House of Mom's dreams...

Shared by Shaun Gardner on September 7, 2020
When mom moved out to Burro Ridge, she started with a tent.  We took about 9 months designing and figuring what on earth to build. Mom just wanted a small, easy space to live and write in.  But we couldn't just build THAT! We wanted character.. rustic...something to be proud of for generations to enjoy.  So, between me, mom and Lee we designed & built her "little" house.  No equipment, no machinery, no crews to help LEE, just us, our hands, minds and some very basic tools. Mom always said, Lee built the house with 1 helper (that was me and her combined)!  But anyone who really knows mom, knows she is a worker.. Just like her mom Glenda.  Grandmother never stopped, was always working on yard, house, pool, cooking, something.  Well mom was just like that. No matter what she needed to do, she did it.. All the clean up, grunt work, staining, moving piles, preparing the site, you name it, she did it with a smile and such enthusiasm to do it right and make LEE PROUD!  Lee was always yelling at us to get out of the way of anything falling.. he worried about us all the time.  And somehow, amazingly we only had a few minor cuts and bruises. Even when Lee fell off the roof AFTER MOM INSISTED he wear a roofers safety harness, it was just a little blood! It took us 2 years of weekends to get it done. She lived in her tent through 2 winters & 2 summers but when she moved in, holy cow she loved it!  Her simple box turned into a beautiful rustic, rough cut wood walls, with 3 double doors, 396 sqft in the house, 490 sqft of covered, wrap around deck. She loved it and enjoyed every drop of it, inside and out. She loved watching the sunrises from her bed, the sunsets from her deck and the wild burros, mule deer, elk, javalinas, cattle and BIRDS from every place she was at.  Mom earned every inch of her "little" house and there wasn't a day that went by that she didn't thank Lee for the back breaking, hard work he put into it for HER to enjoy.  He always said, "I over built it because I want it to last forever, you never have to worry about 100 mph winds or 100' snows, your house can take anything".  She believed him and never worried!

"Pioneer Grannie"

Shared by Shaun Gardner on September 7, 2020
When Steve passed away, mom was ready for the change of a lifetime and decided moving out to Burro Ridge was the exact thing she needed.  So she left the city life and moved out into a TENT on 80 acres 14 miles out in the middle of no where.  Totally off grid.  No phone service. Isolated. Dirt roads. Nothing.  Her friends thought she was nuts, didn't think a grandmother should become a pioneer and abandon the world. However, they supported her move and said if you are going to live that, you might as well share your adventures, why not start a blog and call it "Pioneer Grannie".  Those who know her, know she loves to write so she started taking notes in a journal and prepared to share her story.  She soon learned that life off grid, living in a tent, & surviving nature wasn't designed for relaxed BLOG writing.  She soon learned that the daily chores of washing clothes by hand, or gathering wood for a fire to cook on or knocking the snow off her tent in the night or cleaning up the mess that the wild burros created as they "bull in a china shop" browsed through her stuff took most of her time.  Then after a few months we started building on her house. We worked M-F and then came out of weekends to build.  She did a ton of "grunt" work during the week: staining boards, moving rocks out of the way, cleaning up the horrendous mess we would leave, then preparing for us to return and start again.  So, with that said, lots of entries into her Pioneer Grannie journal (which I have) but never an entry into the blog she created with the best of intentions!  Maybe someday, I or a GRANDCHILD will take that journal and write a story to share with the family or even the world.  

My favorite Cuz from my favorite family

Shared by William Wink Donnell on September 6, 2020
So hard to try to put words to the feelings for Patty and the whole Bain family. I so cherished the time I got to spend in the Fort with them. I've been flooded with memories of my time there. One would be somewhat skeptical of all the accolades offered Patty for her kindness and compassion had they not known Glenda and Kenneth Bain. I never felt so loved and accepted as when I was in that loving home. My favorite childhood memories center around those trips and having Uncle Kenneth teach me how to swim and dive. Those Summers have shaped my life.  I'm old now, and have forever been fascinated by the difference in siblings. Glenda was the sweet Gryder girl, Patty got the most sugar in the Bain girls. I'm convinced my time with Patty and the Bains influenced my luck in marrying the sweet Smith girl. Shaun, Lee, Brandy, Easton, and the great grand kids are lucky to have her spirit!  Patty chose to see the positive, "Not what now, What next" . So glad I had the privilege of seeing Patty in the Fort, Deming, Redlands, Sedona, and Burro Ridge...... I will be forever grateful.  Somehow, on my last visit to Burro Ridge, I was able to take a dollar from Patty playing poker. She graciously signed it, and I had hoped she would come visit and try to win it back. I have it, and will ante up when we meet again! X Wink 

For my good friend Patty Marlow

Shared by Dan Craig on September 6, 2020
  1. Words cannot express all the many feelings your image brings to my mind and heart. You were like the older sister I never had. You always made me feel comfortable and like I belonged. I was the kid growing up next door. You were off and gone making a life for yourself and Shaun by the time I was a teen and yet anytime I saw you when you were visiting home you were always the same...beautiful kind and loving. I am glad that you carried with you the great treasures that Kenneth and Glenda imparted to you their great zest for life and the love of simple things and especially love of family...because it's so obvious you passed it on to Shaun and her husband and all their children and just to everyone around. You were truly an amazingly beautiful person. It was one of life's treasures to me to have known and loved you as a friend.

