It’s my favorite time of the day.
  • 76 years old
  • Born on August 13, 1942 in North Cheam, Surrey, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on January 2, 2019 in Brentwood, Tennessee, United States.

Patricia Louise Mishler died Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at her home in Nashville. She is remembered by her phrase “it’s my favorite time of the day” and now it is definitely her favorite time of day as she sits with Jesus. Patricia was born August 13, 1942 in North Cheam, Surrey, England and emigrated to the United States in 1978.
Patricia was preceded in death by her parents, Frederick Charles Greaney and Maud Edith Kirby (Greaney). She leaves behind her best friend and husband, Roger Gene Mishler; her children, Tim Mishler (Hoang), Stephanie Stark, Marcie Mitchell (Alan), Randy Mishler (Elaine), Audrey Burton (Bruce), Suzanne Lynch and Janette Lynch; fourteen grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; brother Robert Greaney (Pam) and three nephews, Andrew (Dorrinda), Adrian (Jacqui) and Peter (Jo) and their children; brother-in-law David Mishler (Jody); and many cherished friends.
A memorial service for Patricia will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, 1:00 p.m. at Christ Church Nashville in the Wallis Chapel, 15354 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville. 
In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in her honor to ALS Association, Tennessee Chapter, PO BOX 40244, Nashville, TN 37204, or to Alive Hospice, 1718 Patterson Street, Nashville, TN 37203,

Posted by Bruce Myers on August 13, 2019
In the Emmaus community, we often think of Pat and everything that she did for our community. I had a chance to serve on a Face to Face team this past summer, and many on the team had served with Pat on Face to Face before.  We talked a lot about how she did things while she led the early Face to Face effort in the Nashville Community. Face to Face provides the Emmaus experience for older adults.  She is still missed, and my life would never have been the same if she had not been a part of it.

Bruce Myers
Posted by Nneka Egwuatu on February 5, 2019
I am grateful for the blessing of meeting and knowing Ms Pat. She always had a smile and a kind word every time I see her. Your life has shown me what grace and courage truly means. You are a good and faithful servant of God. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ till we meet again. Praying for God's comfort and peace for your loving husband, Mr. Rogers and your entire family.
Posted by Suzanne DuVall on January 28, 2019
Working as a dental hygienist you meet many people, but rarely has one left such an impression on my life as Pat. She became my friend, faith mentor, and basically family. Her joy was completely infectious as was her love for Jesus and I am forever changed by knowing and being loved by her. I am so thankful that the sweet Lord arranged for us to become friends. I just know she is dancing all over Heaven with Him!
Posted by Patty Lane on January 26, 2019
From the moment she walked in our office until the last time I saw her- Pat and her smile! Even when ALS took the smile from her lips she still had it in her eyes. A co-worker, who'd been blessed to meet Pat as well, told me that she bet the best part of my day was when I left the office to go visit Pat- and she was right! Pat was a blessing to all fortunate enough to meet her. Peace to all her family!
Posted by JoyceSteve Samples on January 26, 2019
Pat, it’s the day of your memorial. I smile as I look at your picture. You are one of my favorite people; as is Roger. Your infectious smile and personality still warm my heart.
  You walked into heaven a few hours after my younger brother, Denis, on January 2, 2019. In the ensuing weeks I’ve had my times of overflowing grief about Denis’ passing, but just as I do you, I don’t begrudge you the glory you must be experiencing in the Presence of God.
 I will be carrying your dance shoes to the memorial today. They make me smile, too.
Posted by Sherry Caldwell on January 26, 2019
I will forever miss you Pat. I’m hoping the inspiration I received from you will last me a lifetime. I am truly grateful for the honor of time with you—your example of courage, your undaunted determination (Brits don’t quit) and the faith you kept close all along your way. I’m celebrating your life today from Florida and praying for your sweet husband, Roger, wonderful daughters and all of your extended family. ❤️
Posted by Alean Biles on January 25, 2019
I met Pat in a class at Christ Church several years ago. I simply loved her accent and would engage her just so I could listen to her talk. In getting to know her over the years, I always marveled at how much joy, grace, kindness and gentleness could be in the heart of one person. If I were to ask Sister Pat about the source of her joy, there would be no hesitation; JESUS! she would say. She loved the Lord, her family, and her precious friend and husband Roger and proudly proclaimed it. Missing her, joyful and grateful to God for her life and the privilege of knowing her.
