This memorial website was created in memory of our much loved Patrick Higgins, 60, born on August 9, 1955 and passed away on April 11, 2016. We will remember him forever.
To honor and remember Pat, please leave tributes below and stories (click on tab). We'd love your photos - please add to the Gallery!!!      ~We thank you! ~

Service Friday, April 29, 2016 at 2:00pm
St Rose of Lima Catholic Church, 555 3rd Ave, Crockett, CA 94525

Pat's "See Ya Bye" Party to follow at nearby Boy Scout Hall
991 Loring AveCrockettCA 94525

Patrick Sean Higgins was born on August 9, 1955. Pat passed away on April 11, 2016 from bile duct cancer. He was surrounded by family and friends to the very last second. He leaves behind two sons, three brothers and two sisters, along with an extraordinary set of cherished close friends and support system.

Pat was a fireman’s fireman, and always gave 110%. He loved hanging out with friends, old and new. If firemen were there, it was even better.

Pat loved:

Campfires and house fires, any kind of fire
Old Ford Mustangs

Old muscle cars
4 wheel drives
Angels Camp
Girls and Guns
Dr. Pepper (in a bottle only)
Budweiser beer
Elvis Presley
Anything collectible
Motorcycles, old and new
Nascar racing
Oldies 60’s - 70’s music
Baseball caps
Holding court with his friends
Conservative politics
Wrestling, high school and college
Finding a deal
Making a deal
The United States Military
The National Anthem
The U.S.A.

 ~ Pat will be deeply missed by all who knew him. When Pat was done with a conversation or phone call, he always signed off with the words “see ya bye” ~


Posted by John Duffy on April 20, 2020
Let me think...John Reynolds, Mike Mad Dog Mahoney, Mickey Mayes, Alan Worsham, Dave Hines, Greg Cook, Barry Bitzer, Todd “Hootch” Ramage, Tim Rader, Stan Hansen, that Peterson guy who I always liked but never turned my back on...Pat made his stamp on all of them, I know this to be true.
Posted by Ken Tashiro on April 11, 2020
4 years already, dang. Though it now seems so long ago with all that’s currently going on, (Guess maybe you’ve seen the rush of souls up your way?) it only seems a short time ago when we were drinkin’ beers & laughing our asses off. Miss you a lot, bud. We all do. And you still come up in conversation sometimes, as proof of it. Thinking of you today. Guess we’ll see ya, bye!
Posted by Mitch Whorton on April 12, 2019
How time passes so quickly for us survivors. One of my most remembered things of Pat was his impish smile, once seen, never forgotten.
Sorry for the delayed response. I have been under my race car for the last several days, welding, drilling, etc.
Posted by Ken Tashiro on April 11, 2019
3rd year anniversary of your passing, sure is hard to believe. Miss you sorely, as we all do. I’d mentioned that to Dickie today & we went to get sandwiches at the little store on Larkey you liked & of course I also drank a 24oz Bud in your memory. It was our way of honoring your memorial! Connie & I paid a visit to Patricia’s a few weeks back. She sure does miss you but she’s managing. She told me she & her cousin, Allen, made a visit to the Fireman’s Memorial Wall at the state capital to see your name & pay respect. I’d given her a copy of the memorial book they’d printed up for Your & others tribute that day. Glad she finally got to see you on that wall.
Isn’t there some way you can find a way to return for just a short visit? A simple see ya, bye would suffice. Anyway, guess we’ll all be drinking in your honor tomorrow at fellowship. Later, dude. Catch ya on the other side. At the rate we’re all aging, it might not be too long!
Posted by Jim Higgins on April 11, 2019
Hard to believe it has been 3 years already, seems like yesterday! Miss him in so many ways, still have the urge to call him when we are arguing over an Oldie!
Posted by Lenore Green on April 11, 2019
3 years of not having Pat peek his head around just to make sure everything is fine... he will always be missed by Janessa and Lenore Green! Thank you for everything you you did. My heart breaks a little bit at the passing of each year. Pat was one of a kind!
Posted by Bear Behm on April 11, 2019
There is a doins' coming up which will be Showing Off Pat's Old Military Mule ! The Gathering should be a Budweiser Contest of Ol' Friends spilling Beer onto Pat's Mule in a Toast/Roast ! I'll be the 1st to spill .. April 16th thru 20th at Plymouth (when are Jim & John gonna be there?Pat like the Ol' Fremont Drags saying : "Be There or Be Square" "See-Ya,Bye"
Posted by Bear Behm on August 10, 2018
Pat : Been drivin' by the Town of Washington lately , What a Firemen's Party that was ! There's TALK of doin' another Black Rock Dezert Campout in Your Honor ! (what a Party that was!) . We hain't been back there since You've been GONE ! Damn, sure Miss the Hell out of You . (If there's any way You can come back ?)
Posted by Ken Tashiro on August 9, 2018
Happy 63rd Birthday, Pat! You’re supposed to be here so we can all celebrate & party. So tomorrow we’ll be going to Dickie’s to tip a few buds in your honor at fellowship. Patricia is supposed to be there too, hope you make it! Miss you, man, it’s just not the same without you around.
Posted by Robert Melendez on April 12, 2018
Posted by Lenore Green on April 11, 2018

