Paul Howard Norris
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 7, 1954
  • Date of passing: Aug 20, 2012
Let the memory of Paul be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Paul Norris, 58, born on April 7, 1954 and passed away on August 20, 2012. We will remember him forever.

A memorial for Paul will be held on Sunday, September 9 from 11am to 2pm at Porter Valley Country Club in Porter Ranch. The address is:

19216 Singing Hills Drive
Northridge, CA 91326

For more information on the venue, click here.

If you would like to honor Paul's memory, then please, don't purchase flowers. Instead, it was his dying wish to raise money to fight cancer, the terrible disease that took his life. To make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer, a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now, click here.

Thank you.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Marlene Norris on 27th August 2017

"Thank you Hillary, Kenny and Linda for visiting again.  It means so much to us that family and friends still stop by to remember our precious Paul ❤️"

This tribute was added by Linda Bishop on 21st August 2017

"Thinking of you and your family today, Marlene, with much love!  Paul's light and love still shines through all of you.  XOXOXO"

This tribute was added by Marlene Norris on 20th August 2017

"Missing you today, remembering you everyday ❤️
Went to the ocean and we had a good talk. I felt your presence in the waves and sand and all the living creatures that surrounded me. The spirit never dies just takes on another form. Wishing you were here to share the fun our granddaughters bring and enjoy your sweet giggle once more!"

This tribute was added by Kenny Parzych on 20th August 2017

"Its always a good thing to reflect on people who are genuinely good at heart, and Paul was just that.  Thinking of you on this day and how your fun attitude always had the time on a basketball court be better. . ."

This tribute was added by Hilary Hall on 20th August 2017

"I cannot believe it has been 5 years since you left us. I still see your smiling face like it was yesterday. I will never forget your support during my cancer, I only wish we had beat it together. You are missed so much and never forgotten. Your friend always, Hilary"

This tribute was added by Chris Winslow on 15th May 2017

"I remember how excited I was to be able to work at Paulies with Nick, and taste testing those mozzarella sticks Marlene made before the grand opening. Paul gave a young man the opportunity to show commitment and learn some of life's lessons at an early age.  I remember how excited I was to get a workers permit that year so I could work with Nick. Thank you to the Norris family for being involved in the community and so many of your sons sports interests. You have impacted more lives than you know. Paul will be missed."

This tribute was added by Marlene Norris on 7th April 2017

"April 7, 2017:  Remembering my forever partner!   Each day we add more to the book you started and the pages are filled with adventure and love."

This tribute was added by marlene norris on 21st August 2016

"Today I'm thinking of you Paul.  Remembering the gentle way you touched my hand, the giggle that always made me smile, and the easy way you walked through life.  
Thanks to all the friends and family who still stop by and post from time to time. Our family appreciates your love and kindness; we are grateful to know that you continue think of our beloved Paul."

This tribute was added by Lindsay Eifert on 20th August 2016

"Paul is forever in our hearts!"

This tribute was added by christina schoenbaum on 11th April 2016

"Dear Maureen & sons ( and family)I  know Paul is always in your heart and hoping you had a wonderful Birthday celebration in his honor. We were so fortunate to have Paul in Todd's life early on as a soccer coach and then I was fortunate enough to see him throughout the years as a teacher. Always a great warm smile, enthusiasm and a love of life. A wonderful addition to everyone's day!!"

This tribute was added by judy knorzer on 7th April 2016

"Happy Birthday to you Paul. Miss you so much. I think about you all the time and wish you were here. Love you to the moon and back... Judy."

This tribute was added by Linda Bishop on 21st August 2015

"One of the good guys gone but never forgotten!  Sending love and good thoughts to his dear family!  XOXOXO"

This tribute was added by Kenny Parzych on 20th August 2015

"Always a good thought comes around when I think of Paul.  Just shows the essence of a genuinely good person never leaves. . .thinking of you, my friend. . ."

This tribute was added by Marlene Norris on 17th June 2015

"Just missing you tonight for no particular reason. Remembering your smile and wishing you were here to share it with Sadie and Kenzie."

This tribute was added by Linda Bishop on 21st August 2014

"Remembering Paul today and thinking of the circle of life.  Sending love and heartfelt thoughts to his amazing family--his gorgeous wife, 3 handsome sons and now 2 precious granddaughters.  He lives on in them."