Posted by Jacqui Greaney on January 25, 2019
Auntie Pat was always such fun to be around, and enthusiastic about everything. Whether we were visiting Nashville, or when she came to see us (both in the UK, and in Michigan when we lived there), we knew there would be lots of laughter, and plenty of love. Adrian and I are so glad that our daughters, Hannah & Emma, grew up knowing Auntie Pat and her love of life, and her inspiring faith. It was always fascinating to hear her amazing life stories. The unwavering, unconditional love that Pat & Roger always showed each other, and Jan & Suzanne, is a lesson to us all. R.I.P Auntie Pat. We will miss you and remember you always. Adrian, Jacqui, Hannah & Emma xxxx
Posted by Beth Earley on January 23, 2019
Audrey and family, so sorry for your family's loss. Mark and I are thinking of you and wishing you peace. The happy aspect is that there will always be memories such as I have from our wedding where I first met everyone.
Posted by Grace Barlow on January 21, 2019
At one of my first Sundays in America, my husband and I went down for prayer at church, and Pat offered to pray for me. How sweet it was of God to ensure that someone who had herself lived in England before moving to America would be my intercessor that day - having lived through that transition herself, it seemed that she knew exactly what to say! I even remember her praying for me not to be overwhelmed in the grocery stores (something which had happened that very week, and which I hadn't mentioned!) She continued to be a welcoming and friendly face in a lonely time - a true light!
Posted by JoAn Law on January 21, 2019
What a joy it was to know Pat (and Roger). I first met Pat when she came to First Nazarene Church. She was always willing to do anything that was needed. Outside of the church events I had such fun doing some wallpapering at her home. And then there was always a Bible study with a delightful pot luck thrown in. Through it all she was the one that was the bright spot and shining example of Christ's love. So sorry our paths have not been on the same tracks in the last few years and I have truly missed that. Heaven has a new bright jewel in residence.
Posted by Judy Mckissack on January 21, 2019
There are so many things I remember about Pat, when I first met her and Roger, was at the welcome desk where I was informed that they were on my welcome team, and as usual Pat had her beautiful smile on. For four months she and Roger would come to the welcome desk looking for their Welcome badges, and they still weren't there by then I had almost decided to go out and buy the badges myself, but the next Sunday they served, the badges were there. Hallelujah!! We were in the same Sunday school class and it was funny that the same questions stumped both me and Pat, but when we finished with our answers they were both the same and both of them were right, we did that a lot and laughed about it. I miss her so much and will never forget her calmness when she found out about her sickness, she would say if it is God's will,then let it be, she was at peace.
Judy Mckissack
Posted by Terence Ness on January 20, 2019
Judi and I lived in the UK for three years, and we felt an affinity based on common experiences as soon as we met Pat and Roger. We were in a discipleship ministry at the same time they were becoming active in Walk to Emmaus. Pat was always encouraging and we shared prayers for our ministries. She put others first and displayed courage that lifted us all. I can see her smiling.
Posted by Connie Jarrell on January 16, 2019
I met Pat when I began working for a church music publishing company many years ago. She was an absolutely delightful lady, great friend and fantastic listener. There are so many memories I cherish from our friendship. Don and I will miss her very much. Our love and prayers are with your wonderful family.
Posted by Bruce Myers on January 16, 2019
I first met Pat through Emmaus when she was an ALD on a Women's Walk and I was in charge of set up and take down with my colleague Charlie Greer. I worked well with Pat but she never hesitated to demand what was needed for the ladies on the Walk.  She was able to hold us to our task in a very gracious way and never took "no" for an answer. The ladies on the Walk were so blessed by her.
A year or so later, I became Lay Director of the Nashville Emmaus Community, and the Board voted to ask Pat to serve as a lay director on a Women's Walk.  It was my privilege to call her and offer her the position. We had prayer on the phone about this and then she asked to call me back later. She called back and accepted and we prayed on the phone again. That was a special time that I will always remember.
Still later, Emmaus developed the Face to Face program for older adults. The Board needed to find a leader for that program and I suggest Pat's name.  Again I had an opportunity to make the phone call. This one was tougher. She wanted me to find her a suitable co-director. I introduced her to Rev. Paul Gardner and eventually they both accepted and did a great job in that position for a good while. She tried to turn the tables on me and suggested me as her replacement when she finished. I didn't accept and always had some regrets.
Pat has a tremendous effect on my life and spiritual growth, and I am much the better person for having known her.
