Borenstein Family Reunion
Paul Borenstein
  • 86 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 25, 1927
  • Place of birth:
    Bendzin, Poland
  • Date of passing: Jan 26, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Delray Beach, Florida, United States

This memorial website was created to honor and remember Paul Borenstein-- loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle and friend.  He was 86 years young at the time of his passing. Paul was born on October 25, 1927 and passed away on January 26, 2014. This memorial website is a work in progress. We hope you'll return to read more about Paul's life and read the rememberances from those who loved him. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Diann Kim on 25th October 2017

"For her wedding, Mark and Ellen gave my daughter an ice cream machine and some special recipes. It made me recall that Mark took his dad to "ice cream school" and they had a fabulous time together.  I love how making ice cream bonds the generations together, deliciously. With warm wishes, Diann"

This tribute was added by Diann Kim on 27th October 2016

"Dear Borenstein family:  I was surprised to realize it has already been a year.  Time goes by so fast, and I think there is nothing for us to do but try to slow it down and savor all the good times, past and present.  With fond memories of Paul, and how much you all love and miss him.  xxDiann"

This tribute was added by Barbara Krugman on 26th January 2016

"Paul:  Your smile, sense of humor and friendship will forever be missed by those who knew you.  Barbara Krugman"

This tribute was added by Alice Kamin on 25th October 2015

"My Dear Uncle Paul,

i cherish a picture of you on my nightstand next to my parents, Leon and Rose Rechnic.I keep you in my daily prayers loving you and missing you always.

Your loving niece,

This tribute was added by Solomon Pinczewski on 26th January 2015

"As customary on the Yahrzeit we say Kaddish for the departed and pray for the elevation to a higher plane. I will say Kaddish for Paul a wonderful man. I hope the entire Boronstein family is doing well."

This tribute was added by Diann Kim on 26th January 2015

"Thinking of Paul's friends and family, and wishing everyone happy memories of a truly lovely gentleman.  Diann"

This tribute was added by Ida & Serge Campagnola on 26th January 2015

"Dearest Paul, We still miss your sweet, corny jokes. You always made us laugh especially with your Vodka advice for ailments. We love you and wish you were still with us.
Love, Ida and Serge"

This tribute was added by Alice Kamin on 26th January 2015

"Dearest Uncle Paul,
You are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. I will always love you. I will always miss you.

This tribute was added by Eric Borenstein on 25th January 2015

"Thinking of you tonight Dad.  You would have been so pleased that we all got together last weekend. Togetherness! We will always love you."

This tribute was added by mitchell lissiansky on 25th October 2014

"I was very sorry to hear of Paul's passing. I worked for long island building supply and he was one of my favorite customers.  He was very nice to me and even gave me a gift when my daughter was born. He always talked about Dottie but i never met her. When i moved to florida I worked at brandsmart and he saw me there and gave me a big hug. He was a very nice man and im sad that he passed"

This tribute was added by Abe Camhi on 17th October 2014

"Paul and I worked for many years in Kingston N.Y.After Paul left we kept in touch.However we grew much closer in our later years.He was always a joy to be with and joked constantly.He will be sorely missed."

This tribute was added by Diann Kim on 17th July 2014

"I think I first met Paul when Mark turned 40 (a seriously long time ago).  He was so handsome and charming, with a twinkle in his eye. (Poor Dottie - having to watch all the girls fall in love with him.)  I loved seeing him at Wednesday firm lunch and I was proud that, unlike the newbies, I got a kiss and a hug from him.  I am not one who believes that a positive attitude changes an outcome, but it sure makes everyone's life happier and easier in the meantime.  I see Paul's kindness and gentleness reflected in Mark.  But I shall miss the Original.  xxD"

This tribute was added by Eric Borenstein on 15th June 2014

"Unquestionably the single most influential man of my life.
You live on in me Dad.  Happy Father’s Day 2014."