This tribute was added by judy knorzer on 20th August 2014

"Two  years ago my big brother Paul had to leave his loved ones. I think of him often . What a great , kind, and gentle man. I love you deeply Paul. Your sister Ju"

This tribute was added by judy knorzer on 23rd August 2013

"I think of my big brother often. His smile and nature were so pleasant. Never heard a bad word from his lips. I wish he was still here. I'll treasure the memories and photos forever. He didn't show any pain when we visited; he did that for me. What an honor to have loved and be loved by him..."

This tribute was added by john altamura on 21st August 2013

"Thinking back of all the times I spent with Paul when he was a young man always brings a smile to my face. His joy for life, Character and Integrity lives on thru his family. His was more than my student, player or employee, he was my friend."

This tribute was added by Neil Polaske on 21st August 2013

"I still think of Paul often and the adventures we shared.  Though Paul is no longer here his spirit lives on in all of us who had the gift of his friendship.  Virginia and I will always cherish the bond that has been built between our two families."

This tribute was added by Marlene Norris on 20th August 2013

"Remembering our beloved Paul today as one year has passed since he left us. He is always in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Vickie LeVeque on 21st November 2012

"I'd like to offer my condolences to the Norris family and all  the people he  touched in his too short existence here with us."

This tribute was added by charlene andersson on 27th September 2012

"Paul had a profound impact on everyone who was fortunate enough to know him.  When  we met Paul ( he and Bruce both were Indian Guides for Tanner and Erik) it was his positive spirit; and enthusiasm for life; and laughter that caught our attention.  Paul and I reconnected through the district.  Paul was inspiring to be around.  I will miss Paul dearly.  My prayers to  the Norris family."

This tribute was added by Marlene Steinberg on 26th September 2012

"Thought I'd look up some neighborhood friends from 40 years ago.  I am so saddened to hear of Paul's passing.

My heart goes out to the entire Norris family,"

This tribute was added by Daniel Carter on 10th September 2012

"The trust and responsibility that Paul placed in me as a very young man is a testimony of his character, and a trait I strive for.  As I look back on the major influences of my life, Paul Norris was one them. I never told him, but I would like you boys to know how much I admired your father.
Plus, I always LOVED their wedding photo.. Moviestar-ish"

This tribute was added by Judy Johnson on 5th September 2012

"No words can describe the sadness of losing a loved one.  But the memories we have help keep our loved ones alive in our hearts forever.  I am so sorry that Paul's life was not much longer.  With the wonderful wife and sons he had I feel he had a richness in life that many people never experience.  My deepest sympathy and love to you all.  May you have peace.  Cousin Judy"

This tribute was added by Brian Skinner on 5th September 2012

"My memories of Paul go all the way back to the first things I remember. Our family lived across the street from the Norris family until I was 3 or 4 and I loved playing with Paul and the boys on the culdesac and indian guides. Years later I remember the excitement of going over to Pauli's restaurant after the occasional Hart baseball game. We were so excited to actually know Pauli himself!"

This tribute was added by Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich on 2nd September 2012

"this family was united and was loved by all.  Boys I am sorry for the loss of your dad, and Marlene, bless your heart....I know you will all see him again someday, we all of the kids was talking to me last night when they found out...Paul seemed to know just how to leave an impression on someone even if he only talked to them for a moment....Rest Easy Paul.  SCV will miss you!"

This tribute was added by Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich on 2nd September 2012

"so ago....he was coming out of the elevator having just left the cancer center I was going to do....he was facing it with that same smile he always wore....he said he was doing ok...and somehow I knew he if anyone could make ok out of many kids' lives have been touched by him, I am am so thankful he and the family were in ours...22 years flew by....but something never changed"

This tribute was added by Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich on 2nd September 2012

"then at Pico Canyon seeing him in the parking lot as he was going in to sub...I left with a huge smile on my face knowing some kids were in for a treat, an experience they will always remember...Paul subbing in the classroom...I remember Marlene going back to school...getting her degree, we all admired how much he supported her....and then running into him in a medical building a year or"

This tribute was added by Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich on 2nd September 2012

"kind Paul and Marlene were to contribute to a teacher's luncheon donating items from their Italian Restaurant....adding just the decor and the food to make the event a success...I went and asked for help and they said of course......and at indoor soccer..sitting there a few years ago...I thought hmmm those two...look familiar and sure enough it was them watching Tanner play with our JR..."

