This memorial website was created in memory of our Son Patrick whom we lost so tragically on August 17th, 2011 at the age of 21.  Patrick was a wonderful child with a gift to make everyone around him smile.  He grew to be a fantastic man who always took the time to help others.  Pat was not only a wonderful Son but a beloved Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Nephew, God Son and Friend.

Posted by Paul Dembrowski on November 17, 2011
Hi Son. Today is a very somber day. It's been 3 long and painful months since you left us. Today is also 9 years since Pop left us. I'm trying to be at peace with losing you but it's so hard. I think of you all the time. You will always be my baby boy and nothing will ever change how much I love you. I keep on smiling through all my pain because I know that's what you want. <3 U SON
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on November 15, 2011
Hi Buddy. I've been really missing you. I was looking at your graduation picture and your eyes just stare back at me with so much life in them it feels like your're really looking at me. I miss you so much, Thanksgiving & Christmas won't ever be the same without you with us. I will always hang your little Corvette on the tree for you. I love you Pat!
Posted by Karin Baxter-Marlin on November 12, 2011
I have been reading the account of your life that you dad is putting on here. When he talked about the pets I had to laugh remembering you and Joey sneaking animals in the house and hiding them in his closet. I would hear tiny meows in the night. I'm so sad that you had to leave so soon. I love you sweetie. <3
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on November 11, 2011
Hi Patrick. I went to St. Mary's today and set it up for your engraving to be done. I saw the Pumpkin that Joey, Amoreena and the Baby brought. It still is fresh like you're taking care of it. I signed all our names to it. We all love you so much and miss you so badly. I drove around to the old houses in Tre and Hamilton listening to old Aero Smith and thinking about you. I<3U SON!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on November 1, 2011
Hi Patrick! I didn't expect Halloween to have the kind of impact that it did but I remember how much you loved it and it just crushed me not to see you dressed up as usual. We really had some great memories together young and older. I can't stand being here without you Buddy.
I don't understand why you're gone. I love you son.
Posted by Summer Nyul on November 1, 2011
hey Patricia ( you know i always called you that ) I love this pagee, i wish i knew about it sooner.I miss you so much bestfriend, everyday it gets harder and harder. But i know your happpy, i know your safe, & i know your missed by everyone. You touched soo many peoples lives in your short 21 years of life. We all miss you <3 You'll forever have a special place in my heart , I love you.
Posted by Karin Baxter-Marlin on November 1, 2011
Joey and Amoreena brought Leila by last night. She is such a cutie, she has a big bright smile just like you always did. I wanted to talk to Joey about all the times you guys trick or treated together, but I didn't want to make him sad that you will never spend another halloween together. Tell ya what Pat, you will forever be missed by many! I <3 you.
Posted by Alison Ploucher on October 29, 2011
i will forever miss you Pat. i have so much love for you..i still cant believe it; remembering the good times cheers me up. i cant help but crack up over how stupid the two of us would get together. I remember at one point we were no longer Ali and Pat...we became Pallie because we were up each others butts so much. Or wen we were up to no good and nicknamed each other Bonnie and Clyde <3
Posted by Amoreena Smith on October 29, 2011
Pat..Everything reminds me of you which I guess is easy since I see Joey every single day and it's nearly impossible to see him without you. We celebrated my 21st birthday in AC a couple weeks ago and we just couldn't believe that you and Ali weren't there. Joey and I ended up staying awake all night talking about you, laughing & crying. We love and miss you terribly xoxo
Posted by Amoreena Smith on October 29, 2011
PS, the other night in my dream you, Joey, and I were in the car. You were in the back, but practically in the front since you always insisted on controlling the radio. Everything seemed normal until you started talking about how weird it was that you had died and how mad you were about it. I told you that we didn't have much time left to spend with you before you went back to heaven..
Posted by Amoreena Smith on October 29, 2011 you and Joey started doing every crazy thing imaginable. We ended up going to the super market and you insisted on pulling every single coupon out of those electronic things in the aisle (random, but totally something you would do). I just remember laughing hysterically the whole time. Anyway, I will take your visits whenever you feel like stopping by. Please do it often! xo
Posted by Tiffany Senski on October 27, 2011
pat i love you sweetheart, everyday i have thought about every word you have ever said to me and it burns so bad..ill never forget playing pool with you or you sneaking me into your house lmfao it hurts me to know that you are gone but sweetie your in eternal life now and i am happy to know that nothing can ever hurt you over me pat&evry now and then show me your still here<3
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 27, 2011
Hey Pat, Kaitlyn just got some pictures of you kids when you were young. There's a picture of you and Pop playing in his yard. You are only 1 year old. I have to upgade the site so I can post the pic. It just melted my heart to see the 2 of you together smiling and playing. You & Pop are together again for eternity. Wait for me, I can't wait to see you guys again.
Posted by Karin Baxter-Marlin on October 27, 2011
Hey Pat, I'm still missing you so bad. I wish you and Joey were going trick or treating Monday, I wish that our families were carving pumpkins together and eating Famous Anus cookies! Prettyy soon it will be winter and I will be thinking of your cold red face covered in snow from sledding swearing your not too cold or you and Joey sweping snow off of the trampoline so you can jump.
Posted by Karin Baxter-Marlin on October 27, 2011
I still haven't come to grips with the fact I will never see you again. My heart feels empty. I took Leila to see your mom last week, we laughed and cried for a couple hours. She misses you so much. It hurts me even more when I see your parents sadness. You were such a happy boy, except during some of the hockey games. LOL I love you sweetie and will miss you always. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 26, 2011
With Halloween right around the corner, I keep picturing you in that Heineken costume. That's the coolest costume. I wish someone who has that pic would download it on here.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 24, 2011
I miss you so much Pat, I am still lost in this world down here without you. I wish I would just wake up and see you again, but I know that can't happen. Always know I love you son and will keep your memory with me as long as I live!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 21, 2011
Hey Patrick! I think of you of every night and every day. I remember all the laughs we had together. All the good times we shared. You were so much more than my son, you were a great friend also. I only wish we had more time to spend together here. I'm so proud you are my son.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on October 18, 2011
To my beloved son Patrick. Although you were only with me for 21 years, you have made me the proudest any father could ever wish for. I love you son, I miss you every day that I have to suffer on this earth without you. Pray for me as I pray for you to be together again.
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Posted by Paul Dembrowski on February 27, 2020
Happy 30th birthday my baby boy. I'll never get over losing you son. I love and miss you with each and every breath I take.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on December 25, 2019
Hi baby boy! Wow it's been a long time since I've written on this site. I'm sorry son. Merry Christmas son! I miss you so much Pat. My life is so messed up. If I haven't lost everything yet I'm losing it. I'm so weak and I'm in so much pain. I don't know how much more I can take. I don't think I'm gonna be here to watch the babies grow up and it's breaking my heart again. I don't spend any time with them. They're growing up without me. I used to see Megan and Lucas every day now I only see them a few weekends a year. I'm sinking deeper and deeper into despair. I'm sorry to lay this on you but I'm sure you already know. I love you Pat. I'll never be whole without you. Anyway celebrate the birth of Jesus with him and tell him I'm sorry for the things I said.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on August 18, 2018
It's been 7 years since you left. The pain is still so intense. I cried again as the hour passed that I had to say goodbye. That'll never change my sweet child. I always look forward to seeing you in my dreams. Love you Patrick.
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Pat's Favorite TV and Movies