This tribute was added by Alice Kamin on 14th March 2014

"My sister, Elaine Rechnic Lyons and I, Alice Rechnic Kamin, have a special and unique relationship to our Uncle Paul. Our father, Leon (Shimon Leib aka Laijbek)) Rechnic, was married to Uncle Paul's sister, Rozia (nee Borenstein), before the Holocaust. They had a baby daughter, Jochevet, who was 9 months old when both Rozia and Jochevet perished at the hands of the Nazis. (Elaine's daughter Wendy's Hebrew name is Jochevet, after Uncle Paul's niece and our father's daughter).

Our father, Leon, survived the Holocaust. After the Liberation, our father met and married our mother,coincidentally also named Rozia, One day, after the liberation, Uncle Paul, searching for surviving relatives, viewed  a posted survivor list in the displaced persons camp in Germany. He saw the name Rozia Rechnic and immediately assumed that his sister had survived. He went to our parents location, knocked on the door and asked for Rozia Rechnic. Our mother said, "I am Rozia Rechnic".Obviously, our mother was NOT Uncle Paul's sister, but our father's new wife, also named Rozia (Rose). We cannot imagine the disappointment in Uncle Paul's heart. But that's where our story begins
because our mother immediately welcomed Uncle Paul into her and our father's home and lives.

From that day forward, Uncle Paul was a part of our family, Our parents, after emigrating from Germany to the US, sponsored Uncle Paul for immigration to the US. When Uncle Paul arrived in 1949, he lived with our family until he married Aunt Dottie . Our parents proudly "gave him away" at his wedding to Aunt Dottie and, as our mother recounted, "rescued him from sharing a room with his nieces, Elaine and Alice. Uncle Paul and Aunt Dottie grew their own family when Mark, Eric and Faith were born, and so our family grew. There was no question that the Borenstein family was OUR family.

When Uncle Paul lived with us, he was our Uncle, playmate and babysitter. He diapered us and cared for us, laughed with us and brought joy to our lives.We have vivid memories and pictures (I will locate them) of him playing horsey with us carrying us on his back .

As you all know, Uncle Paul possessed and maintained an engaging boyish charm and sense of humor that remained with him throughout his life. Pictures and memories of Uncle Paul are depicted in our mother's (Rose Ickowicz Rechnic) memoir, "Try to Survive and Tell the World".

Elaine and I had written a eulogy to our Uncle Paul which we had hoped to deliver at his funeral. This is what we wrote:

Tragedy brought us together. But LOVE kept us together. They say that, "blood is thicker than water". But that is not always true. Although Uncle Paul is not related to us by blood, we could not have loved him more nor have been closer to him than we were. When he married Aunt Dottie and gave us our wonderful Aunt and cousins Mark, Eric and Faith, their spouses and children, our family grew and grew. We were so blessed, as most of our own blood relatives had perished in the Holocaust.

After our parents immigrated to the US, they brought Uncle Paul here. He lived with us and helped care for our needs as babies and toddlers. He was our Uncle. His love, warmth, humor and boyish charm filled our loving home and lives with joy and laughter. That continued throughout the years,

There are no words to express the loss we feel. After our father died, Uncle Paul was the Patriarch of our family. We will miss him forever, but he will be alive in our memories forever,"

This tribute was added by Murray&Florence Safirstein on 4th March 2014

"What a wonderful idea !!!"Paul's Memorial Website" He would have loved that.I met Paul 68 years ago in Germany after we both survived the Holocaust.Both of us came from Poland & immediately bonded into a friendship that made us like brothers,until Jan.26th,2014.I was with him the day he passed away & even then he was anxious to get up & he wanted doughnuts.Paul was a man,full of life,smiles,jokes,told stories old & new and enough love for all those around him.I know  he'll be missed by others who were lucky to know him and I can not find words to express my loss and how much I will miss him in my life.
                                    Love to all      Murray

