her Life

Patsy Inez Bain Smartt Marlowe

Born and raised in Ft Sumner NM where she did all the normal small town activities... Band, Cheerleader, parties on the Pecos river with friends, ventures out to Sumner lake and of course SWIMMING and DIVING! When your parents (Kenneth & Glenda Bain) run the city pool their entire lives, the one thing you (and your entire family for generations) do all the time is swim. She and her 2 sisters; Claudia and Kay were avid swimmers, divers, lifeguards and swimming instructors. They even competed on the NM junior olympics swim team.  There she married her high school sweetheart David Smartt.  While the marriage may not have lasted forever, their love and respect for each other did. They had 1 daughter, Shaun. They said "she was the most perfect angel in the world" so they never had any more children.  

Patty later ventured to Albuquerque where she eventually met Steve Marlowe.  They were married for almost 45 years until he passed away December of 2014.  They had a fantastic marriage that took them to many parts of the SW (Las Vegas, NV; Ogden, Ut; Thayne, WY; Las Cruces, NM; Deming, NM; San Jose, CA; Redding, CA; Sedona, AZ) selling Real Estate, construction and land development.  After Steve passed away, Patty retired and moved to Seligman, Az to live off grid and "rough it" for the next 6 years, until she passed away. She insisted that she spend her last months in her "little" house (that she helped build), surrounded by the wild burros, mule deer, elk, javelina, their wild pet squirrel "NUTTS", her iris's, zinnias, beautiful green meadows, her son-in-law Lee (Gardner) & daughter Shaun. They never left her side.

Patty was known to be many things - a mom, a grandmother, great grandmother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a trusted friend to so many people! As a strong and passionate woman, Patty’s talents and accomplishments cannot be easily summarized; she got her pilots license, rode motorcycles, loved gardening, was a great businesswoman, inspirational speaker/writer and even a pioneer! You may know her as the one of the original founders of the duck races in Deming, NM, a broker in real estate or a friend that ignited your soul. She was certainly known to have a way with words ... as a writer, a speaker, an office manager and as a compassionate friend.  She loved to tell a good joke and loved even more taking your money during a friendly game of poker! She lived life to the fullest and never let negativity ruin her spirit! Her incredible beauty was a reflection of the enormous heart that she carried within!

Patty had hundreds of friends. Not just acquaintances, but FRIENDS. She stayed in touch with old Ft Sumner school pals, distant family, work friends, neighbors, and clients. She had a full life with so many people and treasured each and everyone of you.  But we would be remiss if we didn't single out the two people in her world who held the highest level of love, admiration and respect she could possibly have for anyone and that is Pat Green and Delbert Nevins. Along with her family, these 2 people were the most important people in her life. They brought her happiness, comforted her pains, laughed at her weaknesses, shared her joys and heartaches, gave her love, shared their lives with her life like no others and were with her in heart, soul and spirit to the very end. They will always be part of our families and will be included fondly when we toast to Patty's memory for years to come!

Patty will be missed, but her legacy will shine on forever!