The world was a better place because of Patty. God and her family are very proud.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on June 21, 1956 .
  • Passed away on December 19, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory Patricia Taylor who passed away on December 19, 2014 as the result as a result of respiratory complications. 

Patty loved all pets and dogs in particular.  In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation under Patty's name to Animal Humane New Mexico. You can do this online and indicate that the donation is for Patty Taylor.  They will make sure that the family is notified of your donation.

Please share your stories and photos and come back often to see updates from Patty's family.


Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 20th December 2018
Billie, thank you for your loving words about Patty. It makes me smile to visualize your memories of experiences with Patty. I miss her daily. Patty's bis sister, Kathy.
Posted by Billie Blair on 19th December 2018
This season, I am especially remembering friends and family who have walked through the veil. Remembering Christmas In Patty’s French cum Southwestern chateau, exchanging gifts in the little living room by the fire. No greater gift than that of Patty’s smile and optimism. Remembering the Christmas she lent us her house because we rented ours out to skiers while she went to Houston or maybe it was Denver. Remembering countless coffees in her cozy kitchen and garden parties amidst the blooms of her green thumb. Remembering our almost-shared birthdays in June and gifts of books to savor. When Christmas approaches I always think of Patty and the call from Tom about her hospitalization. So I pick up the phone and call Betty to check in on the incredible Youngman family. Patty would love that all will be together this Yuletide; that Betty, the family matriarch, is sharp as a tack; that Kayla will enjoy a visit with the family. Love to the Youngmans who gave us such a gift as Patty Taylor.
Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 21st June 2018
Love and miss you every day. Big sis Kathy. ❤️
Posted by Nancy Provolt on 21st June 2018
Always thinking of you Patty. Especially today. XOXO
Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 20th December 2017
Hi little sis. Love you and think of you and miss you daily. Your big sis.
Posted by Nancy Provolt on 19th December 2017
Not a day goes by when I don't feel you with me. You'll be a part of me forever beautiful sister.
Posted by Carla Gregory on 19th December 2017
Arrived in Austin to spend the holidays with the kids and will be forever grateful for Patty bringing Alex into our hearts. We miss her, but know that she shares our joy as we watch Alex grow. Love you, Cousin.
Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 22nd June 2017
Hi little sis. We are all doing well. Saw Kayla at Kyle's graduation weekend, and she is growing up strong, beautiful, smart, and happy. You would be so proud of her and her family. I have a new grandson, Jameson. His older brother Case, now 2 1/2 years, was naming family in pictures this weekend, and knew you were Aunt Patty. Kallie starts high school in the fall, and Christopher starts middle school. Jenny, Chris and Corey are leading happy lives. We all love you and miss you every day. Big sis Kathy.
Posted by Carla Gregory on 22nd June 2017
Always in my heart, dear cousin, until we meet again on the other side. Our grandson, Alex, is growing up healthy, happy and much loved.
Posted by Billie Blair on 22nd June 2017
Perhaps Patty's true birthday is in December, when she left us behind to enter an unfathomable world. I miss her most these days, though, because our birthdays were back-to-back. She remains forever younger.
Posted by Nancy Provolt on 22nd June 2017
Hey Patty, Billie is right that it's not fair that we are getting older and now you're younger. I'm 58 this year and next year I will become what I always thought I was to you -- your second big sister. I miss you so much and even though you are part of me and always in my heart, there is a piece of it missing. I love you sweet sister.
Posted by Betty Youngman on 21st June 2017
Happy Birthday my daughter ... I woke up knowing it was Your Day, and miss my #2 intensely ... today I miss driving to ALB to visit with you and with Kayla, and anticipating the warm welcome in your home. We all try to figure out "what would Patty do or say" as we hit obstacles and joys in our lives.
Posted by Sally Terwilliger on 21st June 2017
I feel Patty's closeness so often when sharing a laugh she would have loved, with Julie or Phoebe or just when I know something that was said or that happened would have been something she would have enjoyed so much. I appreciate forever having been a part of her life and having known and spent so much quality time with Patty. HB PY.
Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 20th December 2016
The weeks leading up to the two year anniversary of losing Patty had me missing her greatly, but even harder was realizing the young lives she is not able to actively touch, the great nieces and nephews who will only know Patty through those of us who love her. We all bear a great responsibility to create the habit of sharing our memories of Patty and other loved ones lost with the youth in our families. I love you little sis.
Posted by Billie Blair on 20th December 2016
This weekend Ilana and Kosmo came to see the Nutcracker and I remembered how Patty always wanted to take the girls together. Instead we ate grilled cheese sandwiches from Patty's Christmas plates, and remembered her spirit and how everything tastes better on pretty plates, served with love. That was Patty. My heart goes out to her magnificent family. Blessings.