  Jan.26th 2014

Dear Dottie & Family
    It has been a very sad day.A day I won't forget for a very long time.Being alone all day---waiting for news about our Paul.Then the phone--Murray's voice sayng "he did not make it"
I just had to write to express my feelings,"my way",concerning Paul's passing.Today was the loss of a very dear friend,not only to  Murray but to me personally. I did not know Paul as long as Murray did,but he accepted me the very first time we met,when Murray invited me to his house for dinner 12 years ago.Whenever I was with Paul,his smile was there for me,the hugs were with such warmth  for me,the jokes &  stories he told with such humor,such a fun person & I loved being with him.Paul was the brother to Murray & I felt the same.He was a very special and generous person and I am proud to have spent these past years in his company.Dottie,my heart and sympathy go out to you and your wonderful family.My life is much richer,knowing you all & sincerely hope the future years will only be filled with good health and no more sadness.Be happy to know,Paul will surely be missed by many.               With Much Love         Florence"

This tribute was added by Solomon Pinczewski on 27th February 2014

"My dad and Paul grew up in Bedzin Poland. I was fortunate enough to meet Paul and Dottie as a result. Paul was my mentor in renovating and setting up my dental practice on Long Island. He also assisted my wife and I when we renovated our home. It was always special to see him and kibbitz in Yiddish with him. He had a great sense of humor despite all he had been through. My folks were both survivors and enjoyed having fun with Paul and Dottie. Providing this website is wonderful and a BIG MITZVAH. May the entire family continue Paul's beautiful legacy."

This tribute was added by Barbara Krugman on 23rd February 2014

"I’ve lived in the same community with Paul & Dottie for about 17 years.  Paul was on the Board of Directors of our HOA, with me, for several years and he was one of the most popular people on it.  Paul always had a good word for everyone, a great sense of humor and a sincere caring way about him. He always had a smile on his face. No matter how he felt, he was always cheerful and a pleasure to talk to.
Although Paul is no longer here, I’m sure his family takes comfort in sharing all the wonderful memories that made his life such a memorable one."

This tribute was added by Ida & Serge Campagnola on 22nd February 2014

"We had the pleasure of living across from Paul and Dottie for 17 yrs. Paul was a very dear man who was loved by all of his neighbors here in our community. He was always ready with a joke or funny expression to get a laugh from us. My fondest memory of him is his rendition of Indian Love Call by Nelson Eddy in one of our shows. He was a great hit! He will be missed so much by so many. We love you, Paul."

This tribute was added by Elliot Math on 14th February 2014

"When we lived on long Island, aunt Dottie & uncle Paul now & then would come by for dinner. After dinner uncle Paul and I would always take our after dinner walks, I looked so forward to these walks. No matter how my day was going and stressed out I would be Uncle Paul was there and all was ok in the world.
When I think of where this man started, with all the pain and suffering he endured and ended up bringing so much joy and happiness to his family and friends it is beyond amazing. When ever I have a problem or feel down about something, I think about Paul and ask myself what would Paul do and I do feel much better. I will miss uncle Paul for the rest of my life, and I thank God we all had him in ours."

This tribute was added by Jim Hornbeck on 13th February 2014


I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s passing.
I remember meeting him. He was such a nice man with such a positive energy about him.
I also remember you telling me of his life … the horrors he endured, yet he remained a kind man.

I’ve never forgotten that and use it as a pole star in my life to right myself when I get to feeling sorry for myself … or I see others holding a “pity party” for themselves.

I also remember you telling me of the journey you and Mark and your dad took back to Europe to see where he grew up and some of the horrible places the Nazis erected.
The image of him trembling when you approached a border and saw armed soldiers checking passports is burned into my mind.

Mercifully, you father is out of his misery now and his soul is free.
The rest of us must continue on our journey.

You are a lucky man to have had this man for your father.
His kindness and intelligence lives on in you … and has been passed on to Corey … and will be passed on to her children, no doubt.
What better legacy could a person offer than kindness and compassion.

My heart goes out to you and your family, my dear friend.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Please give everyone my love and condolences.

