This memorial website was created in memory of our Son Patrick whom we lost so tragically on August 17th, 2011 at the age of 21.  Patrick was a wonderful child with a gift to make everyone around him smile.  He grew to be a fantastic man who always took the time to help others.  Pat was not only a wonderful Son but a beloved Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Nephew, God Son and Friend.

Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 20, 2014
There's a chill in the air Buddy! Thinkin' alot about you. Life's not the same anymore without you here. Love & miss you Pat!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 5, 2014
Another birthday without you. Can't say I'm getting used to it but I'm accepting that this is how it's gonna be. I miss you my son. I will always remember how good you were to me. I love you Pat.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on September 15, 2014
Hey Pat, it's Megan's 2nd birthday today! She must have been talking to you. She was at your memorial cabinet talking and telling you that she loves you. Then she gave you a kiss! That melted my heart. Love you Son!
Posted by Kyle Silvera on September 15, 2014
I'm eating at are McDonald's sitting in the car to eat just like we always did.miss ya bro
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on August 18, 2014
Hi my dear Patrick. I'm sorry I didn't get to go with your dad & Marion & Katie and everyone else to fly a balloon for you yesterday. I had to work but when I wasn't busy, my thoughts were with you. I really miss you! Look down on your dad and the rest of your family because they really need your support. I can see that besides me, how many people miss you. Love, your aunt Sylvia
Posted by Kyle Silvera on August 17, 2014
It's 3 in the morning,I haven't had a good night sleep in week's leading up to feels like yesterday we were chilling,talking,and laughing.i always feel you with me every day.i miss you so much,you are truly my best friend and I will still always have your back,and try to help your family in anyway I can because that's what you would do for ya bro you are always on are mind and always in are hearts
Posted by Barry Dembrowski on August 17, 2014
Pat, we miss you a whole lot. More than words could ever say. We love you forever! Uncle Barry, Aunt Jen, Shea & Victoria
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 17, 2014
Hello my Son. My anxiety has certainty peaked. I've played that dreadful night 3 years ago over and over and over again. I still feel like at any moment you'll just pop your head in and say "what's crackalackin!". These 3 years have broken me to the bottom. But yet I somehow feel your strength in me carry on. There is rage in me yet sometimes I'm at peace as I know you want. I love you so much Patrick Daniel. Daddy will always love you!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 14, 2014
Well Son, Sat/Sun will be 3 years since our nightmare began. It has grown softer but it'll never be easier. People think you get over something like this. I never will, my life here has been broken into pieces. I've managed to put several of them together with the help of family and Megan keeps your spirit alive for sure. No day will ever be the same without you Baby Boy. I love you for all eternity!
Posted by Tiffany Senski on July 19, 2014
Hey pat I miss you more then anything..I know you came to visit the other night !! Was good to know you were there!! I love you and miss you keep visiting I expect it :) <3<3
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on July 17, 2014
Hey Big Guy! I stop in everyday to see you. I'm getting sick again. Maybe because it's approaching that time of the year. I know I'll be thinking bad thoughts and reliving that night. Keep me strong Buddy. Stay with me always. Love you Pat, don't ever forget that.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on July 3, 2014
Well Pat, 4th of July is tomorrow. I know this was always a big weekend for you. Your big camping trip. I'm so glad you got to go on that last 1 in 2011. You were so depressed thinking you wouldn't be able to go but we figured it all out and you got to go. I'm so happy you got to enjoy that time before you said goodbye. Love you always Pat. Never a moment goes by without you in my heart & soul Buddy!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on June 6, 2014
Hey Buddy, thought I'd stop in and say hi. You know you're in my thoughts every single day. Your "Little" big sister Katie is going to get married. I know you'll be there with us. Love you Pat.
Posted by Lori Nixon on June 3, 2014
Hello Pat,
I think about you daily!!! I hope your watching over all your love ones!!! I miss that big smile you have, and the funny jokes you use to tell me!!! My you rest in paradise Pat!!!
Love u Pat
Posted by Glenn DeVeau on May 28, 2014
Well this goes without saying but Pat you are the driver in your fathers life everyday He always talks about how great you were and I know exactly where you got it from. I am sure you are as proud of your dad as I am. We all know you are by his side always.( I hope mocking him sometimes) :)

Paul you my friend, are a wonderful strong person and like Pat in your heart you should never forget that.

time heals but as you have state it should never let you forget.

