‘Do 1 thing. Do it Right’
  • 44 years old
  • Born on November 8, 1972 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • Passed away on July 4, 2017 in Hong Kong.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patricio Cristian de la Fuente Saez, 44, born on November 8, 1972 and passed away on July 4, 2017. We will remember him forever.

Patricio Christian de la Fuente, son, father, brother and husband extraordinaire and wine aficionado left us today on July 4th, 2017 in his beloved Hong Kong. Since very early on, Patricio was a passionate young man, with a strong and unbreakable love for his family and friends and an amazing drive to excel in the wine industry in Hong Kong and surrounding countries.

Outside of his passion for the food and beverage industry, Patricio was the most sociable, loyal and charitable person his family and friends knew. Patricio dedicated himself to improving the lives of those around him - family, friends and even strangers, no request was too big. In his 44 years on this planet, he lived a multiple of lifetimes and up to the moment of his passing, he grinned, smiled and took the challenge ahead as only he would. His family and friends know exactly what we mean. He may have left this world too early, but made an everlasting mark. 

Patricio leaves behind parents, brother, sister, the love of his life, Alice and their three beautiful children, Patito, Isabella and Celina (Bao Bao), who have become the perfect blend of what he and Alice stood for. A wine guy in every cell of his being.

"Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet,
Through Love all that is copper will be gold,

Through Love all dregs will become wine, 
Through Love all pain will turn to medicine.”

Posted by Toby Paul on 14th July 2018
Patricio you where an amazing person and I miss you always brother. You where a loyal friend through always and I often think about you and reflect on your many many qualities. Miss you brother
Posted by David Yeo on 6th July 2018
Patricio, you remain an inspiration to all of us. You are so missed ... RIP my friend. We know you will want us to be there for Alice and the kids. That's a promise.
Posted by Stanley Wong on 4th July 2018
missing you, Pato! I drink to your life, lived to the fullest!
Posted by Fred Zantman on 4th July 2018
One year already... We will always remember our great times together. Very best regards from Paris
Posted by Sean Robson on 4th July 2018
RIP, Patrick One year since your passing- you are sorely missed.
Posted by Fred Zantman on 26th February 2018
Dear Patricio, I condole with your family and dearest friends. Quelques mots en français Cher ami, pour témoigner aujourd'hui des moments extraordinaires et si chaleureux partagés ensemble. Rest in Peace.
Posted by David Yeo on 8th November 2017
Patricio, through just being you and doing what you did, you continue to inspire the rest of us to live life to the fullest, to follow our dreams, to cherish what we have and to do what we can for others. For me, my greatest inspiration came from spending time with you when you were ill and seeing how incredibly strong you remained till the very end. On your birthday we give thanks for having had the honour of being your friend.
Posted by David Yeo on 8th November 2017
Patricio, through just being you and doing what you did, you continue to inspire the rest of us to live life to the fullest, to follow our dreams, to cherish what we have and to do what we can for others. For me, my greatest inspiration came from spending time with you when you were ill and seeing how incredibly strong you remained till the very end. On your birthday we give thanks for having had the honour of being your friend.
Posted by Frank Cohen on 8th November 2017
L’CHAIM (Jewish for “To Life”)
Posted by Roeland Vermeulen on 22nd July 2017
Patricio de la Fuente Saez. By means of this writing we, on behalf of all our members, the board of Gentlemen Fraternity La Pipe, would like to express our condolences on the passing of Patricio. First and foremost, we would like to show our support to his family, and wish them all strength in processing this great loss. Moreover, we are thinking about all of his friends, and send our condolences to them as well. We are doing this on the basis of the strength that we have as a fraternity, one that has met each other at the Hotelschool The Hague and who showed to be like-minded not only during the studies but also kept close relations after. Patricio came to The Hague and joined La Pipe in the first half of 1992. Before becoming a member, he stood out in a positive way, which led to us inviting him to become a candidate of our fraternity. Patricio was very involved and entertaining. He had good looks and a good sense of humor. He was a true “lady’s man” and had a great appreciation for beer. During the years he acquired the nickname ‘Sifuentes’. It was a name based on the character of Victor Sifuentes from the then popular TV series ‘L.A. Law’. The fact that we already gave him a nickname based on a Hollywood star was an omen of his great international career. After his studies, Patricio went abroad, which enabled us to meet with him sporadically. Whenever he was back in the Netherlands, he liked to join us to have a drink in ‘The Bar’ until late in the night. Our friendship was strong enough to maintain, even with the many kilometers distance. Nevertheless, we received the message of his passing away with great sadness. For a relatively young fraternity like La Pipe this is an exceptional event. We are not yet used to the passing away of members, especially not at this young age. To date, it has only occurred once before due to an accident. With great sadness we have to say goodbye to Patricio. His loss cannot be replaced within our fraternity. The next time we will meet with the fraternity we will raise our glasses to the life he led in the Netherlands, and to have one last moment of thinking about his passing. Immer de beschaving dienende groeten wij u onder de inmiddels onsterfelijk geworden gouden naam La Pipe