We will always remember you! Your birthday is one day after Janessa’s. Miss you!
Posted by Mitch Whorton on April 11, 2018
I worked with Pat off and on over the years of our careers and found that Pat was a man that you wanted to have your back.
I never expected to outlive this free spirit.
Posted by David Hiden on August 28, 2017
Pat was one of my high school wrestling coaches and I just learned of his death today. He was a great mentor to me and the other wrestlers and we loved to hang out with him after practice and drink Dr. Pepper, his favorite drink at the time. He instilled a great work ethic in all of us with a friendly humor that was unique. Very sad to learn of his passing. If anybody knows how to get ahold of his brother John, please have John call me on my cell 619.920.4112. Thank you and God Bless.
Posted by Robert Melendez on August 9, 2017

Posted by Lenore Green on August 9, 2017
Pat, Happy Birthday! We will be thinking of you and raise a glass in your honor today! Will always miss you!
Posted by Lenore Green on April 11, 2017
Thank you for being you. I still miss you and your friends every day! You have not become a great memory but still are my cherished friend. I will miss you always. Please stay my friend in another dimension! See ya but no bye.
Posted by Jim Turner on April 11, 2017
Pat.  I miss the fuck out you this is will Gomez
Posted by Jim Turner on April 11, 2017
Pat it's almost been a year now still miss you the same. Love you buddy. See ya bye
Posted by Bear Behm on October 10, 2016
So , October 8th and 9th , 2016 , We took a Ride (a Street Ride) in Pat's Honor . Brother Jim, Rob, Ron, Eric, Dana, Gary, Kenny, Dickie & Self were on the Lightly Publicized Ride over Four Mountain Passes ending up in Angels Camp . We clinked a Glass of Bud to Patrick at every Tavern from W.C. to Shetland Ct. on the Route over Carson, Luther, Kingbury and Ebbetts Passes . Guess We should repeat next Year ! Would You join in , in 2017 ?
Posted by Mickey Mayes on August 15, 2016
Pat Higgins: Always happy, Always smiling, and had a great laugh. Ever the optimist, lived life in the fast lane now matter which lane. So many great memories. An awesome coach, a great motivator, just loved to Coach. Many of those lessons and technics I've used over the years with my teams and kids. Pat touched so many peoples lives in a easy going positive way. Everyone loved to be around him. Every winter in the wrestling room alumni would come back to visit. I remember Pat coming to practice in Firefighting Uniform, Coaching practice while sitting on desk and drinking a DR. Driving fast in his Mustang, Playing pool at his house and the Hut. Camping in Squaw Valley after Hitchcock Camp, Driving to Nebraska for Junior Olympics 1981. Having Pizza and a beer at Pink's. So many great times, thanks for all of the confidence you built in me and thanks for being a great friend. I will always be proud to have know Pat Higgins.
     Also from the Mayes family to all of the Higgins's we love you and are sorry for your loss. You know Jim, John, Mike, Dan, Matt, Mary, Sheila you are in our thoughts. Joyce I agree Pat had such great thoughtfulness and consideration for everyone else. See Ya
Posted by Jim Higgins on August 9, 2016
Today is Pat's birthday, he would have been 61,sure do miss him!! Going to have to have a Budweiser for him today!
Posted by Chris Mackay on July 13, 2016
I found out yesterday about Pat,
Shocked, Disbelief and Sadness are a few words that come to mind.
I knew Pat for about 22 years,
Best times - Higdoo, Fun Train, Nascar at Sonoma and Hangin at the Hut.
Pat was the Original "Fine Guy"
I learned so much from Pat over the years, I just wished I could have told Pat how much his friendship meant to me.
My condolences to Pats family.
Pat, you where taken from us too soon. You will be missed deeply, so glad I have many great memories!!!