This tribute was added by Donna Lloyd-Lovretovich on 2nd September 2012

"Our family had the privilege of meeting Paul, Marlene and their boys when we moved to Valencia ...  their Nick and our JR were in the 6th grade....such a sweet family....from the AYSO Fields to Hart Baseball, to Valencia High Boosters, to watching our boys play indoor soccer as grownups---it was always the same....they were there coaching, watching, encouraging all the kids.....I remember"

This tribute was added by Jim Hamblin on 2nd September 2012

"Dear Cousin Marlene and Family,
Words cannot describe how saddened I was to hear of Paul's passing.
Much to young. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Love to you all. Cousin Jim."

This tribute was added by Victor Dunomes on 2nd September 2012

"Paul Norris .... A hug and a smile ...

Rest in Peace my friend!"

This tribute was added by Richard Hiskey on 2nd September 2012

"I'll remember Paul as a fierce competitor, even in "friendly" basketball games @ the court near his parent's house off Colonial & especially during semi-regular poker games organized by Ted! As noted already by Neil & John, although he was never the biggest/fastest guy on a team, he was usually the "best player" due to his tenacity, competitiveness & sports IQ. GOD BLESS THE NORRIS FAMILY."

This tribute was added by Julie Barrett on 2nd September 2012

"Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more."                              Alfred, Lord Tennyson"

This tribute was added by Linda Malbon on 30th August 2012

"Paul was an incredible man..he had such a gift with children, teens, and adults  i was one of the priveleged ones who had the honor of seeing him at Pico subbing.  Paul also subbed for me many many times over the years and the many grade levels i taught. Whether 6th or 2nd he was fabulous!  My students loved him. To his family, my prayers are with you. He will be greatly missed by many."

This tribute was added by sharon knight on 30th August 2012

"Paul attended my wedding in Aug. 2001 to the Mayor in Nenana, Alaska.  That was very special.  Marlene might have had something to do with that.  My love to al the family ."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Isbell on 29th August 2012

"Last year Paul and I officiated our first game of the season together...crazy how much can change in less than a year.  He has been a constant friend and an on court companion that always had my back and lifted my spirits.  My heart is warmed knowing that my little brother in heaven now has a new "favorite referee".  LOVE YOU PAUL!"

This tribute was added by Adam Levine on 29th August 2012

"I would always be so happy when Paul could ref with me or work the game I was coaching. I'd go out of my way when running tournaments to try to get Paul. No matter what the situation was, he would joke, smile, and ref a great game. I learned alot from him when I started to ref. You could tell he was happy to be out there and he made everyone around him happier as well. I will miss him."

This tribute was added by john altamura on 29th August 2012

"a MAN. Although we did not see each other for quite some time, when Ted told me Paul was sick, it broke my heart. We last visited about 3 weeks ago and it seemed like it was 1967, we laughed, told old stories and reminisced about fun old days. My heart goes out to Marlene, their children, Ted and Judy and all of their extended families. God Bless you Paul, I know you are in Heaven with Him"

This tribute was added by john altamura on 29th August 2012

"Paul was pissed that he scored those 8 points. Paul was a real leader both on and off the court. He was always a pleasure to be around. You always knew where you stood with Paul. He earned the respect and love from all of his peers, teachers, coaches, employers and friends.I once told Paul's dad Phil that when I have a son, I want him to be like Paul. In one word Paul was a MENSCH. He was"

This tribute was added by john altamura on 29th August 2012

"as a player, Paul was one tough son of a gun. his lack of height was never an issue, it only made him more determined. i remember a game against Hawthorne and their star 6ft 4in Mike Scott (who later became an all star baseball player for the
Astros). I decided to have Paul guard Scott. Although we lost the game Scott scored only 8 points and afterwards"

This tribute was added by john altamura on 29th August 2012

"Paul always had a special place in my heart. I first met him as his 9th grade PE teacher, he later became the captain of my Culver City varsity basketball team and one of the main driving forces of the success of Zeppys Pizzerias in the 1970's. Paul was everything that you wanted in a young man, dedicated, hard working, loyal, smart, driven to be the best and just an all around GREAT GUY."