Posted by Whitney Jones on 15th July 2017
May the God of all comfort be with the entire family. He can give us comfort regardless of how distressing our situation may be. His Word assures us: "He is near to all those calling upon him, ... and their cry for help he will hear." (Ps. 145:18, 19)
Posted by Seraphine Iskandar on 15th July 2017
To Pato, a friend that I am proud to call family, Your overwhelming generosity & kindness have inspired so many to better themselves and to live life more fully. At once a loving husband, a caring son, an outstanding father to Patito, Meimei and Baobao, a successful entrepreneur, an admired boss… In your short time with us you have managed to achieve what many of us are still looking to do: to make a difference in this world through your endless energy & positivity. You are in a better place now, may you rest in peace knowing that Alice & your kids will always be surrounded with love from everybody that loved you, and that your children will grow up in the legacy of compassion, greatness and rock ‘n’ roll that you left behind. Thanks for being a Legend. We will forever miss you, and we will raise a glass to you every time we drink Cristal!!!
Posted by P J on 12th July 2017
Reading this memorial it is obvious that  your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again at Revelations 21:4.  At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May you find comfort from the God of all comfort.
Posted by Chester Grucza on 11th July 2017
Dear Pato, wherever You might see it, I know the soil will be lighter for You. I miss You. The news, 18 months ago has hit me hard, but it wasnt about me. It was the fact, that you were forever smiling, forever happy and jolly in our eyes. Pride has defined your moments since. You were my life idol, honestly. The World has lost one of its' great drivers, but heavens has just gained one. God/Jahwe/Buddah/Allah: prepare yourselves for a ride we completed. Not sure, if You have enough horses to hold this guy down. Again, I will miss You, Pato. Best of luck with Osiris. xxx
Posted by Lodewijk Meens on 10th July 2017
Maatje - your smile and ebullient character will be missed by many, forever. We have only gotten to know eachother properly in the last few years but, each and every time, we laughed and enjoyed the good things in life. What you have achieved in these 44 years on the planet is examplary. These memories will be cherished by yours truly for a long time. What you leave behind for your friends and family is a powerful message of perseverance and optimism. Personally, my favourite Patricio commandment is "werk niet met klootzakken" (don't deal with *ssholes): direct and to the point! I was gutted that we had to miss last Saturday's memorial service as I'm on leave in Europe. We are enjoying our family holiday in a place that was close to your heart: Bergen, Noord Holland. You and I compared notes about the place several times and it was only fitting that we are drinking lots of good claret in honour of you, and your legacy. Rust zacht, Gozerd! Lodewijk & Wei Si'eu
Posted by John Girard on 9th July 2017
Patricio loved life and loved the people he knew. Family, friends and and all who met him. He was an extraordinarily kind human being who will be missed dearly. RIP Patricio. It was an honour to have been your friend. See you on the other side.
Posted by Sean Robson on 9th July 2017
It is hard to imagine the phone won't ring again with Patrick greeting me " Hey Sean- what's happening?" And then we would chat about all things in the wine business. "Look after your principals, your people and your customers" was Patrick's golden rule and I think he used that to build Links to the great company it is today. Over the years I had the great privilege to be invited by Patrick to many dinners and events. They were all special- full of passion and enthusiasm and always with a great sense of fun. In fact whenever you were with Patrick there simply was never a dull moment! My deepest condolences go to Alice and his family. Be strong and remember what a wonderful person Patrick was. RIP Patrick. Forever missed.
Posted by Andrew Chan on 8th July 2017
My Dear Boss, We might not see in a short period, but I believe we will see each other again! you are the special person I had never met.... You always in my mind!! Andrew
Posted by Whitney Jones on 8th July 2017
May the God of all comfort be with the entire family. He can give us comfort regardless of how distressing our situation may be. His Word assures us: "He is near to all those calling upon him, ... and their cry for help he will hear." (Ps. 145:18, 19)
Posted by Sanjay Narain on 8th July 2017
Hey Patrick, Ever since the first time we met at the French International School, all the time spent together has always been great, the memories shall be cherished forever. It was a pleasure to have you as a friend. Rest in Peace Patrick. My deepest condolences to Patrick's family.
