Contractual Sunday School Seating Arrangements

Shared by Dee Anne Irwin on 12th January 2019

Imagine that you are so cool that two well-educated, grown women weekly jockeyed for position to sit next to you in Sunday school. I wonder how many folks have inspired a signed and witnessed contract rotating the opportunity to take an open chair beside them in such a class. (Both parties readily conceded the other chair to Roger.) True story! Truly amazing lady! :)

Garbage Disposals and Hens

Shared by Denise Williams on 11th January 2019

Several years ago, we were invited to Pat and Rogers for dinner along with some of their other friends. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of Cornish Hen and Shepherds Pie. After dinner, Pat tells us how she loves the new disposal our son Josh installed and how great it works! We are cleaning the table of food and dishes when all of a sudden it sounds like someone is jackhammering in the kitchen! Pat was stuffing ALL of the Cornish Hen carcasses down the disposal; all 6 of them. I said to her that I didn’t think it was advisable to do that and she said of course it is; what’s a disposal made for! 

The child next door

Shared by Denise Williams on 11th January 2019

One cold sunny weekend afternoon, my phone rings; I answer and a cheerful, concerned Pat (next door neighbor) says “Hello Denise; is everything ok over there”? I answered, “everything is great Pat; how about you guys”? “Everything ok over there? Yep, all good Pat said She hesitates a minute and then said: “you know I would never want to be a tattle tail; of your kids is hanging out of the upstairs window smoking”! “Don’t tell her I am the one who told on her”. Well, I said; given that we have two boys and a girl, should not be hard to figure this one out!! 

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