I’m here if you ever want to talk.
I look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

I wish you peace.
Love you, my brother,

This tribute was added by mitchell lissiansky on 12th February 2014

"I worked for Long Island building supply so I knew Paul well.  He was always nice to me.  I know he loved his wife and family a lot  I never met his Dottie but I heard so many nice thing about her from him.  I am saddened to hear of his passing and I know he will be missed"

This tribute was added by Rick Miller on 7th February 2014

"I always loved talking about electrical contracting with Paul - a subject dear to both of our hearts. His sincerity and sense of humor were his two most memorable attributes for me.  I'll always remember the drive to DC with Paul behind the wheel of the giant Borenstein Cadillac taking us to the Poor Boys gig opening for the 3 Stooges (the rest is history).  We loved you Mr. Borenstein, your memory is a blessing to all who knew you."

This tribute was added by Stephan Math on 6th February 2014

"Uncle Paul was my favorite uncle. The reason for this is simple, he always exuded a positive attitude, always smiling and happy. This always mystified me about him given his experiences in Poland and the loss of his entire family. I would always ask myself how could Uncle Paul have such an attitude in the face of such an experience? I still dont know the answer to that question but whenever I feel down over some insignificant occurrence, I think of Uncle Paul and it puts a smile on my face.

Similarly, his accomplishments both in his personal life and his business life just astound me. Here was an immigrant to this country who couldn't speak a word of English and from what I know did not have much education, who was able to achieve much success and raise a family to be proud of. After all is said and done, it seems that Uncle Paul should have been giving seminars in how to live a successful life.

Out of all my aunts and uncles and other relatives, Uncle Paul was the only one who still called me "Stevie"...the funny thing was that coming from him it seemed perfectly natural regardless of the fact that I am 71 years old.

I will miss Uncle Paul dearly... and I feel blessed to have had the privilege to know him..........unfortunately, I fear we will not see his like again because people such as Uncle Paul are very few and very far between."

This tribute was added by Alice MATH on 6th February 2014

"My Best Memories of Paul  is how welcome he always made me feel and how he greeted every morning with his Good Morning song.He Was,a Good and loving Man and he will surely be missed.Good bye Paul I Love you"

This tribute was added by Elias Camhi on 5th February 2014

"As one of the youngest Nephews to Uncle Paul and in addition living in Mexico City for some of my younger years, Uncle Paul was even then one of my closest uncles.  Always one of the most interesting and kindest individual I have ever known.  Even with the language barrier, I grew to appreciate him and understand him in every way.

I loved Uncle Paul with all of my heart and every visit with him was precious to me.  He will be missed dearly, but never forgotten he has a special place in my heart.


This tribute was added by michael math on 5th February 2014

"The most recognizable thing about my favorite uncle Paul was his lilting polish accent.  When you heard it, the room lit up.  How he maintained his full accent over the years I'll never know.  But when you heard that upbeat, excited voice, you knew Uncle Paul was in the house and a good time was afoot.  You also had to be prepared for a barrage of questions because he had questions.  About everybody and everything.

I also remember when living in new York .  We lived very close and grew up in each others houses.  Theirs in Plainview and ours in Hicksville.  We were all of the same generation.  And it was a glorious generation.

It was a real mitzvah having Uncle Paul fly in with Aunt Dottie to attend Alice's 90th birthday.  He was able to see many members of the family and they got to see him.  If nothing more,  Uncle Paul was a family man.

He was a kind and gentle man who had something nice to say about everyone.

He was an extraordinary human being.  One last thing.  At Alice's party, he grabbed me by my hands in his and sat me down next  to him still holding my hands.  The hands that were holding mine, still bore the
strength of someone half his age.

I will miss him dearly.  But the enormity of his loss is tempered by all of the people whose lives he has touched.  To his family and extended family and friends, our hearts go out to you.  He may not pass this way again, but perhaps you may pass his."

This tribute was added by Mark Borenstein on 3rd February 2014

"Dad was a very generous soul and the love he received from so many people is the most important lasting tribute to him.  A donation to his charities is unnecessary, but if you would like to honor him with a donation, these are two of the many charities he supported:

Jewish National Fund-Tree Donations
78 Randall Avenue
Rockville Center, NY  11570

The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
122 West 30th Street--Suite 205
New York, 10001

Thank you."

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