Posted by Brenna Christiaan on 8th July 2017
Pato, you have, no doubt, lived a full and beautiful life... and now that your fight to live it as long as you could is over, your family and friends will continue to fight. First fight to hold on, then fight to let go. To Alice and kids, Helen and Patricio, Ronald and co, Caroline and co and friends of the family... Wish you much strength to let go, to accept and to remember and cherish the time you had with Pato. Hugs
Posted by Jeremy Menzies on 8th July 2017
Patricio, You have been such a genuine, generous, fun-loving and positive influence on so many people over the years! Thank you for the memories and for being a part of our lives. God bless your soul; rest in peace my dear friend. - Jeremy and Wai Sim
Posted by Linda Lo on 7th July 2017
I will always remember Patricio best on the sports field with the kids. It was the picture of the perfect Dad - always smiling, always encouraging. Patricio, you have left a beautiful memory for your family and have made them very proud. Rest in Peace and be rest assured that Alice, the kids and your family will be well looked after. God bless you all.
Posted by Jean Paul Gauci on 7th July 2017
You brought Joy and Happiness to all of us . Thanks for the lovely memories Patricio . From Jean Paul & family
Posted by Tom Dukker on 7th July 2017
Dear Patrick, we met each other 6 years ago in Bordeaux, speaking in English, Dutch and Spanish. After this first ´click´ the good feeling always has been there. From the beginning I loved and enjoyed your enormous energy, drive, determination, passion and good laughing. Last years we had a lot of good wines together and shared some great moments. My deepest condoleances to Alice & the kids and the whole family. Always with a smile & character, you will be missed. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Howie Keck on 7th July 2017
Dude....the world will never be the same without you. Your spirit and passion for life, your sharp wit, loving nature, and giving soul. You are a true and absolute Gentleman in every sense of the word. My most heartfelt condolences go out to Alice and Patito, Isabella and Celina your wonderful Mother and Father, Ron and Caroline. It is through tons of smiling tears that I write this. I will miss you always my dear sweet friend Pistachio.
Posted by Mirte Maier on 7th July 2017
Going back to the early days! 4th grade, elementary school Nutsschool, Aalst-Waalre, The Netherlands. My 1st year that I started at this school. You were a populair boy in the class and received a lot attention from us girls. Apart from being a nice and friendly boy, you also had a serious side. You knew what you wanted to do in life. I remember our class as a close class and we had lots of fun! The last year in elementary school, 6th grade, we went to school camp to Giethoorn. You, Jan, Sam, Bas, Niels, Martin were the boys who could drive us crazy but also could make us laugh so much that we almost pee our pants. I cherish very good memories of that week. At some point we lost track of each other but in 2008 we got in touch again. We exchanged nice conversations and were both proud of our families and what we were doing. Although you were a busy guy you always managed to answer. Our last contact was at the end of January 2016 in which you told me that you were ill. I started following your stories on Facebook and I admire you for posting pictures and happenings of your life. Sadly you lost the battle and I really hope you are in a good place where you have peace. My sincere condolences for the family. Rest in peace Pato!
Posted by Frédéric Pacaut on 7th July 2017
Dearest Pat, We have known each other since early 2010. I called you on a whim for a business opportunity. You had your baby son babbling on your knees and you still made an instant decision. A loving family guy with impetus, this is how I will keep you in my heart. You gave more to the world in 44 years than most people in 80. My most sincere condolences to your family and all my friends from the Links team. I will raise a glass of wine on Saturday in your memory. I sense that you will like wine better than my tears. Love, Fred
Posted by Francis Tjia on 7th July 2017
I am heartbroken for Alice and the three kiddos for their loss of an absolutely wonderful human being who was their husband and father. My deepest condolences to them, and I wish them all the strength in the world to get through this difficult time. Although I met Pat first in the mid-1990s, we only got to know each other well starting around 2010. Since then, we met regularly for great evenings out and plenty of wine tastings that started in his office at 5pm and lasted till midnight or later! I loved his sense of humour, his energy, and his entrepreneurial spirit, which has resulted in a huge collection of wines in my home and elsewhere! I am blessed to have known him, and he will be forever in my mind as a huge burst of positive sunshine who brightened up the lives of everyone he came across. Miss you very much, dear friend... rest in peace....
