Shared by sandy leone on January 10, 2012

she was an angel. she put up with eddie and my late night antics, weather it was almost burning the house down making mac n cheese, or keeping josh up at night because we were too loud.Her, the best.I once cleaned the house for her from top to bottom while she was at work, except your room shannon, it was disaster..LOL, but i put my all into it(10 i felt that wasnt enough but she sooooo appreciated it. Bingo, OMG, she use to take me with your neighbor downstairs and i used to watch how calm would come over her bc she was away from you guys(well eddie was usually hungover and sleeping), it was like a moment of peace for her.ALWAYS fed me(my fave was first pizza pan)and always made me feel like i was part of your family while i was with eddie. She gave me a pair of earrings for christmas one year(im thinking 15-16 yrs.ago) and i STILL wear them, and i will never get rid of them, NEVER! But most of what you wrote, i had the pleasure of seeing in your mom. she insipred me, showed that you cant keep her down, no way would that happen.

and even though i had been out of your lives for it seemed like forever, i carried her strength and love,kindness and warmth with me ! she was definately one of a kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3  R.I.P.MOM !!!!!!!!!




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