Proud of you!!!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on May 20, 2014
Hey Pat. Marion & I were up to visit your resting place Saturday. I hate going there but I have to from time to time. I know you're not there. You're in my heart and I guess if you can't be here with me in the flesh I might as well protect you by keeping you in my heart. I won't let anyone hurt you there. I love you Pat.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 25, 2014
Hi my baby boy, just saying that I love you each and every moment of my life. I will always love you Son, that you can count on.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 16, 2014
Hi Pat, we walked the Dash for Donor Awareness last Sunday. 2nd year now, I hope it puts a smile on your face. It's all about you Son. We had more people this year and raised more money. Hope we keep getting bigger and better every year. Love you Buddy!
Posted by Tiffany Senski on April 4, 2014
Hey pat!! I've been up thinking about you,thank you for watching over my little boy through all these struggles! You truly are a seems like nothing ever gets easier..but one thing I know your always here to listen to anything I have to say..I can't wait to see you again,take care and stop and see me sometime<3 love you and miss you so much!
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on April 2, 2014
Hi Pat.I can't sleep & got an email that someone left a message here.Should've known it was from your dad.I've been reading your messages.Wish you were here.I'm starting to get sleepy so I'll try to get some sleep.It was nice visiting with you.Good night sweet boy.Love A Sylvia
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 1, 2014
Hi Patty Boy! Happy April Fools Day. I remember this was one day when we would all prank each other all day. You never knew was was true or what was a joke. Oh, all the memories we had son. I'm not feeling to well right now. I will never get over losing you. Just the strangest little things set me off and I just wanna ball my eyes out. This nightmare will never end for me. Love you my Son!
Posted by Marion Dembrowski on March 15, 2014
Hi pat sorry i didn't wish you a happy birthday on here but i did in my own way wanna say happy st party day and happy birthday to my baby boy Patrick.please don't be mad if i don't write you its so hard to do so as you know its hard for me to express myself but i low you know what's in my head i do come on and read but i have a hard time writing
I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU EVERY DAY BABY BOY i think of you all the time time
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on March 7, 2014
Hi Son, it was really a struggle getting to your birthday this year. I don't know what it was but I think we all just got hit real hard with reality. We had cake for you and let loose black & red balloons. It was hard to see them because it was dark but they took off even in the cold. Megan really knows you, she talks to your cabinet all the time. Well, I love you Pat. I'll see you in my thoughts and my dreams.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on February 26, 2014
Happy Birthday Son! I know I'm a day early but I can only write on here from this computer. I hope you know how much I love you and how much I miss you each and every day. The pain never goes away, It only subsides for a while and then the torment begins again. 3rd Birthday without you. Doesn't get any easier. Enjoy with Mimi, Poppy, Uncle Marty & Aunt Heather. Watch over us. We all love you!!!!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on February 21, 2014
Hey Pat! Gonna go over to Kyle's for your Birthday celebration. I've been really missing you knowing your birthday is next week. Not that I don't miss you every single day but it gets more intense around certain days. Haven't heard from you in a while. I guess you feel I'm doing ok. Kinda I guess, but I always want you to visit me. Love you Buddy!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on January 30, 2014
Hey Pat, haven't been able to leave you any messages on here lately. Glad to see I found a way to. Miss you really bad Buddy. Each and every moment I'm here without you. The walk is coming up fast, gotta get moving on registration so we can do better for you this year. Love you with all of my being Pat.
Posted by Kyle Silvera on January 17, 2014
Yo bro I've been thinking of you alot lately I miss you alot.i just can't stop thinking of all the good times we shared I get sad but remember how much fun they were and cheer are still and will always be my best friend no matter what.we doing it big for your birthday this year.i finally moved to the CL house so I'm gonna fill it and party hard for you bro. Love the sh#t out of you,til next time peace patty
Posted by Joseph Marlin on January 3, 2014
Hey buddy, still missing the hell out of you. I was just talking to Ali and she said her baby is due Feb. 27th which made me think of you. I wish you could be here, Leila barely got to see you :-/...miss you so much dude.
Posted by Marion Dembrowski on October 31, 2013
Hey pat sorry its been a while since i wrote but i think of you every minute of the day. Omg Megan is a trip she is a dembrowski some of the looks she give me i see you all she did that head thing like you did she makes faces like dad and kait she points to your pics all the time she is one if our princesses jenny had a little girl to her name is layla i miss you pat so much i love you
Posted by Marion Dembrowski on October 31, 2013
Take care of every one up their give them xoxo for me and happy halloween i know you like the holidays
See you soon baby boy i love you
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween Pat! Megan goes out for the 1st time this year. Wish I didn't have to work so I could see her in her costume. Oh well, Mare's gonna send me pics. You'll be with her I'm sure. Miss you like hell Baby Boy. No day will every pass me that I don't look into your eyes and here your voice in my mind. Never a day! Luv U Son!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 16, 2013
Hey buddy, dad's not feeling so well. Having the same trouble as before only this time it feels worse. Take care of me Kiddo! I still need to stick around down here. Love you with all my heart and soul Patrick! I miss you every moment.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 4, 2013
Hey Patrick, tomorrow is my 50th birthday. I wish you could be here with me to celebrate. Nothing will ever be the same here without you. I had a nice dream that we were together. You were still a little boy. I love those dreams, If only for a few short hours I feel us together again. I love you Pat. I miss you.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on September 23, 2013
Hi Son. Mimi came home to be with you last Saturday. I hope all of you are together and at peace. You, Pop, Uncle Marty and Mimi. Someday I'll join you all. I know you don't want me there yet. I know I have things to handle here. I miss you Pat. Give my love to all and visit me again soon.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on September 13, 2013
