Posted by Kelly Showalter on October 8, 2021
As I wrote Mom, I couldn't do this on ur and Mom's birthday cuz it still hurts too much! We had a get together for immediate family, to continue to remember & celebrate ur Life. We haven't decided what to do for Mom but we will by February. Anyway, we all talked about what u would think of all the kids. U were always so Into ur grandbabies and now u not only have 11 Grandkids (some grown), but also 7 Great Grandbabies and counting! U would LOVE it Pops. U'd also be very proud of Haleigh. She and Tyler are raising their family, on their own. Looking at her reminds me so much of u, but she doesn't know that. Their daughter, Aleigha, looks like her daddy Tyler but has Hay Hays lil features and sharpness. She's beautiful. All of ur great Grandbabies are beautiful, Pops and they hear of u and Nana often. I love u. Please watch over me, with the Good Lord. I'm going thru so much that it's hard to hold it together at times. I miss u. Everyone miss you!
Posted by Kelly Showalter on March 13, 2020
I love you Dad. I miss u so much. I wish u were here to meet your new grandkids. You were always so good with the kids and they all loved u so much. Thanks for being you. I love u
Posted by Kelly Showalter on December 7, 2019
I hope you know how much I not only Loved you but appreciated you. You didn't have to love ME, but you did. I can honestly say, I was no different to you than Linda and PJ were and that takes a very special type of man to do what you did for me. You saved me in several ways, Dad. Then many years later, you also saved my daughter. You loved Christy so much. And then seeing how you were with her daughter Willow. The love in your eyes as you looked down at her, and refused to let ME hold her, lol. I love you Dad. You and Gma Linda were my heroes. Take care of mom. She missed you so much that she died of a broken heart. So now she's with you so her heart is mended and she also no longer feels any pain. Since she's in her heavenly body it means mom can feel beautiful again, because she is. Just remember your in Heaven and keep your hands off her ;) I love you Pops. Always and forever!

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