-See Ya Bye-
Posted by Dottie Hansen on June 16, 2016
Just found out about the horrific news, I am devastated and heart broken. Can someone please call me and let me know where Patrick is at so I can pay my respects. 1 925-943-7464
Posted by Alan Palacios on May 4, 2016
As we come up on the one-month anniversary of your passing, I still cannot believe it. I only knew you for a very short time and am happy I had the opportunity. You definitely were a man of character and did not shy away from letting your opinion known. Every time you turned on the TV and it was on CNN you always gripped at me!!! I also learned a lot about music which was always fun. I cannot type enough how thankful I am for everything that you did. You affected so many people’s lives and in the end, I do believe we are measured by our actions and choices. The memories and stories people tell of you will be spoken of a very long time! SEE YA BYE!!!
Posted by Robert Melendez on May 3, 2016
Patrick, it's been difficult, but I know you are in a better place. Gone too soon, but you will never be forgotten in my heart. I first met Patrick in 2001, at my Brother in Law Mickeys wedding. It took place in Riverside and Patrick was there and needed to be on a plane, to work the NASCAR Race on Sunday. He had no idea how he was going to get to the airport in Ontario. Well, only knowing the guy for about a day and a half, I offered to give him a ride and let me tell you, he NEVER forgot the favor. I was known as ONE OF THE MEXICANS, and it was an honor and a Blessing to share such wonderful memories with Patrick. Not a day goes by, that I do not think of him. Patrick will always be FOREVER in my Heart, Thoughts and Prayers. Gone too soon, Love you Buddy!! See Ya Bye....
Posted by John Duffy on April 29, 2016
Crushed to hear about Pat's passing. He used to call me the Jolly One, but I'm not so jolly now. My prayers go out to his family, and I guess I will forgive myself for riding the Honda 90 from Higdoo to Squaw Valley in trail gear and burning out the engine. I will spend tomorrow looking for Dr. Pepper and will pepper up at 10, 2, and 4. See ya!
Posted by Mike Montagne on April 28, 2016

It's been a long time. The last time I saw you, I believe we were on opposing ends of a pair of cue sticks — upon the mention of which, everyone who knows you will immediately reflect that there never was a more fierce competitor. Thanks for the memories... and for sharing a few steps down the road, in what were probably our most trying years. I still see you. I've always remembered you. None of us are that far behind. I'll see you on the other side. Until then, rest in peace brother Patrick. I promise that every campfire we ever light will be held in yours — and others' — honor.

But no more Doctor Pepper.



