amy Dawson on 15th March 2014
I so enjoyed reading all about your mom and family. What a life! I often saw her when I went go into the school's offices where my mom also worked, or at scouting or school events - so while I didn't know her well, she definitely made an impression on me and I have fond memories of her and her famous chuckle and pretty blue eyes. My mom enjoyed working with her and was sad to hear of her passing - she sends her condolences to all of you. Abrazos! Amy
Posted by David Baird on 10th March 2014
We just had a wonderful memorial and send-off for our Mother at Most Precious Blood here in Denver and then at Peter and Sue's lovely home for a reception. We had a truly Irish wake with singing, dancing, a touch of gambling and lots of great food and plenty o' drink. Our mother would have been proud. Thank you all for coming out to celebrate her and honor her life. I noticed that when someone dear passes away, people come out to visit that you haven't seen in awhile. Cousins from Michigan, friends from Mexico, dear people congregated to send my mom off with a bang. Much love and gratitude, David Baird
Posted by Laura Larson on 6th March 2014
What a beautiful tribute and fun set of photos! I am so moved by all of them. David, please know that my thoughts are with you and I really wish I could be there for the service, but I'm stuck out here in MA, unfortunately. My strongest memory of Pat is from the first time I met her, when I visited Mexico City alone, and David offered that I could connect with his mom while I was there. I think maybe she picked me up from the bus station (?); I was 21 or 22 at the time. I remember her getting perturbed at the traffic and deciding to "drive around" it, which meant speeding through side streets, cruising through stop signs at near full speed, and all the while totally nonchalant and chatting with me. I was terrified for the first 10 minutes! After that I thought, well, I can't do anything about it, and she's my dear friend's mother, so I have to trust her! - That memory still makes me laugh. Many years later when I saw her in Boulder, and was sitting in a high-back chair (throne-like), coiffed as usual, I remember recounting that experience to her, and she totally brushed it off: yes, the traffic there could be horrible. Like that explained everything about her race car driving. Hah. Your mother was a wonderful, vibrant and generous woman. I am so glad to be a part of her tribute. Much love to you all during this challenging time. I will be thinking of you on Saturday, love, Laura
Posted by Nancy Needham on 2nd March 2014
Thank you so much for putting together such a lovely tribute to your mom. I remember her so fondly. What a wonderful life she led! I think of how lucky we were to live in Mexico and be witness to it's many changes. Blessings, Nancy Needham and Mamama Wille
Posted by Kyle Eason on 23rd February 2014
Great tribute, very sweet music and photos. Here's to you, Pat. Peace to you and your family.
Posted by Toni Iavello Miller on 21st February 2014
Lorna, Tom, Peter and David, I think of my Aunt Pat and it brings such great memories of her visits. She would reminisce about my Dad, as their shared interest in music created a special bond between them. Since I never knew my Dad it always meant so much for me to hear all of her stories. I also have a special memory of Aunt Pat bringing comfort to our family at a difficult time. Back in 1988, Aunt Pat was visiting us and my Mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. As Aunt Pat had successfully battled her own breast cancer many years prior, she gave us a great sense of hope and belief that Mom could have the same good outcome as she was so nice to have Aunt Pat with us during that tough time. The Baird/Iavello get togethers were also full of laughs. We have such a funny scene in our family home movies of when Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom came to California on their honeymoon trip...what a great time was had by all. And then of course there is the "Tully girls" laugh...something we will always have in our hearts. This is such a wonderful tribute to your beautiful Mom...thanks for sharing. Love to you all, Toni
Posted by Michael Bleier on 20th February 2014
Hi David, I'm sorry to hear the news. It's great to hear the stories about your mom and get a sense of what she was like. Her spirit certainly lives within you. Peace brother ~ Mike Bleier and family
Posted by Catherine Raveczki on 20th February 2014
Hello there David and Danielle, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom's passing. I hope that you all are doing alright as you move through this challenging time. This website is a beautiful way to celebrate her life and invite others to share their memories. I hope you find a sense of peace as you move through the process of mourning. I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Catherine
Posted by Ulla Iavello on 19th February 2014
Dear Baird cousins, Sorry about your loss. Losing a great mother is very hard. Your mom came to visit her sister Dorothy awhile ago. She invited us over for a Mexican dinner. She talked about her life in Mexico . We enjoyed it all! Later we visited her in Boulder, CO. Hugs, Ulla and Don Iavello
Posted by Rob Babcock on 19th February 2014
I coached Mrs. Baird's sons from 1977-1979 at AHS. I got to know both Mr. and Mrs. Baird very well over my 2 years in Mexico City. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome and at home. I had dinner at their home numerous times. They have a great family and that obviously comes from the top (which means the parents). I have been coaching or working in basketball since 1974 and you won't find people any better than their kids. Mrs. Baird was a huge supporter of the basketball team at AHS. She was always volunteering and when she wasn't selling concessions, she was in the stands. As a single man at the time, and living on a very limited budget, she was always giving me food to take home. I will never forget when Mr. and Mrs. Baird had to go to Europe for 3 months and they asked me to stay at their house and look after David. I was honored that they had the confidence in me to let a 26 year old single male oversee their house and son. It was also nice to move from my 120 sq.ft. apartment for 3 months. I immediately felt like one of the family. I have stayed in touch with the family over all these years and I am sorry to see her pass, but we all know she lived a great life and she succeeded in the most important jobs in life (being a parent and a friend). She can rest assured that her children will carry on with the same character and courage that she had. My thoughts and prayers to all her family and friends.