This tribute was added by christina schoenbaum on 28th August 2012

"We were so fortunate to have Paul's introduction into our life, as one of our children's soccer coaches. Over the years our paths crossed many times and I always loved hearing about his boys and Marlene. I saw him often when he subbed and always that wonderful smile and warm eyes would say hello in the hallway. What a fortunate gift, having him in our lives!"

This tribute was added by Roger Moore on 28th August 2012

"Sad to hear of Paul's passing.
I truly enjoyed getting to know him. He was a very wonderful sub.  The students enjoyed his style of teaching, his friendly demeanor and witty ways. May all who miss Paul find comfort.

John 14:1-14"

This tribute was added by Mark Sawyer on 28th August 2012

"I met Paul throught Basketball officiating. Paul was a hard working official that took pride in the games he worked. Paul was always looking to improve as an official. We, at the SFV BB Unit, will remember the battle that Paul fought against cancer.
God Bless you Paul. You will forever be in our Hearts."

This tribute was added by Kelly Jo on 28th August 2012

"Dear Judy,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your brother. I know that you must miss him terribly. Although he and I never met, I'm sure that I would've liked him. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time and always.  Love you, KJ xo"

This tribute was added by Lamar Grant on 27th August 2012

"Paul life will not be the same, without you on the Basketball Court. I personally  miss you paul, I have learn alot from you on and off the court. You had love for everyone and a giving person,,,, I was glad I was able to reachout to you with an "Prompting Card", before you left us, to go home to a better place....LOVE YA MAN."

This tribute was added by Kenny Parzych on 27th August 2012

"Paul will never be a "was" to me, but will always be an "is".  The man was as genuine and as easygoing as it gets.  The guy always started with a smile and ended with one.  Some of my most enjoyable games in Burbank were with him and we always began our ref set with a hug and laugh, and finished the night with it. . .a permanent class act, through and through. . ."

This tribute was added by Hagop Dembekjian on 27th August 2012

"May God Bless your Soul dear Paul, he was a great person and a very good official, I've  worked with him many games over the years and enjoyed it because he was a very good partner and a great human being as well with very good sense of humor, he will be greatly missed on and off the court."

This tribute was added by Greg Hayes on 27th August 2012

"One of my all-time favorite referees.  He was so personable, friendly, funny, and humble.  He would talk to you during the game ... and more importantly, listen patiently as well, which was such a great strength of his . He could make players and coaches smile during games.  And ... he understood the game and people, and kept things in perspective.  He will truly be missed."

This tribute was added by Luther Philyaw on 27th August 2012

"Paul your Spirit will always live with in me . You are truly a wonderfull human being and humanatarian . I will trully miss your pleasantry as I officiated many games with you . You are very special and I feel honored to have your path cross mine . I love you for being you , Paul . It is hard thinking that I will not see you officiating or having a pleasant conversation with you. God Bless"

This tribute was added by Melissa Johnson on 27th August 2012

"Paul was truly a wonderful man.  I am blessed to have had the chance to work with him at Pico.  Once he found out that I liked donut holes, he always brought them to me when he was on campus.  The kids loved having Mr. Norris as their sub.  He touched so many lives and made so many smile.  I will miss him dearly and think of him often. My thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful family."

This tribute was added by Lisa Kennedy on 27th August 2012

"I was so sad to hear about Paul.  It was great to reconnect with him when our daughter started playing club basketball 6 years ago and he refereed many of her games. He also subbed for me several times. His positive attitude and love of kids and basketball was amazing. I always tried to have a Gatorade for him at games and if I didn't he would give me a hard time. He will surely be missed!"

This tribute was added by Neil Polaske on 26th August 2012

"(continued from below) knew that he was the heart and soul of the group. Take a look at the photo of our intramural softball team at UCLA.  Can you believe that group of guys from the same dorm floor won the university championship?  I can, because we had Paul Norris.  This week I lost a very dear friend and my greatest teammate."

