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January 11, 2021
Pat was always like a momom to me I pretty much always went up there when I was little growing up.  We always made cookies and we even would do arts and crafts we even went to her friends house one time when I went up for a weekend I forget who it was but we went to there pool an we all went swimming  pat definitely was a wonderful woman I ever meet and I'm so grateful I had her in my life ❤  I still remember from this day she would aways tell me I have Christmas gifts for you but idk where I put them me and her would aways joke around and said maybe someone took them from the both of us pat I really wished I was able to do the two things I want to do with you and Bill but I wasn't able to I wanted to come surprised you guys and video chat on Facebook but until we meet again I love you and will aways think of you Rest Easy Now my dear friend ♥

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