Shared by Paul Dembrowski on May 28, 2014

I was watching my little Granddaughter Megan and how she LOVES her 'Bubble Guppies'.  I have to let her watch them every day on my phone or I won't here the end of  Anyway It reminded me of Pat when he was a kid.  I had to watch Disney's 'Fox and the Hound' nearly every day for like 2 years or more.  He absolutely loved that movie!  There was also 'All Dogs go to Heaven' and of course '101 Dalmations'.  I guess you can see the pattern, all movies about dogs.  Pat has always loved all animals. 

I still remember watching Nick Jr. with him every day after we would drop Katie of at school.  He still had a year to go before he started so that was our time.  We would watch 'The Rugrats' and he loved 'The Adventures of David the Gnome'.  Hmm, probably why he used to talk to the Gnome statue his Poppy had in his back yard.  Well, now it's at my house to be with Pat forever.  

As he got into his teens him, me, Marion & Justin would alway have to watch 'The OC'.  It was corney but it was our time together.  He was the biggest fan of the "Fast and Furious' series of movies.  So ironic that Paul Walker was also killed tragically at such a young age. 

Christmas with Pat

Shared by Paul Dembrowski on December 23, 2013
Christmas mornings were so special. Every year Pat and Justin would be up at like 3:30-4 o'clock in the morning. They'd wake up Katie who didn't want to get up. They would say "but it's Christmas Kate! ". They'd make our coffee and come wake Mare and I up. Mind you, they were teenagers! Ah Christmas mornings will always be special in my memory! Merry Christmas Patrick Daniel! You'll be right with me throughout the day as always. Love you Son!
Shared by Tiffany Senski on December 8, 2013
Hey pat !! Damn the snow got bad today thank you for keeping my son and I safe while driving through it !! Love you hang tight up there !!