Strong coffee and classical music as loud as your system would allow- a sunny day, dogs underfoot, and always a big hug for all. Miss you!
  • 73 years old
  • Born on October 21, 1938 in New Westminster, Canada.
  • Passed away on March 3, 2012 in Leaburg, Oregon, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Patrick Donnelly, 73, born on October 21, 1938 and passed away on March 3, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Clark . on 21st October 2018
well dearheart another crazy year , thank god you don't have to share all the craziness going on in the world your sweetness and thoughtful way's are so missed. What won't I give for one of your hugs right now .love from the heart Bill
Posted by Clark . on 7th March 2018
there are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. Always in my dreams and every day thoughts of so many good times we spent together hugs from the heart Bill
Posted by Sheri Wayt on 22nd October 2017
Missing you every day, wishing we had a chance to work things out . Feeling grateful for the love you shared, and for being there when I was looking for a father figure. Happy Birthday, love and miss you so much.
Posted by Clark . on 21st October 2017
Dear Patrick .seems like only yesterday that I heard your laughter and saw that wonderful twinkle in your eyes .have so many memories that I treasure all my days . love from the heart Bill
Posted by Kellie Weiss on 3rd March 2017
I sat quietly and had Oreo cookies thinking of you. I miss you
Posted by Clark . on 24th October 2016
Happy birthday dearheart . never a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts and memories of things pasted .always a special place in our heart. Bill
Posted by Kellie Weiss on 22nd October 2016
I miss you now and forever. I love you
Posted by Sheri Wayt on 21st October 2016
Happy Birthday Papa Pat! The kids have grown, and are both in college. I so wish you could see them! Aussie passed last year, and I wish you could have been here to help me through that! I still think of you all the time, and often pray for a " do over" for both of us. I have amazing memories, and I choose to focus on those memories, as that is where our true love and compassion for each other resides. Still loving you, forever and always...xoxoxo
Posted by Clark . on 3rd March 2016
the act of friendship is a act based in love and respect , never in spite .if you treasure life , and respect others , then you gift yourself the love you deserve , that was our Patrick .you were so loved and sadly missed each and every day . Bill
Posted by Sheri Wayt on 3rd March 2016
I am Missing you today, Patrick, and everyday. Ironically, this afternoon on NPR there was a broadcast about Irish men who fought in the war, and at one point, they were instructed to put a green leaf in their helmet, so that if and when the time came, they could immediately be identified as Irish. I thought of you, and immediately wanted to call- then again, no one will ever mistake us for anything but Irish! I curse our tempers, and I curse how stubborn we are in the Donnelly family. We did not know. But I do now, and even though I will always be a Donnelly, always respect my family and my heritage, I do not have to acknowledge and or perpetuate the dysfunction that ultimately kept you and I apart during the time when you needed me the most. I hope that my Dad will do better, that he will not repeat your actions at a time so crucial. I think of you all the time, and believe that the coolest parts of me... are from you... I love you. Sheri
Posted by Clark . on 22nd October 2014
as time passes and memories fade , you still remain for ever in our thoughts and heart .Bill
Posted by Sheri Wayt on 22nd October 2013
What I did not know is how often I would speak to you- it's been a rough year and we miss you so much. I talk to you all the time. It took about a year for me to stop being angry so that I could finally let myself grieve. I will never, ever understand why I did not receive a call, why I was kept from you during your last days... Patrick, (Papa Pat to Max and Elle) we love you....
Posted by Clark . on 21st October 2013
not a day goes by that a thought of you comes to mind. The great times we had oh those many years ago . I can still see my jacket missing its lining because you needed it for one of your design projects .all the love you shared with your family and friends , always giving and never expecting anything in return , that was our Patrick who is always in our memory and heart.
Posted by Terri Artz on 3rd March 2013
It is hard to believe that a year has gone by that you have gone to a better place. I visited your memorial in the early fall and it was a moment where I could be quiet and remember the amazing person you were. I only had good memories of you and you will never be forgotten. Until we meet again. Hugs to you above. Xoxo
Posted by Terry Donnelly on 21st October 2012
My memories are within me and my brother will be ForeverMissed. He was a loving brother of 72 years.
Posted by Terri Artz on 17th March 2012
I can still hear your voice, so gentle, so calm. I always thought you were the coolest uncle ever! I have always looked up to you and had thought I would have followed after your foot steps and become a hair stylist. Life got in the way and I never accomplished that dream, but your savvyness and chic style will always live through me. Uncle Pat, you will be forever missed! Love, Terri Lynn
Posted by Clark . on 16th March 2012
Its not the flesh and blood but the heart that makes a great freindship. there was none bigger than Patrick,s when it came to family friends and espically his animals .your gift of always seeing the brightside of life was always gave more than you recieved .your passing will leave a void in the lives of thoses who loved you.always in our heart dear Patrick
Posted by Sarah Bentley on 12th March 2012
I can't believe your gone, someone so full of life one would have thought he would live forever, makes it hard to believe he really is gone.., but I do know we will meet again someone as caring & compasionate I know God wouldn't let go unnoticed .I seen the love he had to offer and the effort he made to make others happy & the true love he had to offer, many great memories !
Posted by Sarah Bentley on 12th March 2012
Things I loved . . .the way he would laugh at me even when I didn't know I was being funny, I loved his passion for art and painting , I loved how he loved going to michaels crafts every week, & how excited he got just knowing we were going, I loved his faithfulness , waiting for the coffee stand lady til next week if the closed sign was out. I just can't think of one thing not to love .
Posted by Sheri Wayt on 11th March 2012
One last hug is in order. Your salt and pepper beard against my cheek. Your kisses, always full on the lips. I miss your scent- CK, salon, and your beloved animals, a mix that was all your own. I miss your voice. Black turtlenecks and round glasses, you command the room. I miss your passion/compassion. I miss the very cynical you. I miss us, who we were when together. I am thankful for you

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