Posted by Lenore Green on April 27, 2016
As a tenant of Pat's I must refer to Dave's tribute! We felt as welcomed as old friends would be. It was his nature! The coincidence is funny as I was sung to by many as a teenager, the song, Who'll take that woman with da skinny legs?, and always wondered, Pat, why don't you ever call me by my name? Pat was well loved by every life he touched and will truly be missed forever. It was a gift to have the pleasure of knowing him and his beloved and the devoted friends and family we did meet. A true life and legacy. Pat was a rare man, indeed.
Posted by Barbara Riley on April 26, 2016
Jon Riley Sr will be the first in a long line of Brothers waiting at the gates to welcome Pat to heaven. Even tho Pat could drive him crazy he loved him like a son.
Jim and family you are all in my prayers
Posted by Anthony Reyes on April 25, 2016
The first time I experienced Pat's unique personality was when Captain Mercer ordered Pat to cook dinner that night... and being the apprentice assigned to Rescue 77 (Yeah, back in the day), I asked if he needed me to pick up anything from the grocery store... Pat said he got it... At about 4:30 pm the firehouse started to reek of a horrible odor coming from the kitchen stove... I asked Pat what we're having for dinner... He replied, " Take a look!" In a giant pot of boiling water was a bunch of ivy from the fence that separated the fire station driveway to the next-door neighbor's house. Needless to say, we all had Nation's Hamburger's that night and Pat was never ordered to cook again...that is one of the many great stories about Pat.
Posted by Jon Riley on April 25, 2016
I first met Pat as a wannabe Firefighter in my early 20's to see if he would help me study :-). Showed up at the "compound" he shared with some Brothers. First thing he wanted to see was how much I could bench press, on the weight set that was in the living room, right in front of the TV! I'll be damned.
Pat and I had several levels to our relationship over the years. He was a Mentor who showed me the meaning of what it took to be a real firemen and evolved to Brothers having too much fun in the Firehouse and around the Campfire. When I was promoted to Captain he was my Driver on truck 21 and we entered into our relationship which consisted of him always watching my back as my right hand and me Covering his backside as his Supervisor, and we both had tough jobs! I will never forget my ole Man laughing his ass off when I got promoted and assigned to Truck 21 "Now YOU can try and keep Higgy out of trouble!" Merton loved Pat like a son and he let us know very loudly how much "he loved us" !
Pat saved my ass many times over the years and we fought a lot of fire together. But what I will remember the most about Pat was how talented he was in teaching young people how to do the job the right way in a manner that would keep it fun but always kept it real.
His mark will be left on the Vallejo Fire Department for generations as the lessons we all learned from him are passed down, sometimes as Legend, to future generations. And he will always have a special place in my heart for helping to make my son Conor the man he is today by always reinforcing the work ethic and attitude needed to be a Mans Man!
See Ya Bye Brother......
Posted by Greg Falkenthal on April 24, 2016
There was a very unique, calm assurance that came with walking into the firehouse and seeing Pat with his feet up on the dayroom table while balancing a Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke on its edge.  A look at his face would reveal a broad smile that was his signature mix of mischief, calm confidence, and unique good nature.  Pat's presence wouldn't guarantee a good day, but it solved so many concerns knowing the best of the best was at the wheel, and at the pedestal.   Nobody who truly needed the fire department would ever have someone who would work harder to save them, and no fireman in peril had better life insurance.  The only topic Pat knew nothing about was the concept of giving up.  Rest in (blue chair) peace brother, NASCAR season is here.
Posted by Lee Ann Lantrip on April 22, 2016
I met Pat in 1984 when I went to work at the Vallejo Fire Department and there was never a dull moment after that!!! Someone else said "Pat lived life out loud" and that is the God's truth and the best way I can say it. Suffice it to say there was one hell of a reunion in Heaven when Pat went through the gates! So until we meet again Patrick Sean, " see ya' bye".
Posted by Mitch Whorton on April 22, 2016
As Lee Ann wrote "never a dull moment" if Pat was in the fire house.
Pat was the one you wanted to have your back on a call.
Rest in Peace Pat.
Posted by Susan Miller on April 22, 2016
Word's of wisdom found in John 5:28,29 show that we will see Pat's giving spirit again and we all long for that day!
Posted by Ben Nunes on April 21, 2016
There was never a dull moment working with Pat, enjoyed every minute of it. RIP.
Posted by George Everett on April 21, 2016