Sunday is Megan Danielle's 1st Birthday! I know you're smiling down on her Pat. She is just like you, a really happy baby full of personality and fun. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. Thanks for making that happen. Love you Son. I miss you each and every moment.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on September 3, 2013
I made it thru August little buddy! It wasn't easy and the horrible dream I had last night only makes me feel worse. I only wanna dream of good times we had, not of losing you. It's hard enough dealing with it in the concious world. My dreams are all I have left. I want us to be together in them. Anyway Pat, Megan's 1st Bday is coming up. I know you'll be there with us. Love U Son!
Posted by Tiffany Senski on August 18, 2013
Hey pat !! I've been thinking so much about the past,we've had some great nights !! Your such a great person and I miss you more and more everyday !! You always knew how to make everyone laugh !! I no your always here laughing at some of the dumb things we still do..through thick and thin !! I miss you and love you !!<3
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 15, 2013
Well Son, the darkest day on my calendar is only 1 day away. My world collapsed Aug 16th, 2011 when I got that knock at my door. No matter how many times I hear "I understand" they don't. I shouldn't be here telling stories of you, it's supposed to be the other way around. You should be having Grandkids for me, instead I'm here without you, my child. I'll always love you more and more Pat!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 7, 2013
Hey Pat. August is here again. 2 years almost since we had to say goodbye. It doesn't get any easier. Anyone who says "He's in a better place" doesn't understand that the best place you could be was here with us. I can't even begin to understand why you're not but I try to get from moment to moment. I'll never be the same man I used to be, I'm broken. I MISS YOU...I LOVE YOU 4EVER!!
Posted by Kyle Silvera on July 30, 2013
Yo bro I've been thinking about u alot lately,we all miss u alot.spent sum time in phily wit the fam 4 my bday it was fun felt like u were with us.mike and I brought mom to see fireworks on the 4th and spent the day with her.saw Payton for her bday she's getting so big and adorable I am truly lucky to be her god father so thanks for her bro love ya and watch over dave for me he needs it
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on July 18, 2013
Wow Pat! I miss you soooo much. I wish I could see you again, talk to you again, laugh with you again. I love you Son!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on July 4, 2013
It's 4th of July Son, I know how much you enjoy the fireworks. I watch them and remember how excited you would get. I miss you so much Pat. I love you! Happy 4th baby boy!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on June 17, 2013
Hi Buddy Boy! Well, I made my 1st public speaking about you last Wednesday @ the Gift of Life, Hearts of Gold Mtg. It was so good to talk about you and share memories of you. We also did Justin's 21st in style. Dude, you'd have been stoked. You know what, I know you were with us. We all knew you were. Marion bet on a horse called "Play it Loud" for you and it HIT. Whatcha think of that! <3
Posted by Marion Dembrowski on May 21, 2013
Hi pat sorry i haven't wrote in a while but its hard to write but you i talk to you a lot in my head i miss you so much words cant ever explain i know ginger baby is with you now and she is having a ball she is in the cabinet with you i see her even tho i know she is with you and she is happy now well i love and miss you 2 very much baby boy xoxoxoxo
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on May 15, 2013
It's getting close to summer Son. I feel stronger this year, still have my broken heart. That'll never heal. Been helping Mimi out, she's not getting around and needs help. We talk about you all the time. She got to see baby Megan and Megan was smiling at her. She loves her and those eyes! Well, I know someone else that has those eyes...YOU! Love U Pat!!!!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 22, 2013
Hey Patty! We did the Dash for Donor Awareness yesterday for Patrick's Peace. It was a great day and I reflected on you all day long. I got to talk to donor recipients about you. You're a hero buddy! The team was Marion & I, Your Mom & Kyle, Katie & Megan, Kenny & Bubba, Justin & Gram and Anthony B with a couple of his friends. We'll only get bigger as time goes on. All in your honor son!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 9, 2013
Hi Pat, Katie and Ray had Baby Megan Danielle baptized Sunday. It was such a wonderful day for her. I couldn't help but wonder if you were right there with her and you know what, I know you were. I lit a candle for you and wish that you were alive in the flesh to be with us on such a happy day. i love you Pat, I miss you with all of my being!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on April 2, 2013
Well Buddy it's April. Your flowers are blooming in the front yard. I see them and I remember how much pride you took in the yard out there. Love you Pat!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on March 14, 2013
Hi Patrick. Ginger is home with you son. You two can run and play again like you did when you both were just kids. She never got over you leaving. I love you both and now I have to go on on without both of you. Someday we'll all be together, until then I'll be missing you every moment of every day.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on February 28, 2013
Hi Pat..happy birthday!I surely do miss you.You were the light of many people's lives.You were to me.Boy do I miss you.I always will remember the last time I saw you when I brought Mimi to Justin's graduation party & you & the rest of your brothers rushed over to help her out of my car.She just loved that!Please ask God to help us all down here cause we could surely use it.Love Aunt Sylvia
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Posted by Paul Dembrowski on February 27, 2020
Happy 30th birthday my baby boy. I'll never get over losing you son. I love and miss you with each and every breath I take.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on December 25, 2019
Hi baby boy! Wow it's been a long time since I've written on this site. I'm sorry son. Merry Christmas son! I miss you so much Pat. My life is so messed up. If I haven't lost everything yet I'm losing it. I'm so weak and I'm in so much pain. I don't know how much more I can take. I don't think I'm gonna be here to watch the babies grow up and it's breaking my heart again. I don't spend any time with them. They're growing up without me. I used to see Megan and Lucas every day now I only see them a few weekends a year. I'm sinking deeper and deeper into despair. I'm sorry to lay this on you but I'm sure you already know. I love you Pat. I'll never be whole without you. Anyway celebrate the birth of Jesus with him and tell him I'm sorry for the things I said.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 18, 2018
It's been 7 years since you left. The pain is still so intense. I cried again as the hour passed that I had to say goodbye. That'll never change my sweet child. I always look forward to seeing you in my dreams. Love you Patrick.
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Pat's Favorite TV and Movies