Patty the Wonder Woman

Shared by Janet Barclay on September 4, 2020
It's been so long ago that I met Patty, over 40 years ago. To that country kid I was she was very beautiful and "cosmopolitan". Patty did it all. She raised a daughter, was married, had her own business and threw parties to die for and looked beautiful doing it. Patty was different from my mother in most ways concerning the way she lived every day.                                       Some years after Lee and Shaun married we attended a parade in Deming, NM. I think it must have been a Duck Parade for the duck races. Patty was on a float for her and Steve's business and she was wearing a bikini. She always took care of herself so she looked great. You could hear the gasp and then the comments about how pretty she was. I thought to myself how tasteful, cool and confident she looked. Patty had her own style.
I got to know Patty more when she moved to Burro Ridge. We spent many days having conversations over a glass of good wine and I enjoyed that. We laughed a lot. Patty was a positive person who made me feel good to be around her. I will cherish my time with Patty. May she rest in peace till we all meet again. She is whole and not sick anymore. We miss her. Love you Patty.


Shared by Shaun Gardner on September 3, 2020
How can I summarize 58 years of you as my mom or of the person you were? It can't be done! Mere words can't express my admiration, my devotion, my love for you!  While we said all we wanted to say, hugged goodnite every nite, and said we loved each other every day & nite, I realize now, it wasn't enough.  I need more than 18 months to say goodbye. I feel I never said enough. Never thanked you enough. Never held you enough. Never hugged you enough.  I guess when you love someone so much, you really never have enough time to say goodbye.  You were always my best friend.. You believed in me no matter what.. you loved me unconditionally... you supported me mentally, physically, emotionally and yes many times financially... you never let me down.. you always had a smile and hug for me... you forgave my few teenage whims...  the one and only time you ever grounded me-we spent together cooking and watching movies (it was the best time ever!). We walk around the property that we (lee, me and you) bought, the structures we built together with our own hands and many times blood, sweat and tears, and we see you in everything.  We did some crazy "character" buildings out here and you were part of everyone of them.  We will continue to build our "Burro Ridge" paradise with you in mind, continuing the legacy and vision that we all had, have!  It will be the place you always wanted it to be, where family and friends can come, veg, enjoy, regroup, grow, play and enjoy!  Thank you for everything you did to make this possible so that Lee and I can live out the rest of our days here, just the way you did.  Thank you for insisting that you be here in my arms for your final breaths. Thank you for giving me the strength in your words to be able to survive living without you.  Thank you for being the role model all young girls need to be strong, independent, dreamers.  Thank you for being you! 

You are irreplaceable and will always, always be in my heart, memories and thoughts. Love you forever and beyond.  We will be together again but til then, I will live life to the fullest, just as I promised you I would. No tears of sadness, just tears of joy that I knew the greatest mom in the world!

Grandmother, You Are One of a Kind!

Shared by Easton Arango on August 31, 2020
There’s no comparison to my grandmother, she was amazing and one of a kind. She was a bombshell who’s beauty shined brighter than the sun! When I saw her picture as a Dodge model, sitting on a muscle car in a bathing suit... my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe it, but then again, I wasn’t surprised... because she had the beauty and charisma to captivate hearts. I owe so much to my Grandmother Patty! She taught me to fill my pockets with “ummm quarters” and go to Toastmasters in California to learn how to get over my fear of people and speaking (I was a very shy child). I went on to write, teach, and speak amongst professionals much smarter than me, because she instilled such courage and confidence in me. My sister and I toured real estate with her as she taught us the ropes of business; fundamentally, it was not about contract negotiation, it was about being a good human being, which is the foundation of success! She was compassionate towards everyone and took care of people with the utmost dedication and respect. She wrote books for us and read us to sleep. She drilled us on our grammar when we said anything wrong... “who? - you mean whom!?” She was an amazing swimmer, golfer and bowler ...who made it look easy with her finesse.  Even when upset, she had a way of saying “you little piss ant” with a smile and kindness! She was never angry, because her positivity couldn’t be touched.  For those that lost touch or wonder why she became a hermit at Burro Ridge, well, it was her dream come true! She thrived and loved her retirement in the wilderness sanctuary where she lived out her days. She was a true pioneer woman, but still admired her high heels and dresses by her bedside, as she read books and stoked the fire with a glass of Merlot in her hand. Thank you, Grandmother, for absolutely everything. I love you and miss you terribly. However, I know you are still with me as your spirit lives on with the legacy you left! 


Shared by Brandy Roberts on August 31, 2020
My Grandmother Patty. What a woman, an inspiration and a mentor! I don't know how I lucked out getting such an amazing woman in my life but I did.
Her spirit was infectious! You could feel her smile from across the room! I don't remember her ever getting mad. I may have seen her upset about something but she would never get mad. She always seemed to find a way to be happy or to look at a situation as "half full".
She was always looking for fun things to do or experience. Grandmother would take us to all kinds of festivals, carnivals, theme parks, restaurants and museums. She loved to have fun with us and allowed us to experience all the fun things she could. She would even take my sister and I to toast master meetings, at 8 years old, so we could practice public speaking! She was prepping us for life the funnest way possible. 
I am so blessed to have had her in my life for the 38 years that I did. I am a better person because of her. Until we meet again Grandmother... I love you!

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