Posted by Kenneth Winter on January 16, 2019
Pat ---
What words come to mind when I try to capture my friend, Pat Mishler, in a life tribute? I am so much richer that she came my way.
I think first of Royalty -- set apart, larger than life! Life took a left turn for Pat from which most of us would have never returned. True to her life roots, Pat responded with a strength that I'm sure lifted her life partner, Roger, so that, together, they humbled the rest of us by their example.
There was a genuine nature with Pat, an affirming warmth that let us know that we were loved without question. Pat lit up the room when the spoken word escaped her ability. I firmly believe that this beautiful quality came from an unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus in whose arms she now rests.
"Well done, good and faithful servant"
Ken and Joanne Winter
Posted by Teresa Bishop on January 16, 2019
I met Pat over 25 years ago at church. I always loved to listen to her read the scripture for the service. Pat had a deep love for Jesus and was always sharing that love and studying to deepen her relationship. I remember at a ladies retreat, some of us ordered pizza and had them deliver to her room. Of course it was late at night so we crashed her room and had a surprise pizza party! Lots of laughs and memories made that night. I attended several Bible studies at her house. She taught me how to make a proper pot of tea! It was at one of her Bible studies about intercessory prayer that we all prayed for each other and my request was for a Godly husband. It wasn't long after that, that God removed the scales from my eyes and Danny's eyes and we noticed each other. That was over 19 years ago and we are truly sole mates like Pat & Roger! What a wonderful example Pat was to all who knew her. Roger's unwavering love, devotion and care for her is a living testimony of how we should love our spouse. My life was better for knowing Pat and being able to call her my friend. I know her family was truly blessed to call her mother and wife. You all will remain in my prayers for strength and comfort.
Posted by Christine Rudolph on January 16, 2019
I first met Pat when I had a sleepover at Jan's house in 1981! As Jan's friend, I've always known how Pat's life was and the difficulties and joys she experienced. I'd say I only really got to know her well relatively recently and to be a recipient of her love and respect was amazing. She was an incredible lady with a zest for life that is rare. I will miss her greatly and I know she's up there with the angels helping to organise a grand knees up! Love to all the family and friends she left behind, I know how broken your hearts must be. Especially to you Roger, Jan & Suzanne, all my love, Christine
Posted by Cindy Dickens on January 15, 2019
Pat was my neighbor in Copperfield. I always loved seeing her out walking & we would always stop & have a conversation. Her accent...could listen to her talk all day long. She was a beautiful person & I know how much she adored Roger. Her angel.
We will miss her & know she is heaven walking the beautiful paths pain free & with God.
Cindy Dickens
Posted by Susan Chaney on January 14, 2019
I first met Pat through the Walk to Emmaus. We were part of a team with Sandra Griggs and Marian Setzer. We became fast spiritual sisters and were monthy meeting in a Reunion group in various churches and homes of our members. I remember the deep sharing and the prayer times that lifted us beyond the realm of where we were. It was such an honor to pray and share together and we were truly "sisters" of the heart. I remember most the hospitality of Pat and her desire to host a true English tea party for her "sisters" complete with crumpets and clotted cream. What a treat it was but more over how wonderful the love from which it was shared. Pat's love for the Lord and her hunger to serve Him faithfully through the ups and downs of her life were an inspiration that move me now and will always be an enduring memory of this special friend and sister in the Lord.
Posted by Camp Kirkland on January 14, 2019
Pat was working with Tom Fettke as his assistant for a number of years and that is where I met her as I collaborated with Tom on musicals for the church. I loved her encouraging voice every time I called and we became true friends through that relationship. I will remember Pat as the one who got things done and made my work days with Tom always pleasant and encouraging. She was a bright light here and I know she is there as well!
Posted by Krista Bowen on January 14, 2019
I will never forget Pat's words as she told us of her diagnosis, "All I need is Jesus and my Roger." What a beautiful example of faith in our Lord and of the lasting love she and Roger shared.
Posted by Val And Jim Woodbury on January 14, 2019
We will never forget Pat and her gracious spirit and friendship. Many afternoons with iced tea in her lovely garden out back that Roger planted for her. We love you and know we will meet again in Glory. Many prayers and love to all the family.
Posted by Liz Allbritton on January 13, 2019
My relationship with Pat began as a professional relationship. Though she made it clear from the beginning that she counted me as a friend, for that's how she treated me. I will always remember her bright smile and outlook on life, she strong faith and her encouraging words. And of course, her penchant for detail and administration. I am honored to have known her and to have experienced her love.