Posted by Nancy Provolt on 20th December 2016
Patty, are you watching us? Are you in heaven writing a book about your days here on earth? Are you an angel now or a dragonfly? Do you laugh when I think of something silly we shared? Are you with Dad and have you met someone cute who is deserving of your love? Do you talk in heaven? Does heaven have phones? It's been two years since I've talked to you. I miss you so much.
Posted by Tim Gonzales on 19th December 2016
Thinking of our dear friend Pat. We miss her so much.
Posted by Nancy Provolt on 22nd June 2016
I miss Patty. I miss talking with her. I miss laughing with her. I miss teasing her and I miss being teased by her. I miss hearing her stories, giving her advice and listening advice she gave to me. I miss daily updates on Kayla. I miss her asking about my life. I miss her caring about me and loving me. I miss her asking how Eric is doing and what Richard has been up to. I miss her asking about my dogs. I miss her giving me political updates from news stations other than Fox News and allowing me to let her know what Fox had to say. Today is Patty's 60th birthday. I can't celebrate. I miss her too much.
Posted by Kathy Mosteller on 21st June 2016
I miss my beautiful, wonderful sister every day. I found three pennies today so know she is watching over all of us. Love you little sis.
Posted by Billie Blair on 21st June 2016
Today would have been Patty's birthday, and I keep getting reminders from electronic card services and do not know how to turn them off. Perhaps it is Patty's way of teasing me from heaven. Last night we thought of her in the strawberry moon, where I trust she was dancing.
Posted by Carla Gregory on 21st June 2016
What a wonderful reminder of Patty's birthday. The summer solstice with a strawberry full moon, the first in 67 years, and the beginning of summer days to share memories of Patty. I am still so grateful for her support in the adoption of her grandson, Alex, into our family. Today as I babysit Alex I am again reminded of Patty's compassion, generosity and above all undying love. I know she is smiling down on all of us and enjoying the happiness she helped to create. Happy Birthday, Cousin.
Posted by Hannah Berkheimer on 7th May 2016
I was looking for Kayla on the internet since she was my best friend and I lost touch with her a while ago so I decided to start with Pat. I already knew she was dead but I thought maybe I could find something out about Kayla. Seeing this made me realize how much I missed Pat. She was a great person and I loved her. She was always great to Kayla and I.
Posted by Merilee Dannemann on 22nd December 2015
On the anniversary of Patty's passing, thinking of her bright light on a gray day. Patty's spirit still blesses us all.
Posted by Alison Moreland on 21st December 2015
Patty's family is remembering and missing her this holiday season. Her mom is one of our dearest friends. I know she still feels the void that Patty left, and is forever grateful for loving memories. From Martha and Alison
Posted by Alison Moreland on 26th June 2015
Although we can't be there in person, Martha and I will be with all of you in spirit this weekend as you celebrate and remember Patty in a way she will be appreciating!
Posted by Judy Sands on 2nd February 2015
Patty will always have a place in my heart, as I'm sure she will in all of yours. She always looked at things in a unique way and shared her love and understanding with all she met. You are missed, Patty.
Posted by David McMahill on 9th January 2015
I remember holding Patty, my second niece, not long after she was born. So beautiful, such blond hair, such warmth...As this sweet little girl grew up, her warmth only blossomed. Oddly, one vivid memory of Patty as a little girl came just before she and her family were headed to England. Sitting at the dining room table at 1911 Deer Park, Patty frowned and said, "Ow. My back hurts." None of us then realized just how much it must have hurt. In the last decade or so, before her toughest health issues arose, each time I saw Patty, we promised each other that she would join my wife and me for a Boundary Waters canoe trip. How I wish that we had been able to do that. Perhaps in God's great mysteries, there will still be a way. --Uncle David
Posted by Suzanne Ferrari on 8th January 2015
I count my blessings for having had Patty in my life, and I will never forget her beautiful smile, loving soul, and sincerity. My heart breaks for her family, the closest I've ever known. May the many memories and stories continue to bring comfort, as she will live with us forever.
Posted by Tim Gonzales on 7th January 2015
Not a day goes by that Pat is not on our minds. She was the most amazing, loving, caring neighbour and best friend that anyone could ask for. She touched our hearts and will always have a special place in our lives. She will always and forever be missed. Love, Tim and Toby Until we meet again dear friends
Posted by Ruth O'Harra on 7th January 2015
Pat was a good neighbor and friend. We both liked flowers, and from time to time Kayla would appear on our door step with a bunch of flowers Pat had bought at the store. Jim exchanged books with her, we will miss her greatly, she had a gentle soul.