Posted by Fernando Fuentes on 19th February 2014
The Bairds and Fuenteses were always great friends. There are countless occasions of sharing time together in each other's company, laughing, talking, drinking, and just enjoying the simple things in life. Both Pat and Tom touched every live they came in contact with in an extremely positive way, and will always be remembered like this. To me personally there was nothing but kindness and understanding coming from them. My heart felt wish is that all the Baird family now finds the way of cherishing these memories to overcome this time of sadness. Abrazos y besos para todos!
Posted by Ann Schamber on 19th February 2014
This is such a great memorial to Aunt Pat. I remember when she would visit our family that I was always so impressed with the beautiful clothes she always wore. I last spoke to Aunt Pat on September 11, 2013 when she called to be sure and tell our mom happy birthday on her 100th birthday. She sounded the same with that very special laugh. I remember when Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom stopped to see us all on their honeymoon....they were such a glamorous couple! Much love to all of you, Ann(Iavello) and Rich Schamber
Posted by Sarah Kreider on 18th February 2014
Sending you all love and light. This is such a beautiful tribute. Lots of love, Sarah, Juan, Pablo and Diego
Posted by Margaret Heller on 18th February 2014
At the age of 23 in the 70s I decided to move to Mexico with my husband and 2 year old daughter to finish college and experience "life. There was my dear aunt Pat and uncle Tom who opened their arms and house to us as we made our way to Cholula to "find ourselves". How generous they were to take on her sisters wandering children and treat us like family. This was before cell phones and we would just drop in - hopefully not too often! I did find myself there - they helped open our eyes to Latin America: the music, the arts and the history. They also taught us about chilis and hot salsa! As I listen to the music on this site I will always remember the music in the house with uncle Tom accompanying on his drums. What a challenge some of us were to our parents migrating/wandering without concern for having $$$ or a reliable car, and I always hoped that Pat felt a little better about her dear Lorna by loving me. Uncle Tom was always happy to see us bust out of our suburban ways and open our eyes. They made fun of us because they gave us a case of beer once and when they came to visit a couple months later only one had been drunk. We were vegetarian hippies living the good life - I wouldn't trade those experiences for the world but how great it was to have Pat and Tom being guardian angels for us. Years later I would meet up with Pat as she did her wandering to senior hostels learning about the world in her own time. What a great role model she has been for me all my life! The family that was always reaching out. Miss you Pat!
Posted by Sue Iavello on 18th February 2014
My mom (Pat's sister, Dorothy) used to tell me about the special relationship Aunt Pat had with my dad. When Aunt Pat was a teenager, she was in a horrible car accident. My dad would visit her in the hospital every day on his way home from work. They became close - Aunt Pat had a deep love of music and dad was a musician. After Dad's death at age 41, every time I saw Aunt Pat, she would remark on what a tragedy it was that he died before his kids could appreciate his talents. She talked about my dad a lot and that meant so much to me since I never really knew him. On the lighter side, I will always remember Aunt Pat's laugh. She had that special "Tully" laugh any one of us 40 cousins would recognize in an instant. I can only imagine the raucous reunion going on in heaven. Aunt Pat, Uncle Tom and their family and friends must be having one fantastic time! You will be missed by so many, Aunt Pat. You were one special lady.
Posted by Patrick Fitch on 18th February 2014
Thinking back about growing up in Mexico City would not be complete without the entire Baird clan. David and I were best friends and having everyone call me Pat was sometimes confusing. I will never forget the great treatment I got when my parents were traveling abroad and I stayed at David's house and had a bad case of bronchitis. Pat Baird took such good care of me and I always look back to her as my second mom while we lived in Mexico.
Posted by Kevin Salsich on 18th February 2014
Thanks for sharing! She was a wonderful woman! Love Kevin Salsich
Posted by Michel B├╝hler on 18th February 2014
Dear Baird clan, We're so sorry to hear of your mom's passing but are glad to see all the wonderful memories and recollections of those that posted here. David, your mom was always so welcoming and supportive when we crashed at your house; it seemed that she always smiled and was constantly amused by your Dad's jokes and the supernatural appetite shown by the den of teenage boys. May you all find the strength and comfort during this time and be lightened by her wonderful memory. XXOO, the Buhlers
Posted by Mary Salsich on 18th February 2014
What a wonderful tribute to Pat. She had a long and fulfilling life. Enjoy all the memories. Sincerest sympathy to the family, Mary Salsich
Posted by David Kent on 18th February 2014
Lorna, Tom, Peter and David, Your great tribute to your Mom's life and the wonderful photos bring back memories of when your parents came to visit mine in Houston. I will add some pics tomorrow. Love to you all, David
Posted by Stephanie Calvo on 18th February 2014
Lorna, I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. What a great life and you stand on such strong and beautiful shoulders. I so enjoyed remembering those good Mexico City days. God Bless all of you Hugs, Stephie
Posted by Cathy Pagano on 18th February 2014
What a wonderful tribute to your Mom's exciting and fulfilling life. It brings back long ago memories (when I was very young,since I am #6 of 7children of Pat's sister, Dorothy) of when Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom and kids would visit us in California. It was always an exciting time to be had by all! I remember hearing how Aunt Pat sounded a lot like my Mom with their laughing and talking. It was so great. I was always so enthralled by your families travels and thought how lucky you all were to live in such exciting places. Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful life. Will miss you, Aunt Pat. Say hi to my Dad for me.
Posted by Mary Rouleau on 17th February 2014
Fantastic tribute! Hugs Mary and Bert Rouleau

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