Shared by Paul Dembrowski on May 28, 2014

I was watching my little Granddaughter Megan and how she LOVES her 'Bubble Guppies'.  I have to let her watch them every day on my phone or I won't here the end of  Anyway It reminded me of Pat when he was a kid.  I had to watch Disney's 'Fox and the Hound' nearly every day for like 2 years or more.  He absolutely loved that movie!  There was also 'All Dogs go to Heaven' and of course '101 Dalmations'.  I guess you can see the pattern, all movies about dogs.  Pat has always loved all animals. 

I still remember watching Nick Jr. with him every day after we would drop Katie of at school.  He still had a year to go before he started so that was our time.  We would watch 'The Rugrats' and he loved 'The Adventures of David the Gnome'.  Hmm, probably why he used to talk to the Gnome statue his Poppy had in his back yard.  Well, now it's at my house to be with Pat forever.  

As he got into his teens him, me, Marion & Justin would alway have to watch 'The OC'.  It was corney but it was our time together.  He was the biggest fan of the "Fast and Furious' series of movies.  So ironic that Paul Walker was also killed tragically at such a young age. 

Christmas with Pat

Shared by Paul Dembrowski on December 23, 2013
Christmas mornings were so special. Every year Pat and Justin would be up at like 3:30-4 o'clock in the morning. They'd wake up Katie who didn't want to get up. They would say "but it's Christmas Kate! ". They'd make our coffee and come wake Mare and I up. Mind you, they were teenagers! Ah Christmas mornings will always be special in my memory! Merry Christmas Patrick Daniel! You'll be right with me throughout the day as always. Love you Son!
Shared by Tiffany Senski on December 8, 2013
Hey pat !! Damn the snow got bad today thank you for keeping my son and I safe while driving through it !! Love you hang tight up there !!