Posted by Gwen Chesnais on 7th July 2017
Dear Patrick, 15 years have passed since we met in China, it seems like yesterday. We have been friends and worked along for some time. I loved your strength, your energy and positive thinking. The world was yours ! May you rest in peace now. From my beloved Brittany, I will light a candle for you tomorrow . All my thoughts to your family, the Links family and the HK friends.
Posted by Adrian Pinna on 7th July 2017
I've known Patrico for well over two decades from his days at JJ and when he opened his wine business in Sheung wan and then moved over to Wanchai where I did visit with him and the team - the ever smiling face will always be around and what he taught his folks the CAN DO SPIRIT - we will miss him physically but his spirit will always be around - to the family Alice and the kids are thoughts and prayers are with you all in your moment of grief
Posted by Chris Simms on 7th July 2017
Patricio, what can I say... what a guy! We met in 2010 when I was looking to start a Champagne Bar, you took us to Parkview for dinner, oh what a night!! It was then I realised what an extraordinary human being you were. What an honour and a privilege it was to have known you, if only for that very short time. You have left this world far too early but what a mark you have made on so many people. It is incomprehensible that I will not see that Patricio 'cheeky grin' again, you are, however, etched in my mind forever as one of life's most charismatic, amazing guys!! My heart goes out to the family and those closest.... RIP Patricio XXX
Posted by Penny Colley on 7th July 2017
Wishing Alice and the family much strength in the weeks and months to come. Will remember Patrick fondly - sleep well. Penny, Mark and the kids x
Posted by Ense (Tang) Kwan on 7th July 2017
Patrick and I went way back when we were both working at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.......I will always remember your "almost perfect" Cantonese and all the fun time we had. R.I.P., my friend. My deepest condolences to your family.
Posted by Alexandra Malandain on 6th July 2017
So sad to hear of your passing, my deepest condolences to your family. May you rest in peace. Frenchy
Posted by Stanley Wong on 6th July 2017
RIP Patricio! We celebrate your life and cherish the joyful memories you have left behind.
Posted by Carmen Sephton on 6th July 2017
RIP Patricio! You will live on in all of our hearts! Love & light to Alice and children.
Posted by Benjamin Barraclough on 6th July 2017
I really looked up to him as an inspirational trade colleague, but more importantly he was a great and loyal friend. He made me feel so welcome, and an instant part of the gang when I first arrived in Hong Kong in 2003. He was a genius at living life, and I adored him.
Posted by Patricio Sr De La Fuente on 6th July 2017
Dear Patricio, Helen, Alice, Ronald, Caroline and family, Accept our deepest sympathy and condolences for the passing away of Pato, our very good and cheerfull friend for 20 years! From the moment we met Pato, shortly after the hand over of HK it felt as part of the family and we closed him and you Patricio and Helen in our heart's. This has been the case until now and will be like that for ever! We feel privileged to have known him and have seen him being so succesfull in his private life with Alice and 3 beautiful kids but also in his wine business!! Pato is one of the most warm and caring persons we know always sharing and with a great sense of humour!! A very special person to us but also to our kids who were also all fond of him!! It must have been heartbreaking for you all to wittness his fight to survive over the last one and a half year and keep the spirits up!!Patricio, Helen and Alice and kids being so close for so long through the process in HK. We had many telcalls all the way and sharing so many emotional moments in which you both Patricio and Helen stood so strong always spotting light at the end of the tunnel, even when the process turned out to be irreversible! I admire your strengths which helped Pato so much and brought him back on his feet. I admire Pato for his inner strenghts and fighting spirit and keeping his sense of humour!! Now you have to say goodbye to your son, brother, husband and father!! with a constant feeling: "It is not fair!!!!" I wish you, also on behalf of Edith lots of strengths and positive energy in the coming time! Houd je Haaks!!! Very very best regard and an Abrazo Fuerte, Edith and Jochum Haakma
Posted by Marlo Stijweg on 6th July 2017
Patricio and I have various links in life. I remember very clearly an evening in October/November 1991, we bumped into each other in a in a bar in Lan Kwai Fung on a Friday Night. I had just arrived back from a visit to the Netherlands, i was there to interview for the Hotelschool in The Hague. I was in my A-levels year, you had already finished your IB at the French international school and were planning to take a year off. After we spoke you ended up applying to the Hotelschool and got in... you started in 92-1, I joined in 92-2. Throughout the years we bumped into each other. We were both Dutch, grew up in HK and were a Hotello( like Ronald and Caroline). I remember you as a most charming, warm and energetic guy who always had this twinkle in his eyes.. this love for life! It was contagious:) I wish all of the De La Fuente family and close friends all the strength in the world to be able to deal with this incredible loss. Xxx from Marlo in Amsterdam
Posted by Barbara Adamovich on 6th July 2017
RIP Patricio. How blessed your family and friends are for having you touch their lives. You fought your battle with extraordinary courage inspiring all who knew you. I'm sure you will be watching those you love from above.