Pat, Captain Mercer and F/F Mike Ortiz were my first crew members when I got hired here in Vallejo Fire. Pat was instrumental in teaching me how to be a real truckman. Starting with the tiller training at a high rate of speed no less. He taught me to be on my toes and always give 100% to the job of a fireman. Yes Pat was and always will be a real fireman. He taught me how to ventilate a structure fire properly to protect the attack crew inside. He also taught me about loyalty and unionism toward our fellow brothers and sisters in the dept. These skills I never forget. He was always there for me when I needed support for a life challenge. He made me feel at ease when I was a new rookie. He also taught me that for people like him who hated green peas, Campbell's soup made "Scotch Broth". I have many great memories working with Pat on many emergency incidents. Pat, to your family my heart goes out to them however I know you will always be nearby. Thank you Pat for what you have given to Vallejo Fire. I will miss you brother......"over and out".
Posted by Adam Lerch on April 21, 2016
There were a lot of "firsts" for me Because of Pat, most notably at Higdew or however he spelled it? The lessons I have taken from Pat; a sense of pride, a sense of family and a sense of humor. He was the original "Wally". My heartfelt condolences to Jim and the rest of the family. Thanks Coach!
Posted by Jim Turner on April 20, 2016
Pat you left us to soon I will always remember all the Higdo weekends I went to all the fun we had over the years. I will keep the Higdo do traditional life. Pat and I will always remember you as the leader you were I'm going to miss you buddy  See ya bye. Jim t
Posted by Leslie Dickson on April 20, 2016
Pat.... I am so honored to call you friend, but you were so much more than that....I don't believe you ever met a stranger. Always happy to make new friends and always supportive and caring of your old friends. You welcomed me into your life, and brought so much laughter and sunshine into mine. A dedicated fireman, a devoted wrestling coach, and a loyal exemplified "hero" every day. I guess heaven needed a hero, because you left us way to soon. Until we meet again my friend...See ya bye....
Posted by Marylou Hurt on April 20, 2016
I will always remember Pat smiling. The first time I met him he sang some lyrics to a song with "Marylou, you took my watch & chain." I insisted it was Betty Lou, but he brought the song to Fellowship one day & of course he was right. I learned not to argue with him about ANY song. I will miss his sincere hugs & smiling face.
Posted by John Mackenzie on April 19, 2016
Heaven just became a more popular destination, keep the camp fire lit for me!
Now that your there, please keep Norm Markus from running through the fire! Rest in peace brother,
Posted by Laurie Cavacini on April 19, 2016
Pat always welcomed people into his group. He welcomed me with open arms and enjoyed all the time I spent with him and Martha. You will be greatly missed. Love you both MUCHO
Posted by Denise Danielson-Lico on April 19, 2016
Pat was one of a kind. He was always the life of the party, with a smile on his face and a song to serenade the guests. Once you met him you never forgot him. Although most people saw the happy go lucky side of him, he was also caring, kind and considerate and was not afraid to sit down and have a heartfelt conversation with you. That is the side of Pat that I will always hold dear in my heart.
Posted by Danny Richards on April 19, 2016
Pat was one of kind, he lived life out loud but sadly wasn't allowed to keep hollering. May the Great Spirit give light to your path and the clouds of sorrow never rest upon your journey.
Posted by Matt Foley on April 19, 2016
I forever owe Pat for the success I had in wrestling. He recruited me when I was only a large 8th grader, from day one I was to be his "Fatman." hated the name, but for some reason it was OK when only Pat called me by it. Pat let me come to the practices before I even entered High School, not really sure if this was allowed. Pat and Jim pushed me every step, getting up for the early Saturday tournaments and long practices, those two guys were almost always there. They did this while working their fireman jobs also. It was a great time in my life. The memories are all great at this time, from the fight after the Miramonte match, "Higdo," Pinky's Pizza, Marlow cutting weight, Entire team qualifying for NCS almost, FAL titles, Wrestling Camp, even driving to the tournaments with Pat was a memory in it's self. I owe Pat and Jim together for a part of who I am today. Thanks guys. I am glad I got to say good buy to Pat this summer at Micky's party.
Posted by Bill Ramos on April 19, 2016
Pat lived around the corner from me while he and his brother coached Campolindo High's wrestling program. He would have us (Steve Pacheco, Joe Pangelinan and I), over to his house to play pool and talk wrestling. We spent hours around that pool table just being wrestler's and talking about life. We lost contact when I went to College and I have always remembered the time we spent together. I am Proud to say that Pat was my friend. I love you coach and I will miss you.
Posted by Margee Walstrom on April 19, 2016
Love you
Posted by Margee Walstrom on April 19, 2016
Love you.....
Posted by Tom Bilensky on April 19, 2016
To my friend, my coach
Pat touched many young men's lives like no other Coach could. Straight talker who would drop you for talking any shit.
I still tell stories of my wrestling days, taught my boys what he taught me, have fond memories of being on his team's, going to Squaw Valley camps and Silver Creek afterwards, Love Ave, mustangs and so much more

