Let the memory of Patrick be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on December 1, 1964 in Belfast,, Ireland.
  • Passed away on October 30, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patrick Boyle 45 years old , born on December 1, 1964 and passed away on October 30, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 19, 2012
well bro just wanna say merry xmas from me and all the family we miss ya millions bigman. Im sure your heads away with wee leo up there hes quite a character lol. look after sis for us shes getting it tight at the minute and we need all the help we can get with her. your in my thoughts every bro ill see ya soon enough until then bye!!! xx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on June 6, 2011
6months passin by soon quick. dough each day a long 1 in Ur Home, girls ar amazing and ur new lady doing wonders. lynda keepin all safe. i see Sal got that LARGE tatoo done she has to be one of ur's Mad child lol. a cracker dough u'd love it...Keep t
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on June 1, 2011
Thinkn off ye uncle paddy havent left message in while but stil think bout ye love ye loads pal ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on March 14, 2011
am trying to be strong right now.. but its not the easiest thing in the world.. hate this feeling and want it to just be the way it used to be with you givin me little ear bashing and sendn me ur mafia requests. I miss you loads uncle paddy :D see you soon :* xxxxxx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on March 6, 2011
thinkn of you uncle pat .. jus had a little few minutes silence der thinkn of ye and how proud you wud be of our shauneen today :D were all missin you so much .. im stil waitin on ur little private chat to pop up on facebook askn me am i being good for my mummy :D its was always you te give me the long talks to sort me out :D love you so much uncle paddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Mark Boyle on March 3, 2011
bro i miss ya so much its not getting any easier for me if im honest i just cant get my head around why you wouldnt talk to me about your problems together we could have fixed anything there was nothing i wouldt have done to sort things out for ya im gutted i couldnt be there for ya when you needed me most. love ya so much bro xxx
Posted by Mark Boyle on January 25, 2011
Bro just had sis up for a few days its still tearing her to bits i seen mano n jamie aswell if you could see how much you meant to us i know you would still be with us what im trying to say bro is we miss ya and our lives will never be the same with you by our sides miss ya bro xx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on January 18, 2011
hello uncle paddy jus coming te say hello been thinkn of ye al day .. missin ye so much .. cloest uncle i had and as this song is sayn your GONE TO SOON :( everyone missin you so much .. see you soon .. love youuu <3 x
Posted by Mark Boyle on January 14, 2011
well bro we finally got around to doing a family pic for sis we all wish you could have been there with us since you left us we have been seeing alot of eachother that speaks for itself the effect losing you has had on us all im sure you see that now you were the rock for all of us but we just didnt see it till it was to late bro love ya bro xxx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on January 10, 2011
Well big Lad another lady in ur life now , 7 tat makes in total, hoping to get photo of Baby Cristen up soon..she needing luking after along with Spud at the min so hope u luking down after them ... along with Lynda ................wish u had as been as strong as she is now.xxx
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 30, 2010
bro ill be down to see ya tmw with flossy da and samuel i cant put into words how much i miss ya im so sorry i never got the chance to say bye properly but you know what i thought of ya bro xxx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on December 26, 2010
heyaa uncle pady jus thougt id leave ye anoher wee christmas message , was thinkn bout yu the whole day :)
daddy missing you so much misses ye calling round and havn a cuppa and a wee chat .. keepin looking down over all of us :D love you loads x.x.x.x.x.x
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 25, 2010
bro dad couldt come down tdy hes not at himself its still tearing him to bits,i know you both had history but believe me bro he would change places with ya in a heartbeat,paddy do me a favour look down on sis mano n da as for me not even god can help me as you well know cant wait to see ya bro and catchup xxxx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on December 25, 2010
Happy xmas big lad , sitting here with a jd Glass poured for ya...Wana giv u loads AM SO CROSS WITH YA.. You there for me and u never let me return .......reckon UR Boyle PRIDE never let u recieve .. happy xmas Big lad wil pop in again soon xxx
Posted by Veronica Skelly on December 25, 2010
merry christmas paddy love missin u on facer u were my no1 poker and mafia buddy xxx im lost in my farm without u i knew id never catch up wit u but would always try xxx well hun u always in my thoughts matter wat xxx this is a beautiful way to pop in and say wat about yeh! okey hun nitey nite and sweetdreamsxxxx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on December 24, 2010
its our first christmas with out you uncle pat, and its going to be so hard , il be up to see you over the christmas to have a little chat :D miss you more and more every day .. you keep looking down at us al ,love you loads amyclaire :) xx
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 24, 2010
well bro just wana wish you a merry xmas,samuel,dad,and myself will be down tomorrow to see you,its are first xmas with out you and will be so hard to get through,im gonna call to see mano while im down hes missing ya like crazy but ill watchout for him i only wish you had let me lookout for you the way you were there for all of us see ya tmw bro xxxxxxx
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 23, 2010
bro just touching base with ya to let ya know your in all our prayers,ive run into all the old paridise lost crew in the last mth and they all cant believe your gone,big sirreli was down to see ya as im sure you know he took it bad but we will see you again xmas day xxxxx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on December 22, 2010
Well Big lad was jus thinkin abt ya 2day and how u'd find d fun in all this Poxy snow we're havin. New job is going well u'd be very proud of Me hav cut back on d Beer-o-clock times a wee bit dough Dr.Jack wil be joinin me come Friday lol. d wekend is closing in on us very fast and we are gona miss u very much hope to get up next wek wil be up to ya for a chat.. U keep luking over your girls.xx
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 21, 2010
bigman its me again im so sorry it took me to lose you to make me see just how much i took for granted we would always be there for eachother it kills me to think if you had spoke to me you would still be here with us we all miss ya so much bro xxx
Posted by Mark Boyle on December 15, 2010
Bro im the last person you thought would have left you a message like this, its still hard to take in that your gone,who do i turn to now as you always had my back,you dont realize how much you miss someone till there gone,just want you to rip up there as i promise i will take care of things this side for ya,you know i mean that a million%,i will be down over xmas to have a chat. sleep tightxx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on December 13, 2010
well the weeks are passin by slowing and i am still expecting ya to pop up on my facebook page luking help with ur war or needin a gift on Mafia wars ;) sori abt auld Micheal Jackson song playin here for ya am workin on putting up sum new tunes lol...Wil pop by again soon and lit u another candle, we all missin u loads here in Dub Be GOOD were ever u are ;) XXX
Posted by Shauneen Boyle on December 11, 2010
Hey Daddy, times passing and am not healing! no words in the world could explain how much i miss you and love you! Everydays a mission without you, just so hard to except your gone,.. Cant say to much as its all still abit raw, but your only a bus ahead, il catch up someday but until then, you look down on us all, as were all looking up at you. love you with all my heart da! Spud xx
Posted by Amyclaire Boyle on December 1, 2010
Happy Birthday To The Best Uncle Paddy :)..Hope Your Havn A Good One :D Sorry Cudn Make The Mass Today Over The Snow..But Il Make Sure Il Be Up To See You Soon.. Hope Your Not Too Drunk On That Bucky ;)Even Tho Your Not Here Your Always Here Looking Over Us All.. Love You &+ Miss You Load's . See You Again ;) xxxx
Posted by Samantha Skelly on November 30, 2010
Happy Bday Patrick am sure the Snow is ur Bday Pressie.. Lots of Paddy Snowmen AND woman been made with it for ya..dough ur not here ur memory is still very alive and hopfully this page wil show ya.. Have a good 1 and wil down Jd with ya later ;) xxx

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