Posted by JoyceSteve Samples on January 13, 2019
We knew Pat and Roger through dance and church; not sure which came first. We served with Roger on a Carecalling team and as deacons. I think we had met them at National Dance Club, and it was at Carecalling that we and Roger put it together that we shared the enjoyment of dancing. In the last couple of years Pat passed her dance shoes and carry bag to me. I shall cherish them.
My brother, Denis, passed away unexpectedly on January 2, also. I have no doubt Pat and Denis are dancing together around the Throne.
Posted by Jennifer Trott on January 12, 2019
Pat was such a dear friend. I loved her and what she stood for, and will miss her greatly at our Emmaus gatherings and Face to Face Encounters. She meant a lot to me. She loved God and so do I and we both loved doing His work. She was a joy to be around and I'm so glad that God placed her in my life. She will be missed. 
Her Friend in Christ,
Jerry Sue Boyce
Posted by Peter Cassidy on January 12, 2019
I knew Pat from working with her on Face To Face Emmaus Encounter. Not only was she an outstanding leader, she was an inspiration to everyone. Here energy, creativity, commitment, and unshakable faith made her stand out from the crowd. I am deeply saddened at her passing.
Posted by Dee Anne Irwin on January 12, 2019
Quite simply, Pat exuded the joy of Christ as well, if not better, than anyone I have ever encountered. Having had her as a friend remains a priceless blessing, and her beautiful example challenges me to be better than I am. How many more people would know Jesus if they knew a Christian like Pat! She seemed to forgive my shortcomings, love me where I was, learn with me, and invariably make me laugh. How fitting that when we last saw her, one of the few sets of muscles still functioning well allowed that radiant smile. And what a perfect match she found in sweet Roger! May he and all of her family feel absolutely wrapped in God's love. We thank you so for sharing her with the rest of us.
Posted by Jennifer Trott on January 12, 2019
I met Pat thru the Walk to Emmaus, actually was on the team of which she was Lay Director and she forever touched my life. The entire community will surely miss her, her passion for Christ and the Walk to Emmaus program and certainly Face to Face was relentless!  Her smile was so contagious and therefore spread her joy in Christianity. What a wonderful disciple she was!
Posted by Cathy Wedekind on January 12, 2019
I became acquainted with Pat through the Walk to Emmaus program and then grew to love her. She was fired up for Christ and loved every opportunity he put in front of her. She was dedicated and worked long and hard to start "Face to Face". Every time I had a chance to talk with her about "Face to Face" you could see the determination, faith and love she had for the program. She was convinced that all people should have an opportunity to walk with Christ as she had through her Walk to Emmaus experience, regardless of their age or physical ability. I regret I was never a close personal friend but considered Pat my friend in Christ and a close Facebook friend. I know she brought Christ's bright light to everyone she knew. Family and friends, I know she will be missed but I also know she made a mark on this world that will live on long after all of us have gone.
Posted by VANESSA SMITH on January 11, 2019
I will always remember Pat’s warm and inviting smile. I loved her openness to engage you in conversation. She loved people and had the heart of a servant. The way she dealt with her illness is an inspiration to all. I thank God for her friendship and the blessing of knowing her.
Posted by Josephine Roy on January 11, 2019
Pat was one of the most delightful Christian friends I've ever had. Such a joy & a blessing, a pure witness to the love & mercy of our Lord. I enjoyed our time in an Emmaus Reunion group for several years as well as worshipping together at First Nazarene in Nashville. I remember her gift of hospitality & her servant heart. Welcome home, Dear One!
Posted by Michael Toombs on January 9, 2019
Elenore Roosevelt said, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.” I am forever grateful that Pat Mishler was such a friend. Donna and I send our love and prayers to your precious family. You are dearly loved.
Posted by Janette Lynch on January 8, 2019
Sometimes words fail us. How can I pay tribute to the mother she was to me? I pray that my love, my words, my actions, and my dedication were able to tell her what she meant to me. I probably will never be able to repay her for the sacrifices she made throughout her life, but I reflect on the fact that there is no love more precious than the love a woman has for her child.
I thank God for the gift Mum was, for the moments we shared, and for the example she was to me. She will never leave my thoughts, the void she leaves will never be refilled, and the memories will live on forever in my heart.

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