RIP Coach

10/2/4 forever

Campo class of 1985
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Posted by John Duffy on April 20, 2020
Let me think...John Reynolds, Mike Mad Dog Mahoney, Mickey Mayes, Alan Worsham, Dave Hines, Greg Cook, Barry Bitzer, Todd “Hootch” Ramage, Tim Rader, Stan Hansen, that Peterson guy who I always liked but never turned my back on...Pat made his stamp on all of them, I know this to be true.
Posted by Ken Tashiro on April 11, 2020
4 years already, dang. Though it now seems so long ago with all that’s currently going on, (Guess maybe you’ve seen the rush of souls up your way?) it only seems a short time ago when we were drinkin’ beers & laughing our asses off. Miss you a lot, bud. We all do. And you still come up in conversation sometimes, as proof of it. Thinking of you today. Guess we’ll see ya, bye!
Posted by Mitch Whorton on April 12, 2019
How time passes so quickly for us survivors. One of my most remembered things of Pat was his impish smile, once seen, never forgotten.
Sorry for the delayed response. I have been under my race car for the last several days, welding, drilling, etc.
Recent stories

4 Passes for Pat Ride

Shared by Ken Tashiro on April 11, 2018

And that tribute ride was planned because we had been loosely talking about a street ride with Pat before his passing. He'd already sold the Markham Harley & had been discussing the possibility of buying another street bike for a road trip (Possibly an older Yamaha?) since he'd recently sold a house & his financial situation was going to be improving in August of 2016 due to a financial obligation coming to an end. Anyway, he would've/could've/should've been on this ride & just might have been with the weather we were blessed with on that ride. It was in the earlier part of October (The weekend of the 8th/9th) & it had rained up in Tahoe (The area where the first phase of our ride ended) the previous weekend & SNOWED the following weekend. But the weekend of our ride, South Lake Tahoe had a high of 70 degrees, sunny & clear! We ALL said it was Pat looking out for us. It was a great ride & we ended it, where else? At the Angels Camp "Higdoo" house. Other non-riders who knew Pat came up to meet us there & celebrate his life & passing. Pat's ex, Martha & his good friend, retired fire captain, Mike DeRoque fixed a spagetti dinner (NO MUSHROOMS!) for us all & we all toasted Pat with Budweisers. Sure felt as though he was with us on that ride.

Rest in peace old friend. Hard to believe it's already been two years since you left us. But hey, we'll see ya, bye!

4 Passes for Pat , Tribute Ride of 2016

Shared by Bear Behm on April 11, 2018

We started at Brother Jim's House and Rode to Tahoe the First Day and went over a Couple of Passes to get There . The next Day We rode into Nevada , thru Markleville  and Displayed the Finger for Pat in this Group Foto Stop at This Cool Mountain Pass Restaurant on It's Last Day before closing for the Winter . As You may imagine , We ordered a Round of Irish Coffees and Clinked Our Cups to Patrick Sean Higgins !

Let's "Do It Again" .... Seeya-Bye .. 

Brotherly Love!

Shared by Greg MacKay on July 18, 2016

It breaks my heart to hear the news.  Pat and Jim were like a set of fathers to me growing up.  They taught us all how to be part of something bigger than ourselves!  That no matter what, we were all brothers and had to stick together!  One big diverse family of misfits.  Too many life stories and great memories.  My heart goes out to all Pat's family and loved ones.  It's been so long since I’ve seen you all (Jim, John "Hey Yah”, Mike "my old roommate", and his beautiful sisters Mary & Sheila!  I am truly sorry for your loss!  I hope Avery and Pat have reunited in heaven!  I am so proud to have known Pat.  He will be missed, but his brotherly love will never die!  


See Ya Bye, coach! 

I love all the photos!

 I find it ironic that there is a picture of us on a ski trip because that is the only thing I know he hated!  When we would sneak off to go skiing during the season.  That must have been in April! 

I couldn't find any pictures so I thought I would share this article of one of the greatest years I can remember!