TreeHouse for trolls

Shared by D.j. Hartsell on May 22, 2019

I remember for Christmas one year I had a long box present under the tree and I loved The Christmas Story movie they play every year on Christmas Eve, so I assumed it was a red ryder BB gun.. it was not. It was a fire truck. But I remember being so excited all the way up to Christmas to get that gun.. And I remember how excited I was even though it wasnt a bb gun. I wanted to play with that fire truck as soon as we finished presents almost to the point of not wanting to open anymore.. I just wanted to play with that truck.. At the time I collected the lil trolls with the jewels in their bellies and the colorful hair.. After all presents were unwrapped, My mother, Patsy Dianne Adams Hartsell, showed me a lil treehouse made of nothing more than yarn and canvas (Plastic Grid to weave yarn in and out of to make arts and crafts and stuff.) It was the size of a Barbie doll dream house I suppose because I remember comparing it to my sister's.. But that present at that moment, took over all excitement and all I wanted to do, and all I did was play with my trolls and their new treehouse made of yarn and plastic... My mom taught me so many things about the way a person should be in life in that single moment.. That actions speak volumes about how much someone cares about u.. That love is more important than money and that money doesn't buy happiness but a kind gesture most certainly can.. That she loved me with all of her heart and after working two jobs so her and my father could afford to take care of me and my sister, she still had the time to give me something no one else in the world could possibly have.. She always told me I was one of a kind and she made sure that I knew it by guaranteeing that if nothing else, I was the only one in the world with that present... I loved that treehouse and to this day I remember exactly how it looked, felt, and all the awesome adventures my lil trolls and I went on right in my sister's bedroom floor in the corner out of the way from everyone n everything.. I also learned that a person can easily live inside their head and be perfectly fine without conflict.. An excellent defense mechanism for anyone who feels like they're a hinder or problem to the world.. She was my only friend when no one wanted to see my face or hear my voice. At those times, She had a way of making me know that I was the only voice that mattered and the most beautiful face there ever was.. She truly was an Angel in the flesh.. 


Shared by Heather Hartsell Tims on March 26, 2017

When We we're little mama would take us to this place that there we're trees all around nobody could see us there was just a small driveway to enter in n it was filled with flowers n she would bring a blanket, food,  & a radio n we would stay there all day playing listening to music we we're so happy we forgot about the world on the other side of those trees!!  That's my favorite memory of my mama. 

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