This tribute was added by Neil Polaske on 26th August 2012

"(Continued from below)  His great skill combined with his keen sense of the game allowed him to outplay opponents who were bigger, stronger and faster.  He was the playmaker and leader: quarterback, point guard, shortstop and even the placekicker ( I was his holder) and always made each of us better.  He may not have gotten all the accolades and attention but his teammates (continued above"

This tribute was added by Neil Polaske on 26th August 2012

"From the moment we met in 8th grade our friendship was rooted in sports.  We were teammates in junior high, in high school, on intramural teams at UCLA (we were also roommates) and even city league teams after college.  Paul was my teammate more times than anyone else in my life.  He was often the smallest player in the game but he was usually the smartest as well. (to be continued)"

This tribute was added by steven norris on 25th August 2012

"I loved my brother so very much....and my heart is filled with joy for his memory.....I am not going to celebrate his death, but I am going to celebrate his life....he, as all in this family R Amazing.....and I was only there on holidays.....Paul may not be here but his energy is in all of us who new him....."

This tribute was added by Larry Fleece on 25th August 2012

"It’s that smile, eyes sparkling -- his pure joy we recall
Such a positive up-for-fun life force was Paul
Indian Guides when Tanner and Jesse were small
Coached soccer with Candy, refereed kids’ basketball
In our hearts and our minds he’ll forever stand tall
Paul Norris embraced life – now his spirit enriches us all."

This tribute was added by Linda Bishop on 24th August 2012

"Dearest Marlene and Family,
We were so sorry to hear of Paul's death.  There are no words.  He was too young to leave this life with so much more to contribute.  He left a legacy of love and strong family commitment.  You are in our prayers and we are sending you thoughts of love, courage and peace. In love and sympathy, Linda and Roger"

This tribute was added by Scott Matthews on 24th August 2012

"It was certainly a pleasure to know Paul and we became good friends. All of us enjoyed working with Paul on the court. He was always willing to mentor anybody who wanted help. I was especially grateful for Paul assisting in the last few years helping me train the new officials in Burbank for our youth basketball program. You will be missed, my friend."

This tribute was added by Rick Rodman on 24th August 2012

"Such a very nice man. I had the privilege of working his last game with him this summer – before he knew the cancer had come back. He wasn’t feeling well that night, so he had a suspicion. We had a 3 bagger, and after the first game, I sent him home early as he was struggling We all had a gathering a month ago at Olive Park in his honor he seemed fairly vibrant. We had some great laughs and he see"

This tribute was added by Greg Herrick on 24th August 2012

""My relationship with Paul was strictly professional: He a referee and I a basketball coach. In fact, he would occasionally officiate in games my teams played. I was always impressed with his love of the game, his desire to get the call right and his ability to make all of us realize "it's just a game." His "love of the game" and his engaging personality will be missed.""

This tribute was added by Pepper Muir on 24th August 2012

"It was a true privilege to have worked as a substitute teacher with Paul Norris. My son adored him when he was occasionally in his classroom. Whenever we saw one another, whether at school or out in our community, Paul always had a smile and a laugh to share with me.  He will truly be missed by all that knew him. I will remember him as a gentle, amazing, and loving educator and friend."

This tribute was added by Geri Contin on 24th August 2012

"For The Family,
We are very sad to know Mr. Norris is no longer with us. He is our favorite substitute teacher at Pico.He made the class laugh, he always remembered our names, he played with our dogs at valet, he even remembered the dogs names! We will miss him very much, no one can fill his Nike shoes. Rest In Peace Mr. Norris.  Marcel and Nina"

This tribute was added by judy knorzer on 24th August 2012

"I am so proud to have had my big brother Paul in my life. We always had plenty of laughter growing up. I hope all the teasing was out of love, Paul. He was so smart and kind; never a bad thing to say about anyone. To Marlene and the "3" sons, I saw the love he had for all of you. So many great memories for you. Thank you Paul for the joy you brought. Miss you much. Love you Forever, Judy."

This tribute was added by Robin Williams on 23rd August 2012

"I remember Paul and Marlene taking care of my baby Brooke when I went on my honeymoon.  Paul and Marlene were so sweet and kind to her,all the while they were expecting their first anytime.  The kindness they showed and with love they took great care of my only daughter.
My heart goes out to the entire Norris family"

This tribute was added by Theresa Susino on 23rd August 2012

"I feel so honored to have met Paul.  He was an extraordinary man.  I always felt his positive spirit and love for kids and family through our conversations.  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website.  And I thank God that this blessed spirit came into my life, even though it was only for a brief period of time.  A truly remarkable man who will be missed by many."

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