Posted by Kurt Walter on 6th July 2017
I have met you at a Louis Roederer Cristal Dinner and known you for only a short period of time but you have for sure left lasting wonderful and great memories with so many of us. You are an inspiration and will be missed within the hospitality industry and by everyone who has had the great pleasure to meet you. Rest in peace my friend...
Posted by Wim Hekstra on 6th July 2017
I arrived in HK in the summer of 2003. My friend and colleague at Heineken, Ronald de la F told me about his brother living in the city. On my second day in HK I met him and we partied in Carnegies till quite late. I knew I met someone special that day! We worked in the same industry for a few years and saw each other quite often and always kept in good contact for 14 yrs. I left HK last yr. My very last stop before jumping onto my one way flight to Holland was at Parkview to see this special guy. Dianne and I felt blessed to see him and his lovely parents that eve. Today I'm jumping on a plane to HK again for the saddest reason. The special guy has left us, what a miss!!
Posted by Nelson Tang on 6th July 2017
In God's speed we yum sing, as on earth as it is in heaven. May God speed you on your journey.
Posted by Babiche Westerduin on 6th July 2017
When Caroline talked about her brothers I always felt a little bit jeaulous. The fun the three of you had as a child. Little Sis and her big brothers. Brothers who protect her and tease her. And warm parents who take great care of their kids. When you grew older your band kept the same. Even when you did'nt live together but in different countries. The three musketeers till the end. Now one of the musketeer is gone to heaven but the pact you made as childs will stay forever. The love of this whole family for eachother left a deep impression and a great respect in my heart. Now my heart breaks for all of you! A great man has died but he will be remembered in so many hearts he touched! I wish you all strenght in these sad days Babiche
Posted by Astrid Van Delft on 6th July 2017
Dear Patrick. We are honoured to have known you (through your mum Helen, and your dad Patricio). Did we enjoy the wines you chose for us many years ago, when we just started buying from you! You sure had a good taste. Great admiration we have for you, together with your family, trying to beat this nasty disease. No more pain now. Rest in Peace, Patrick. We wish your family lots of strength in the difficult times ahead. Huib and Astrid
Posted by Patricio Sr De La Fuente on 5th July 2017
Steve Braunstein I had the privilege of helping take care of Patricio when he was first diagnosed a year and a half ago. Although I only met him in sickness, it was clear that he was a brilliant, strong, and kind father, brother, husband, and friend to so many people. I have followed his journey on Posthope and have seen that he continued to fight and touch the lives of so many, inspiring all with his fighting spirit and stoicism. He was also so very fortunate to have tremendous support from family and friends throughout this difficulty phase of his journey. The love and support that he had so generously offered early in his life was paid back several fold and I'm sure he was so very appreciative. I offer sincere condolences to his family and hope that all that knew Patricio will share some of his spirit and joy for life in their journeys.
Posted by Edward Snoeks on 5th July 2017
I met Pato first in 1995 and eventually we ended up in similar roles; he at JJ's at Grand Hyatt and I at Club Shanghai at The Regent. While I worked in various HK hotels, Pato built his business and we saw each other often. When I joined HK Parkview to work with his father-in-law, that contact became more regular, which was fantastic. Plenty of memories of laughter, wines and great conversations. I never met an individual who was so approachable, positive, driven and who inspired so many people. It really is quite amazing when you think about that. Like me, I am sure that there are many people who looked at Pato thinking 'I wish I had a bit more of his traits' one way or the other. What a terrific and lovely, lovely guy he was. I am incredible sorry for the de la Fuente Saez and Wong families to have lost him so soon. I, too, will get on a plane tomorrow to return to HK to say good-bye to the man that has been such an inspiration to so many.
Posted by Roberto Garrone on 5th July 2017
Thank you for all what you have done Patricio. What you did in HK will never be forgotten! As specialist as professional and most of all your spirit towards life!!! Thank you to have been such an amazing friend! God as certainly better wines today and a great partner to drink with a smile. RIP
Posted by Resham Chellaram on 5th July 2017
Dear Patrick we may have not met in a long long time but will always remember you as a fun loving person in school . My deepest condolences to the dear family .

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