Let the memory of paul be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on November 30, 1968 .
  • Passed away on October 31, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, paul mundy, 42, born on November 30, 1968 and passed away on October 31, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Marie Mundy on 14th February 2019
hello son bad day today could not stop the tears missing you so much my heart holds a big void since you wen to heaven paul life not happy but I need to get on with it I got tasha to help me with house work now so bit easer for me still working love it nothing much has changed so will love you for ever my child give ian a hug from me bless him love you both mumxxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 3rd January 2019
hello my son its 7 years gone bye now since you went to your rest and I still miss my man you were a ray of sunshine in my life I lost part of my heart the day god took you home rip my son hope you have met up with your friends and family and you are ok happy new year to heaven son mumxxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 4th November 2018
7 years have passed son and my heart still broken no time can heal just plod on each day loving and missing you paul you are loved and missed so much rip my son love you forever mum xxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 13th December 2017
hello paul its nearlie Christmas again and kid not got any closer its sad crystal 1 today and I never seen her so sad don't know I should bother seeing any 1 it might be better if I don't what do you think I still miss you and ian rip my boys xxxxgod bless
Posted by Marie Mundy on 30th November 2017
happy birthday to heaven paul so missed my heart is broken even 6 years on sorry I was not at your grave today but paula went for both of us ihate the though of see your name on a grave stone forgive me son will try at Christmas god spears me I will love and miss you forever my child
Posted by Marie Mundy on 22nd December 2016
hello son its nearly Christmas again that's 5 without you I still love and miss you you lefta big hole paul but I am slowely coming to terms with it now I hope you met ian and my mum and dad mary and rest of family and your friends just to tell life is heard with david some of it my fault stupid mother that's me so rip my boy love you xxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 16th September 2016
hello paul i miss you so much its so heard not to cry when i think of you i feel you are with me and wonder if the cat can see you i wish i could rip my son tell ian mum loves him rip my baby love your mum
Posted by Marie Mundy on 4th July 2016
paul it dose not get much easer missing you my heart still feels riped from me my darling son i lay somestimes and wonder back to when u were small play group things you done makes me smile do u remember when you sawed the ladder my son rose went to heaven yesterday so hopeyou meet with her rip my son and baby ian hope you are both together and thank my mum ~dad for taking you across to heaven and all friends and family mumxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 21st April 2016
hi son its still hard to be without you but getting better love you son always mum xxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 23rd December 2015
hello son christmas here again 4 without you still miss you as much as ever my darling son rest in peace paul loving you always forgetting you never mum xxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 31st October 2015
it went well today son must admitt i cryed the flowers looked lovely hope you liked them so rip my child xxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 31st October 2015
to my darling paul my son my first child loved like you would never beleved by his family parents went to sleep 4 years ago todayrip my son missed every day love mum xxxx
Posted by Paula Mundy on 28th October 2015
Paul it will soon be 4 years that you left us it still hurts every passing day but i know your always watching over me like you did when you were alive miss you so much my darling diamond in the sky all my love your little sister paula xxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 28th October 2015
hi paul we are near that time of year again when you left our lives forever 4 years ago saturday31 st you are so missed every day sometime i say to myself what would paul think then its like i cant tell him but i do tell you i just talk yo you in my lonely room when i spend most of my time i know now you are happy in heaven you showed me the other night so nice to see your smile son rip with the rest of our family rip to all love you son always miss you xxxxmum xxxx
Posted by Paula Mundy on 20th July 2015
Paul my big brother you were an inspiration to me and your memories will be cherished in my heart forever, my whole world came tumbling down that day i got the call from our sister to say we had lost you miss you so much every passing day it has been your strength from above that has helped me through rip my darling diamond in the sky my amazing big brother paul <3 xxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 19th July 2015
hello paul how presous you are to me my son was at your grave today with paula I think you were watching us you felt so close wish I could feel you every day you and ian I don't like seeing your name on a grave stone even after this 3 years I suppose karina Nicola and steven dis oned me it hurts but we will get ther you always said that son we do it ourselves never want to help when you were here no different now rip paul and ian love mum xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 22nd April 2015
hello paul and ian can you find my rosery son i talk about you every day and think about you all the time i will go to your grave soon you are so presious to me my son love and miss you every day still hurts that you are not here but in gods garden rip my son you deserve better than life throw at you love you paul xxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 24th February 2015
Posted by Marie Mundy on 31st October 2014
paul my wonderful soni will miss you forever 3 years to day i heard the news you had died life was never the same my world with out you was empty i wondered how i would go on but god got me through so rest in piece my son missing you always forgetting you never you loving mum and david xxxxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 12th October 2014
to my beloved son paul soon be 3 years son still as raw as the day you died rip my son love mum
Posted by Sophie Mundy on 12th October 2014
Paul Mundy; Was not just another family member he was my uncle, godfather and best friend. I miss you even more each day, you are always in my thoughts. I remember the day you past away I had the worst belly ever and I knew something was wrong but I just didn't know what. The day after we got the dreaded phone call. The hole house fell silent in disbelief in what we just heard. It still hurts today like it was just yesterday. I'm so unhappy about the fact I never saw you as much as I would of liked, but the memories we did have ill cherish forever. I miss you uncle Paul you'll always in my thought and forever in my heart. I love you Paul! ❤❤❤
Posted by Marie Mundy on 14th November 2013
stilling missing you son and baby ian and all my heavenly family another christmas with out you my sons rip in gods garden
Posted by Marie Mundy on 1st November 2013
2 years ago yesterday still missed and wish you were still with me here son god rest you xxxx
Posted by Marie Mundy on 1st September 2013
my wonderful son could not take life as it was at the time of his death we will never know what happened that day for my son to take his life i will always love and miss him his smile his nose rub the way we were to gether mother and son he was my world my everything so good to everybody he know nothing was to much trouble for him no matter who you were paul would help so rip my son from y

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