Posted by Bob Shelton on 6th January 2015
Patty and Taos will always be connected in my mind. It is one of our absolute most favorite places of all. We learned from Betty that she worked there and had the chance to be with her several times. What a delightful person! The memories are good.
Posted by Bette Mulley on 2nd January 2015
I am a good friend with Patty's mother, so I knew through her how special Patty was to so many people. Her life was lived with purpose, and her giving person was at time costly. I reach out to Betty as she faces life without Patty. May the memories of her be a comfort to all the family.
Posted by Ivy Taylor on 1st January 2015
My mom was the most caring and patient person I ha ever met I love u mom thank you for giving me a new chance at life
Posted by Jean Pfluger on 31st December 2014
In our sadness at the passing of Patty, may the Lord's loving grace fill us each with hope and with His peace as we trust in Him. Romans 15:13 Patty's lovely kindness and generosity will surely last for us and coming generations.
Posted by David Hadwiger on 28th December 2014
Patty has been a great friend for 20 years or so. Her family and ours became intertwined over years of shared adventures with Kayla, grad school, Alex and so very, very much more. She was always a person of great generosity and tremendous spirit. It has been a pleasure to share a community with Patty and her family. She will always have a special place in our heart and in our thoughts. Jenna and Lauren cannot recall a time without Patty, but have shared many warm memories of her with Dru and me since she passed.
Posted by Lindsay Stites on 28th December 2014
Being the older sister to Roy and my best friend Patty could have offered lots of criticism and advice to the two of us and justifiably so. Roy and made the most of high school. But instead Patty was sweet and protective. She let us run but not too far. I'll remember her as the 'cool' sister. She was kind to me. She was smart and fun to be around. I'll miss her.
Posted by Susan Embry on 26th December 2014
Patty was the real deal, a caring and warm friend with the sweetest smile dancing across her face constantly. Working with her in Taos was the best introduction to the town I could have wished for. Meeting her for breakfast on trips back was always so special, catching up with all her family news and laughing together at the old memories. I will miss her deeply. We all will.
Posted by Merilee Dannemann on 26th December 2014
Patty was lovely, gentle, generous and perpetually optimistic despite many difficult setbacks. I loved and admired her and I'm deeply saddened by the news of her passing. My heart goes out to her family and especially to Kayla. God be with you all.
Posted by Terry Youngman on 26th December 2014
Rest in Peace dear sister in law. May your beautiful spirit live on in the lives of us who were fortunate to have known you.
Posted by Don McMahill on 26th December 2014
My memories of Patty are numerous, and it seems like just yesterday we were playing a hot game of two-handed, touch football, out in the yard, with all the Youngman clan heavily involved. Whereas football wasn't Patty's favorite way of spending the afternoon, she was always game, and followed her father's instructions with vigor. Truly, she was a lady, and her love of animals, nature and little children was an add-on to this beautiful woman of God. Her loving patience and insight into the world around her was rather rare in today's, fast pace society. Maybe we should all take stock, and try to be more like Patty.
Posted by Alison Moreland on 26th December 2014
Patty is certainly appreciating the loving coming together of her family and friends. Our hearts are with all of you, and especially with Kayla,, as you cope with this sudden loss. Martha and Alison
Posted by Jay Rosenbaum on 26th December 2014
I searched out Patty in Taos in 1994 after I found out that her late husband was Forbes Taylor. He had been a childhood friend of my sister's in Washington, DC and his parents were friends of my parents. Patty and I hit if off instantly. She was such a adorable, kind-hearted person, with a winning personality. I already miss her.
Posted by Joseph Quintana on 24th December 2014
Patty really cared about people and about local business in Taos. Her work in presenting Taos to the world was inspiring and on target. She was very very good to me and to Taos. She will be forever missed by all. May her family and friends be proud of all she did to make this a better world.
Posted by Marcia Jeans on 23rd December 2014
Patty was a beautiful, gentle and caring person who will be deeply missed. My condolences go out to all of her family and friends.
Posted by Billie Blair on 23rd December 2014
Patty is always with us ... in our going up and coming down. She is with us in her kitchen on Valerio Road ... on the slopes of Taos Ski Valley ... hiking the switch backs to Gold Hill ... pulling Kayla and friends in a little red wagon through the Albuquerque Zoo ... talking about books and dreams and all the times we had to share. She was the kindest person I have ever known, and I pray, Sweet Jesus, that some of her kindness will stay with me as a way of celebrating her life.

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